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  • Mark 'Max' Freeth
  • Changed name to Ausgang.

  • releases: I am a Horse / My Hair (single)
Kalte Farben
  • Dark, sinister electronic.

  • releases: Trust (German release)
Kalt Stern
  • Brazil? Commercial semi-futurist dark electronic pop music.

  • releases: Doppelganger (Brazilian release)
  • French goth band

  1. void
Kapotte Muziek
  • Greece? Experimental collaboration. Recycling processed short wave radio, sampled sounds.

    comparisons: Merzbow; Lustmord

  • releases: Verder (Greek release)
Karjalan Sissit
  • Recorded at the Sophia studio with assistance of Peter Petersson.

  • comparisons: Sophia
  • label: Cold Spring
Karl Bartos
  • (Kraftwerk)
  • Germany

  • Supporting All About Eve on 2003 tour.

  • Switzerland

  • releases: Viva Emptiness
  1. void
  • Mr Diablo (The Cheeky Beavers, Atrophy of Faith, Deadboy Craved, Nekromantik, Swamp City Trailer Trash); Mr D-Fect (Sneaky Bat Machine)
  • After Nihil left Putra-Chic, the others had to improvise without a guitarist. The totally electronic Katscan was the result. "a sublime blend of broken beats, factory noize and Spooky atmospherics" Punk, nu-metal, goth, hip hop, underground dance. Named after CT scan (invented by Diablo's granddad, apparently) "...2 blokes, some cranked up distorted synths and FX units and a banging minidisc track"

  • contact: Katscan (real new address)
    5 Church Hill
    BS4 4LT
    393 Stapleton Road (no longer valid)
  1. Katscan*
  • Electronic.

  • releases: I Promise (German release)
Kerovonian / Kerovnian
  • Atmospheric.

  • releases: Far Beyond. Before The Time (UK release)
  1. void
Kevorkian Death Cycle
  • USA. Industrial, vocal distortion, guitars.

    comparisons: Evils Toy; Project X; Leaether Strip; Electric Hellfire Club

  • releases: A+O (m) (USA release); Collection for Injection
  1. void
Kid Voodoo
  • comparisons: The Cramps

  • German. Electro, hip-hop, break beats, power noise experimental industrial.

  • releases: Feierabend (German release)
  1. void
K.I.F.O.T.H. / Kifoth
  • Electro, dark industrial.

    comparisons: Velvet Acid Christ

  • releases: Spectaclebreakers (German release)
  • O'Lear - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards; Damian Rider - bass, keyboards, vocals; Marcus Dale - drums, percussion, vocals; J.Hi - keyboards, sequences, samples, vocals.
  • Formed early 2002, Sheffield-based. Electro pop, rock, dance.

  • contact:
    Steve Garfitt,
    ISLA Management
    0800 198 1186 (UK only)
  1. official*
The Kill Devils
  • Features ex-members of The Cramps; Screaming Things; Dr. Know; Texas Terri; The Stiff Ones; Motorcycle Boy.

    Formerly Rocket '88

Killing Joke
  • Jaz Coleman - harsh midrange male vocals
  • Inactive (again) UK. Rock, metal, glam, pop, industrial, dance.

  • releases: Killing Joke; The Courtauld Talks (mostly spoken word with Geordie Walker); Wardance (The Remixes) (techno remixes, German release)
  1. void
  2. void
Killing Mercy
  • Stoke-on-Trent, UK-based. Dark metal music.
  1. void

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Kill Sister Kill
  • Formed August, 1992 and based in San Francisco.

  • releases: Songs from Sororicide (3rd album)
  • contact: Kill Sister Kill
    1141 North 3rd Street,
    San Jose,
    CA 95112
Kill Switch Klick
  • USA. Industrial, electronic, bouncy, distorted male vocals.

  • releases: Oddities and Versions (collection of rarities, USA release); Alt (USA release)
Kinder Atom
  • Trance, analogue synths.

  • releases: Atomika (USA release)

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  • Synth pop.

  • releases: Original Retro (Finnish release)
Kinetic Shape
  • Electropop, romantic Goth.

    comparisons: Rachel (Die Laughin)

  • label: Visage
  • releases: Bios (German release)
King Crimson
  • Technically accomplished. Supposedly influenced Fields of the Nephilim. Became more jazz-like with Adrian Belew.

  • releases: Reds; Power to Believe (2003)
  1. void fan site, bootlegs, videos
  • Russian dark electro-pop.

Kirk Brandon
  • Lead singer of Spear of Destiny and Theatre of Hate, went solo from 1992 to 1996.  Tried to sue Boy George for claiming they had been lovers in his autobiography, but lost.

  1. official*
Kirlian Camera
  • Italy. Female vocals, programming, distorted bass, guitars. Industrial, darkwave, electro. Semi-Gothic, renaissance, mystical, atmospheric, experimental, dance, art, neo-folk.

    Has side project, Stalingrad.

  • labels: Radio Luxor; E.N.D.E.
  • releases: Solaris. The Last Corridor; Todesengel. The Fall Of Life ; The Ice Curtain (German release); The Burning Sea (single, German release, includes CD-ROM video); Unidentified Light (German release); Still Air (Italian release)
  1. void
  • Macedonia? Ethnic instruments, Gothic influences, modern darkwave.

  • releases: Wake Up Gods (USA release)
Kiss the Blade
  • Austria. Germany? Hard early 1980s Goth sounds. Aggressive, loud.

    comparisons: Sisters

  • releases: Black As Disillusion (German release); Headcrash - A Romance (third release, German release)
  1. official*
  • Talena
  • Active (2003-11). Talena left relatively early.

  • releases: Oracle (2002)
Klang Abstrakt
  • Diana Leonhardt; Riccardo Zimmermann (Terminal Choice)
  • German band, formed 1998. Dark atmospheric, ambient. One of many Zimmerman side-projects. Mostly instrumental romantic darkwave. Heavy synth strings, sparse female vocals.

    comparisons: Skinny Puppy; 1980's electronica; Depeche Mode

  • releases: Memories (single, German release); Beam (German release)
  1. official*
  2. void
  • Atmospheric, spacey soundscape.

  • releases: The Hert/Hertz Files (USA release)
  • Commercial synthpop. Male vocals. Electronic darkwave.

    comparisons: Portishead

  • releases: Five Miles Per Gallon (Swedish release)
The Klinik
  • Belgium? EBM. Euro-industrial. Distorted vocals, dreamy electronics. Pure electronic industrial. Experimental dark electronic.

  • releases: To The Knife (German release); Stitch (German release); Awake (German release); Melting Close + Sabotage; (recorded in Belgium and Norway, Belgian release); States; (recordings from 1988-1990, Belgian release); Time (Belgian release)
  1. void
  • German language. Electro, synth-pop, industrial.

  • label: Bloodline
  • releases: ...Bis der Arzt Kommt; Kunststoff (German release)
  1. void
  • Claus Larson
  • Dancefloor guitar industrial.

    comparisons: Ministry; Nine Inch Nails

  • releases: Excluded (German release); Excel (German release): Excepted (USA release)
  1. void
  • William Tucker (Darling Kandie; Ministry; Pigface)
  • USA. Industrial, rock, electro, fast dance. Cool dancefloor guitar-based metal industrial, electronic. Renamed as MDFMK.

    comparisons: Ministry

  • releases: Symbols; Angst; WWIII (2003); Godlike (single, USA release); Don't Blow Your Top (USA release); A Drug Against War (USA release); Uaioe (USA release); Brute (USA release); What Do You Know, Deutschland (first European release); Nihil (USA release); Naive Hell To Go (remix CD, USA release); Angst (USA release); Juke Joint Jezebel (The Giorgio Moroder Mixes); Rules (USA release); Juke Joint Jezebel (single, USA release); Xtort (USA release); Adios (last album, USA release); Light (remix CD, USA release); Split (single, USA release); Megalomaniac (remix EP, USA release); Attak (2002-03-09)
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  • Greece? Improvised experimental industrial. Chaotic, sinister.

  • releases: a split album with Shining Vril
  • Graham Rayner (Cubanate); Marc Heal (Cubanate); Joanna Theobald - guitars; Christian Weber - programming/percussion.
  • Industrial rock.

  • releases: Hyperphobia (German release)
  1. official*
The Knives
  • Ben (Brigandage) ; Scott (Brigandage)
  • Between them twins Ben and Scott did drum and bass guitar.  After Brigandage, pre- the Wonder Boys (proto-Brit Pop)

  • USA. Gabber trance.

  • releases: Energy Trancemission (3d cover, USA release)
Kommunity FK
  • San Francisco / Los Angeles? Featured member later in Kore. Goth.

    comparisons: Christian Death; Play Dead; UK Decay; Joy Division; Southern Death Cult

  • releases: Vision and the Voice (early 1980s, USA release); Close One Sad Eye (1985, USA release)
Komu Vnyz
  • Ukraine.

  • Betsy Martin (Caterwaul) - vocals; Kevin Kipnis - bass; Michael Ciravolo - guitars.
  • Los Angeles-based. Haunting vocals, layered sound. Features members of Kommunity FK and Human Drama

  • contact: Kore
    P.O. Box #94
    CA 90078
  • USA. Inspired by Kraftwerk, darkwave, trance.

  • releases: Electric Dimension (USA release)
  • Germany. Electronic.

  • releases: Trans-Europe Express; The Model (compilation, USA release); Expo 2000 (hologram sleeve, German release); A Short Introduction to... (CD and book)
  1. offiical*
  2. void
Krankheit Der Jugend
  • Electro, industrial, dark punk. Influenced by Einsturzende Neubauten

  • releases: Giftsucht (single)
Kreuzweg Ost
  • Experimental, sinister samples, electronic beats.

  • releases: Iron Avantgarde (German release)
  • Apocalyptic black metal.

    comparisons: Darkthrone; Demmoncy

  • releases: Rise Of The Imperial Hordes (USA release)
  • Jakarta gothic trio.

  1. void
Kundalini Shock Attack
  • Underground, 1980s-influenced, post-Goth synth, 1990s indie.

  • releases: Kundalini Shock Attack (hand-coloured sleeve, free stick of chewing gum)
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