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Cabaret Voltaire
  • Amongst the original industrial pioneers.

  1. void
Caelum Bliss
  • Darkwave band.

  1. Popfolio (Jennifer Jeffery)
  • Renaissance, Celtic, Middle Eastern influences.
  1. official*
  • Dark ambient
  • labels: Eibon; Prophecy
  • Russian?
  • Anton Brejestovski; Inna - vocals violin, cello, flute, harp, oboe, trumpet, harpsichord, piano
  • Russian? 'Elvenmusic'.

  • label: Prikosnoenie Records
  • releases: Elvenmusic 2

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Carfax Abbey

  • { }

    [ ]
  • Electro, Goth, metal. Goth-industrial.

    Soul to Bleed included on Music from the Succubus Club.

    2005-07-15 - played at a skateboard contest and six-band concert in aid of the Hopkins Street Music Learning Center.

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels:
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
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  1. Star Gazette
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Carmilla's Dress
  • Pittsburg electro-gothic band.
  1. official*
Carpe Diem
  • Philippe - vocals; Dino - keyboard.
  • Formed in 1994, from the German district of Switzerland. Gothic, wave, synth.
  1. void
Cartanian Derivation
  • Gothic group.
  1. void*
The Cassandra Complex
  • Rodney Orpheous (Sun God; Still Silent)
  • Spain. Goth rock, deathrock.

    comparisons: Screams for Tina; Fields of the Nephilim; The Wake

  1. official*
Catastrophe Ballet
  • Eric Burton (Catastrophe Ballet)
  • German.

  • Kevin Pinnt (Drumatic); Jack Atlantis (Drumatic).
  • Inactive, formed in late 1980s and based in Los Angeles

Catherine Wheel
  • Shoegazer.

  • releases: Chrome
Cat o Nine
  • Mistress Morrigana - bass, guitar, vocals, programming; Ravenous - programming, synths

  • Duo, dark synths, guitars, gothic industrial. Formed Feb, 1998 - Ravenous joined 1999. Based in Tulsa, OK, USA
    comparisons: NewlyDeads

  • releases: 6 lashes; The Beatings Shall Continue...
Cat Rapes Dog
  • Swedish industrial group

  • releases: Gods, Guns and Gasoline
  1. void
  2. void
Cauda Pavonis
  • Sue; Dave.
  • Early eighties-style Goth.

  • releases: Controversial Alchemy
  1. official*
Caustic Soul
  • Judas Neiman - keyboard; Mike "Shade" - guitar
  • Colorado based goth, symphonic, operatic touches.

  1. void
  2. void
The Caves
  1. void
  • Dublin, Ireland band.
  1. void
Celebrate the Nun
Celluloid Mata
  1. void*
  • Mexican dark electro, ebm, synthpop
  • labels: Opcion Sonica
Cernunnos' Woods
  1. void
Cervix Couch
Cesium 137
  • releases: Advanced/Decay (late 2001)
  • Shiralee - operatic female vocals
  • Violins, drums, guitars, synths.
    comparisons: Enya

  • releases: Chronicles of Dysphoria
The Chameleons
  • Mark Burgess - vocals; Kwasi
  • U.K. based quartet, active again. Atmospheric guitars, dark, simple vocal melodies.

  • releases: Script of the Bridge; The Fan and the Bellows; Return of the Roughnecks
  1. void
  • German gothic band.

  • releases: Echoes; Bikes and Pyramids; Light Within Time; Red Letter Days; The Waking Dream
  1. Chandeen
The Changelings
  • Dark ethereal, orchestral, female vocals, violin, Middle Eastern, neo-classical.

  • label: Middle Pillar; World Serpent Distribution; Projekt
  • releases: The Changelings (debut, 1996, self-released); Astronomica
  1. official*
Chants of Maledicta
The Chaos Engine
  • {Lee H / Lee Chaos - (Chiaro Scuro) vocalist, programmer, feedback guitar; Huw - percussion guitar, graphic design, website; Rich - (AC151) first bassist};
    Kelly - promotions, bassist;
    [Rawbin99 - rawk guitar; Vere Kervorkian - bass guitar]
  • Active since 1993 from Cheltenham. Early techno-poppy influences, but now more heavy bass guitars. Punk, melodic industrial, electronic. Rich left at Christmas 1998.

    After playing their last ever gig at Whitby in 2004-late they have reformed and are working on a new album (2004-mid).

  • label: Wasp Factory
  • releases: Obstinate; Difficult; More Songs About Sex & Angels; Escape Ferocity (Feb/March 2002)
  • contact: Chaos Engine
    6 Whitehart Street,
    GL51 9ER.
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  2. mailing list* (notifications)
  3. void
Chaos Star
  • Dark neo-classical

  • label: Holy
  • releases: Chaostar
Chaos Within
  1. void
Charlie Don't Surf
  • Named after line from Apocalypse Now?

The Charlottes
Charming Hostess
Chateau Royale
The Cheeky Beavers
  • First band of Diablo from Katscan. "brass and recorder punk band".

  • comparisons: Dead Can Dance.
  • label: Prikosnovenie.
  1. void
Children Held Hostage
  • Mid eighties band.

Children of Bodom
  • Metal/Hardcore

  1. void
Children of No Return
Children of the Darkness
  • New York goth group.

  1. void*
Children of the Love Machine
Children On Stun
  • Neil Ash - vocals, keyboards; Simon Manning (The Spares) - guitars; Kyle Whipp - bass; Poison Dwarf - drum machine.
  • UK-based, formed January, 1991, inactive.


  • comparisons: Death Cult; Theatre of Hate
  • labels: Cleopatra (USA)
  • releases: Celibacy & Anadin (EP); Mondo Weird; Seven Year Itch (live, last gig)
  • contact: Children on Stun
    P.O. Box 1344
    Madison Square Station
    New York
    NY 10010
  1. void
Chloe Galvanic
  1. void
Chocolate Grinder
  • Electronic duo.

  1. void*
The Choir of the Brethren of Valaam Monastery
The Christabel Children
  • Did support tour for the Marionettes, female lead singer.
    comparisons: Lydia Lunch

Christ Analogue
  • 2004-05-15 - due to play Albion Batcave, New York

Christian Death
  • Valor - male vocals, songwriter, guitars, drums, pipe organ, percussion; Maitri - female vocals, bass; Steve 'Devine' Wright - guitar; Flick - guitar; David Glass; Steve - drums; Tim Fraser - guitars, some vocals; James Beam; Johann Schumann; Yääl; Rik Agnew; Stewart - guitar. Original line-up: Rozz Williams - founder; James McGearthy - bass; Jay - guitar; George Belanger - drums.
  • Formed in 1979, Pomona, Ca. as a punk band by Rozz Williams. Rik Agnew replaced Jay early on. Visually a combination of cross-dressing, drugs and satanism. After releasing one album, Rozz lost interest in the band and a new line-up, based on local band Pompeii 99 arose. Years later Rozz formed a new Christian Death, with both bands touring at the same time.

    Founded on punk lines in 1979 in Pomona, CA, USA by Rozz Williams (Roger Painter) who died on 01.04.1998 with original line-up of James McCarthy (bass), Jay (guitar), George Belanger (drums). Rik Agnew replaced Jay in 1981? First album in 1982, in 1983 they either 'relocated' to Europe or run out of money to get home after touring. From 1984 onwards the band began going through a series of line-up changes, many of whom had been in another local band, Pompeii 99. Either way Gitane Demone stays in the Netherlands for 8 years. Has featured William Faith. Early to mid 80's featured Todd Williams who was also drummer on Rozz Williams European Tour 1994, and has worked with Gitane Demone.

  • A week before the 1998 European tour Steve the drummer attempted suicide while Flick was in jail for narcotics offences and sex with under-aged girls. Bishop of Hildesheim (Germany) ensured social authorities were at every show (so Yåål, 5-year-old keyboard player, junior lead vocalist, couldn't perform). Quintet at this point. Fernando was on drums, Wym was on guitar. Rafael Garcia Hernandez mixed Pornographic Messiah in Mexico. Played bass since school in Holland, met Kota (bass player of Christian Death) in London. When he couldn't come to England anymore she replaced him. Maitri likes opera, classical, rock, metal, etcetera but not rap. Have recently used ambient synths/samples, tribal drums, techno-industrial, disco-industrial, industrial-hardcore, avant-garde ambient, classical influences, choral, death rock, gothic metal.

  • releases: Only Theater of Pain (1984); Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ; Pornographic Messiah; Born Again Anti Christian (2000).
  • comparisons: (early) Bowie, Christopher Isherwood's Cabaret.
  • label: Cleopatra (USA); Candlelight (UK).
  1. official*
  2. void
Christian Dorge
  1. void
  • Mexican goth band?

The Church
Cinema Strange
  • D. Allan Ribiat - bass; Lucas Lanthier - vocals; Michael Ribiat - guitars, keyboards; Colin O'Donnell - ex-guitars.
  • Formed 2, February, 1994. Split in December, 1994 and in Summer, 1995 re-formed with just Ribiat and Lanthier (as opposed to four members), adding Michael, the new guitarist in 1998. California-based deathrock.

  • comparisons: early Sex Gang Children; early-80s; 'Batcave'.
  • labels: MotherDance (German promoters)
  • releases: Acrobat Amaranth Automaton (self-produced EP, 1996); Cinema Strange (debut); Falling, Caterwauling (January, 2000); The Astonished Eyes of Evening (second album, due early 2002);
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  2. yahoogroup*
  3. fansite (asian)
Claire Voyant
  • Victoria Lloyd
  • California-based. Ethereal electronics.

    comparisons: 4AD

  • label: Accession; Metropolis
  • releases: Time and the Maiden; Love is Blind
  1. official*
Clair Obscur
  • Experimental approach.

    comparisons: Virgin Prunes (early Clair Obscur)

Clan na Gael
Clan Of Xymox
  • Ronny Moorings - midrange male vocalist, guitar; Mojca - Bass, vocals; Rob Vonk - guitar, backing vocals; Sharon Soffner - keyboards; Rui Ramos - drums; Anke - (former) vocals, guitars; Pieter - (former) keyboard.
  • Active? since 1984, Dutch, Amsterdam-based gothic rock, dark-wave, electro band. Guitars, dark synth orientated/darkwave, ethereal, experimental Goth. Changed name to Xymox after second album to signify a change in style, but later changed back to Clan of Xymox. Early releases were electronic goth.
  • labels: Tess Records; Medusa?; Pandeimonium/Pandaimonium (Germany).
  • releases: Subsequent Pleasures (1984); A Day (1985); Medusa (1985); Louise (1986); Muscoviet Musquito (1987); Subsequent Pleasures (1994); Hidden Faces (1997); Creatures; Live.
  1. void
  2. Clan of Xymox*
  3. void
  4. void
Classix Nouveaux

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Claytown Troupe

  • { Christian Riou - vocals; Rick Williams - keyboards; Christopher Sharp (Altastate) - bass; Andy Holt; }
    Paul Waterson - bassist; Adrian 'Ben' Bennett - guitarist;
    [ Clive Murray - guitar; Christopher Sharp - bass; Dan Roth - drums ]
  • Bristol, UK.

    Alternative rock, popular with Goths.

    Ideas of spirituality, reality and self-analysis.

    Inspired by the Cocteau Twins, Riou and Simpson decided to use drum machines and synths. The Claytown played the Marquee, Astoria and the Town & Country Club and supported The Cult on the 'Sonic Temple' tour, Pearl Jam, The Wonder Stuff, The Damned, Julian Cope, The Godfathers and the Mission. The band left EMI, then split up after three members left, forming another band. Riou and Williams have re-formed the band.

    Riou claimed in a 2004-10-28 interview that a famous local clairvoyant advised him to form a band called the Clayton Troop.

    Riou used to follow The Ruts, Theatre of Hate and the Killing Joke. A similar following sprung up around Claytown Troupe. Ben used to play songs in a cage at 'The Bastille' - a Bristol cellar club modelled after 'The Batcave'. Sharp's late 1990s band Altastate featured members of Skin (Skunk Anansie)'s backing band.

    1984 - formed. Sharp was the first bassist though was young and became the Claytown's first fan instead.
    1984? Riou and Keith Simpson write and record a few songs
    1985-06 - Riou and Holt meet at a party (they'd been in a band together about three years previously), Holt trials for the Claytown.
    1986 - the band supports Fields of the Nephilim, Chatshow and Alien Sex Fiend in a few local gigs.
    1986 - on the advice of Tony Newland, A&R man for WEA Records Riou gets rid of Keith and the current bassist and Ben joins.
    1986? - Pete & Nicki McCarthy (managers of The Bolshoi) get the Claytown a gig at the Marquee where Abbo (who runs Cat & Mouse, an indie label and later their manager) and A&R from Beggars Banquet and Island records see them. Soon EMI, Chrysalis and Island are trying to sign them, Island winning in the end.
    1988-11 - Through the Veil beings recording, produced by Ron Fair.
    1989-03 - supporting The Wonder Stuf, Jesus Jones, Soul Asylum, Julian Cope, The Godfathers, The Damned and the Mission.
    1989-Summer - first single releases.
    1992 - last gig, Sharp plays on bass.
    2002 (circa) - Roth starts working with Riou.
    2004-10 - playing WGW.

  • influences: Cocteau Twins
  • comparisons: The Cult
  • labels: labels: EMI Records; Island; Polygram (UK); Capitol (USA)
table of releases by claytown troupe
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Through The Veil1990Island amazon
Through the Veilimport amazon
Wanted It All / How Can Anybody / Alabama / Feelimport amazon
Prayervinyl amazon
Through the Veil amazon
Wanted It All / How Can Anybody / Alabama / Feelcdsingle. amazon
Out Therealbum
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  2. adriandenning
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Cleen/Clear Vision
  • German

  1. official*
Clock DVA
  • label: Industrial
  • releases: Thirst (industrial album, sleeve-notes by Genesis P. Orridge, guitar, bass drums, clarinet)
  1. void
  1. void
  1. void*
Club Moral
  1. void
  • Tim Bricheno (Sisters of Mercy; All About Eve) - guitarist?
  • Industrial. CNN news channel forced them to change their name (to XC-NN), later reformed as Tin Star.

  • releases: two albums
Cobalt 60
Cobra Killer
Cock E.S.P.
  1. a href="">void
Cocteau Twins
  • English cold-wave band, ethereal, experimental Goth.
  1. void
Code Indigo
  • British experimental, ambient

  • label: World Serpent Distibution; Chalice
  • releases: Musick to Play in the Dark 2.
  1. Coil*
Colder Thy Kiss
  • New Jersey doom-metal band.
  1. void
Colfax Abbey
Collection D'Arnell Andrea
  • releases: Tristesse des Manes
  • kaRIN - vocals; Statik.
  • Darkwave, industrial groove, trance-oriented, glitch-core, bit-crushed post-industrial sound.

    Have worked with Tool. Have not yet (mid-2003) played live, though have a number of recorded albums.

    Name to represent the 'totally different places' from which the sounds create a cohesive whole.

    influencess: Kate Bush; Salvador Dali; Elizabeth Frazier; Lisa Gerrard; David Bowie; Pink Floyd; Terry Gilliam; Queen; Peter Gabriel; Gary Numan.

  • label: Noiseplus
  • releases: Chasing the Ghost; Some Kind of Strange (2003)
  • contact: xcollide
  1. official*
  2. interview (toolband)
Colony 5
  • Swedish.

Common Language
Complex Machine
  • DJ Mortimer Steel
  • Tampa, Florida, USA. Electronic. Steel also runs Empire Media. Has been working in scene for twenty years.

  1. official (Empire Media)
  • Matt Wyatt (Vendemmian) - vocals; Steve Williams (Altered States) - guitar; Russ King (Vendemmian) - drums; Andy Reader (Dark Summer) - bass; James Beam (Christian Death) - live guitar.
  • Originally duo. Fresh and swirling pop sound. Formed in 1996 on demise of London acts Vendemmian and Altered States. Drafted in Chris Wareham for bass for a while before he left in October 1996. Replaced by Stephen Carey (This Burning Effigy). Andy joins as permanent bassist November 1997.

  • releases: Playing God (17 March 1997).
  • Swedish.

Congo Norvell
  • Swedish gothic group.
  1. official*
  • UK-based.

  • label: Artizone Records
  1. void*
Controlled Bleeding
  • Industrial, based in Seattle, WA, USA.

  1. void
  2. livejournal*
Cookie Galore
Coph Nia
  • Dark ethereal
  • label: Cold Meat Industry
  • releases: That Which Remains
  1. void
Cop Shoot Cop
Coptic Rain
Cordium Detractio
Corpse You Luv
Corpus Delicti
  • Sebastian (Kluta) - deep male vocals; Chris (Unit Prolet); Roma - drums.
  • Inactive (1992 - late 1999) were based in Nice, France. Gothic rock band. Passionate, intense, experimental, atmospheric - close to the original spirit of Goth
  • comparisons: Banshees; Killing Joke.
  • releases: Sarabands
  • contact: Corpus Delicti
    ROMA Propriete "Andrea"
    606 Chemin de la Gabelle
    06220 Golfe-Juan
  1. official*
  2. void
  3. Corpus Delicti
  4. void
  • Goth, hard edge

  • releases: Everything I Deserved

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  • { Matthew North (All Living Fear - guitars; Paul Roe (All Living Fear; the Gypsy Dogs) - bass, vocals. }
  • Bovey Tracey, Teignmouth, UK.

    Gothic, alternative. Gothic rock.

    Powerfull guitars, bass, powerful vocals, keyboards, sampling, base lines, drum machines. Touches of techno, ebm.

    Debut performance at Camden Underworld. Have played Heresy all dayer in Coventry, Eurorock in Belgium. Appeared on Angel Child VI from M&A musicart compilation.

    2000-late / 2001-early - formed by North and Roe.
    2001-05-12 first gig at Camden Underworld supporting Funhouse
    2002-02 - Temple of Secrets cd demo.
    2003-11-20 broadcast on BBC radio 4 documentary 'A Gothic Quest'
    2004 - break from live performance, North and Roe playing live in All Living Fear and working on NYAGA - debut album.
    2004-10-28 Nyaga - debut album due to be released at Whitby

  • influences: Led Zeppelin; Human League; Cult; NIN
  • comparisons: Wayne Hussey (vocals); Judith (music); All Living Fear (ALF); Cult (vocals)
table of releases by corrosion
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
The ElementalepDebut. Meltdown magazine 'Demo of the Year'.
Temple of Secretsdemo?
  1. official*
  2. Yahoo Groups mailing list*
  3. Livejournal Community*
  4. vitaminc* no registration, just download
  5. soundclick* (requires registration)
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Corvus Corax
  • Mediaeval. German.

  • label: Falcone
  1. void
  • USA-based

  1. official*
  • Eskil; Joakim
  • Swedish electronic, EBM, future pop band.

  • releases: United States Of Mind (2000); Synergy: live in europe (2001, live)
  1. official*
  • Progressive darkwave band.
  • comparisons: Iron Maiden.
  1. void*
Crack of Doo
Cradle Of Filth
  • Dani Filth - vocals; Gian Pyres - guitar; Adrian Erlandsen - drums.
  • Goth metal crossover. Gian has now left.

  • releases: Midian; Damnation and a Day
  1. void
Cradle of Spoil
The Craft
  • Pagan-influenced band.

    Create moods and atmospheres through powerful, haunting melodies and vocals, combined with audiovisual stimuli.

  1. The Craft
The Cramps
  • Mojo Bone (The Screaming Things) - guitar; Ringo Slug (Rocket '88) - drums.
  1. void
The Cranes
The Craze
  • Daniel Ash (S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; Bauhaus); Dave Exton; Kevin Haskins (S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; Bauhaus); David J. Haskins (S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; Bauhaus)
  • Formed mid-1978, played several shows in Northampton, before the creation of S.R..

Crash Worship
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • From Whitby, did fire, website closely related to that of All Living Fear.
  1. void
Cream 8
Creaming Jesus
  • Goth metal. Last ever gig was 1995-03-03 at The Venue, New Cross.

Creature Mind
  • Dark electronic.

  1. Creature Mind Homepage
The Creatures
  • Budgie - (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - percussion; Siouxie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - vocals; Rob Holliday.
  • Formed 1981 during a tea break for a recording of Juju? when Budgie and Siouxsie wrote a tune. When the other Banshees returned they decided it didn't need anything more than vocals and percussion. Have been working with John Cale (Velvet Underground) since 1995. Jane and Rob play live with them.

  • labels: Polydor; Geffen; Instinct; Sioux Records.
  • releases: Wild Things (1981, ep); Feast (1983, debut, recorded in 14 days in Hawaii); Boomerang (late 1989); Bestiary (1998, compilation); Eraser Cut (1998, ep); Anima Animus (1999, from Jung); Hybrids (1999, remix album); U.S. Retrace (2000, previously unreleased tracks from Anima Animus sessions?); Sequins in the Sun (2001); HAi! (2003-10-20)
  • Sioux Records,
    PO Box 23137,
    SE1 3ZW,
  1. official*
  2. official? old
  1. void
The Crest
  • {Nell - female lead vocals, backing vocals, synth; Kristian Aeon - guitars, synth, programming, backing vocals, music, lyrics};
    [Nell; Kristian; Magnus WestGaard - bass, backing vocals; Sebastian - guitars, backing vocals; Xander Sevon - studio drums; Klaus - live session drummer]
  • Norwegian goth band
    comparisons: Portishead; Switchblade Symphony

  • label: Season of Mist
  • releases: Letters From Fire (2002)
Cries of Tammuz
  • Later changed name to Tammuz. Middle Eastern influences.

    comparisons: Fields of the Nephilim

  • releases: Yezedi
Crime and the City Solution
  • Simon Bonney - singer, songwriter; Chris Haas; Alexander Hacke; Mick Harvey (the Birthday Party); Rowland S. Howard (the Birthday Party); Thomas Stern; Bronwyn Adams; Harry Howard - bass
  • Formed, Melbourne, Australia 1984 - 1990, though Bonney had used the name throughout the late seventies and early eighties. The Howards are brothers. Melancholy, brooding, atmospheric, blues-based, haunting. Members from the Birthday Party, Einsturzende Neubaten, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

  • labels: Mute; Elektra
  • releases: The Dangling Man (1985, ep); Just South of Heaven (1985); Room of Lights (1986); Shine (1988); Bride Ship (1989); Paradise Discotheque (1990)
  1. void Paradise Cybertheque
Criminal Asylum
  • Darkwave, synth-goth

  • label: Radio Luxor
  • releases: Choice
Crimson Ivy
Crown of Jesus
Cruciform Injection
  1. official*
  1. Crüxshadows*
  2. void
Cry for Dawn
  1. official*
The Crystal Lake
  1. UBL (Ultimate Band List)
Chthonic Force
Crack of Doom
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void*
The Cult
  1. h2g2
Culture Bunker
Culture Club
Culture Kulture

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The Cure

  1. official*
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The CureHeads
Curious Ritual
Current 93 / Current Ninety Three
  1. Brainwashed*
The Curtain Society
  1. Curve
  1. void
  1. void
  2. void
  3. Cyber-tec
Cyborg Attack
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