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Zed Yago
  • comparisons: Paradise Lost; Nefilim

  • releases: Pilgrimage?
  • Synths, dark metal, fetish imagery. Female vocals. Australian?

  • releases: Lunar
Zeitgeist Zero
  • Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. Guitars, electro, female vocals.

  1. official*
Zeni Geva
  • Industrial, rock.

  • Norway. Underground electronic.

  • Metal, Goth touches, Satanic imagery.

    comparisons: Project Pitchfork (vocals)

  • releases: Entrance and Wandering
  • German band. Active (2003-12-03). Modern Goth band. Played Heidelberg.

Zero Defects
  • Sashca Kurz; Thorsten Marx.
  • Hamburg, Germany-based duo playing EBM, cybernetic electro-industrial dance, aggro techno, menacing goth-ish vocals. Darkwave, industrial. Dancefloor. Heavy trance beats, dark industrial sounds, brooding atmospherics, dramatic synths, bizarre samples from adverts and films, early 80's analogue synths. Sinister, brash attitude.

  • comparisons: Sisters of Mercy; early Wall of Voodoo; Gary Numan; Nitzer Ebb; 'Crackdown' era Cabaret Voltaire.
  • releases: Non Recycleable; Koma
  1. number 1
Zero le Creche
  • UK-based, now defunct

  • Norway. Underground electronic.

Z.E.T.A. X
  • Lichenstein? Mystical, cosmic.

    comparisons: Funker Vogt; Ravenous

  • releases: Feoh
  • Industrial, experimental. Amongst the original industrial pioneers.

  • Last performance was 2003-09-06.

  • Stockton, CA-based ethereal, pop with female vocals. Were looking for a drummer and a bassist. 'Pop (80's) with Gothic and Industrial undertones.'

  1. number 1
Zip Campisi
  • Industrial?

  • Michael Montes; Peter Rundquist; Erik Friedlander; Chuck Lovejoy.
  • NYC small underground duo (originally?).  Ambient, classical, gothic, cinematic, instrumental.  Live lots of lights, films, atmospheric.

  • comparisons: Cocteau Twins; Type O Negative; Pink Floyd.
  • label: Point; Middle Pillar.
  • releases: Cassandra (1997); Clouds Without Water (2002, featuring Matt Johnson (The The), Brendan Perry, Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), Julie Comparini); In the Bloodlit Dark.
  1. Zoar*
  2. number 2

Zodiac Mindwarp

  • {Mark Manning (Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction); Jimmy Cauty / Caunty (KLF; K2)} Cobalt Stargazer - guitars; Kid Chaos; Trash D Garbage; Boom Boom Kaboomski; Slam Thunderhide; Flash Bastard; Suzy X; Robbie Vom; Tex Diablo; Gimpo; Bill Drummond (Big in Japan; JAMs; KLF); Jack Shit - bass
  • Leeds / Yorkshire, UK. Have been based in Bradford?

    Experimental, rock, punk. Heavy metal, rock, Goth metal. 80s psychedelic biker band

    Mark formed the Love Reaction with Jimmy Caunty (KLF; K2). Gimpo joined early on. Mark has a child from Gimpo's half-sister Sandra. Gimpo was made the manager at one point, not a good move.

    Zodiac Mindwarp named after a 60s underground adult comic. Love Reaction allegedly from a Bruce Springsteen song 'Dancing in the Dark' "I need a love reaction".

    Before becoming Zodiac Mindwarp, Mark Manning did cartoon strips for Record Mirror, then art director for Flexipop! magazine and once had a cartoon published in the Independent. He likes to be known as Zed.
    Adrian Edmonson directed the Prime Mover music video.
    Apparently Bill Drummond has provided artwork for display in The Foundry, Great Eastern Street and Old Street, which boasts Gimpo as it's landlord.

    1985 - Mark Manning becomes Zodiac Mindwarp
    1985 - Jimmy Cauty 'serving in the ranks'
    1986-7 - Drummond works with Zodiac (billed as King Boy D)
    1995 - stops being Zodiac Mindwarp
    2000-03 - Manning 41. By this point he has three ex-wives and three children.
    2004-10 - playing Whitby.

table of releases by zodiac mindwarp
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Tattooed Beat Messiah amazon
Best of Zodiac Mindwarp(repackaged Tattooed Beat Messiah?) amazon
One More Knife
Hoodlum Thunder1991-12Album. Mega Records (UK); Music Disc (France) amazon
I Am RockFirst album for 8 years. amazon
Mark Manning - Fucked by Rock + CDbookfeatures free cd amazon
Mark Manning - Fucked by Rock: The Unspeakable Confessions of "Zodiac Mindwarp"book amazon
Bill Drummond, Mark Manning - Bad Wisdom: The Lighthouse at the Top of the Worldbook1998 amazon
The Wild Highwaybook
Crucify Me Againbook2000Codex (publisher) amazon
Collateral Damage:the Zodiac Mindwarp 2001 American Tourbook2001+ amazon
Get Your Cock Outbook amazon
  1. .com fan site includes input from the band.
  2. hitsquick
  3. Unofficial Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction
  4. guardian interview
  5. openguides Bill Drummond at The Foundry.
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  • Female quartet. Pop melodies, metal edge, impressive vocals.

  1. number 1*
Zombina and the Skeletones
  • Zombina - vocals; Doc Horror - guitar, vocals; Grim Outlook - guitar; Jonny Tokyo - keyboards, bass; Kit Shivers - drums
  • Punk, horror-pop.

    comparisons: Beach Boys; The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster; Hello Kitty

  • labels: Ectoplastic (own label); LDD (own distribution)
  • releases: Love Bites (ep, 2000); Silver Bullet (single, 2001); Taste the Blood of... (debut album, 2002); Get Thee Behind Me Santa (2002)
  • contact: skeletone5
    zombina (fanmail)
    The New Skull Shack
    24 Greenfield Road
    Liverpool, Merseyside,
    L13 3BN
  1. official*
  • British industrial goth band. Industrial, rock. Hypnotic pounding beats, guitars, deep vocals.

    comparisons: Midnight Configuration; Fields of the Nephilim

  • releases: Zonei
  1. number 1
Zoot Woman
  • Electronic.

Zor Gabor
  • John McKay (Siouxsie and the Banshees); Linda Clark
  • Formed after McKay left the Banshees, with his long-standing girlfriend.

  • releases: Tightrope
Zos Kia Cultus
  • Shah
  • Based in Hockley, near Southend, Essex, UK.  Goth, industrial, electrorganic.  Offshoot of INfest8

  • comparisons: Bowie; Killing Joke; Numan
  • contact: Shah
  1. Zoskia (artistlaunch)
  2. a href="">infest8
Zoviet France
  • Mark (Penumbra); Robin Storey (Rapoon) - co?-founder.
  • Industrial, experimental. Mark has released an ambient solo album under the name Penumbra. The band has/d a side-project called Horizon 222

  • 15 Devonshire Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2NB, UK
  1. number 1
  2. Zoviet France
Z Prochek
  • Swedish, ebm/electro-industrial
    comparisons: Funker Vogt; Run Level Zero
  • label: Synapse Music
  • releases: In My Mind (7-track ep, 2002)
  • Boston-based? with asian influences, synths, mysterious.

  • Comparisons: The Cure.
  • Female vocalist, fetish imagery

  • USA? Power noise electronics. Experimental, aggresive.

  • releases: Virust
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