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'I have made a heap of all that I have found...'
Nennius, Historia Brittonum (late 8th/early 9th C)

This section intends to be a comprehensive listing of Gothic, Darkwave, Industrial, EBM and Dark Alternative groups and artists, including basic information (if known) on the bands involved, and links to official and unofficial WebSites.  As the above quote from the famous work 'The History of the British' by the Welsh monk Nennius suggests, I am not concerned here with offering my opinion on the groups involved, but merely giving some information about them. Where there are comparisons with other artistes I have gathered these comparisons from various (other) sources.

A note on genres.
There don't seem to be any hard and fast rules when it comes to this area of music, but generally Goth is a catch-all term, not terribly descriptive in itself with Industrial holding a similar position. EBM could be seen as a subset of Industrial, but I couldn't possibly comment...

If you want to submit a band that isn't featured here, or report any inaccuracies or suggestions for amendments please use the form available here (really have to work on transferring the functionality from that page over to this server).


All entries in this index are in the following format (as appropriate):

Artistes - Version 0.3
Total number of entries: 14 Last updated: 2004-09-16

Artistes Name

  • { Original members }
    Transitory members - those who weren't in original line-up and aren't in the band now
    [ Current or most recent members ]
  • Where the band or artiste is based. Also the current status of the artiste, if known (active, inactive, etc)

    Which genres the artiste 'fits into' eg. Goth, industrial.

    What the artiste sounds like e.g. harsh, soft. Or what instruments are extant.

    A potted history of the band.

    Where the name came from, what the name could mean.

    Assorted trivia, not always directly related to the band itself.

    A timeline of major events in the artistes lifespan.

  • influences: Cited influences on the artistes
  • comparisons: What people have compared the artiste to
  • labels: Which labels the artiste has or is signed to, including records labels and distribution
table of releases by
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
vhs amazon
lp amazon
ep amazon
cd amazon
dvd amazon
book amazon
  1. official websites main websites, record label pages, mp3 sites and mailing lists.
  2. unofficial websites usually fan websites
  3. websites used for reference usually interviews, reviews and articles
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Artistes - Version 0.2
Total number of entries: 2,576 Last Updated: 2003-09-23t13:37z
Name of band/artiste
  • {Original / Founder Member (other bands) - role};
    Transitory Member (other bands) - role;
    [Current Member (other bands) - role].
  • A brief description of the band or artist with a basic history if known.
    comparisons: other artistes that this group or artist has been compared to, influences on the artiste.

  • labels: the record labels and distribution companies that this group or artist is or has been signed to.
  • releases: some of the singles, EPs and albums that the group has released (year of release, random notes if I feel like putting them in). ep = extended edition; le = limited edition; album = full length cd, vinyl or tape.
  • contact:
  1. any official sites I know of* (asterisk denotes officialness)
  2. a selection of fan sites
  3. dead links (which may become active again, possibly. Provided for completeness)


In the course of my researches I have gathered information from the following sources, amongst others:


Mailing Lists:






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