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Babylonian Tiles
  • High, female vocals. Gothic with psychedelic, rock and celtic influences.

  1. Babylonian Tiles
  2. void
Babylon Whores
  • Finnish metal band
    comparisons: Sisters; Type O

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Baby Shower

  • USA, Brooklyn

    Goth, dark electro, darkwave, death disco. No-Wave, Deathrock, Death-Disco.

    Throbbing bass, haunted synthesizers, chilling vocals. Heavy organs, fast drums, distorted guitar. Androgynous vocals.

  • comparisons: Christian Death; B52s; Siouxsie Sioux; The Vanishing; Subtonix; Rowland S. Howard guitars; female Rozz Williams; Nina Hagen; Virgin Prunes; 80s horror movie soundtrack
  • labels:
  1. B A B Y S H O W E R* mp3s, past / upcoming shows, photos
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  • Swedish.

  • Dark folk
  • label: World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: The Orchids (single)
Band of Pain
  • Dark ambient, soundtrack
  • label: Cold Spring
  • releases: Sacred Flesh OST
Batalion d'Amour
  • Ania Blomberg - vocals; Piotr Grzesik - bass, vocals; Robert Kolud - guitars; Miroslaw Zajac - keyboards; Mariusz Pajak - drums.
  • releases: Labriynt Zdarzen (1998); Dotyk Iluzji (1999); 55 Minutes of Love (2000); W Teatrze Snow (2001).
Batfish Boys
  • Martin (Skeletal Family); Simon (March Violets) - vocals
  • industrial, future pop.

  1. void

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  • { Peter Murphy (S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; Dali's Car ) - vocals; Daniel Ash (The Craze; S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; ) - guitar, vocals; David J Haskins (The Craze; S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; ) - bass, vocals; Kevin Haskins (The Craze; S.R.; Bauhaus 1919; ) - drums, percussion }
  • UK, Northampton

    Goth, art rock, glam, post-punk.

    The archetypal Goth band.
    Daniel Ash had contacted Peter Murphy and together the two had written some songs, before forming a band (S.R.)

    Credited with being the first Goth band, creating much of the Goth look, sounds, lyrics, art and style.
    Last words of David at their last 1983 Hammersmith Palais show were Rest in Peace.

    1978-mid - The Craze play a few gigs around Northampton.
    1978-11 formed
    1978-12 first gig in Northampton at Nene College of Art's Christmas Ball (booked by Glenn Campling), second gig shortly after.
    1978-12 - David Haskins replaces Barber and changes name to Bauhaus 1919.
    1978-12 renamed from S.R. by David Haskins.
    1978-12-31 - First gig as Bauhaus 1919 at Cromwell Public House in Wellingborough.
    1979-01-26 - Records demo of Bite my Hip, Harry, Bela Lugosi's Dead and Boys.
    1979-05 - changes name to Bauhaus
    1978-11 - Daniel Ash and Peter Murphy write Boys, Bite my Hip, Dark Entries, Shows, In the Night and Some Faces.
    1979-05 changes name from Bauhaus 1919 to Bauhaus.
    1979-mid - Bela Lugosi's Dead and Live in the Studio tape recorded for Small Wonder.
    1979-09 - Bela Lugosi's Dead, debut single released.
    1979-12-04 John Peel session recorded.
    1979-12-10 Axis Records contacts Bauhaus after The Rock Garden show.
    1980-01-03 Axis releases Dark Entries, first Peel session broadcast.
    1980-02 Beggars Banquet reissuing Dark Entries while Axis Records is changing its name to 4AD.
    1980-07 first album recording begins.
    1980-09 four shows in USA.
    1980-10 begins tour for (as yet unreleased) album.
    1980-10 4AD re-issues Terror Couple Kill Colonel, but puts wrong version on Bside.
    1980-11 4AD releases debut album.
    1981-01 Signed to Beggars Banquet.
    1981-01 Peter Powell session recorded for Radio One.
    1981-03-12 Appearance on New York Dancestand during USA tour.
    1981-04 David J and Rene Halkett (of the original Bauhaus art school) record single.
    1981-08 Sinister Ducks play a Northampton show.
    1981-10 4AD release David J and Rene Halkett single - Nothing and Armour
    1982-02 Bauhaus appear on Riverside on BBC2.
    1982-02-24 Show at the Old Vic Theatre, later released as video Shadow of Light

    1982-03 4AD releases Tones on Tail 12"
    1982-03-13 third Peel session recorded.
    1982-03-02 The Hunger fimling takes place at Heaven club in London. 1982-10-04 Appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 - Ziggy Stardust and The Spy in the Cab.
    1982-10 Ziggy Stardust released, reaching number 15 in UK charts. Bauhaus appear on Top of the Pops and the cover of Smash Hits.
    1982-10-07 appearance on Top of the Pops on BBC1
    1982-10-14 recording of Interview Situatin. 1982-11-19 live appearance on Oxford Road Show on BBC. 1983-05-12 beginning of world tour. Includes France, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel and Japan.
    1983-06-17 last Radio One session.
    1983-07-05 last live show at Hammersmith Palais in London.
    1983-09-04 The group tell Beggars Banquet that they intend to disband.
    1998-05-25 Two reunion gigs at Hollywood Palladium, and a best-of album announced by Beggars Banquet.
    1998-05-29 tickets for both gigs sell out within fifteen minutes. Third show added and sells out.
    1998-07-10/12 Three Hollywood Palladium shows on consecutive nights.
    1998- Resurrection Tour.
    2002-03 Daniel Ash involved in car accident on night of first gig of USA tour.
    2005-04-30 Bauhaus reforms for Coachella.

  • influences: Velvet Underground; David Bowie; Gloria Mundi
  • comparisons: Joy Division; David Bowie; T Rex; Roxy Music
  • labels: Small Wonder; MCA/UA; 4AD; Axis Records; Polydor; Vertigo; New Rose; Beggars Banquet; Hendring
table of releases by bauhaus
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Bela Lugosi's DeadSmall WonderTEENY 212", cd1979 / 1998-06-08 (CD)Debut single / release. The original release was a limited edition of 5,000 numbered copies on white vinyl, though there have been subsequent releases on black, clear, transparent red, transparent green, transparent blue and glow-in-the-dark picture disc vinyl. It has also been re-released as a CD.Phantom Sound & Vision Buy Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus at
Buy Bela Lugosi's Undead by Bauhaus from Small Wonder at
Buy Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus from Phantom at
Bela Lugosi's Dead (edited version)MCA/UAR79177"1979Edited white label promo.
Dark EntriesAxis RecordsAXIS 37"1980Release by Axis Records about the same time it changed its name to 4AD Records.
Dark Entries4AD RecordsAD 37"1980notes
Dark EntriesBeggars BanquetBEG 377"1980notes
Terror Couple Kill Colonel4AD RecordsAD 77"1980
In the Flat Field4AD RecordsCAD 13, GAD 13 CDcd, lp1980Debut album.Buy In the Flat Field by Bauhaus at
Buy In the Flat Field by Bauhaus at
Buy In the Flat Field by Bauhaus at
Telegram Sam4AD RecordsAD 177", 12"1980
Natures Mortes - Still Lives4ADCAD 117lp1981Label compilation, inlcudes Rosegarden Funeral of Sores.
Kick in the EyeBeggars BanquetBEG 547", 12"1981
MaskBeggars BanquetBEGA 29, BBL 29 CD, 834 849-2cd, lp1981Buy Mask by Bauhaus at
Buy Mask by Bauhaus at
Buy Mask by Bauhaus at
The Passion of LoversBeggars BanquetBEG 597" single1981First pressing included lyric sheet.
Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori ep)Beggars BanquetBEG 747", 12" ep1982
A God in an Alcove4AD Records, Flexi-Popflexi 023flexi 7"1982 (cover date 1982-12-23)Appeared on cover disc of Flexi Pop Magazine, different version of song than on In the Flat Field.
Press the Eject and Give me the TapeBeggars BanquetBEGA 38, BBL 38 CDcd, lp1982Live. Was included with initial pressings of The Sky's Gone Out.Buy Press the Eject and Give me the Tape by Bauhaus at
Buy Press the Eject and Give me the Tape by Bauhaus on vinyl at
Buy Press the Eject and Give me the Tape by Bauhaus at
Satori in ParisBeggars Banquet, New RoseBH 1, NEW 127" single.1982Live. Originally included free with initial pressings of Press the Eject and Give me the Tape, now appears on the CD.
SpiritBeggars BanquetBEG 79, BEG 79 P7" and 7" le single1982
The Sky's Gone outBeggars Banquet, Vertigo/PolyGram, A&MBEGA 42, VOGX-1-3326, SP 4918, 836 167-2cd, lp1982 Canadian lp included bonus 12" singleBuy The Sky's Gone Out by Bauhaus at
Buy The Sky's Gone Out by Bauhaus on vinyl at
Buy The Sky's Gone Out by Bauhaus from A & M Records at
Buy The Sky's Gone Out by Bauhaus at
Ziggy StardustBeggars BanquetBEG 837" and 12" single1982
Lagartija NickBeggars BanquetBEG 887" and 12" single1982
Bauhaus E.P.A&MAM 2524cd, ep1982
She's in PartiesBeggars BanquetBEG 917" and 12" single1983
Burning from the InsideBeggars Banquet, Vertigo/PolyGram, A&M, VIL, BEGA 45, BEGA 45 P, VOG 1 3330, SP 4953, VIL 6061, BBL 45 CD, 839 989-2, CD 4953cd, lp1983Buy Burning From the Inside by Bauhaus at
Buy Burning From the Inside by Bauhaus on vinyl at
Buy Burning From the Inside by Bauhaus at
Buy Burning From the Inside by Bauhaus from A & M Records at
Buy Burning From the Inside by Bauhaus at
The Sanity AssassinBeggars Banquet7" single1983Given away free to fan club.
4AD4AD RecordsBAD 312cd, lp1983Collection of 4AD single tracks.
The Singles 1981-1983Beggars BanquetBEG 100 E, BBP 4 CDcd, lp1983
Shadow of LightBeggars BanquetBB012 vhs1984Mixture of promo videos and footage from The Old Vic, London 1982-02-24.Buy Shadow of Light by Bauhaus at
ArchiveBeggars BanquetBB 002vhs1984Mostly live footage.
Singles: 1979-1983 Volume 1Beggars BanquetBEGA 64cd1985 (1986-05-13?) Buy 1979-1983 Vol 1 by Bauhaus at
Buy Bauhaus 1979-1983 Vol 1 by Bauhaus at
Buy Bauhaus 1979 by Bauhaus at
Buy Bauhaus 1979 by Bauhaus at
Singles: 1979-1983 Volume 2Beggars BanquetBEGA 64 CD 2cd1986Buy Singles: 1979-1983 by Bauhaus at
Swing the Heartache: The BBC SessionsBBC/Beggars Banquet, Vertigo/Polygram, Beggars Banquet/RCABEGA 103, BBL 103 CD, 838 636-2, 9804-1-H, 50-B2-113/114/115cd, double lp1989Japanese edition was a triple-CD featuring 1979-1983 Volumes 1 and 2, plus all lyrics. Buy Swing the Heartache by Bauhaus at
Buy Swing the Heartache by Bauhaus at
Buy Swing the Heartache: BBC Sessions by Bauhaus from Phantom Sound & Vision at
Buy Swing the Heartache by Bauhaus at
Spirit in the SkyDocumento SonoroSCONC 0157"1990bootleg
Rest in Peace: The Final ConcertNemo / Beggars BanquetNEMO 1 CDcd1992 Buy Rest in Peace by Bauhaus at
Buy Rest in Peace by Bauhaus from Nemo at
Buy Rest in Peace by Bauhaus (import) at
CrackleBeggars BanquetBEGL 2018cd1998Buy by Bauhaus at
Buy Crackle by Bauhaus at
Buy Crackle by Bauhaus at
GothamMetropolis AudioDVD17307dvd (region 1); cd; vhs; lp2000-03-14Recorded at the Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, 1998-09-09/10.Buy Gotham: Live by Bauhaus on DVD at
Buy Gotham: Live 1998 by Bauhaus on CD at
Buy Gotham: Live by Bauhaus on vinyl at
Buy Gotham: Live by Bauhaus on DVD at
Buy Gotham: Live by Bauhaus on NTSC video at
Buy Gotham: Live by Bauhaus on CD at
ArchiveBeggars BanquetBB002VvhsBuy Archive by Bauhaus at
Buy Archive by Bauhaus at
HungerWarner Home Videodvd2004-10-05dvd, ntsc, region 1Buy by Bauhaus at
Buy The Hunger at
The Hungerdvd1983region 2Buy The Hunger at
The Passion of Covers: A Tribute to BauhausCleopatra1997-01-27Also packaged as Bela: A Tribute to Bauhaus Buy The Passion of Covers at
Buy The Passion of Covers at
Satori: A Tribute to BauhausCreative Man / Cargo1999-02-02Features covers by Sponge and Fiction Buy Satori: A Tribute to Bauhaus at
Buy Satori: A Tribute to Bauhaus at
Buy A Tribue to Bauhaus... from Doppelganger at
Andrew J. Brooksbank - Bauhaus: Beneath the MaskBeggars Banquet84002book and cd1997-11-04Scrapbook-format book with 8-track CD.Buy Beneath the Mask by Andrew J Brooksbank at
Buy Beneath the Mask by Andrew J Brooksbank at
Ian Shirley - Dark Entries: Bauhaus and BeyondSAF Publishingbook1994-11-14 (1998-09-01 in USA)Buy Dark Entries by Ian Shirley at
Buy Dark Entries by Ian Shirley at
  1. Daniel Ash*
  2. The Bauhaus Archive images, sounds (au), discography
  3. bauhaus: dark entries chronology, discography, lyrics, sound (mp3)
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Bauhaus 1919
  • Daniel Ash (Bauhaus); Peter Murphy (Bauhaus); David J Haskins (Bauhaus)
  • Previously known as S.R., first show 1978.12.31 at Cromwell Public House in Wellingborough, recorded demo 1979.01.26 featuring Bite My Hip, Harry, Bela Lugosi's Dead, Boys. In May, renamed to Bauhaus.

Bay Laurel
  • Swedish new old-style Gothic rock

  • label: Noxious; House of Kicks
  • releases: Where Pain Comes to Die
  • Linda LeSabre (Death Ride 69; My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult) - drummer
  • Solo project

  • contact: BeatMistress P.O. Box 9443 Marina Del Rey, CA 90295 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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Beautiful Deadly Children

  • { Paul Steventon-Marks - lead vocals, composer; John Douglas Maddison - keyboards, studio engineer; Olivia Barnard-Firth - fashion designer; Raven du Barry - backing vocals, keyboards; }
  • Electro-dance, 80s punky Goth. Darkwave.

    Industrial beats, eccentric, high camp theatrics. Synthesizers, drum machines, horror samples.

    Taken from phrase in a Poppy Z Brite novel.

    Kitsch stage presence calls to mind the look of Riff Raff and Magenta from the end of RHPS (flashy pseudo-horror cum space-suits). Involved in the UK vampire scene. Poppy Z Brite has had contact with the band, pleased that someone has taken inspiration from her novels.

    2004 - have gone down well in Europe.

  • comparisons: Marilyn Manson; Sigue Sigue Sputnik; Sheep on Drugs; Sneaky Bat; Ollie Wisdom (Specimen vocals); Doctor and the Medics
table of releases by the beautiful deadly children
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
The Beautiful deadly Childrencd2000-04no longer available
The Children of the Nightcd2000no longer available
Songs for Lonely Vampirescd2001no longer available
The Return of the Silent Screamerscd2001no longer available
The Beautiful deadly Childrencd2002Promo, no longer available.
Beauty With Crueltycd2002-03Compilation album.
Hellspawn A Go Gocd2002-10
  1. official* (flash and annoying pop-ups)
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Beborn Beton
  • German, synth-pop
  • label: Strange Ways
  • releases: Ruckkehr Zum Eisplaneten
  1. official*
  2. void
Behind The Scenes
  • Features former members of The Merry Thoughts. Goth rock.
  • label: Dancing Ferret Discs.
  • Darkwave, military?
  • label: World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: Belborn
  1. belisha news*
Bella Morte
  • Some synthpop songs, spooky, melodic. Based in Charlottesville, Vancouver, USA

  • comparisons: Cruxshadows
  • labels: Cleopatra
  • releases: As the Reasons Die (2004-mid)
  1. official*
  2. void
Bell, Book & Candle
  • Konstantinos - vocals; Charles Soldaro; Dean Lorne; Ron Scheeker.
  • New York quartet. Konstantinos is a published occult author.
  • contact: Bell, Book & Candle
    P.O. Box 86
    New York 11757
  • Gothic rock
  • label: Definitive
  • releases: The Fire of Becoming
  1. void
Beyond Salem
  • Gothic metal
Big Electric Cat
  • Paul Sadler; David Block; Deborah Denton.
  • Midrange male vocals. "Australia's biggest goth band". Formed 1991, named after a Philip K. Dick novel.

  • label: Cleopatra Records
  • releases: Dreams of a Mad King (1994, debut); Burning Embers.
  • contact:
    P.O. Box 96,
    Cremorne Junction, NSW 2090,
  1. official?
The Birthday Massacre
  • Toronto, Ontario-based since 1999.  Post-retro eighties, electronica.  Agressive guitars, simple, dancey electronic, energetic synths.
    comparisons: New Order; Human League; Curve; Depeche Mode; Nine Inch Nails; eighties fantasy movies (Labyrinth; Never Ending Story).

  1. official*

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The Birthday Party

  • { Nick Cave - vocals }

    [ ]
  • UK, London

    Australian garage band, inactive (since 1983)

    1980 - moved to England.
    1981-07 Release the Bats released.

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Bisexion 69
  • New York all-female, techno-gothic unsigned band.
  1. void
Black Box Recorder
  • Luke Haines (The Auteurs)
  • Ice-cold pop music
  • releases: After Murder Park
  • Solo project? Swedish Industrial / noise.

  • releases: Dreams Like These
  1. void
Black Olive
  • Jeremy Wrenn - guitar, vocals; Shawn Delaney - bass, guitar, vocals.
  • Inactive (now known as Airriel from Bloomington, Indiana, USA.
  1. void
  • Rome, Italy-based techno gothic project.
  1. BlackSun
Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  • Oscar Herrera - vocals; Lucian Casselman - vocals; Allan Kraut - guitars, drums; Mera Roberts - cellist;
    [Elysabeth - high, female vocals, viola; Lisa - flute, backing vocals; Michael - percussion, vocals; Bret Helm - acoustic guitar, high, male vocals; Sam Rosenthal - electronics, keyboards, songwriting.]
  • Active, from USA. Formed by Rosenthal in 1986. Ethereal, neoclassical elements. Elysabeth joined around 2001. Gothic, atmospheric, ethereal, ambient, neo-classical band.

  • labels: Seireenien Music (BMI); Projekt
  • releases: the rope (debut, 1986); Ashes in the Brittle Air (1989); Remnants of a deeper purity (1996); As one aflame laid bare by desire (1999); The Scavenger Bride (early 2002, Kafka-esque concept album); with a million tear-stained memories (double album, vocal and instrumental discs)
  • contact: Black Tape for a Blue Girl
    c/o Projekt
    P.O. Box 1591
    Garden Grove,
    CA 92642-1591
  1. official*
  2. fanclub
Black Waltz
  • Chris - vocals; Frederick F. - bass; Scarlet (Fallout; Darkroom; Side Show - bassist; female vocalist, ended in 1998) - guitar, programming.
  • Formed Autumn, 2001.

  1. official*
The Black Water
  • Quartet, unsigned.

  1. void
Bleeding Like Mine
  • American ethereal gothic duo.
  1. void*
Blind Before Dawn
  • Davi Lovatt (Sorrows of Isis) - vocals, sequencing, guitars; Shane Bostock (Arazel) - guitars, scooters.
  • Active (recently) in Manchester, UK. Romantic electronics in a depressive 80's synth pop style with added guitar rhythms.
  1. void
Blood Axis
  • Moynihan
  • Euro-mystical Satanists and social Darwinists, rock-tinged

  1. void
Bloody Dead & Sexy
  • German band.

Der Blutharsch
  • Albin
  • Tribal drumming.  Connected to Death In June, Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud.

Blythe Spirit
  • comparisons: New Model Army; The Levellers

Body Armour
  • Laura Friday; Piotr Kostika / Kostka; Dolldelerium - vocals.
  • London-based duo of eclectic ebm with female vocals. UK-based futurepop, synthpopmusic, darkwave. Formed 2001, South London.

    comparisons: Apop; 80s; Visage; Dust of Basement

  • labels: self
  • releases: No More Lies
  • contact: info
  1. official*
  2. void

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The Bolshoi

  • { Trevor Tanner (Celtic Soul) - guitar, vocals, lyrics;
    Jan Kalicki - drums, melodies; }

    Nick Chown - bass, melodies;
    Paul Clarke - keyboards

  • UK, London

    Goth, post-punk, indie.

    Tinkly guitar. Dark. Brooding melodies, forceful rhythms, trebly guitar. Guitar-and-synth, dance.

    Trevor and Jan knew each other from childhood? Each performs in a number of different bands before they join forces.

    Named after the Russian state ballet.

    Video to A Way was put on heavy rotation on MTV's 120 Minutes.
    Paul know lives in USA, WA, Seattle, involved with a website,
    Nick believed to be in South London.
    Jan thought to be in California.
    Tanner has released new albums and lives in USA, East Coast.

    1983 - Tanner and Kalicki form the Bolshoi in Leeds?
    1984-autumn - Tanner and Kalicki form the Bolshoi in Wiltshire?
    1984 - the duo hitchike to London, Woolwich where Chown joins.
    1984-late - played support to The Cult; Lords of the New Church; Wall of Voodoo; The Redskins; March Violets within three months of moving to London. 1985-01 - headline at the Marquee club, selling out. 1986
    1986 Signed to I.R.S. in USA.
    1986-spring (or before) Giants released in UK.
    1986-spring - Giants released in USA.
    1986 (after Giants) Paul Clark joins on keyboards.
    1986-05 - Planned tour of USA.
    1987 - Now on RCA the Bolshoi puts out its final album, Lindy's Party.
    1991 - Paul Clark moves to USA (Seattle?).
    21st century - talk of Tanner and Chown doing something.
    2003-06 - Paul Clark's 41st birthday.

  • comparisons: U2; early Cult; Big Country; Echo and the Bunnymen; Bauhaus; Pete Murphy; David Bowie; Play Dead; The Mighty Lemon Drops; A Flock of Seagulls; Jesus Jones; Love & Rockets; Adam and the Ants; Kraftwerk
  • labels: Situation Two; Beggars Banquet (UK); I.R.S. (USA); RCA; Cartel; Pinnacle
table of releases by the bolshoi
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Sob StoryBeggars Banquet / Situation TwoSIT 38single1985-03-22Bolshoi's first release on Beggars Banquet.
Happy BoySituation Two / Beggars BanquetSIT 40single1985-08-30Early single. Second Bolshoi single on Beggars Banquet. Played a number of times on Radio One when it came out. Remixed from album version by Simon Boswell.
GiantsSituation TwoSITUM 15lp1985-10-04
GiantsI.R.S. RecordsIRS 39058ep1986-spring in USA. Debut I.R.S. release by the Bolshoi. Contained six songs. Produced by Lawrence Burridge and the band.
A WayBeggars BanquetBEG 158single1986-03-31
Books on the BonfireBeggars BanquetBEG 1707" single1986-08-18
Books on the Bonfire (Give it Some, Vol. 1)Beggars BanquetBOLSHOID 1le double gatefold 12" single1986-08-183-sided with live tracks recorded at The Town and Country Club on 1986-07-23.
FriendsBeggars BanquetBEGA 76 / BBP2022CDcd lp1986-09-22Working title was Friends or Fiends. Buy Friends by The Bolshoi at
Sunday MorningBeggars BanquetBEG 175single1986-10-20
Sunday Morning (Give it Some, Vol. 2)Beggars BanquetBOLSHOID 1 Ale double gatefold 12" single3-sided with live tracks recorded at The Town and Country Club on 1986-07-23.
A Way IIBeggars BanquetBEG 180single1987-01-19remix of A Way. Featured in soundtrack to Something Wild by Jonathan Demme.
PleaseBeggars BanquetBEG 189single1987-05-18
T.V. ManBeggars BanquetBEG 197single1987-08-17
Lindy's PartyBeggars Banquet / RCABEGA 86 / BBP2023CDcd lp1987-09-14Self-produced second album. Recorded at Brooke Farm Studios, near Bury St Edmunds (studio owned by John Eden, who produced Status Quo). Buy Lindy's Party by the Bolshoi at
Buy at
Bigger GiantsBeggars Banquet / Situation TwoBBP2021CDcd lp1990Giants, plus two 12-inch singles from the same time. Buy Bigger Giants by The Bolshoi at
Buy Bigger Giants by The Bolshoi at
Friends / GiantsMCAcd1990-10-25(import) Buy Friends / Giants by The Bolshoi at
A Way - Best of The BolshoiBeggars BanquetBBL2017CDcd lp1999 Buy A Way by The Bolshoi at
  1.* (includes mp4s of Bolshoi instrumentals).
  2. Trevor Tanner*
  3. vinyltap
  4. Beggars Banquet
  5. Beggars Banquet USA
  6. trouser press review
  7. shriekman
  8. IRS Records Corner
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  • Electro, metal
  • releases: Useless Life
Bottled Water
  • Gothic unsigned band with aggressive attitude and image.
    1. void
  • Members of Snowpony and Sisters of Mercy.  trippy electronic music that ranges from orchestral gushing to sparse breakbeats to a wall of fuzzy guitar - Giant Robot magazine #24

  • releases: Cassidy
Bow Wow Wow
  • Annabella - vocals; Mathew Ashman
  • Ashman now deceased. Signed up to Cleopatra circa 2000, having reformed

  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
The Breath Of Life
  • Isabelle Dekegseis - high/midrange vocals.
  • Belgian gothic band.
  • Belgian quartet. Gothic rock with ethereal and darkwave influences and featuring strings.
  • label: Hall of Sermon.
  1. void
  2. Breath of Life
  3. void
Breech Doll
  • Defunct (since Hallowe'en 1998)
  1. void

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Brian Hugh Warner / Marilyn Manson

  • {(Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids; Marilyn Manson) - vocals }
  • USA, Los Angeles, Hollywood.

    Attended a Christian school, then GlenOak High School where he played in the school band on bass, snare drum then triangle.
    Became a music journalist for local magazines while at college where he interviewed Trent Reznor and decided that he wanted to be a rock star not a journalist.
    Has been engaged to Rose McGowan, linked to Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson and Melissa 'Missi' Romero. Currently engaged to Dita Von Teese.

    Son of Hugh and Barbara Warner.

    Appears in video to Nine Inch Nail's Starfuckers, Inc.

    1969-01-05 - born USA, Ohio, Canton.
    1997 - acted as a porn star in David Lynch's Lost Highway.
    1998/9? Minor role in Jawbreaker (starring Rose McGowan)
    1999 - The Long Hard Road out of Hell Regan Books ISBN 0-06-098746-4
    2002-09-13/4 - watercolour exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
    2003 Acted in Beat the Devil
    2003 Acted in Party Monster
    2002 Appeared in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine.
    2004 Acted in a film called The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things.

  1. wikipedia
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The Brickbats
  • Goth, deathrock.

The Brides
  • Goth, death rock

  • releases: Baby Girls are Much More Tender (ep); If You Dance (ep)
  1. official*
  2. official*
  • Michelle Brigandage - vocals, chainsaw guitar; Richard North - bass guitar, vocals; Glen - guitars; Des - drums, percussion; Mick Fox - original guitarist
  • Formed in early eighties, recorded at globe studios. Only vinyl release was largely funded by clinical research trials at Charterhouse Clinical Research Unit!

    comparisons: started as 'the next Sex Pistols', re-invented in Velvet Underground style.

  • labels: Gung Ho; Fuck Off Records (cassette-only self label); Pinnacle (distributors)
  • releases: pretty funny thing (1983-5?)
Broomstick Witches
  • Goth, electronic

  1. void
Brotherhood of Pagans
  • French, formed March, 1990
    comparisons: Corpus Delicti; Fields of the Nephilim; The Chameleons

  • releases: Tales of Vampires (debut)
  • contact: Brotherhood of Pagans c/o Darklnad of Tears
    6 Rue du Marais
    60360 Troxly Breuil
  1. void
  • Rexx Arkana - lyrics; Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil) - music; Joakim Montelius (Covenant) -electronic loops; Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) - vocals; Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) - backing vocals, production
  • releases: Forever (2003, album, DVD)
  1. official* (alfa-matrix)
  • North Carolina trio.
    1. void
Burn Witch Burn
  • Rodney Anonymous / Rodney Linderman (the Dead Milkmen); Vienna Linderman
  • Folk with attitude. Dulcimer, mandolin. Rodney and Vienna are married.

    comparisons: Projekt (label)

  • label: Lightyear Records 2000
  • releases: Burn Witch Burn
Butterfly Messiah
  • sirenic female vocals; powerful mystical male vocals.
  • Haunting with pulsing, hypnotic beats.

  1. void
  2. Butterfly Messiah
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