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Saber Wraith
  • Powerful, haunting female vocals, subtle Gothic/electronic/darkwave programming. Ethnic dance rhythms.
    comparisons: Anne Clark; Sarah Nox

  • releases: Something in the Blood; Egypt (single)
  • {Monika Baenninger (Flunky, sax); Christine Zufferey (January)};
    Glenn Hughes; Shawn Marquis
  • Eclectic avant-garde instumentation, strong precise female vocals and dark ethereal aural landscapes, originally a duo of Baenninger and Zufferey. Pronounced Sabo.
    comparisons: Faith and the Muse
  • releases: Sabot?
  1. void
Sabotage Qu'est Que C'est?
  • Germany. Goth, electro? Electronic fetish dance music.
    comparisons: Faithful Dawn

  • releases: Goddess (single)
  1. void
  • Belgian solo artist
    comparisons: Chrissie Hynde; David Bowie

  1. official*
Sad Lovers and Giants
  • Ethereal female vocals, harsh male vocals.

The Sadness of Things
  • Swedish? electronic future pop. Female vocals, powerful beats

  • label: Memento Materia?
  • releases: Kill Your Darlings
Sad Parade
  • Finnish, have worked with Jyrki and Nauku from Two Witches
    comparisons: Two Witches

  • releases: Immortal Illusion
  • German electronic pop, 80s electronic sounds, romantic synth pop.
    comparisons: Mesh

  • releases: Paranoia Erotica; Underground (single)
  • NJ-based. Heavy beats, guitars, samples.

  1. void
Saint Eve
  • Managed by the co-owner of Slimelight NY.
  1. void
Saints in Hell
  • Swedish? classic-style gothic rock
    comparisons: Sisters, Type O

  • releases: Forever False (single)
Saints of Eden
  • Cian Houchin (Nefilim) - bass.
  • Dark-techno, guitar-based industrial, dance beats, electronics. Goth-industrial psychos.

    comparisons: Zoon; Funker Vogt.

  • releases: The Other Side; Proteus (to be released).
Salamandra Glass
  • East Coast, USA. Goth.

  • label: Silent Scream records
Sally Doherty and the Sumacs
  • Romantic songs, neo-classical
    comparisons: Sol Invictus; Black Tape; Stoa

  • releases: Sleepy Memory
şSaltatio Mortis
  • Germany.

  • 1985-1989?

  • releases: Hunger Days (compilation)
  1. void
Sam Rosenthal
Samsas Traum
  • German (and German language) black metal, orchestral (no guitars)

  • releases: Oh Luna Main
  • Jason - vocals; Evil Porl - bass; Zak - lead guitars; Leon - drums
  • Sheffield-based. Gothic rock.

  • email
  1. The Sanctuary*
  • Swedish Darkwave, male and female vocals, death industrial with crunchy distorted synths and orchestral strings.
    comparisons: Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke)

  • releases: Lupus In Fabula; New York City Bluster (live album, recorded at CBGBs)
  1. void
  1. void
Sangre Cavallum
Sanguis et Cinis
  • Gothic, German language. Death rock, darkwave electronics, progressive gothic doom metal, classical influences. Amnesia produced by Brunno Kramm of Das Ich.
    comparisons: Lacrimosa

  • label: Trisol; Sad Eyes
  • releases: Amnesia; Schicksal; Unfreiwillig Abstrakt (single); Madrigal Box (LE); Tragic Years; Best of
  1. void
  1. void
Sapphic Ode
  • Active (2003-11).

Sara Noxx
  • German electronic darkwave. Electropop.
    comparisons: Anne Clarke; Athamay

  • label: Visage
  • releases: Society (produced by Winus Rilinger and features Darrin Huss (Psyche)); Noxious; Paradoxx
    1. void
  • Medieaval
  • label: Jaro.
Satanic Mechanics
  • Presumably named after line from Sweet Tranvestite from Rocky Horror.

Sator Absentia
  • Dark ambient, clautrophobic, satanic

  • label: Dark vinyl
  • releases: Mercurian Orgasms
  • German? dark sample-driven experimental, tape manipulation, art-inspired, ambient.

  • releases: Infect
  • Dwight Hatfield
  • releases: Blood Samples (2003)
  3. onlinerock* downloads / streaming (limited to Windows)
  4. cafe press* samples
  5. official* pictures, information
Savage Republic
Saviour Machine
  • Gothic vocals, rock. Connections with Das Ich.
    comparisons: Love Like Blood; Dreadful Shadows.

  • releases: Behold a Pale Horse
  1. void
Scapa Flow
  • Swedish German-style synth with Swedish-style electro pop, industrial Darkwave. Named after the British military port?

  • releases: Heads Off To Freedom; Chased By Sunset
The Scarlet Fix
  • Gothic rock
Scarlet Soho
  1. official*
Scar Tissue
  • US? Sparse semi-experimental, guitar-based industrial, dark trance, dance beats.

  • releases: TMOTD; Rebuild (remix album)
Scary Bitches
  1. official*
Schandtat Mensch
  1. void
  • Germany? Active (2003-late).

  1. official*
Schloss Tegal
  • Experimental.

  • releases: Black Static Transmission
Scöhne Maschine
  • Nate Lambdin - guitarist; Tim Bowman - bassist; Kent Miller (Advent Sleep) - live drums
  1. official*
Science and Horror
  1. void
Scissor Pretty
  • Australian acoustic quartet.
  1. void*
  • Dark folk
  • label: Eis & Licht
  • releases: ...And You Will Fear Death Not.
  • German? Ambient dub, trip hop. Dark, minimal, sparse atmospheric, samples.

  • releases: Greetings From Birmingham

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Screaming Banshee Aircrew

  • { Vix-Hun - vocals, lyrics;
    Nix Mix - guitars, music, drums, keyboards;
    Jo Violet - backing vocals, melodies, words, bass, bouncing, elf-queen;
    Xris - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, concussion;
    Mister Ed - lead vocals, melodies, words, mini-skirts, pouncing, pixie-king }

    [ Mister Ed - lead vocals, lyrics, music;
    Jo Violet - lead vocals, music, lyrics;
    Nix Mix - guitars, music, drums, keyboards;
    Xris - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals; ]
  • UK, Yorkshire, York.

    Punk, Goth-rock cabaret. Goth-rock, punk cabaret. Electronic deathrock. Perky, psychobilly.

    Formed 2001. Male and female vocals. Played at Edinburgh Goth Festival and Beyond the Veil II, Leeds.

  • comparisons: March Violets; Alien Sex Fiend; Cruxshadows; Scary Bitches; Bella Morte
  • labels: PHD (distribution);
    Resurrection Records;
    Plastic Head (distribution UK);
    M&A Musicart (distribution Sweden);
    Metropolis (distribution USA, Germany, Austria);
    Novamedia (via Alice in...) (distribution Switzerland)
table of releases by screaming banshee aircrew
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
No Campingep
Titanic Versescd2003
Titanic Versescd2004(compilation of first two albums and additional material, 2004)
Fishnet MessiahResurrection RecordsABCD34cd 2004-10-02 Released at a three-band album launch party.Buy Fishnet Messiah by Screaming Banshee Aircrew at
  • contact: The Crew 100A Manor Drive North,
    YO26 5RY
  1. official*
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Screaming Dead
  • UK-based US-style Death rock
    comparisons: Inkubus Sukkubus

  • releases: Death Rides Out
The Screaming Things
  • Dave Grave (Frankenstein) - vocals; Mojo Bone (Cramps) - guitars; Harry Drumdini; John Brewton - bass.
Screams for Tina
  • comparisons: Play Dead; Killing Joke

  • label: Cleopatra
  • releases: Screams for Tina
Scream Silence
  • Electro-pop.

    comparisons: Depeche Mode; VNV Nation

  • label: Metropolis
  • releases: No Sleep Demon; Beyond Flatline (due 2004-01-24, second album)
  1. official*
Sea of Tranquility
Season's End
  1. seasonsend*
The Seasons of Wither
Second Decay
Second Disease
Second Skin
Second Voice
Secret Discovery
  1. void
Secret Hope
Secret Secret
Section 25
Section 37
Sects and Violins
Seda E Marg
Seij minus aç
  1. official*
Sektion B
Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto
  1. void
The Sensualists
The Sepia
  1. official*
Septic Flesh
Sepulcrum Mentis
  1. void
The Seraphim
  1. void
Seraphim Gothique
Seraphim Shock
  1. void (Reqiem Records)
Seraphin Twin
  1. official
Serious Black
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. official*
Serpent Beat
Server X
  1. void
Seven Eyes
The Seventh Dawn

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Seventh Harmonic

table of releases by seventh harmonic
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
The Awakeningtape2000-03 Buy The Awakening by Seventh Harmonic at
The Ascentcd2001-07Debut release?
Seventh Harmonic vs. InterlockcdWith Interlock
Promise of Sacrificecd2003-01
  1. official*
  2. Seventh Harmonic*
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Seventh Image
Seven Trees
Severed Heads

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Sex Gang Children

  1. official*
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Sex With Lurch
Sex Without Souls
Sfor Crime
Shade Factory
Shades of Grey
Shadow Cafe
The Shadow Dance
  1. void*
  2. void*
Shadow Dancers
Shadow House
Shadow Light
Shadow Project
Shadow Reichenstein
Shadows of Doubt
Shadows to Ashes
  1. void
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Shai No Shai
Shelleyan Orpan
Shellyz Raven
Sheep On Drugs
Shimmer3 / Shimmer 3
  1. void*
Shinjuku Thief
Shiva in Exile
Shock Headed Peters
Shock of Reality
Shock Therapy
  1. void*
Shrinking Violet
The Shroud
  1. void
  2. The Shroud
  3. void
Shroud (Buffalo)
  1. official*
  2. void*
Shroud of Cyanide
  1. matt howden*
Siglo XX
Signal Aout 42
Signal to Noise and Epoch
Signs Ov Chaos
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  1. void
  2. mailing list (unofficial)
Silence Gift
Silence is Sexy
  1. void
Silent Promises

Silent Scream

  1. MySpace*
The Silent 6
Silent Voices
Silke Bischoff
Silver Apples
  1. void
Simon Dreams in Violet
Simply Dead
Single Gun Theory
Sing Sing Dead Man
The Sinister Ducks
Sinister Sirens
  1. void
  2. void
Sinister Undertones
  1. void
Sin Masters
The Sins
  1. cdbaby
  2. void*
Sins of Lust
  1. void
Sins of the Flesh
Sins of the Flesh - The Second Coming
The Sins Of Thy Beloved
  1. void*
  1. void

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Siouxsie & The Banshees

table of releases by siouxsie and the banshees
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Dreamshowdvd2005-08-22 amazon
Nocturnevhs1983 uk vhs, pal
Once Upon A Timevhs1986 uk vhs, pal
Twice Upon A Timevhs1992 uk vhs, pal usa vhs, ntsc
The Seven Year Itch - Livevhs2002 uk vhs, pal
The Seven Year Itchdvd2003 uk region 2usa region 1
book amazon
Entrancedbook amazon
Mark Paytress - Siouxsie and the Banshees: The Authorised Biographybook2003-07-25 uk
The Scream (1978) uk usa
Join Hands (1979) uk usa
Kaleidoscope (1980) uk usa
Juju (1981) uk usa (1981-08)
Once Upon a Time: The Singles (1981, compilation; 1985, video) uk usa
Kiss in the Dream House (1982) uk usa (1992-08-25)
Nocturne (1983, live album, video) uk usa
The Thorn (1984 ep)
Hyaena (1984) uk usa
Tinderbox (1986) uk usa
Through the Looking Glass (1987) uk usa
Peep Show (1988) uk usa (1988-09-06)
Superstition (1991) uk usa (1991-06-11)
Peel Sessions (1991, ep) usa (1991-07-01)
Kiss Them For Me (cd single) uk usa (1991-05-21)
Fear (Of the Unknown) / Spiral Twist (cd single) usa (1991-11-26)
Twice Upon a Time: The Singles (1992, compilation, video) uk usa (1992-10-13)
Rapture (1995) uk usa (1995-02-14)
Dizzy (le tour CD)
The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees (le) uk (2002-09-30) usa (2002-11-12)
The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees uk (2002-09-30) usa (2002-11-12)
The Seven Year Itch uk
uk (vinyl, 2003-05-19)
usa (2003-07-22)
Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees usa (1996-10-01)
  1. Steven Severin - Siouxsie and the Banshees founder-member, Steven Severin's, own online label. Features information on and sales of RE:leases, articles by Steven, a magpie gallery, and the meanings behind many Banshees' lyrics.
  2. the banshees and other creatures
  3. stella's siouxsie home page
  4. vamp
  5. geocities, 7773
  6. partium
  7. tripod, carigana
  8. busprod
  9. skullranch
  10. mital
  12. Loki's pictures
  13. fortunecity
  14. blood-dance
  15. Exterminating - Creatures fan site with complete discography, lyrics, sounds, photos, designs, links, articles & interviews.
  16. geocities, emily777 - Categorized list of Siouxsie and the Banshees/The Creatures links.
  17. Paradise Place - Fan site offers a discography, pictures, artwork, links and forum.
  18. Photographs of Siouxsie Sioux - Scanned professional, candid and concert images.
  19. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Discography, pictures, lyrics, and articles.
  20. Siouxsie and the Banshees on Mital-U History, discography, photos, and book/fanzine information.
  21. Stella's Siouxsie Page - Contains pictures, sounds, discography, and articles.
  22. television personalities Bill Grundy interview
  23. untiedundone fan site
  24. fantazee Vernette Butler's site, history, discography (including bootlegs)
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Sista Mannen Pa Jorden
The Sisterhood
Sister Kill Cycle
  1. void
  2. void
Sister Machine Gun
  1. SMG

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The Sisters of Mercy

  1. official*
  2. void
  3. void
  4. unoficial
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. void
  9. void
  10. void
  11. void
  12. void
  13. void
  14. void
  15. void
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The Sisters of Murphy
  1. void
616 Abortions
  1. official*
Six Minutes of Static
16 Horsepower
Sixteen Volt
  1. number
The 69 Eyes
  1. void
Skeletal Family
  1. Official*
  1. official*
  1. official*
Skinner box
Skinny Puppy
  • cEvin Key
  • Deep, distorted, harsh male vocals. Industrial, metal, electro, fast dance. Early, though not amongst the original, industrial pioneers, formed 1984?

  • releases: Brap (compilation); Last Rights; Too Dark Park; Spasmolytic; Cleanse Fold and Manipulate; Video Collection (early 2002)
  1. void
  2. Skinny Puppy
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. void
  9. void
  10. void
  11. void
  12. void
  13. void
  14. void
  15. void
  16. void
  17. void
  1. void
  • USA guitar-based industrial programming

  • releases: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
  • Metal industrial, darkwave
    comparisons: Ministry; Leechwoman

  • releases: Transdaemonium
  • Feedback, distortion, moaning vocals
    comparisons: Quaalude; Jesus and Mary Chain; Pink Floyd

  • releases: Infinityland
Skull Flux
  • Martin (Sabbat; Return 2 the Sabbat) - vocals
  • Folk, metal. Have recently (2003) worked with Edward Tudor-Pole (and the rest of Tenpole Tudor?)

    comparisons: New Model Army; Judas Priest; Clannad; Testament; Levellers

  • eleases: History of a Time to Come
Sky Cries Mary
Sky High
  • German? Instrumental electronic, sampled vocals.

  • releases: Empyreal Day Dreams
Slave Cave
Slave Cradle
Slave Unit
  • German? Guitar-based industrial
    comparisons: NIN; Ministry

  • releases: Slave Unit
Sleep Chamber
  • Ambient art experimental dark industrial, electro beats and rhythms, analogue synth instrumentals. Sexual, magical themes, male, female vocals, dark ritualistic, fetish sex music.
    comparisons: Depeche Mode

  • releases: Sexmagik Ritual (recorded 1984-1986); Seduction Through The Past Darkly (live and studio); Sirkus; Sirkle Zero; Some Godz Die Young; Sleep Or Forever Hold your Piece; Symphony Sexualis; Siamese Succubi; Sacred And Surreal (1983-1987); Spellbound Submission; Sopor (reworked and new tracks); Sentinel Serenade (collection of highlights, includes booklet of live (S&M) shows)
Sleeping Dogs Wake
  • UK underground, male, female vocals, gothic electronic.
    comparisons: 4AD

  • releases: Sugar Kisses; Spider Billy and Snake Dance; Hold Me/Under The Stars (single); Under The Stars; Walk On
Sleeping Pictures
  • releases: Nether Edge
  • Italian?

  1. void
The Sleep of Reason
  • Swiss, danceable rhythms, strings, sequencers, techno
    comparisons: YelworC; Amgod

  • labels: Khazad Dum?
  • releases: Door To Insomnia; Hypnotize
  1. void
  • German? Dance, trance, instrumental, synths, atmospheric

  • releases: The Seven Seasons
  • Active (2003-09-29). Played in Frankfurt.

Slow Motion
  • Greek? Formed 1985, goth band, ethereal, screaming, opera, avant-garde, techno-ambient trance.
    comparisons: Klaus Nomi

  • releases: Blind Transmissions (1990-1997 projects)
  • Metal industrial, electronic, post-Gothic, some guitar-based.
    comparisons: Squid

  • releases: Melt
Smear Campaign
  1. official*
Smell and Quim
  • Noise, industrial


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  • Features ex-member of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Spear of Destiny.

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Sneaky Bat Machine
  • Inactive / changed name to Goteki. Postmodern graveyard disco music for the insane. Bubblegum industrial, electronics, drum machines. Darkwave, Largebeat pioneers. Lightsabre battles, laser fights, free aliens. Dancey music.
    comparisons: Virgin Prunes; Alien Sex Fiend; Sex Gang Children

  • releases: Boneshaker (single); Disco 4 The Dead
  • SBM
    Sneaky Bat
    R. Tregenza, Sneaky Bat Machine c/o The Spooky Corporation,
    40 Ponsford Road,
    BS4 2UR.
  1. official dead?
  • Industrial, trip hop, alternative post rock. Sequencing, digital, some acoustic guitars and instruments, samples, distorted vocals. Anti-capitolist.
    comparisons: Swans vocals

  • releases: Remote Control; The Future; Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life; Third Mall From the Sun; I Snog Therefore I Am; Dear Valued Customer; Lies Inc; Hooray; The Human Germ
Snowblind Waltz
  • Tim White - vocals, guitars
  • Fort Worth. Loud crunchy guitars, clear vocals.

    comparisons: Lowsunday; My Bloody Valentine; Slowdive

  • releases: Over Now
  • Debbie Googe (My Bloody Valentine); (Bows)
Social Engineer
  • Industrial / powernoise / noise.

Soda Ash
  • Missouri gothic guitar band.
  1. void*
Sofia Run
  • Denny - vocalist.
  • Formed 1992 by Denny, based in New York. Psychedelic side of Goth, strings, acoustic, harsh, discordant. Early 80s feel.

  • comparisons: echoes of Nico/Velvet Underground; Death In June; Joy Division
  • labels: Sudden Times Music
  • releases: The Dignity of Folly; Intimacy
  • contact: Sofia Run,
    P.O. Box 656625
    Fresh Meadows,
    NY 11365
Soft Cell
  • 1980s pop

  • releases: The Art of Falling Apart; Non Stop Erotic Cabaret; Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing (remix album); Soft Cell (1981-1984 singles); The Singles (compilation); This Last Night in Sodom
Soil and Eclipse
  • Hawaii-based. Romantic, emotional electronic sounds, Gothic sensibilities.
    comparisons: Depeche Mode; Tears For Fears; The Mission

  • releases: Meridian; Necromancy; Archetype
The Soil Bleeds Black
  • Gothic ensemble with neo-mediaeval alchemy, antique influence and 90s Gothic sound. Mediaeval, 'Rustic'.

  • releases: March of the Infidels; May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged; Alchemie; Quintessence; The Mirror of the Middle Ages
  1. void
  2. void Histoire
Solanacae Tau
Solar Lodge
  • Atmospheric, instrumental.

  • releases: Eternity Into Stillness
The Solicitors
  • Mid eighties band.

Sol Invictus
  • Tony Wakeford; Matt Howden
  • Dark neo-folk

  • releases: All Things Strange and Rare
  1. void
Solitary Experiments
  • Dark electronics

  • releases: Final Approach (composed 1996-1999)
Solitary Sinners
  • Jay Grinder
  • Formed summer, 2000, Colarado.  Electronic darkwave.

  1. official*
  2. void
La Solitude
  • Swedish

  1. Apocalypse
  • comparisons: Metallica; Black Sabbath

  • releases: Lamentations
Sombre View
  • Swedish synth pop, gothic influences, pagan mediaeval.

  • releases: As It Fades; nvocation
Some More Crime
  • German guitar-based experimental

  • releases: Another Domestic Drama
  • Neo-classical experimental side project of Emperor
    comparisons: Mortiis

  • releases: Thou Shalt Suffer
Sona Eact
  • Industrial repetitive rhythms, distorted sounds.
    comparisons: The Severed Heads

  • releases: Hard Industrial Loop Check; Engine Works Inc
  • Belgian? Power noise

  • releases: Remote Assault
  1. void
Sonic Noise Terrorists
  • Member from Nocturne from Invisible Records. Dallas, TX, USA. Industrial, digital hardcore/noise. Formed late 2003.

Sonic State
  • Jenny Z (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
Sonne Hagal
  • releases: Das Laub fällt von der Bäumen
Sons of Neverland
  1. void
  2. void
Sons of William
  • UK and USA band. Early gothic influences, latterly American guitar-based industrial.
    comparisons: Ministry

  • releases: Husk
son tarjeiav
  • Norway. Underground electronic.

  • (God Machine)
  • Dark ambient Percussive spinoff of Arcana, without female vocals, and more percussive, classical. Early mediaeval militaristic, agressive style.
    comparisons: Dead Can Dance

  • label: Cold Meat Industry; Metropolis
  • releases: Sigillum Militum (debut album); Herbstwerk (second album); Sophia; Spite (early 2002); The Seduction of Madness (single, early 2002)
  • Another band called Sophia

  • Post-gothic electronic, female lead vocals. Dark, mystical.

  • releases: The Age Of Sophya
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows
  • Anna-Varney Cantodea - vocals, etc.
  • German Gothic band, mystical themes, growing mediaeval influences. Neo-classical, black ambient, neo folk. Released a number of tapes before the first CD album. Anna-Varney worked on the German translations for London After Midnight - Selected Songs From The End Of The World.

  • label: Apocalyptic Vision
  • releases: Sopor Aeternus (later re-mastered, with additional tracks); Todeswunch (second album); The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller; Dead Lovers Sarabande; Dead Lovers Sarabande (Face Two); Songs from the Inverted Womb
  1. official?*
  2. official?
  3. void
Sordid Sentimental
  • Norway. Underground electronic.


Soror Dolorosa

  • { Andy (Nuit Noire; Mutiilation; Peste Noire; Celestia; Darvulia; Fornication) - drums;
    Franck (Funeraell) - guitar;
    Carles Herv├ę (Funeraell) - bass;
    Christophe Guenot (Funeraell) - vocals; }

    Transitory members - Emey (Contrast; Unscarred) - guitar (replaced Franck);
    Benoit Roux Mr. Xort (Anorexia Nervosa) - additional studio keyboards, production;
    Moulay - guitars;

    [ Herv├ę Carles - bass;
    Andy Julia - vocals;
    Emey - guitars;
    Franck / Frank Ligabue - drums, percussion ]
  • status: active

    formed: 2001

    location: Paris / Toulouse, Ile-de-France.

    genres: Gothic, new wave, Death Rock; Cold Wave.

    etymology of name: Herve had read the Symbolist novel Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach. Depending on translation means either Sister Pain or Lovers of Pain.

    2003 - Emey replaced Franck on guitar.
    2005 - band split up.
    2007-August - reformed.

  • influences: Christian Death; Bauhaus; The Sisters of Mercy; The Cure; Human league; Deep Purple; Black Sabbath; Ulver; Depeche Mode; Metallica; Satriani; Vai; Blues
  • labels: Beneath Grey Skies - Northern Silence; Todestieb Records
  • releases:
    Severance (ep, 2009-August)
    Blind Scenes (debut album, released 2011-02-25)
  1. Soror Dolorosa*
  2. MySpace*
  3. FaceBook*
  4. YouTube*
  • Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Psychic TV, Current 93, Death In June)
  • Atmospheric
  1. Official
Soul Brothers
  • Swedish goth-metal duo, very guitar orientated.

  • releases: Enter
  1. void*
Soul in Isolation
  • German? Classical goth.
    comparisons: Love is Colder Than Death; Dead Can Dance

  • releases: On Stranger Tides
Soul Takers
  • Active, based in Midlands?

Soul Whirling Somewhere
  • Male vocals, melodic lullabies, synthesiser, acoustic guitars, electronics at times, atmospheric strings.

  • releases: Eating the Sea; Everyone Will Eventually...; Pyewackit; Hope Was
Sounds from Sound

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Southern Death Cult

  • UK

    Ian Astbury called Andi Sex Gang Count Visigoth and fans of his band Goths when Dave Dorrell from the NME heard him use the term. One of the leaders of the first wave of Goth bands in the early eighties.

    1982-10 - appear on front cover of NME.

  • comparisons: early Adam and the Ants
  • labels:
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Soviet Radio
  • Dark, electronic dance.

  1. official*
  2. yahoo group*
Space Remains
  • Australian solo project

  • releases: Telepath EP.
  1. void
Spahn Ranch
  • USA hard, dance industrial, some guitar samples

  • releases: Collateral; The Coiled One; In Parts Assembled Solely; Breath and Taxes (remixes from Collateral); Retrofit (ep, remixes); The Blackmail Starters Kit (mixes, remixes, demos); Anthology 1992-1994
  1. void
Spandau Ballet
  • Gary Kemp
  • Started off performing between art films at the Scala Theatre? cinema

The Spares
  • Simon Manning (Children on Stun)
  • Very Stun-ish, indie influences, post-Goth.

  • label: M&A Music Art
  • releases: Tired and Bizarre (features contributions from all previous Stun members)
  1. void*
  1. official*
  1. void
Spatium Saevus Sonitus
  • Dark experimental minimal music.
    comparisons: Tomb of Time; Cpinalonga; Cold Meat

  • releases: The Ritual of the Black Sun
Speaking Silence
  • French? Romantic female lead vocals, post-gothic guitar wave, neo-classical, darkwave.

  • releases: Insides
Spear of Destiny
  • Kirk Brandon (Theatre of Hate)
  • Brandon left in 1992 to go solo, returning in 1998

  • Jonny Slut - keyboards; (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - guitarist.
  • releases: Azoic; Wet Warm Cling Film Red Velvet (US version of Azoic)
  1. void
Sperm Whale
  • Steve; Sandrine
  • Side project of Seize. Darker, harsher sounding EBM

  1. official*
Sphere Lazza
  • German? Electronic industrial and commercial sounds

  • releases: The Enemy Within
  • Goth, industrial, darkwave.

  1. official*
  2. void
  3. void
Spinal Machine
  • Underground experimental.

Spindle Shanks
  • Jeanne Fahey - vocals
  • Atmospheric, darkly romantic.

  • releases: Spindle Shanks
Spine of God
  • ND (Still Patient?)
  • Electro, industrial, darkwave side project of ND.

  • releases: Slavery
Spiral Dance
Spiral Of Silence
  • Italian?
    comparisons: Bauhaus; Joy Division; Ikon

  • releases: Leap
  1. void
Spiral Realms
  • Simon House (Hawkwind)
  • Ambient, violins.

  • releases: Crystal Jungles of Eos; Trip to G9
Spirea X
Spiritual Bats
  • Italian? Gothic rock, post-punk, atmospheric, Death Rock
    comparisons: Christian Death; batcave; Blood and Roses; Ausgang; Danse Societyz

  • releases: Confession; Sacrament
  1. void
Spiritual Cramp
  1. void
Spiritual Front
  • Simone Salvatori
  • Worked with Math Howden

  • label: Hau Ruck!; SPQR
  • releases: Nihilist (ep); No Kisses on the Mouth
Spiritual Reality
  1. void
Spiritus Mundi
Spit Like This
  1. void
  • Amongst the original inustrial pioneers. SPK stands for System Programming Korporation.

  • releases: SePpuKu; Dies Irae; Auto Da Fe; Leichenshrei (Shriek of the Corpse)
  1. void
Splatter Squall
  • German? Industrial, distorted vocals, electronic.
    comparisons: Skinny Puppy; Delirium

  • releases: Suspiria (LE, 1,000); The Spell
  • Swedish synth pop (unsurprisingly with a Star Trek focus), goth, electro. Name allegedly stands for Star Pilot On Channel K.

  • label: Bloodline
  • releases: Alien Worlds; A Piece of the Action (singles collection); Five Year Mission; Speed of Light (single); 1999; Astro Girl; Earth Orbit:Live (1997); Klingon 2000
  1. void
  2. void
  • Canadian.
  1. official*
  • Lorraine - "fretless boom boom & 666 string"; Dominic - "pistol whipping"; jaSon Dalton (Swamp City Trailer Trash) - "programanslaughter & guitar - filth"
  • Gothic dark Industrial. Voted best unsigned band two years running in Metal Hammer. Now named 616 Abortions.
    comparisons: Marilyn Manson; Korn

  • releases: Prophetism; The Bitter Saints Abortion
  1. temp
  2. currently inactive
Squonk Opera
  • Daniel Ash (Bauhaus); Peter Murphy (Bauhaus); Kevin Haskins; Chris Barber; David J Haskins
  • Formed in November 1978 by Ash and Murphy who write a few songs that are later used by Bauhaus. First shows played in December at Northampton's Nene College of Art Christmas Ball. David J replaces Barber after one more show and renames group Bauhaus 1919.

Sri Lanka
  • Full name SSV-NSMABAAOTWMODAACOTIATW allegedly stands for Screw Shareholder Values, the Andrew Eldritch 'album' he recorded to escape his WEA/East West contract. Mumbly.

  • releases: Go Figure (unreleased album)
  1. available in mp3
  • Melissa - drums
  • Portland, Oregon, USA. Horror, Gothic music. Used to be three women and three men, now (2003-11) four women and two men.

  1. official*
  • Gothic and reggae fused.
  1. void* fan club (includes graffiti wall, comic)
Stages of Cruelty
  • Sam - strong female vocalist; four others.
  • Robust guitar and real drums, Uncle Nemesis.

  1. Stages of Cruelty
  • UK power electronics.
Star 80
Star Industry
  • Belgian Goth, power rock. Eighties Goth with twenty-first century techno-twist.
    The Merry Thoughts; Sisters of Mercy; Suspiria

  • releases: Iron Dust Crush; New Millenium (single)
  1. official
  • Swedish? Indie, goth, futurist, electronic, synth pop
    comparisons: Inaura; Curve

  • releases: Breakdown; Thermal Noise; Negative Feedback; Happy Endings (singles); Battered and Bruised
State of Being
  • Cleveland Goth band.
  1. void
State of Grace
Static Movement
  • Italian? Ex-members of Frozen Autumn, female and male vocals. Synth-pop, darkwave.

  • releases: Visionary Landscapes
Static X
  • Wayne - vocals
Stay Frightened
  • Italian? Spiritual, swirling, atmospheric
    comparisons: Project (the label)

  • releases: Still
Steeple of Fyre
Stendal Blast
  • German electronic music, German vocals, electro darkwave, synth pop
    comparisons: DAF

  • labels: Gymnastic Records
  • releases: Was Verdorrt; Morgenrot
  1. void
  • German dancefloor industrial, breakbeat-electro.
    comparisons: NIN

  • releases: Transmission Pervious; Egoist (remixes); Egoism; Venus Trap; Deep (remixes)
St. Eve
  • NYC-based
Steve Pittis
  • Dark ambient, soundtrack
  • label: Cold Spring
  • releases: Sacred Flesh OST
Steve Roach
  • Ethno ambient, electronic, since 1981.
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Structures from Silence (1984); Dreamtime Return (1989) Atmospheric Conditions; Dreamtime Return; Slow Heat; Vine (with Jorge Reyes); Magnificent Void; Mystic Chords and Sacred Spaces (2003); Quiet Music; World's Edge; Streams & Currents (early 2002); The Serpent's Lair (2000); InnerZone (early 2002, collaboration with vidnaObmana); Space and Time (2003-09-23, compilation); Wachuma's Wave (with Byron Metcalf); Early Man (2 cd)
  1. void
Steve Severin
  • (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
  • Part of the 'Bromley Contingent' which included Billy Idol and Siouxsie Sioux. Involved with Siouxsie and the Banshees from 1977 to 1996. Composed the soundtrack for Nigel Windgrove's banned Visions of Ecstasy, 1989. Has released a solo album or two since the Banshees split up.

  1. Steven Severin's RE:*
Stiff Miners
  • German? Dark electronic, deep vocals.

  • releases: G-selle
  • Belgian? Oppressive soundscape, electronic ambience, post futurist, modern German darkwave influences.

  • releases: Putrefaction; Deadline Album
  • Hull-based darkwave band. Dark, broody, goth-friendly.
Still Patient?
  • Trad goth, guitars, male vocals, German-style darkwave, UK-style Gothic rock.
    comparisons: Nephilim; Sisters; Love Like Blood; Play Dead; The Merry Thoughts

  • releases: Salamand; Cataclysm; Chameleon (LE 777); Nightmare Arrival (LE 500); Salamand and Cataclysm (first two albums); Demondive
  1. void
Still Silent
  • Mindi Com Ballack (Goethes Erban); Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork); Rodney Orpheus (Cassandra Complex); Eric Burton (Catastrophe Ballet)
  • Goth

  • releases: Sick World
  1. void
Stillste Stund
  • German language minimalist darkwave.
    comparisons: Goethes Erban

  • releases: Ein Mensch, Ein Ding, Ein Traum
Stin Scatzor
  • Heavy industrial, distorted vocals.

  • releases: Industronic; Industrology; Industrogression
  1. void
  2. void
Stoa / STOA
  • German goth group. Neo-classical, operatic, mediaeval, neo-folk.
    comparisons: Wagner

  • label: Alice In...
  • releases: Porta V111; Unthona; Zal
  1. void
  2. void*
Stoic Statuary
Stone Breath
Stone 588
  • West Coast USA post-punk group, brooding tribal sound, female vocals.
    X-mal Deutschland; Siouxsie and the Banshees

  • releases: Door in the Dragons
  1. official*
  2. void
  • Swedish? Very heavy
    comparisons: Ministry (without the samples)

  • releases: Sculpture
Strange Boutique
  • USA-based swirly gothic.

  • releases: The Kindest Words; Charm
Strange Desire
  • Canadian industrial, electro, deep male vocals, keyboards.
    comparisons: Front Line Assembly

  • releases: Intense; Assignment
Stratvm Terror
  • Claustrophobic soundscapes
    comparisons: Lustmord; Throbbing Gristle

  • releases: Pain Implantations; Genetic Implosion
Strawberry Switchblade
  • Rose McDowell (Current 93, Sorrow, Psychic TV, Death in June) - vocals
  1. void
  • releases: War Without End
Strength Through Joy
  • Ireland-based?

  • Italian bleak, melancholic apocalyptic neo-folk.

  • releases: Daily War (with Futhark)
  • Metal, hardcore.
  • US / German? Dark, romantic orchestral electro, Darkwave.
    comparisons: Meat Beat Manifesto; Ministry (Land of Rape and Honey)

  • releases: Flicker Like A Candle; Dammerung Im Traum; Night Riders (remix); Re-Align (2002)
  1. official*
  1. void
  • 80's
  • Paul Miles (Nefilim)
  • London-based goth, trance, rock. Modern synths; 80s touches; rock, goth guitars; deep, mysterious vocals.
    comparisons: Billy Idol.

  1. void
  • San Fransisco goth band.
  1. void
Substance of Dream
  • Guitar-based gothic, alternative band

  • releases: The Fall of Laura
Substanz T
  1. void
Sub Version
  • John K.
  • LA-based moody, dark electro-goth solo project.

  • releases: The Winds of War
Subway to Sally


  • { Paul Miles (Nefilim; Sensorium) - guitar, vocals; Spider Cullen - vocals; Mark Perry Harking - bass; Steve Wags - drums; }
  • UK, London, Camden.

    Rock, Goth, punk

    Dark lyrics.

    2004 - formed in Camden, London, UK.
    2005-08/09 - planned gigs.

  1. SubZeros*
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Such Beautiful Sin
  • Marcus G. Jervis - vocals; Danny J. Finch - guitars; Paul 'PJ' Jensen - bass; Emma Hanid - keyboards; Dan Theobald - drums.
  • Such Beautiful Sin,
    10 Green Drive,
    NR33 7RJ
  1. official
  • UK indie pop

  • releases: Nude; Dog Man Star
Sueno de Luna
  • Ethereal, darkwave.
  1. void
  • Alan Vega - vocals; Martin Rev - keyboard
  • Formed in 1972. Electro-punk. New York duo. Influenced many Goth, industrial and electronic bands. Avant-garde, rockabilly, minimalist in places.

    comparisons: Stooges; Velvet Underground

  • labels: Red Star Records; Demon Records; Reachout International Records; Wax Trax! Records; Enemy; Mute
  • releases: Suicide (debut album, 1977, produced by Ric Ocasek (The Cars)); Half Alive (second album, 1980); Ghost Riders (1981); A Way of Life (1989); Why Be Blue (1992); The Second Album (2000); The First Album (2000); American Supreme (2002-10-25)
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  5. void
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Suicide Commando
  • Belgian ebm hardcore electro-industrial. Sparse, cold, modernistic, intense. Dark electronics, distorted vocals, power noise.
    comparisons: Skinny Puppy; YelworC; CCP

  • releases: Contamination; Stored Images; Critical Stage; Construct X Destruct; Comatose Delusion; Hellraiser (single); Mindstrip
  1. void
  2. void
Suicide Sanctum
  1. void
Suitable Case for Treatment
  • comparisons: Tom Waits.

  • Rob Holliday; Kevin stewart; monti; mud
  • British, active. Rob Holliday and Monti have worked together and seperately with the creatures/curve/the jesus and mary chain/laibach, they recently co-produced Gary Numans 'Pure' album.
    Due to play a main stage slot at mera luna festival on aug 10th and a release in germany is to happen in sept
    comparisons: Ministry; Nine Inch Nails; Gravity Kills

  • label: mechanical/universal
  • releases: one of us (single); you ruined everything (single); spray (album)
  1. sulpher*
  • releases: Sivo
Sunday Grey
Sunday Munich
  • USA? Complex sounds with gothic emphasis.
    comparisons: Portishead; The Cranes; Switchblade Symphony

  • releases: Pneuma; Vinculum
  1. void*
  • Sweden. Gothic rock, guitar-based and keyboards.
    comparisons: Dreadful Shadows; Love Like Blood; Medicine Rain

  • releases: Design
  1. void news, biography, discography, samples, reviews
The Sunflower Conspiracy
Sun God
  • Rodney Orpheous (Cassandra Complex); Patricia Nigiani (Aurora; Project Pitchfork)
  • Uses Voudoun imagery

  • releases: Sun God
  • Norway. Underground electronic.

The Sunless Lands
Sun of Sadness
Sunset Yellow
  • Danish project, trance, dub, samba
  • Czech new wave/punk band
  • comparisons: Joy Division
Sunshine Blind
  • Caroline Blind - female midrange vocalist, guitarist; CWHK - guitarist; Geoff - drummer; Mark 27 - keyboard; Cousin Al (left when the rest moved to SF from New Jersey).
  • Active since 1991, CWHK and Caroline founded the band in San Francisco and have a son called Skye Strummer (1999). Goth, industrial, death rock, dark electro/dance, harsh power noise. Distorted tones.
    comparisons: X-Mal Deutschland; Siouxsie and the Banshees; Ghost Dance

  • releases: Love the Sky to Death; Liquid
  • contact: Sunshine Blind
  1. void*
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  • Eva O (Christian Death; Shadow Project) - lead singer?
  • US all-girl group, punk, metal, glam, Goth

  • releases: Love And Pain (80s recordings)
Surgery Without Research
Survival Unit
  • Swedish power electronics.
Suspicion Breeds Confidence
  1. void
  • Norwegian black metal, melodious, technically able.

  • Mark Tansey (Intra Venus, works for Nightbreed).
  • Modern dancefloor, gothic aesthetics. Formed 1993, split up in late 1997 (announced at DBM).

  • label: Nightbreed.
  • releases: Drama; The Great and Secret Show; Primitive Attentions (Remastered from Tragedy and The Great and Secret Show); Dancefloor Tragedy (The Best of Suspiria) (US release)
  1. void
Susurrus Inanis
Sutcliffe Jugend
  • Experimental noise, death industrial.

  • releases: When Pornography Is No Longer Enough; The Victim As Beauty
Suture Seven
  • Jamie - vocals, drums
  • Active (2003-11). Jamie was on vocals, now (2003-11) on drums.

  • releases: Bleed for the Cutting Edge (due 2004-01)
  1. official*
  • Dark ambient, claustrophobic.

  • releases: Sanklesa
S.V.D. / St Vitus Dance
  • label: Dependent
  1. official*
Swamp Terrorists
  • Metal, guitar-based dancy industrial

  • releases: Five In Japan (live, 1996 Japan tour); Grim-Stroke-Disease; Combat Shock; Wreck; Pale Torment EP (not an EP, remix album); Rare and Unreleased
  1. void
Swan Death
  • Belgian Gothic, atmospheric, experimental. Strings, bass lines.
    comparisons: Wagner; Cure; Joy Division.

  • releases: Black Wolf; Darkness, Prodigy and Virtuousity; Endless
Swann Danger
  • Formerly Heart of Snow.

  • releases: Endure or More (2003?); (Self titled EP)
  • Michael Giras (The Angels of Light); Jarboe
  • Jarboe joined around the time of Children of God (the most 'Goth' of their albums). Dark sinister sounds, well-thought out guitar riffs, twisted backing vocals, dead pan vocals. Post-rock, ambient dronescapes. Great Annihilator is mellow / punishing industrial...

  • label: MCA
  • releases: Children of God (1987); The Burning World (1989); White Light from the Mouth of Infinity (1991); Love of Live (1992); The Great Annihilator (1994); Celebrity Lifestyle (single); Soundtracks for the Blind
  1. void*
Swans of Avon
  • (Secret Discovery)
  • German 90s Gothic, ex-Secret Discovery members. Guitar-based Gothic Rock.
    comparisons: Mission; early Sisters; Emma Conquest; Pink Floyd

  • releases: Trust the Angels; When Heaven Falls

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  • { Andrew Stock - programming, live synth, sequencing, founder; Liz 'Lowlife' Green - vocals, founder}
    [ Andrew Stock; Liz Green; Chris Kiefer (Chaosphere) - programming, live 'squelches and rushes']
  • UK, Brighton.

    Electro, ambient.

    Soaring female vocals, melancholic orchestral atmospheres, beats, electro rushes.

    Originally a duo.

    Name from curly strips of metal waste from a lathe (small, cute and shiny, but still hard as nails).

    Won the battle of the bands at Whitby.

  • comparisons: Cocteau-techno
  • labels: Wasp Factory Recordings
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
FallWasp FactoryWASPFAC010CDep 2001-07-02 / was due 2002-summer?notes Buy Fall by Swarf at
Art Science ExploitationResurrectionCRYCD013cd2004-06-21 notesBuy Art Science Exploitation by Swarf at
  • mailto: Swarf
    Flat 2,
    8 Norrfolk Terrace,
    East Sussex,
    BN1 3AD
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  • Darkwave, death metal, tribal magikal semi-ritualistic music. Named after the Swart Alfar (Dark Elves) from Norse mythology.
    comparisons: Aleister Crowley; Lord Byron; De Sade.

  • label: Memento Mori
  • releases: Candles Burning Blue; The Golden Section
  • (Apoptygma Berzerk)
  • Norway. Underground electronic. Light, bouncy synthpop. Modern synth pop from ex-Apop members.

    comparisons: Wolfsheim; Iris

  • releases: Sweepeepee
  1. official*

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  • Glam.

    One of the more important non-punk influences on early Goth.

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Sweet William

  • { Oliver Heuer - founding member, vocals, guitars, synths, programming }
    [ Frank Breuer - bass, programming;
    Markus Gerlach - since 2001, drummer, percussion ]
  • formed: 1986

    status: active

    location: K├Âln (Cologne)

    genres: alternative; electronica; psychedelic; indie

    Amongst the early German goth bands.

    1991 - signed contract with Hyperium/Rough Trade

  • comparisons: Nephilim; Hawkwind; the Doors
  • labels: d-monic; Datakill Rec
  • releases: These Monologues - debut album (rec 1989, released 1990, Big Noise Rec.);
    Kind of Strangest Dream;
    Development Through the Years;
    Show (1998, Dion Fortune Rec);
    Brighter Than the Sun (2010-April, d-monic records)
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  2. myspace*
  3. Oliver Heuer
  4. Frank Breuer
  5. Markus Gerlach
The Swelling Soul
Swirl Happy
Switchblade Symphony
  • Tina Root - classically trained high-pitched female vocals; Susan Wallace - composer, keyboards, programming; Robin Jacobs - guitars; George Earth (Candy Machine) - guitarist.
  • Formed 1990/1991 in San Francisco, by Susan Wallace and Tina Root, split up around 2000/1? Gothic, electro, celtic, dance with diverse influences. Combination of dark, classical, electronic, jazz, trip hop. Name from cutting up elements and forming symphony of beauty and nastiness. In later years synths pretty much took over from guitars, goth-hop style.Classical music, hard guitar, hard drums, nasty vocals. Drummer is also the trombone player. Harp, strings, bells, opera singing. Signed to Cleopatra in 1994. Into nursery rhymes, children fairy tales, fantasy... Heavy beat industrial, electronica and classical/theatrical styles of music.
    Rumoured to have recently split up, Tina now in band called Tre'Lux?
    comparisons: Siouxsie Sioux; Dead Can Dance.

  • labels: Cleopatra Records.
  • releases: Serpentine Gallery; Clown (single); Bread and Jam For Francis; Drool (single); The Three Calamities; The Three Calamities and More; Sinister Nostalgia (remix album).
  • contact: Switchblade Symphony
    P.O. Box 170443
    San Francisco
    CA 94117
    Cleopatra Records,
    8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd,
    Ste D-82
    CA 90045
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Swoon 19
Sykik Vandals
  • Erik
Sykotic Tendencies
  • Solo project.

  • releases: Saint
  1. void
  • Toronto. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).

Sylvias Ghost
  • Florida-based solo 'gothic vision'.
  1. number*
  • Bill Leeb (Frontline Assembly; Delerium); Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly; Delerium)
  • Side Project of Leeb and Fulber. Harsh dance, trance, atmospheric, ambient, dreamscape electronic music.

  • releases: Desideratum (double CD); Ephemeral; Embody; So What
  • French goth band

  1. void
  • Gothic commercial Darkwave, Darkbeat.
    comparisons: Sneaky Bat Machine; Narcissus Pool; Nekromantik; Faithful Dawn.

  • labels: Uppercut
  • releases: Midi Slave (2002.05.06)
  1. synthetic*
  2. Flash* sounds
Syrens of Titan
  • Pagan female duo.

  1. number (Harmony Ridge)
  • Christian Dorge - vocals
  • German Gothic 70s-rock-influenced, mournful, sparse at times. Gothic, fetish art imagery. Record at Dorge's Black October studios.
    comparisons: Sisters; Pink Floyd

  • releases: Voodoo Highway (ep); A Gift From Culture; Metroland (1997-1998 recordings)
  • Gothic rock

System der Dinge
  • German harsh electro industrial.

  • Fear Forms Function
Systems of Romance
System 22
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