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  • Sigrid - female, soprano vocals; Michael Popp; Syrah; Ernst Horn
  • formed: 1991
  • genre: avant-garde; mediaeval; electronic
  • German. Gothic with atmospheric, ethereal, electro, neo-classical, dark folk, dance influences.  Neo-mediaeval chants (religious overtones), high female vocals and techno/elektro, guitar-pop, lyric booklets in English and German.  Split up in 1999.

    Both Popp and Syrah studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg

  • releases: Qntal (1996?);
    Qntal II;
    Qntal III (Tristan and Ysolde), Buy Qntal III at;
    Qntal IV (Ozymandias)
  1. Qntal - official
  2. MySpace
  3. Chrom Records* - deutsch; english
  4. Chrom
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void

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Queen Adreena

  • { Katie Jane Garside / Katrina Jane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw) - vocals; Crispin Gray (Daisy Chainsaw) - guitar; Orson Wajih - bass; Billy Freedom - drums }

    [ ]
  • Horror-rock, Art-rock.

    Sweet pianos, raging guitars. Dark, haunting, bizarre, insanely brilliant

  • influences: Lewis Carroll
  • comparisons: Jane's Addiction; Kate Bush on crack; Nina Hagen; Mark E Smith; Stina Nordenstam; Cerys Matthews (Catatonia); Polly Harvey
  • labels: Blanco Y Negro; Rough Trade; Warner Music
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releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Taxidermy Blanco Y Negro8573806621 (vinyl); 8573806622 (cd)cd; lp2000-03-27Debut album Buy Taxidermy by Queen Adreena at
Buy Taxidermy by Queen Adreena on vinyl at
Buy Taxidermy by Queen Adreena at
Drink MeRough TradeRTRADECD043cd2002-08-05second album Buy Drink Me by Queen Adreena at
Buy Drink Me by Queen Adreena at
Pretty Like DrugsRough TradeRTRADESCD028cd single2002-07-08 Buy at
Buy at
FM DollRough TradeRTRADESCD071cd single2002-11-18 Buy at
Buy at
Pretty PollyBlanco Y NegroNEG128CDXcd single2000-07-03notes Buy at
Buy at
Cold FishBlanco Y NegroNEG118CDXcd single1999-08-09 Buy at
Buy at
X-Ing Off the DaysBlanco Y NegroNEG121CDXcd single1999-10-18notes Buy at
Buy at
I Adore You / WeedsBlanco Y NegroNEG124CDXcd single2000-02-28notes Buy at
Buy at
Pretty PollyBlanco Y NegroNEG128TEvinyl single2000-07-03notes Buy at
Buy at
Pretty PollyBlanco Y NegroNEG128TE12" vinyl Buy at
Buy at
I Adore YouWarner MusicNEG124CDXcd single2000-02-25notes Buy at
Buy at
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The Question
  • Comma - composer, lyrics, sole member.
  • Colombian Gothic, atmospheric band.

  1. void
Queue Up
  • Ali Hernan - lead female vocals; Dennis Richie - guitars; Randy Blaire - drums.
  • Cleveland-based trio since 1996?  Gothic, guitar pop, light goth-techno, post-punk, industrial, dark danceable alternative rock.  Pulsating synts, samples, guitar tones.

  • releases: Possession.
  1. void
  • Synthpop.

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