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Machine 11
  • New York upstate band.

  1. number
The Machine in the Garden
  • Roger Fracé; Summer Bowman (Mirabilis)
  • Originally San Francisco (left in 1997), now Austin, TX-based. Baroque trance, dark-wave gothic group, semi-ambient, romantic. Female lead vocals, electronics, occassional neo-classical.
    comparisons: Projekt; Heavenly Voices

  • labels: Middle Pillar Presents;
    distribution: Projekt (USA); Soleilmoon (USA); Metropolis (USA); World; Serpent (Europe); Audioglobe (Europe).
  • releases:
    Veils and Shadows EP (1994);
    Underworld (1997);
    One Winter's Night (1999);
    Out of the Mists (2000);
    Asphodel (2002)
  • contact:
    Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman
    PMB 234
    4815 W. Braker Lane, Suite 502
    Austin, Texas 78759
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  2. tMitG Radio* (limit of 7 simultaneou users to protect bandwidth)
  3. Summer's personal website.
  • Fulvio (T-Bone Fulvio, Madre Del Vizio)
  • Death rock, goth.
    comparisons: Rozz Williams

  • releases: Mesmerismo
Madre Del Vizio
  • Fulvio (T-Bone Fulvio) - singer
  • Polish and German dark rock, goth band. Samples of choirs, guitars.
    comparisons: (Williams) Christian Death; Aleister Crowley

  • labels: Apollyon
  • releases: The Crypt (compilation); Dio Dio Dio; Feast of Blood; All around the World (single)
  • Based in Portugal.

  • Norwegian.

    comparisons: Rose of Avalanche; Royksopp; Kings of Convenience; Iggy Pop; Nick Cave; Velvet Underground.

  • Norwegian? Antique, modern indie-inspired band, future pop. Electronic, guitar, drum loops, samples.
    comparisons: Curve vocals; Portishead; Cranes

  1. void
  • Electronic.

  • releases: Out to Lunch
La Maison Moderne
  • Experimental, industrial

  • label: Tesco
  • releases: Day After Day
  • Martin Danielsson - vocals, programming, lyrics, founder; Jim Edwards - guitars; Fredrik Leijström - guitars; Stefan Väisinen - bass; Nicklas Bergström - drums; Johan Linder - percussionist; Juho Korhonen - guitarist; Kim Boman - keyboards.
  • Swedish electro-Goth, formed in 1989.
    comparisons: Sisters of Mercy; Frontline Assembly; Merry Thoughts; Girls Under Glass; Mesh

  • labels: Memento Materia
  • releases: Secession (debut release); Fifty-Two Ways (1996); A World Of Broken Images
  • contact: Memento Materia Box 51 S-361 21 Emmaboda, SWEDEN
    Memento Materia,
    Box 439
    S 551 16 Jönköping,
  1. MementoMateria
  2. official*
  3. Memento*
Mal d'aurore
  • French cold wave band, split in 1998, from which In Front was formed.

  • Octavio - vocals; Alex - drums
  • Mexico. Trad. Previously called Las Danzas, name changed around 1995. Alex the drummer has just quit (late 2002)
    comparisons: Sisters; The Wake

  • J.M. - lead guitar; Eden - guitar; Michele - vocals; Eros - bass; Mattia - drums
  • Perugia, Italy. Goth, melodic metal.

  1. vitaminic
Male or Female
  • Daniel B.; Patrick Codenys.
  • Active (2003-late). Played part of USA tour with E-Craft. Side-project of Front 242.

Malice Mizer
  • Mana - guitar, synthesizer; Közi - guitar, synthesizer; Yu~ki - bass; Kami - drums.
  • Japan's biggest Goth/Visual/J-Rock band, formed around 1992.

  1. official*
  • Goth, orchestral, industrial.

  • releases: Shatter and Impale
Manifest Evil
  • Sydney, Australia-based. Experimental horror electronica.

  1. yahoo group*
  • mart(i)n; Seth
  • West Midlands-based techno, trance, goth, industrial. Two drums sets on either side of the mic. Very heavy techno drum beat with synth overlay, sometimes quite ethereal. Industrial, goth, trance and breakbeat, melodic vocals, twisted synthesizers and industrial percussion.

  • releases: sem(i)nal
  1. official*
  • Simon Carroll - some lyrics; Yvonne Neve - vocals, lyrics; Phil Wallis.
  • UK atmospheric, dark gothic, indie, guitars.
    comparisons: Heavenly Voices; Siouxsie; Stone 588

  • labels: Resurrection Records, Plastic Head (UK); Semaphore, Alice In... (Germany, Austria, Switzerland); Etherhaus (USA); Boogie (Belgium); M&A (Sweden)
  • releases: Painted Red (1997); Every Defect
  • contact: Mantra Information Service
    18 Mount Pleasant,
    Hazel Grove,
    SK7 4DS
  1. Nemesis
  • Darkwave, romantic goth. German lyrics.
    comparisons: Wolfsheim

  • label: Sad Eyes; Trisol
  • releases: Liebe und Tod
  • Mike Uwins - bass?; Tim Chandler (Sins of the Flesh); Swan - guitarist; Christian(D.U.S.T.) - guitarist
  • Influenced by 80's new-romantic and 90's darkwave, gothic pop, futurist, indie. Mike often guests on bass at Horatii gigs.

  • comparisons: Ultravox; Japan; Faith No More; Nine Inch Nails
  • label: Resurrection Records
  • releases: I Can't Believe It's Not Goth EP 1996; The Diversity of Life 1996; Spooky ep 1997 le; Devils Advocate 1999; Natural High 2002-04-02
  • contact:
    +44 (0) 20 7813 2917
    Manuskript, c/o Resurrection Records,
    73 Parkway,
    London NW1 7PP
  1. official*

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Mara's Torment

  • { rik }

    [ ]
  • Electronic.

    1999-12-17 - yahoo elist founded

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels:
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  2. myspace* - mp3s (usually new material).
  3. garage band* - mp3s
  4. soundclick* - mp3s
  5. live365*
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Marc Almond
  • releases: Absinthe-The French Album
  1. void
The March of the Sinister Ducks
  • Translucia Baboon / Alan Moore; David J (Bauhaus); Alex Green - session saxophonist.

March Violets

  • { Simon D. (The Batfish Boys) - vocals;
    Rosie Garland - original vocals;
    Cleo Murray - vocals }

  • status: inactive (1981 - 1987)

    Were based in Leeds, UK

    Dark punk, power-pop.

    Cover of Grooving in Green designed by Andrew Eldritch, influenced by Joy Division's Closer.

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels: Merciful Release; Rebirth (own label); Jungle
  • releases: Religious as Hell (1982, ep); Electric Shades (1985); The Botanic Verses
  • contact: The March Violets c/o Jungle
    Old Dairy Mews,
    62 Chalk Farm Road,
    NW1 8AN
  1. March Violets
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Marilyn Manson

  • { Brian Warner / Marilyn Manson - vocals; Gidget Gein }

    [ ]
  • USA

    Industrial-metal. Metal (with some goth imagery), (hard) glam rock.

    Gein left fairly early on.
    Trent Reznor produced some singles, albums.
    Popular culture seems to have him tagged as being a Goth, and assumes that because it is aware of who Marilyn Manson is that they know something about the Gothic subculture. Actually more rooted in USA metal scene than the Goth scene.

    He's got a girl's name and he wears makeup. That's original.

    Names of band members originally taken from models / actresses and serial killers (Marilyn Monroe, Charles Manson).

    Antichrist Superstar the most commercially successful industrial album.

    1990 - Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids formed.
    1996 - Antichrist Superstar - Reznor used John Lennon's mellotron on this album.

  • influences:
  • comparisons: Alice Cooper with a sampler; Mud; Motorhead; David Bowie
  • labels: Nothing
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  2. void
  3. Gidget Gein*
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  • London-based gothic rock (until they went very commercial USA-style metal), post-punk more recently, neo-Darkwave.
    comparisons: Pearl Jam

  • releases: Ave Dementia; Rise; Carousel
Mark Lane
  • releases: Black Lipstick
The Mark of Cain
  • Australian band. Stark, violent.

    comparisons: Joy Division; Helmet

  • British synth-pop

Marquee Moon
  • German 80s-style gothic, darkwave.
    comparisons: The Cure; Banshees; Joy Division; Batcave; Bauhaus; Chameleons

  • releases: Angst and War; Desert House (single); 1985-1996 (compilation)
Martin Gold
  • (Alphaville) - vocals
  • Sampled drums, modern dance structures.

  • releases: United
Martin Rev
  • (Suicide)
  • Belgian? Noise, primitive electronics, dark rock'n'roll

  • releases: Marvel
Martyr Colony
  • Metal, industrial, samples.
    comparisons: NIN

  • releases: Abrasive Technology
Martyr Complex
  • Cleveland, OH, USA-based. Formerly Tampa-based, re-located 2000. Aaron DJ-ed around Florida as DJ Discordia.

Martyrs Seldom Known
  • Industrial / powernoise / noise.

Martyr Whore
  • Italian experimental.
    comparisons: Christian Death; Death in June; Premature Ejaculation

  • labels: Apollyon
  • releases: Roseydolvelt Ballet
Mary Goes Round
  • French. 1980s? Goth (though labelled at the time 'Touching pop').

Massiv In Mensch
  • German. Female vocals, dance, beats, distorted male power-vocals. Female choruses. Techno, EBM, punk.

  • releases: Belastendes Material; Menschdefekt (2003-late)
  1. official*
  2. number
  • Germany.

  • Electronic.
    comparisons: not-so-spacy Hawkwind

  • releases: Dreams Are Real
Matrix EBM
  • label - Out of Time (Germany)
  • industrial dance music.

Matter of Fact
  • German? Commercial Darkwave, electronics, guitars
    comparisons: Good Courage; Diary of Dreams

  • releases: Infected
Matt Howden
  • Apocalyptic folk, romantic neo-classical, classical instruments, keyboards.
  • label: Redroom; World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: Intimate And Obstinate
Mauve Sideshow
  • Ethereal, atmospheric, gothic, melotron, female vocals.

  • releases: Torn Curtain; Blood Will Tell
  • black metal

  • releases: Light at the End of the World
Meat Beat Manifesto
  • Techno.

  • releases: God O.D.
Mediaeval Baebes
  • Classical, features ex-members of Miranda Sex Garden

  • Medicine Rain
    • Swedish? Gothic rock, alternative.
      comparisons: Sisters; Merry Thoughts

    • releases: Native
    • Ethno ambient

    • releases: Mee
    • German electro.

    • label: Accession
    • releases: Feed me, Fuck me, Kill Me!; Speartackle (le, hologram)
    • active

    • Swedish, Italian? Dark atmospheric sounds, machine rhythms. Death ambient, death industrial, claustrophobic, electronic.

    • releases: The Curse Of The Scarecrow; Electronic Underground
    1. void
    • French? Classical, neo-classical, dark experimental ambient.

    • releases: De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca; Astrum Argentinum
    1. void
    • Sweden? Germany? Synthpop, ebm. German lyrics.

    • label: Bloodline
    • releases: Kindertraum V1.0; Kindertraum V. 2.0 (le 1,500); E.P. Sode 3
    1. void
    2. official*
    • Industrial

    • releases: Aux Morts; Ichor (12"); Ars Moriendi (Aux Morts and Ichor)
    • Electro
    Mental Destruction
    • Swedish? Death ambient, death industrial.
      comparisons: Cold Meat

    • releases: Straw; When Madness Strikes
    1. void
    Mentallo and The Fixer
    • Dassing; Dassing
    • Dark electro, brothers, USA-based. Claustrophobic medium-paced industrial, underground electronic, deep, dark vocals. low-fi, analogue style for Algorythm. Have side-project, Benestrophe.

      comparisons: early Cabaret Voltaire; V Sor X

    • labels: Metropolis
    • releases: Where Angels Fear To Tread; Continuum (collection of earlier work, remixes); ...there is no air to breathe..; False Prophets; Centuries; Burnt Beyond Recognition; Revelations 23; Meets Mainesthai; No Rest For The Wicked (double CD); No Further Rest For The Wicked (German version); Algorythm; Love Is The Law
    1. void
    The Mentals
    • Formed late 1997, Austin, Texas

    1. official*
    2. void
    Mephisto Waltz
    • Bari Bari (Christian Death) - guitars; Johann Sehuman (Christian Death); David Glass (Christian Death); Christianna - vocals. midrange to soft female vocals.
    • USA. Mediaeval-influenced romantic Goth. Quartet, ethereal, 80s guitar.

      comparisons: X-Mal; Siouxsie; 4AD; Heavenly Voices; Faith and the Muse

    • releases: Mosaique (compilation); As Apostles Forget (single); Crocosmia (early EPs); The Eternal Deep; Terra Regina; Thalia (1995); Immersion; Nightingale (le 1000 copies)
    • contact: Mephisto Waltz, P.O. Box 55601, L.A. CA 91413 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    1. number
    2. void
    3. void

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    • { }

      [ Phelix Schneefeld / Philip Albus ]
    • Germany.

      Occult electronic.

      Realtime loops.

      Solo project of Philip Albus, with other musicians drafted in for live performances. Has a side-project called Bannkreis.

      Schneefeld translates into English as snow field.

      2002-early - formed?
      2004-early - Due to play Flammenzauber festival.

    1. mercydesign*
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    • Karl Zeleny - guitarist; Peter Zantey - drummer; David Witkinson - vocals.
    • Australian trio formed 1994. Electronics, guitars

    • labels: Nyctalopia Records; Music For Nations?
    • releases: Sundown Empire
    • contact: Meridian
      P.O. Box 198
      NSW 2050
    • comparisons: ethnic Dead Can Dance

    • releases: Trance
    Merlons of Nehemiah
    • German? Mediaeval, female vocals, atmospheric.

    • releases: Cantoney; Midgard (live)
    The Merry Thoughts
    • German
      comparisons: Sisters

    • releases: Second Generation (debut); Millennium Done 1: Empire Songs; The Pale Empress; Psychocult
    1. official*
    • Harsh experimental electronics

    • releases: A perfect Plan (with Genesis P-Orridge)
    • Richard; Niel; Mark.
    • From Bristol, UK. Big in Germany and Scandinavia. Synth, drum beat, vocals. Synthpop, techno pop with an industrial bent.
      comparisons: Depeche Mode

    • releases: In This Place Forever (1996); The Point At Which It Falls Apart; In This Place Forever; Fragile; You Didn't Want Me (single); Fragmente (compilation); Trust You (single); People Like Me; It Scares Me; Not Prepared; Live Singles EP; Waves (single); Who Watches Over Me (due April, 2002).
    • The Mesh Information Service
      PO Box 24, Keynsham,
      BS31 2BF
      Tel: +44 (0)117 904 8385 (Answer machine if unavailable)
      Fax + 44 (0)117 940 5065
    1. english*
    2. Deutsch*
    3. mu*
    4. involved*
    • Malaysian? Neo-gothic rock, gothic metal.

    • releases: Kuasa
    • Heavy guitars, dark classical, male vocals.
      comparisons: Wagner; Into the Abyss

    • releases: Anepigrapha; Blossom
    Michael Brook
    • releases: Albino Alligator
    Mick Karn
    • solo (Japan; Dali's Car) - bassist
    • releases: Titles (1982)
    Midnight Cathedral
    • Paul
    • Atmospheric.

    1. void
    Midnight Configuration
    • Trev Bramford (Brother Orchid) - distorted male vocalist; Lisa - vocals, performance; Nick - guitar.
    • Started in 1993 as solo studio project. Dark, doomy electro, darkwave, fetish imagery. First gig Carnival of Souls 1994.
      comparisons: Killing Joke; Play Dead

    • label: Nightbreed
    • releases: Spectral Dance (maxi); The Kissing Skull (debut); Funeral Nation; Digital Interference (remix); Dark Desires (compilation, 1993-1998); Dark Hours of the Southern Cross
    • contact: Midnight Configuration
    1. void
    Midnight Masquerade
    • Swedish act.

    1. void Robert's Guide
    Midnight Syndicate
    • Edward; Gavin
    • Dark, romantic, sinister, gothic horror film music, neo-classical, atmospheric. Keith Parkinson does album artwork.

    • label: Darkcell Digital Music (UK distribution)
    • releases: Gates Of Delirium; Born Of The Night; Realm Of Shadows; Dungeons and Dragons (2003, syndicated from WotC)
    1. darkcell digital music
    2. official*
    Miguel and the Living Dead
    • Poland. Deathrock, goth-punk, horror-punk, psychobilly.

    1. official*
    Mila Mar
    • Germany. Ethereal.

    • label: Strange Ways
    • releases: Elfensex
    • Belgian industrial. 22 mics on stage, up to six scrap metal percussionists, woodwind, electronics, angle grinder, concrete mixer (full of chains).

    Mind Drop
    • Italian Gothic pop rock.
      comparisons: Manuskript

    • releases: Side Of Mine
    Mindless Faith
    • Industrial band, East US-based.

    1. official*
    • Al Jourgensen - vocals; Paul Barker; William Tucker (KMFDM, Pigface, Darling Kandie)
    • Industrial metal fusion, but it all started out slightly differently :) Tucker now deceased.

    • releases: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste; Stigmata; Darkside Of The Spoon; Filth Pig; Psalm 69; In Case You Didn t Feel Like Showing Up (live); The Land Of Rape And Honey; Twitch (compilation); Animositisomina (due early 2003)
    1. wbr
    2. Darkspoon
    3. void
    4. void
    5. void
    6. void
    7. void
    8. void
    • Leigh Bowery (Quality Street Wrappers; Raw Sewage); Nicola Bowery - vocals; Matthew Glamorre - vocals; Richard Torry; Trevor Sharpe - drums.
    • Formed in 1993 by Leigh Bowery, who died on New Years' Eve, 1994. Names from the theatrical term for a very off-handed person. Part of The Offset collective, which also includes Add N to X

      Edgy, discordant, nightmarish, comic and menacing. Harsh, tuneless, unmusical vocals.

    • releases: Open Wide (1997)
    1. Plastic Bag
    • Regina Sosinki - ethereal vocals
    • Ethereal rock, melancholic indie Gothic. Shoegazing goth, ethereal, rich guitars.

      comparisons: Heavenly Voices; Cocteau Twins; The Sundays; Starflyer 59; Liz Fraser; Harriet Wheeler

    • label: Projekt.
    • releases: Mira; Apart
    • Summer Bowman (The Machine in the Garden); Dru (This Ascension)
    • Side project formed around early/mid 2001. Music includes adapted mardrigals and classical pieces. Neo-classical, ethereal, darkwave, Gothic, mediaeval.

      Name is latin for wonderful or extraordinary.

    • releases: s/t (7 inch)
    1. official*
    Miranda Sex Garden
    • Jocelyn West; Kelly McCusker; Katharine Blake; and more.
    • High female vocals. Gothic, atmospheric, ethereal, rock, strings.

    • label: Mute Records Ltd.
    • releases: Madra (1991)
    1. official*
    2. void
    3. void
    4. void
    5. void
    6. void
    7. void

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    Mirror Mirror / mirror | mirror

    • Goth, doom, ambient.

      Doom and swish.

      2004-08-08 supported Faces of Sarah at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town Road

    1. official*
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    The Mirror Reveals
    • releases: Frames of Teknicolor (sic)
    • German gothic, dark, German lyrics. Darkwave.
      comparisons: Joy Division; Goethes Urban; Sopor Aeturnus

    • releases: Der Schadel Des Denkers; Der Tod Zerfrass Die Kindlichkeit
    Misery Loves Company
    • Rock, thrash, darkwave.
      comparisons: Nirvana

    • releases: Your Vision Was Never Mine
    1. number
    • Glenn Danzig - vocals
    • Hard core horror punk.

    • releases: Earth AD; Collection 1; Collection 2; Hell on Earth (tribute album, featuring the Electric Hellfire Club, Back Yard Babies, 69 Eyes, Entombed)
    • Italian?

    1. void
    The Misled
    • Indie, Goth, jangly guitars, sombre vocals, indie drum beats.

    • releases: For The Broken Heroes
    1. void
    • Dazed - guitars; Anton
    • London-based industrial five-piece. Goth, alternative.

    • releases: Along Came a Spider
    1. LJ*
    2. official*
    Missing Persons
    • releases: Remixed Hits

    View the entry for The Mission in isolation.


    • { Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy) - vocals; Mark Thwaite (Tricky) - guitarist, left in early 2002; Rob Holliday (Sulpher) - guitarist (since late 2001) [Craig Adams; Scott Garrett; Mark Gemini Thwaite; Wayne Hussey]
    • }

      [ ]
    • UK


      Active, UK. Goth in early years.

      releases: God's Own Medicine (1986); Children (1988, produced by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)); Carved in Sand (1990); Grains of Sand (1990); Masque (1992); Neverland (1995); Blue (1996); Aura (2001-11-26/12-03?); Aural Delights - the B-sides (2002); Salad Daze (BBC Radio 1 sessions); The First Chapter; Sum And Substance (1986-1993); Resurrection (re-recorded)

    1. official*
    2. void
    3. void
    4. void
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    Missionaries From the Outside
    • Russian underground band.

    • Swiss? Electronics.

    • releases: Mist (single)
    Mistle Thrush
    • USA-based ethereal gothic guitars, bass, female vocals.
      comparisons: This Ascension; Strange Boutique; Dark Orange

    • releases: Slit; Agus March (single?)
    Mist of Avalon
    • Aram - vocals?
    • Swedish goth metal, goth rock. Doom laden metal, death, black, thrash. Need a drummer (by own admission).
      comparisons: The Mission; Nephilim

    • label: M&A Music Art, Resurrection Records.
    • releases: The Mist Of Avalon; Hear And After
    1. void
    Mistress X
    • Formed 1996, four-piece. Vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, drums.

    1. official*
    2. audiosurge
    • Swiss underground band, active from 1981 to 1994, darkwave, dark electronic, Goth, German male vocalist. Name from John Heartfield artwork and Siouxsie and the Banshees song.

    • releases: Alles ist Anders Nichts hat sich geandert (compilation); Geld Arbeit (single)
    Mldada Fronta
    • Industrial, techno.

    • releases: Illusionary Time (dedicated to Killing Joke); High Tension
    Mobile Mob Freakshow
    • Swedish horror punk.

    • releases: The Raving Dead EP
    The Models
    • Cliff Fox - guitar, vocals; Marco Pirroni (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Adam and the Ants) - guitar; Mick Allen - bass; Terry Day - drums.
    Modern Eon
    • Liverpool group.

    1. void
    • German? Electronic.
      comparisons: Curve; Collide; Faithful Dawn

    • releases: Suffer
    Monaco X
    • (Dorsetshire) - vocals
    • German? Electro industrial.
      comparisons: techno Das Ich

    • releases: Gezeiten
    • Dark electronic.

    • releases: Angsterfulltes Morgen
    • German darkwave, german language. Cold male vocals, drum machine.

    • releases: Willkommen Im Jenseits
    • Germany.

    Mono Chrome
    • Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant); Clint Sand (Cut Rate Box); Shivar USA
    • Belgium.

    • Synth-pop

    • labels: Flaming Fish
    • Something to do with martin, previously of man(i)kin?

    Monte Cazazza
    • Industrial.

    • Italian? Swirling synthesisers
      comparisons: late Nephilim

    • releases: In Absentia Christi
    • German darkwave, Gothic rock.
      comparisons: Comsat Angels; Fad Gadget; U2

    • releases: Explain (debut); Salinas EP
    • German Goth, female vocalist. Guitars. Ethereal esoteric goth.

      comparisons: not Nephs

      ; Banshees; Ghost Dance; Virgin Prunes
    • releases: Shed No Tear; Melomania
    Moon Far Away
    • Archangel, Russia based. Neo-classical Gothic ambient, atmospheric, epic.

    • releases: Sator
    • Sebastian (Icon of Coil; Bruderschaft)
    • USA-based synthpop.

    1. official*
    • Based in Portugal. Active Gothic metal (sin/pecado goth metal albums) with nu metal and electro touches. Choirs, strings, crunchy guitars.
      comparisons: Dave Vanian; Love Like Blood; Secret Discovery; Lacrimosa; Wagner

    • releases: Sin / Pecado; Irreligious; The Butterfly Effect; Wolfheart
    1. void
    2. void
    3. void
    4. void
    Morbid Poetry
    • Gothic guitars, darkwave, Gothic rock, melancholic.

    • releases: Pilgrims
    1. void
    Morbus Kitahara
    • Euro synth pop, semi-Goth, darkwave. Mid-range female vocals.
      comparisons: Siouxsie (vocals)

    • releases: Reviving The Fading Light; Gybors Quest; Metamorphosis (remixes); Where Joy May Dwell
    Mörder Machine
    • Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue)
    • Italian death-obsessed industrial music, violent obsessive power necrosounds, lifeless percussions, tortured vocals. Intense, insane stage actions.
      comparisons: Cold Meat

    • releases: Deathshow
    • Swiss? Dark, gothic, based on myths.
      comparisons: Lacrimosa

    • releases: Odes (Cthulu, Lovecraft); Csejthe (Elizabeth Bathory)
    • Gianfranco Bellumori (Blooding Mask)
    • Italian Gothic rock, acid rock.
      comparisons: Cure

    • releases: Loses Places
    The Morendoes
    • Norwegian, Oslo-based?

    1. void
    Morgana Athena
    • Las Vegas group.

    1. void Domino Effect Records
    • Brazilian electro, darkwave, industrial electronics. Haunting, distorted vocals, harsh percussion, strings.

    • releases: Sweet Apology of Death; The Mind Is A Labyrinth
    • USA-based black metal.

    • releases: Rivendell
    Morphine Angel
    • USA-based Death rock, male vocals.
      comparisons: Bauhaus (vocals)

    • releases: Lovenest Murderfest
    Mors Syphilitica
    • Lisa Hammer - vocals
    • USA-based death rock, neo-classical. Off-shoot of Requiem in White.
      comparisons: Dead Can Dance; Christian Death; Banshees (guitars, bass)

    • label: Middle Pillar
    • releases: Mors Syphilitica; Primrose
    1. official*
    • Electronics

    • releases: Deco
    Mortal Constraint
    • German darkwave.
      comparisons: Project Pitchfork; Das Ich; Placebo Effect

    • releases: The Legend of Deformation
    Morthem Vlade Art
    • French? Haunting, mediaeval, epic, religious.
      comparisons: early Christian Death; Sopor Aeturnus

    • releases: Herbo Dou Diable
    • Swedish ambient, neo-death industrial.
      comparisons: Black Sabbath

    • releases: Goddess Who Could Make The Ugly World...
    • Theatrical gothic quartet.
      comparisons: Alice Cooper

    1. void Channel 83 Records
    • Dark ambient, mystic, quasi-classical. Goth-friendly electronic rock. Norwegian, played a few gigs with Christian Death in 1998/9?

    • releases: Fodt Til A Herske; Crypt Of The Wizard; Keiser Av En Dimension; Anden Som Gjorde Opror; The Stargate
    1. void
    Most Precious Blood
    • Justin Brannan (Indecision); Rachel Rosen (Indecision); Rob Fusco (One King Down) - vocals
    • Brooklyn, New York, USA. Formed 2000-summer. Features ex-members of Indecision. Haunting melodies, heavy riffs. 2003-early - Fusco joined on vocals.

      comparisons: Sick of it All; Agnostic Front; Cro-Mags; Sisters of Mercy; The Cure; Bauhaus.

    • labels: Deathwish (vinyl); Trustkill (cd)
    • releases: Our Lady of Annihilation (2003-late)
    • Shiprah - drumming; Nothing - guitar; Shirin - vocalist.
    • Cornish trio. Atmospheric, dynamic, melodic.

    • contact: Flat 3,
      Tresilian House,
      West End,
      TR17 0EG,
    2. Zeitgeist underground webzine, review
    Mother Depth
    • Finland melancholy, gothic metal band.

    1. void
    Mother Destruction/ Sixth Comm
    • Patrick O kill (Death in June); Amodali
    • Magical, mystic ritualistic dance music, tribal. Drum loops, samples, rhythmic, electronic.

    • releases: Pagan Dance; White Rose Live (December, 1994 German tour); Ascending the Spiral Groove; Hagazussa; Chemantra
    Moulin Noir
    • Swedish? Gothic, electro.
      comparisons: Talk Talk; Gary Numan

    • releases: Descending
    Mourning Cloak
    • releases:
    Mourning Gloria
    • releases:
    Mouse on Mars
    • releases:
    • releases:
    Mozart Rottweiler
    • Alternative-gothic rusty metal, dark blues, psycho-baroque.

    • releases: Rage Against the Night; Shaken Hands with the Groundhogs
    1. audiosurge
    Mr Barleycorn
    • South African?
      comparisons: Mesh; Soil and Eclipse

    • releases: Blood And Romance
    Ms Gentur
    • German? Industrial noise
      comparisons: Noisex

    • releases: First chapter
    • Industrial noise.

    • releases:
    • releases:
    Murder Corporation
    • Italian? Experimental industrial noise.

    • releases: Death Files
    Murder Inc.
    • Chris Conolly
    • Basically Killing Joke but with Chris Conolly instead of Jaz

    • releases: Locate Subvert Terminate (debut album)
    • Miami-based dark band.

    1. void
    • releases:
    • Ethno-ambient, eastern-influenced experimental. Arabic samples, distortion.

    • releases: Lahore And Marseille; Untitled (written 1993, re-mastered 1999); Blue Mosque; Azure Deux (compilation)
    1. void
    Mutant Puzzle
    • Dark industrial. Distorted male vocals.

    • releases: The Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac
    My Bloody Valentine
    • Debbie Googe (Snowpony)
    • Alternative indie, dreamy.
      comparisons: Lennon (vocals)

    • releases: Isn t Anything; Loveless
    1. void

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    My Chemical Romance

    • { Gerard Way - vocals }

      [ ]
    • Goth hardcore punk. Punk rock theatre.

      2005-07? - played the (annual) Vans Warped Tour.

    • influences:
    • comparisons:
    • labels:
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    1. Arbiter Online
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    My Despair
    • releases:
    My Diva
    • releases:
    My Dying Bride
    • UK. Doom metal, gothic rock. Deep guitars; synths, male vocals.

    • releases: 34.788%Complete
    1. void
    My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult
    • Groovie Mann (Darling Kandie); Buzz McCoy; William Tucker (Ministry; KMFDM; Pigface; Revolting Cocks; Foetus; 16 Volt; Regressive Aid; Chemlab; Swinging Pistons)
    • High/ distorted male vocals. Industrial, rock, electro, techno. Featured in 'The Crow'. Mann's real name is Frankie Nardiello. Mann and McCoy are the core members.

    1. void
    Mynox Laugh
    • Dark atmospheric, industrial, rhythmic soundscapes.
      comparisons: Laibach; Foetus

    • releases: Terminus Claritis
    • German? Death, Gothic metal.

    • releases: In Spheres Without Time
    • Slow, sinister, experimental, deep vocals, Gothic metal.
      comparisons: Type O Negative; Carl McCoy

    • releases: Beyond Darkness; Dancing Through The Ancient Shadows
    • releases:
    My Scarlet Life
    • releases:
    • Industrial, dance, electronics. Female vocals.
      comparisons: Bjork; Faithful Dawn

    • releases: Fant a seed
    Mystery Plays
    • Italian Goth, darkwave. Guitars.
      comparisons: Cure; Joy Division

    • releases: Occasus; Sentinella
    My Suicide
    • Gothic metal.

      comparisons: Marionettes; Screams for Tina

    • releases: When the Water Bends
    My Sweet Sorrows
    • Gothic rock, violins, strings, neo-classical.

    • releases: Silent Hours (ep)
    • German? Neo-classical. Monastic chants, choruses, minimal drum machine, simple instrumentation.

    • releases: Ego
    • Satanic, experimental, Swedish / Norwegian? black industrial. Death industrial, black ambient.
      comparisons: Cold Meat

    • releases: In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi; Nordik Battle Signs; Burning The Temple Of God
    1. void
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