the Wilde Wood

World Goth day 2024 Redesign


The very earliest versions of this website had listings of artistes on one page. A later design had them split up by alphabetically. One of these versions had each letter-page containing between four and four hundred and thirteen entries. This doens't seem to sustainable, so the 2024 version will create dedicated pages for each entry, linked from an index of each letter (and introducing a numerical category). I've not decided whether bands beginning with Roman numerals should go under their letter or on the new number page yet. As of this post, I've only created one new page, plus the index page for the numbers which only contains the link to the one entry. That entry is 1919.

A Quarter Century of the Wilde Wood


On the eve of World Goth Day 2024 I've decided to resurrect the Wilde Wood. It also happens to be 25 years since the first iteration of this website and fifteen years since the first World Goth Day. It's been through a few hosts and on to its second proper domain (I had issues renewing the original domain name, so thought I'd join the dot com world this time around). First step is to tidy up what's already here, updating along the way.

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