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  • Mystical and vampiric imagery.

  • releases: Invokation of Forneus
Vampire Beach Babes
  • Baron Marcus - lead vocals.
  • Canadian surf-goth.

Vampire Nation
  • Pittsburgh, USA band.

  1. void*
Vampire Rodents
  • USA. Avant-garde, industrial. Members from Chem Lab, Spahn Ranch, Battery.

  • releases: Gravity's Rim
Vamp Star
  • Georgia (USA / Russia?) Gothic electronic band.

  1. official
The Vanishing
  • releases: Songs for Psychotic Children (2003?)
  • USA. Hardcore, metal, Goth influences. Some vampire imagery.

    comparisons: Eldritch (vocals)

  • releases: Vasaria
  • German? Industrial, darkwave, rave, trance.

  • releases: Rave Sign (single)
Veer Chasm
  • Electronic, gothic pop.

  1. void*
Vehemence Realized
  • Gothic dark-pop duo.

  1. void*
Vehemence Realised
  • Italian? Formed 1996-01. Vocals, trumpet, acoustic and electronic instruments.

    comparisons: Death in June

  • releases: Severe
Veiled Allusions
  • Neo-classical

  • releases: Rosenkranz
Velvet Acid Christ
  • USA. Crunchy EBM. Duo, Gothic imagery, hard industrial electronics.

  • labels: Utopia/Dystopia
  • releases: Church Of Acid; Calling Ov the Dead; Neuralblastoma (le, 2500 copies, compilation); Fun With Drugs (remix single); Decypher (mix maxi); Twisted thought generator; Hex Angel (2003)
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Velvet Underground

  • { }

    [ ]
  • USA

    One of the more important non-punk influences on early Goth.

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  • Mark (Restoration, Intro-spective, solo project); Dave (Restoration, Excession); Matt - (new) vocalist.
  • Inactive London, UK. Duo, originally more members. Strings? guitars.

    comparisons: Nephilim (with old vocalist); Play Dead (guitars)

  • label: M&A Music Art.
  • releases: Treacherous (debut album); The Depths of Innocence; Transition; Wake You Up; One Eye Open
  • French goth band

  1. void
Venus Fly Trap
  • Northampton, UK. Alternative, Goth, psychadelia; rock, ambient.

    comparisons: Rob (Play Dead, vocals)

  • releases: Jewel - Live in Prague; Luna Tide (German) Dark Amour (produced by Martin Bowes (Attrition))
Venus Virus
  • Ambient, moody dark-wave gothic.
  1. void
  • Atmospheric, tribal, ethnic, post-Gothic, new age.

    comparisons: Dead Can Dance

  • releases: The Illusions Of Vespertina
  • France. Experimental.

Viagra Falls
  • Recently split up (early 2002)
Victims of the Pestilence
  • Gubb / Fitzgerald - vocals; gtr / Ade
  • Mid eighties band, were Hitchen-based, released two singles and a few demo tapes. Vocals a squeaky / strangled snarl.

  • label: IRS
  • releases: Born to Leave (12"); A Common Purpose (12").
Vidna Obmana / vidnaObmana
  • Active. Belgian. Atmospheric keyboard.

  • label: Projekt
  • releases: InnerZone (early 2002, collaboration with Steve Roach); The Contemporary Nocturne; Soundtrack for the Aquarium; The Surreal Sanctuary; The Trilogy, Passage in Beauty, Shadowing in Sorrow, Ending Mirage (3 cd album boxed set, 1990-1992); The River of Appearances; Memories Compiled (compilation, 1988-1989)
  1. void
  • Swedish gothic power-metal.

  1. number*
Viola Peacock
  • Indie Goth with female vocals.

    comparisons: Velvet Underground

  • releases: This way to the alley...; The Hangmans Beautiful Daughter
Violent Vision
  • German? Electro pop, EBM, dancefloor.

    comparisons: New Order

  • releases: Electro Pop; Pleasure Of Sin (mix single); Why? (maxi)

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Virgin Prunes

  • Avant-garde.

    Extremely theatrical live shows.

    Gothic, punk, rock.  Performed at The Batcave? Midrange male vocals.

    Back catalogue to be released by Mute early in 1994.

  • releases: Sons Find Devils (compilation, 1981-3, released 1985, video (Icon); 1998, cd (Cleopatra); 2002, cd (Cherry Red))

    If I die, I die

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    2. Virgin Prunes
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  • Greek? Atmospheric, ambient.

  • releases: Night
  • Ambient electronic, samples.

    comparisons: The Orb

  • releases: Acid Warriors Dream Crystals
  • Rusty Egan; Steve Strange
  • London, UK. Formed 1978? New Romantic. French vocals in Fade to Grey provided by Rusty Egan's girlfriend of the time

  • releases: Fade To Grey, Best Of (compilation); The Masters Series (compilation)
  1. official*
  • Russia. Solo project. 80s, futurist.

    comparisons: Dead Can Dance; Mother Destruction; Sixth Comm

  • releases: Secret Language
VNV Nation
  • Ronan; Mark
  • London, UK. Electronic industrial, synths, dance beats. Duo, danceable electro-industrial.  Midrange male vocals.  Managed by Stephan

    comparisons: Project Pitchfork (vocals)

  • labels: Dependent Records
  • releases: Advance And Follow (1995, debut); Dark Angel? 1999; Empires (late 1999); Advance And Follow (v2) (2001, re-issue); Genesis.1; Genesis.2; PastPerfect (also on DVD); Futureperfect (2002-01-28); Praise The Fallen (second album); Solitary (remix ep); Dark Angel (single); Standing (mix single).
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  3. octoprod
The Voice
  • Bromley-based gothic, industrial.

  • Darkwave, ethereal female vocals.

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  2. void
Voice of Destruction
  • USA? Guitar industrial, samples.

    comparisons: NIN; Ministry

  • releases: Ring Of Death; Souls Of the Damned

Voices of Masada

  • {Danny Tartaglia (Burning Gates) - bass; Rob Leydon - guitar; Raymon Shah - vocals; Eddie Martin (Revolution by Night) - guitar }
  • UK, London. Active.

    Gothic rock.

    Driving guitars, airy keyboards. Dark, menacing.

    Eddie and Rob were joined by Danny, cementing their long-running musical partnership into a band. Eddie was the original vocalist, though the band decides to audition for a dedicated singer (Eddie had been singing and playing guitar simultaneously).

    Named after the Jewish fort of Masada, whose occupants commited suicide rather than succumb to a three-year Roman siege.

    They played their first gig in front of an audience in a cellar during lead singer Raymon's birthday party.

    2002-Spring-late - Eddie and Rob are joined by Danny.
    2002-10 - Raymon joins the band, following auditions.
    2003-04 - First studio recordings.
    2003-05 - Debut ep 'Prelude' released.
    2003-05 - first live gig.
    2003-07 Debut official gig at the Verge, Kentish Town.
    2003-10 Rock City gig where Eddie's amp blows up during the last song.
    2004-08-14 someone supported the Voices of Masada at the Horseshoe, 24 Hampshire Terrace (first headline gig?)
    2004-08 mastering and graphics for debut album completed.
    2004-10 debut album due to be released.
    2010- last UK gig
    2010- Wave Gotik Treffen, last gig at Park Buhne.

  • comparisons: Fields of the Nephilim; Cubanate; Jesus and Mary Chain
  • labels: UK - Resurrection Records; Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Strobelight Records
table of releases by the Voices of Masada
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Preludecd2003Debut release ep gothcentric
Four Cornerscd2004-10 (due)Debut album
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  • Germany? Dark atmospheric.

  • Scott <-- female keyboards -->
  • UK-based, deep dark industrial soundscapes.

  • label: Cryonica Music
  • releases: Estramay Aleph
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  3. keyboardist LJ *
  • Named after the test for replicants from Blade Runner.

  1. void

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  • { }

    [ ]
  • USA, New York, New York.

    Gothic pop.

    Classical instruments, modern song structures. Musically involves gypsy violins, European melodies, sarcastic lyrics

    Active (2003-11). Rose to prominence creating the comic Chi-Chian and animating station IDs (MTV, Sci-Fi Channel) and currently teaches animation at The School of Visual Arts in New York (while touring, directing and animating).

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels: Projekt
table of releases by
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releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
The Devil's Brislabelcataloguecd ep lp 1998notes Buy The Devil's Bris by Voltaire at
Buy The Devil's Bris by Voltaire at
Banned on Vulcanlabelcataloguemaxi cd2001notes Buy Banned on Vulcan by Voltaire at
Buy Banned on Vulcan by Voltaire at
Boo Hoolabelcataloguecd ep lp2002-05-14notes Buy Boo Hoo by Voltaire at
Buy Boo Hoo by Voltaire at
Then and Againlabelcataloguecd ep lpnotes Buy Then and Again by Voltaire at
Buy Then and Again by Voltaire at
Ooky Spookylabelcataloguecd ep lprelease datenotes Buy Ooky Spooky by Voltaire at
Buy Ooky Spooky by Voltaire at
Almost Humanlabelcataloguecd ep lp release datenotes Buy Almost Human by Voltaire at
Buy Almost Human by Voltaire at
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  2. Projekt*
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Vomito Negro
  • Gin Devo
  1. void
  • Icelandic goth/punk.

  • releases: Bornin Pin (1980); Kakófónia (1982)
  • Mortiis
  • Sweden? Neo-classical, ambient, orchestral. Minimalist atmospheric, concept.

  • releases: Selvmord (1994, banned for cover art); Slipp Sorgen Los (Selvmord); Green Eyed Demon
Von Magnet
  • Belgium. Semi-ambient. Some non-electronic instruments. Experimental industrial, electronic, semi-orchestral, art-driven.

  • releases: Mezclador, A Cyberethnic Cabaret; Computador; Meets the Data Gypsies, Cosmogonia (remixes, tarot concept) El Planeta
Von Thronstahl
  • Josef
  • Rock-tinged darkwave, military. Old-fashioned pan-European monarchical nationalists. Considered far right (source: Verfassungsschutz 2001)

  • label: Cold Spring
  • releases: Imperium Internum; Bellum, Sacrum Bellum !?
  • 'Industrial-tinged fun'.

  1. official*
  • Australia? Fun, piano, guitar samples, vocals. Black metal.

    comparisons: Wagner; Speedy Gonzales

  • releases: Rhetoric Of The Superman; Triumph Of The Will (includes bonus album)
Votre Seigneure
  • France? Alternative metal, French vocals.

  • releases: Vicie
  • Oswald Henke; Vladimir Ivanoff
  • Germany? Ethnic, classical, electronic elements.

    comparisons: Goethes Erben

  • releases: Zeitgeist
  • Eclectic, boppy Hungarian goth quartet, cheerful, danceable gothic with electronic elements and a violin.

  • Dallas-based.

  1. void*
  • releases: Quiet Contest
Vrenna Tweaker
  • NIN-ish, weird.  Features David Sylvian?

  • english/german EBM band

  • releases: debut album "EBM"EBM
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