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  • Female vocals?

Lacrimas Profundere
  • Germany. Active (2003-late). Supported Amorphis tour.

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  • Anne Nurni - vocals; keyboards, strings. Tilo Wolf.
  • Germany. Goth, electro? German language. Lacrimosa - tears, tearful. Melancholic in the beginning, a bit more rocky now.

  • label: Hall of Sermon, EastWest.
  • releases: Echos ; Elopa
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  9. Jan
Lacuna Coil
  • Gothic metal

  • label: Century Media
  • releases: Half Life; Unleashed Memories
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  2. community
  • Synthy 80s electroclash.

    comparisons: Kraftwerk with 90s synths with a female singer.

Lahka Muza
  • Darkwave
  • labels: Black Flames
  • Peter Penko (Coptic Rain) - some guitars on Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • NSK Collective?  Yugoslavian / Slovenian, used to target communist and totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe, independence of their homeland and the cold war while in military style uniforms.  More recently in suits, targeting aspects of the Christian faith, mass market consumerism and western capitalism.  Blur boundaries of social, political, intellectual and moral systems.

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L'Ame Immortelle
  • Based in Austria, electro-darkwave. Side-project called Persephone

  • releases: Tiefster Winter (single); Als Die Liebe Starb (5th album); Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt
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Land of Charon
  • Hungary.

Landscape Body Machine
  • BC (vancouver?)-based

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The Last Cry
  • Late eighties band.

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The Last Dance

  • { Rick Joyce - guitarist; Jeff Diehm - vocalist; Peter Gorritz - bass; Robert Schott - keyboards; 'Lucky' Ivan D. - drummer }

    [ ]
  • USA.

    Goth band.

    1990 - Formed by Joyce and Deihm in Orange County, CA.

  • influences:
  • comparisons: The Cure; Bowie; Depeche Mode; U2
  • labels: Dancing Ferret Discs {USA); Apollyon (Europe) / EFA-Medien GmBH
table of releases by
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Staring at the Sunsingle1998
Perfectforthcoming when I first wrote this
Whispers in Rage2003-late

  • The Last Dance
    P.O. Box 9685
    Fountain Valley,
    CA 92728-9685
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The Last Days of Jesus
  • Slovakia. Goth-rock. Modern European Goth band. Have played regularly at WGT Leipzig.

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Last Dominion Lost
  • label: Tesco Germany
  • releases: The Tyranny of Distance
Last Lament
  • Andr - vocals; Anne - vocals; Torsten - most of the music.
  • Ethereal folk-goth, electronics, strings, organ sounds, gothpoptunes.

  • label: self
  • releases: Tears of God
  • contact:
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The Last Rites
  • Alexander Wright (aka Nod, Fields of the Nephilim) - vocals, songwriting, percussion, recording, production; Paul Wright (Fields of the Nephilim) - guitar; James Quinn - guitar; Bob Ahern - bass; Rory - vocals.
  • Nod sings on the album, Rory (with a stage presence similar to Ian Curtis) sings live, and there had been a chance he was going to sing for Rubicon. Euro techno-industrial touches. Euro techno-industrial touches.

  • comparisons: Nephs; Tiamat; Killing Joke
  • releases: Guided By Light (2001)
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Law of the Dawn
  • Germany. Gothic, German language.

  • Electronic industrial.

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Leaves Eyes
  • Norway? Denmark?

  • Ritual trance.

  1. void
  • Rog - hits things (percussively); Alex.  Stand-up drummer, guitarist/bassist and industrial percussionist
  • British, active.  Percussion instruments have included propane gas cylinders, washing machine drum.  Industrial metal.  Three-piece.  Angle grinder.  Industrial percussion, guitar, power tools, screaming vocals.  And Star Wars samples.

  • releases: Three3Zero (2002)
  • contact: Leechwoman,
    PO Box 4271,
    SE13 5DO
Left Hand Solution
  • Released new record recently (2003-late)

Legacy of Lies
  • Mid eighties band.

  • Steve Paine
Legendary Pink Dots
  • Industrial, though many Goths like them

  1. void
Leisure Hive
  • Dan
  • Experimental. Have changed name to Leisur Hive.

  • comparisons: the Swans
  • releases: Three Ton Edition (2004-10?)
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The Lemon Kittens
  • Danielle Dax; Karl Blake (Shock Headed Peters; The Prehensile Tales)
  • Played Batcave a few times with lots of incense.  More performance art than what has become kown as 'Batcave band'

  • label: Biter of Thorpe; World Serpent (distr)
  • releases: ...The Big Dentist (recorded Dec 1981); We Buy A Hammer For Daddy
  • J.C. Dijeres - guitar, keyboards, vocals, programming; L. Barboza - backing vocals
  • San Jose, Costa Rica. Created 2002-07. Modern tradgoth. Solo project though originally intended to grow into a live band. Barboza helped in early days.

    comparisons: Love Like Blood; Nosferatu; Two Witches; The Mission; Indochine; The Cure

  • releases: As the Shadows Speak...
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  • Susan; Razz; Timothy; Jezz
  • releases: Vision of Sorrow (1994, third release)
  • contact: Lestat c/o Jevan Music
    P.O. Box 29519 Parma
    OH 44129
  • releases: In-Macula
Letze Instanz
  • Germany.

  • label: Monkeyhouse Recordings
  • releases: The Throne of Bones; Shrouded by Fog; Machinery of Hell
  • Jamie; Phill; Darren
  • Named after a Roman goddess of darkness and the shades who was often confused with Proserpina, funeral rites and Venus, love and marriage. Gothic rock, trad goth, though have changed. New singer, as of mid-2003.

  • releases: A Closer Communion; Weltanschauung (2001, album); The Shadowline (2003)
  • contact: PO Box 1829,
    S8 0WY,
    fax: +44 (0)870 056 2136
  1. void
Life of Agony
  • Metal, hardcore.

  1. void
Lights of Euphoria
  • Electronic industrial.

  • Melissa; Melissa; Jonathan - drums.
  1. void
Lisa Gerrard
  • Vocalist from Dead Can Dance and other bands.

  • releases: The Mirror Pool (debut)
  1. official*
Lithivm (Lithium?)
  • Death industrial.

  • label: Cold Meat Industry
  • releases: Threshold to Disharmony
Little Match Girl
  • Three ex-pat Greeks, Leeds-based industrial-goth, female vocalist. Heavy electronic metal.

  • comparisons: goth-tinged NIN
  1. littlematchgirl* (though not exactly informative right now)
  2. temporary before official site opened
  3. void* (images and mp3s)
  4. void (live review)
Liturgy of Decay
  • French goth band

  1. void
Living With Eating Disorders
  • Andrea - vocals; Jared - keyboards; Jamie - drums; Mark - bass; Doug
  • London-based. Trip-hop.

    comparisons: Katie Jane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw; Queen Adreena); Cranes; PJ Harvey; Kate Bush.

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  2. official*
Livinston Voodoo / Livingstone Voodoo
  • East Coast, USA. Goth.

  • label: Silent Scream records
Lolita Storm
  • 'All-girl industrial trio'

London After Midnight
  • {Sean Brennan - vocals, lyrics, guitar; Douglas Avery - drums, writes some music since around 1998; Michael Areklette - bass; William Skye - guitars. Eddie Lopez - keyboard; Tamlyn - keyboard; Doug - drums, departed from the band after the Hallowe'en, 1998 show; Eric (Nursery)} [Sean, Tam, Mike, Eddie Hawkins - guitar; Joe S. Hailing - drms.]
  • Active, based in Hollywood, first gig in Helter Skelter.

  • labels: Apocalyptic Vision (Germany, Europe?); Trisol in Europe; Metropolis in USA
  • releases: Selected Songs From The End Of The World (1995); Psychomagnet; Oddities (1998); Violent Acts of Beauty (due out ?).
  • contact: London After Midnight,
    P.O. Box 1377,
    CA 90078-1377,
    (310) 551-9034
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  2. dead
  3. dead(Underground) London After Midnight (Your Best Nightmare)
  4. void London After Midnight (Love & Affliction)
  5. void
  6. void London After Midnight (Take action Before Beauty ...)
  7. void
  8. void
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Lords of the New Church
  • Stiv Bator - vocals; Brian James; Jez Miller; Steven Marque; Steve Murray; Dave Treganna.
  • Stiv no longer with us

  1. official*
  • "atomic cyberpunk group".

  1. void chat room
  • Poland.

Lost Faith
  • Formed 1996. Melodic guitars, rhythmic bass, classically trained female vocals, drums.

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The Lost Highway
  • releases: mountebank & westerland (2004)
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Lost Signal
  • Future pop.

Lotus Feed

  • { Alexander Landsberg - vocals;
    David Sielaff - drums }

    [ Lars Tellman - bass;
    Marten Bijkerk - guitar;
    Alexander Landsberg - vocals;
    David Sielaff - drums ]
  • status: active

    formed: 1995

    location: Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland / Cologne, Germany

    genres: post punk; guitar wave; 1980s; alternative; new wave

    sounds: atmospheric guitars; flanger and chorus; emotional voice

    2009 - reformed? took on new members?

  • influences: 1980s alternative
  • comparisons: Chameleons; The Sound; Psychedelic Furs; Comsat Angels
  • labels: af-music; static magazin germany
  • releases: A Different Place (debut album, 2009)
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  2. MySpace*
  3. Static Magazin review
Louisa John-Krol
  • Ethereal

  • releases: Ariel; Alabaster
Love Is Colder Than Death
  • German (originally East German) Goth band with mediæval and Renaissance influences. Goth, ethereal, electronic, industrial.

  • label: Hyperium
  • contact: Love Is Colder Than Death
    P.O. Box 910 127,
    90 259 Nüenberg,
  1. void
  2. void
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Glissceule; Voirshn
  1. void*

Love Like Blood

  • { Yorck Eysel - vocals, lyrics;
    Gunnar Eysel - bass;
    Pedrag Gonzo
    Peter Büchele - guitar (until 1990)
    Jochen Schmid / Joxx Schmid - drums (until 1996)
    Timo Deininger
    Alex Schadler
    Al Sauer }

    Stephen Noscilla - guitar (from 1990 to 1992)
    Mark Wheeler - guitar (from 1992 to 1994)
    Colin Hughes - guitar (from 1994)
    [ Yorck Eysel - vocals, lyrics;
    Gunnar Eysel - bass; ]
  • 1989-2001, 2011

    Deutschland (Germany)

    Gothic rock; dark wave; hard rock; gothic metal; alternative; gothic; rock; metal, returned to Gothic roots with electronic touches.


    Named after the Killing Joke song.

    2011: due to play Wave Gotik Treffen

  • influences: Killing Joke
  • comparisons: early Fields of the Nephilim; Sisters of Mercy.
  • labels: Deathwish Office (own label); Hall of Sermon GmbH
table of releases by love like blood
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Flags of Revolutiondebut album1989Debutamazon
An Irony of Fatealbum1992amazon
Sinister Dawn/Ecstasyalbum1992compilation of two maxi’samazon
Odysseealbum1994German release, first album after An Irony of Fateamazon
Enslaved+Condemnedalbum2000le tinted plastic caseamazon
Swordlilies 1987-1997 - The Best of Love Like Bloodalbum2000compilation of first 10 yearsamazon
Chronology of a Love Affairalbum2001amazon
Sinister Dawnsingle1989amazon
Kiss & Tellsingle, 12"1992amazon
Demimondessingle1992mixes of Denimondes, two other tracksamazon
Flood of Lovesingle1993cover of Heroes by David Bowieamazon
Stormy Visionsmaxi single1993maxi single from Odyssee, includes dance mix of Stormy Visionsamazon
Taste of Damoclessingle1997amazon
The Love Like Blood E.P.e.p.1998commemorates 10th anniversary of the band, cover of Killing Joke - Love Like Bloodamazon
Love Killssingle2000amazon
  1. love like blood webpage (fansite)
  2. myspace (fansite)
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  • Previously known as Love Spirals Downwards, new vocalist.

  • releases: Windblown Kiss (2002-early)
Love Spirals Downwards
  • Anji - vocals
  • Sean Bowley (Eden) has made an appearance on a recent album. More acoustic and electric guitars lately.

    Changed name to Lovespirals

  • releases: Sideways Forest; Temporal
  1. void*
  2. Projekt*
Lucie Cries
  • French punk-goth (sort of), intricate guitar work with an edge. French lyrics, atmospheric.

    comparisons: early Cure; Play Dead; Into the Abyss; Vendemmian

  • Mediaeval
  • label: World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: Soehrimnir
  1. void
  • Stoke-on-Trent based?

  • France? Goth band. Toronto. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).

  1. void
  • Female operatic vocals, keyboard, violin, twin guitars, male vocals, bass, drums. Doom, classical, rock, Gothic, power metal.

  1. void
  2. yahoo group
  • Mike Van Portfleet - guitarist, vocalist, keyboards; David Gallas - bass; Tara Van Flower; John Fair - percussion
  • Active since late eighties? Atmospheric post-punk, apocalyptic. Fair an original member, Galas a longtime member. Ethereal. Formed late 80's.

  • labels: Projekt Records
  • releases: Ionia (1991); A Day in the Stark Corner (1993); Empty Spaces (1999, final album); Compilation Appearance Volume 1; Burning Circle & Then Dust
  • contact: Lycia c/o Projekt Records
    P.O. Box 1591
    Garden Grove
    CA 92642-1591
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  2. Projekt*
Lydia Lunch
  • Lists her religion as 'confrontationalist'.

  • French goth band

  1. void
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