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The Faces of Sarah
  • Nick Schultz - vocals; Alan Tampion - guitars; David Lockwood - drums; John Currie - guitars; Frank Walters - bass; Steve - drums.
  • Formed in summer, 1998, London. Atmospheric, gothic rock, electronica, mood. Strong anthemic gothic rock with lush guitars. Have worked with Candia (Inkubus Sukkubus) on guest vocals.

    comparisons: Dream Disciples; Lacuna Coil; The Dreadful Shadows

  • labels: Resurrection Records.
  • releases: Belief e.p. (1998); Misery Turns (ep); twentyfour (2001)
  • contact: 0709 20 20 537
    (international: +44 709 20 20 537)
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  3. Spiky Black Cat
  4. kelkoo albums
  5. the faces of sarah mailbase * the one that gets used. Previously OrdealX
Factory 81
  • USA? Industrial, nu-metal.

  • releases: Mankind
Fad Gadget
  • electronic pioneers
  • releases: Back To Nature; Ricky's Hand; Collapsing New People (singles)
  1. void
Fading Colours
  • Poland, Germany. Female vocals. Commercial 1990s Goth. Ethno, techno, Gothic.

    comparisons: Sisters with female vocals; an eastern Ghost Dance; the Banshees; U2 with female vocals

  • releases: Lie; Time; Black Horse (debut album); Time (remix album, part-produced by Andreas Bruhn (ex-Sisters) and Gagain 108 (Polish techno)); I'm Scared Of... (includes vocals by Anne Clark)
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  • { Pete Boyd - lyrics; Tim Clark - guitars; Dave Challis - bass; }
    [ Tim Clark; Dave Challis; ]
  • UK, Hampshire, Southampton

    Electro-rock. Industrial, alternative. Noise-Rock, electro, dark ambient. New wave, rock, pop.

    Sci-fi metaphor, emotion. Dark, glistening, crashing. Deviant. Electro-rock. Epic, guitar-driven. Synths, noise, eclectic soundscapes.

    Xerri is classically trained, since the age of three.

    2004 - formed by Boyd and Clark.
    2004-08 - first live gig with new bassist

  • influences: David Bowie; Trent Reznor; Gary Numan
  • comparisons: Gary Numan; NIN (quiet piano parts); Chaos Engine (more contained and focused)
  • labels: Wasp Factory Recordings
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Fahrenheit 451
  • Nick Ferro - keyboards; Pete Lisa - bass; Ed Enzyme (The Undead) - drummer; Athan Maroulis (Executive Slacks; Spahn Ranch) - vocals; Shelly Stewart - guitars.
  • Inactive (1984 - 1987), NYC, USA. 1980s Gothic band. Members went on to other bands including Executive Slacks; Tubalcain; The Lucifer Scale; Spahn Ranch.
    comparisons: Stranglers; Ultravox; Bauhaus

  • releases: The Gothic Years and After (compilation including other bands from members)
  • contact: Fahrenheit 451
    P.O. Box 46661
    CA 90046
The Faint
  • Electro.

  • releases: Danse Macabre (2001)
  • South Florida-based, reformed 2001/2.  Electronic, darkwave, EBM, industrial.

    comparisons: Bowie

  • contact: Wrecked Angel Promotions
  1. void
  2. void
Fairies Fortune
  • Karen Sherritt - vocals?
  • German? Dark folk, esoteric. Offshoot of Sleeping Dogs Wake.

    comparisons: Death in June.

  • releases: Snow Fish
Faith and Disease
  • Dara Rosenwasser - vocals; Eric Cooley - guitar; bass
  • Ethereal vocals. Xylophone, piano, psychedelic guitars. USA. Female vocals, gothic, rock influences. Reverb guitar, cello, flute, gentle percussion.

    comparisons: Switchblade Symphony; The Deep End; Sunshine Blind

  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Insularia; Passport to Kunming (2003.06.17); Fortune His Sleep; Beauty and Bitterness; Livesongs: Third Body (live recordings 1995/6); Beneath the Trees
Faith And The Muse
  • William Faith (Christian Death; Shadow Project; Mephisto Waltz) - midrange male vocals, multi-instrumentalist; Monica Richards (Madhouse; Strange Boutique) - high female vocals; JT Murphy (Sunshine Blind) - previously bassist.
  • Active since 1993, USA. Gothic, industrial, darkwave, classical, celtic, ethereal, ambient, eastern, dark rock. JT Murphy died on 01.09.1998. Mercyground is the newsletter. Playing Wave-Gotik 2000. Neo-classical influences, guitar-based tracks.

    comparisons: Requiem in White; Cocteau Twins; Banshees

  • labels: TESS; Metropolis; Projekt
  • releases: Evidence of Heaven; Anwwn Beneath the Waves; Elyria; The Burning Season (2003).
  • Faith and the Muse, PO Box 2286, Hollywood, CA 90078-2286 USA.
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Faith Assembly
  • Sweden? Synthpop. Synthy-crossover goth, neo-romantic.

    comparisons: New Order guitars; Spandau Ballet

  • labels: A Different Drum.
  • releases: Crash and Burn; Ghosts I Have Been
Faithful Dawn
  • Glenn - guitar and keyboards; SarahJane Wilson - vocals; Nick (Midnight Configuration) - guitar/bass?.
  • Inactive (recent, 1999/2000) from Cubria. Euro-sounding power pop with dark lyrics, catchy tunes, industrial foundation, danceable, Euro techno inluenced. Sarahjane's 15-year-old brother stood in for Nick at a Camden Underworld gig (due to commitments with Midnight Configuration) around the end of 1998? Nick had to leave due to a problem between DarkBeat and Nightbreed. Gothic aesthetics, dance influences, early 80s Futurist, 90s darkwave, electro.

  • label: Darkbeat, but used to be Nightbreed; distributor: UK, After Dark, Bad Habits, BMG; export, Resurrection Records; Belgium, Boogie; US, Metropolis.
  • releases: Temperance; I Am Nothing (single); You Are Here
  • Dawn Rising,
    Spire House, Blencow, Penrith CA11 0DA/Faithful Dawn, 78 Scotland Road, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9JD.
  1. void
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  3. void
  4. void
  • Italy? Male vocals.

    comparisons: Cure; Banshees; 1980s.

  • releases: The Drowned World
Falling You
  • Ethereal, dreamy female vocals.

  • releases: Mercy (debut); Hope Throws Down (2002)
Fallout Nation
  • Industrial / powernoise / noise.

False Faces
  • French goth band

  1. void
  • Alternative, gothic-influenced band.
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Fear Cult
  • Arizona, USA. Dark, synthesized sound.

  • releases: Your Darkest Romance
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Fear of Dolls
  • Greg Forschler - guitar
  • Melancholic band, lullabies, violent noise.

  1. void*
Fear of the Storm
  • Gothic, mediaeval.

    comparisons: Banshees; Dead Can Dance; Ataraxia

  • releases: 1995 (?)
Fear v Loathing
  • New Zealand. Electronic, industrial.

  • releases: Bombay Girl
Feedback Loop
  • Gothic band
  1. void*
  • Germany. EBM, synthpop, noise, electro industrial. Dark electro

    comparisons: Noisex

  • label: Black Rain
  • releases: Im Visier; Feindflug; Sterbehilfe EP; Version 4
Fektion Fekler
  • Germany? Electro industrial, darkwave.

  • releases: Kling Klang Bedlam; From Here to Heaven
Fetisch Park
  • Australia? Industrial, ritual, experimental.

  • releases: Instinktverlust; Sporen/Binumb
  • Played the Rezz, Romford, mid-eighties

  • Germany? Electronics, bouncy.

    comparisons: FLA; Mesh

  • releases: Fictitious
  1. void
Fiction 8
  • USA. Male and female vocals, violins. Electronic darkwave, dance beats.

  • releases: Dissonance Indifference; Spirits; Chaotica (3rd album); Forever, Neverafter (due 2003-12-13, 4th album).
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  • USA. Goth.

    comparisons: Two Witches; Christian Death

  • releases: Treasure Such as These
  • Formed 2002? Synthypop-scene.

  • releases: Antihero Heading For Graceland (due 2004-02-16)
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Finger Puppets
  • releases: Smile (demo)

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Fire and Ice / Fire + Ice
  • Dark folk. Neo-folk, apocalyptic.

    comparisons: Current 93; Death in June; World Serpent

  • labels: Fremdheit; Tesco
  • releases: Blood on the Snow (recorded 1994-02-01, featuring Charlie MacGowan); Birdking
  1. void
First Born Unicorn
  • Toronto. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).

  • Warren Fischer; Casey Spooner
  • New York-based ElectroClash. Rumoured to have been signed by Ministry of Sounds for two million pounds.
    comparisons: Kraftwerk

  • labels: International Deejay Gigolos (Munich); Ministry of Sound
  • releases: #1 (2001)
Fishtank #9 / Fishtank (no 9)
  • Dark 1980s influenced synth pop.

    comparisons: Gothic Depeche Mode

  • releases: Itself
FistF*ck Deluxe
  • Jason Atomic
  1. void
Flesh Field
  • Canada? Dancefloor industrial with female vocals. Harsh future pop.

    comparisons: Leaether Strip

  • labels: Matrix Cube; Trisol.
  • releases: Viral Extinction; Redemption EP (remix with Railgun; Pain Station; Aghast View; Sabotage; Covenant; Gridlock)
  1. void
Flesh for Eve
  • Evelyne Bennu - vocals
  • Hollywood, LA, CA, USA. Gothic rock.

    Bennu is a model, SF author and has been linked musically with David Bowie; Iggy Pop; Japan; Prince; Brian Eno.

Flesh For Lulu
  • {Nick Marsh - vocals, guitars; James Mitchell - drums; Rocco Barker (Wasted Youth) - guitars; Glen Bishop - bass}
    Kevin Mills - bass; Derek Greening - keyboards, guitars; Mike Steed - bass; Hans Perrson - drums.
  • Formed in Brixton, London 'Batcave' band.  Bishop left in 1993?

    comparisons: Rolling Stones; New York Dolls

  • label: Polydor; Beggars Banquet
  • releases; Subterraneans (single); Flesh For Lulu (1984); Blue Sisters Swing (1985, ep); Live from London (1985 video, 1991 album); Big Fun City (1985); Long Live the Flesh (1987); Plastic Fantastic (1989)
Flesh of My Flesh
  • USA. Goth band.

  • label: Prikosnovenie
Fliehende Sturme
  • Germany? Guitar-based 1980s post-punk, darkwave.

  • releases: Hinter Masken
La Floa Maltida
  • Guido LeFric; Rhea - vocals
  • Formed 1992 by Guido LeFric. Rhea joined soon afterwards. Dark dancefloor music. Swirling guitars, programming. Synth pop.

    Named after South American term for a type of poppy.

  • releases: Salut Jacques (due 2004-01-04)
  1. official*
The Flowerpot Men
  • Mid eighties band. Played the Rezz in Romford, mid-eighties

Flowers of Romance
  • Post-punk band, Gothic overtones.

  • releases: Brilliant Mistakes (produced by Wayne Hussey)
  • Influential industrial.

  • releases: Null/ Void
Foetus Inc
  • Foetus
  • Old-school industrial soundscapes.

  • releases: Butterfly Potion
  • 6'9" frontman
  • Italy? Apocalyptic experimental art power noise. Ambient, ritualistic drums.

  • releases: Information Blitzkrieg; Hurtmusic (recorded live 2000-03-11, Nar Mattaru); Victory or Death
For A Space
  • Germany? Electronic, chill-out.

  • releases: Welcome 4,000 (features Daniel Myer (Haujobb))
Forbidden Colours
  • Sweden. Synth pop, romantic, melancholic.

  • releases: Deification; Adore (single); My Broken Heart (single)
Foresta Di Ferro
  • label: Hau Ruck!
  • releases: Combat Folk
Forest of Shadows
  • Swedish goth metal

Forma Tadre
  • Germany? Semi-ambient electronics, subtle industrial, trippy, synth.

    comparisons: (early) Tangerine Dream

  • releases: Navigator; Automate; Autromate 2.0
  1. void
Format C:
  • Inactive Detroit project with technological and Internet influences.
  1. void*
Forrest Fang
  • Ambient
  • label: Projekt.
Forthcoming Fire
  • Germany. Goth, early 1980s style, Futurist, electronic.

    comparisons: Danse Society

  • releases: Illumination; Heliopolis; Jesus (third album)
  • Patricia Nigiani (Project Pitchfork; Aurora)
  • Previously known as Fortification 55. Dreamy, darkwave.

  • releases: Organism; Trancemigration
Fortification 55
  • Germany. Dancefloor darkwave, electronic.

  • label: Glasnost
  • releases: The Worst is Yet to Come; Anthropology (produced by Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfor; Eternal Afflict)); The Doll; Atlantis; Heartleader (maxi CD); Revolution in Paradise (album); Yesterday and Tomorrow (best of compilation, 1992/6)
  • Neo-folk.

    comparisons: (early) Psychic TV

  • releases: Easter, November and a Year
45 Grave
  • Dinah Cancer (Penis Flytrap) - ex-singer.
  • USA. Early 1980s. Tribal, experimental at times, punk Goth.

    comparisons: Cramps; Gun Club; The Damned

  • releases: Debasement Tapes (live)
Four Flies on Grey Velvet
  • San Francisco-based band. Perform music for horror movies.
  1. void*
  • Electronic industrial, clear.

    comparisons: Skinny Puppy; Ministry

  • releases: Fourth Man
  • Germany? Industrial, hard. Rhythmic, tribal, sinister, electronic.

    comparisons: Klute

  • releases; Killernet; Hell (soundtrack)
Frames a Second
  • Belgium? Semi-experimental industrial.

  • releases: Nature in Reverse
  1. void
  • Dave Grave - vocals; Mark Pritchard - guitars. Jeff F. - drums; Jim 'Strap-on Jimbo' Cherry (Strung Out) - bass; Jason Abnormal - guitars; William Faith (Faith and the Muse) - bass.
    Rev. Whitey Peckawood (The Guffer Bros.; The Squealers; Snake Oil Hunters) - guitar; L. Ron Jeremy (Element; Faith and the Muse; Kommunity FK) - rhythm guitar; Bart Sinister (Cryptic Flowers; Blood Flag) - bass; Stevyn Grey (Shadow Project; Christian Death; Mephisto Waltz) - drums; Dave Grave (The Schizos; Zombie Legion; Voodoo Church; Bone Cult; The Rotters; Screaming Things) - vocals.
  • Deathrock, punk, psychobilly, swampy blues.  Formed April 1985 (announced in Grave's Scratch Magazine scene report), shortly after Andy Christ (drummer) was killed in a car accident.  Screaming Things formed in 1986, intended to be 'revealed' as Frankenstein, but they remained the Things until 1988 when they disbanded.  Frankenstein reforms, 1989, with a fan base, the F-Troop.  In Jan, 1992 Grave and the Rev. record Helter Skelter (the Manson Mix) with John Whatley (Insight 23), though it isn't released.  Late 1994, Jeff F. and Jim 'Strap-on Jimbo' Cherry join.  The Rev. has to leave state in mid-1995, though returns for CD-launch in October 1996, the same month that Jim is fired for breaking his contract.

    Winning a legal case against their previous record label, return to the studio.

  • releases: An Ugly Display of Self-Preservation (2002?)
  • contact:
    phone (usa): 818 784 1171
  1. official*
  2. Frankenlab* (yahoo group)
Frank the Baptist
  • releases: Different Degrees of Empty (2003?)
Freiburger Spielleyt
  • Harfe - vocals
  • Ethereal, mediaeval, classical instruments, atmospheric synths.

    comparisons: Qntal; Sopor Aeturnus; Estampe; Dead Can Dance

  • releases: Tales of Miracles Cantigas de...; O Fortuna; Waves of Virgo
  1. official*
  • Peaceful, atmospheric.

  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Permafrost; To Dream; Perchance to Sleep
  1. official*
Front Line Assembly
  • Chris Peterson; Bill Leeb (Noise Unit; Intermix; Equinox; Delerium; Pro>Tech; Synaesthesia); Greg Reely remixing; Rhys Fulber
  • Industrial, EBM, synthpop, electronics. Have worked with Tiffany on a U2 tribute album track. Mix of USA-style industrial and German darkwave. Chris Peterson left after Epitaph.
  • label: Octoprod?; Zoth Ammog; Roadrunner; Cleopatra; Offbeat; Metropolis.
  • releases: Hard Wired (1995 album); Corroded Disorder; Total Terror volume 1 (releases from 1986); Total Terror volume 2 (releases from 1986/7); State of Mind (album, recorded 1987-08 and 1988-02); Plasticity (single); Live Wired (double CD, live in Germany, video); The Initial Command; Colombian Necktie; (FLA)vour of the Weak; Caustic Grip; Comatose; Four fit (early releases); Cryogenic Studios (various Bill Leeb bands); Re-Wind (remix album); Implode; Prophecy; Fatalist; Circuitry;No limit (live in Amsterdam 1989-05-13); Explosion; Epitaph (2001); Civilization (due 2004-01-31)
  1. Front Line Assembly
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Front 242
  • Jeanluc DeMeyer (Cobalt 60) - vocals; Daniel B; Patrick Codeyns?; Richard 23. Midrange male vocals.
  • Active (kind of) since 1981/2. Industrial, electronic, electro, fast dance. The godfathers of EBM. Sharp synth only, no guitars. Beats, strong structure and aggressive sound, industrial-dance recently. Have moved away from total reliance on technology (acquired a human drummer). The future lies with their side projects, Front 242 won't create any new material, but will still do gigs.
  • label: Octoprod?
  • releases: Re:Boot[L.iv.E] (1998); In Rhythmus Bleiben (Rhythm into to remain/stay?); Never Stop; Mixed by Fear; Politics of Pressure; Religion; Backcatalogue 1981-1985 (compilaton); Interception; Endless Riddance; Two in One (re-issure of New Dance from 1981/2); Rhythm of Time; Headhunter 2000 (4-volume ep set); Golden Master (selected remixes from Headhunter 2000); Re Boot; Geography (debut album, 198?); Geography (le 4,000 copies).
  1. void
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  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
Frozen Autumn
  • Diego - vocals.
  • Italy Dark electronic darkwave duo. Early 1990s. Static Movement, a spin-off band. Darkwave atmosphere, melancholic, romantic songs.

    comparisons: Clan of Xymox

  • label: Eibon Records
  • releases: Fragments of Memories; A Pale Collection (compilation); Emotional Screening Device
  • contact:
  1. Eibon Records
  • Germany? Experimental noise.

  • releases: Video Arena
Full Blown Kirk
  • Quintet playing textural soundscapes.
  1. void
Funeral Party
  • 1990s-style dark psychedelia, dirge-like, rock, atmospheric guitar.

    comparisons: Skeletal Family; Banshees

  • releases: Serpentine
  • Mikael Hartle/Sjöblom - vocalist and songwriter; Jan Gajdos - guitarist since 1995; Jonas Elmqvist - drummer since before 1995; Mäns Tomsby - bassist; Richard Lion - bassist.
  • Sweden. Goth, alternative rock. Swedish gothic rock from Kalmar in 1986 by Mikael, by 1991 had moved to Mälmo. Dark rock, darkwave. Powerful music with some electronic influences. Played London Sacrosance the year before playing Whitby.

    comparisons: Mission; (early) Cult

  • labels: Appolyon; Plastic Head (UK); SPV (Germany); Austria (Switzerland); Dark Serene Records (USA).
  • releases: Girls; Friends (single from Girls); Never Again; 2nd Coming; Forever True (best of compilation)
  • Cherryfields
    M & A Music Art,
    Nobelvägen 103B, S-21433 Malmö, SWEDEN or Simrishamnsg. 20a, S-214 23, Malmö, SWEDEN
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
FunkerVogt / Funker Vogt
  • Gerrit Thomas
  • Germany. Goth, electro, EBM, synthpop, industrial dance, darkwave, electronic.

    comparisons: Wumpscut; Leaetherstrip

  • releases: We Came To Kill; Take Care (third album); Thanks for Nothing; Killing Time Again (remixes); Execution; Gunman; Tragic Hero; Maschine Zeit
  1. official*
  • Italy? Neo-mediaeval, dark ambient.

  • releases: Deflorescens Tam Robur
  • Sinister, angry Goth industrial. Beat box.

  • Ambient techno, trance, instrumental.

  • label: Warp
  • releases: Dimension Intrusion
Fusspils 11
  • Germany. German language Funker Vogt side project. Dark electro industrial.

  • releases: Gib Ihr Einen Namen
  1. void
  • Italian bleak, melancholic apocalyptic neo-folk.

  • releases: Daily War (with Stribog)
Fuze Box Machine
  • Germany, Finland? Industrial electronics.

  • releases: Forbidden Games
  • singer, bassist
  • Goth/metal hybrid, funk breaks, bondage goth/mime dancers.

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