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  • Synth Pop.

Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Caroline O - vocals
  • comparisons: Siouxsie Siouxe (fashion sense)

Yeht Mae
  • German synth industrial. Whispered male vocals, samples. Industrial dance, EBM

  • releases: Transmitter; Eam They


  • { Peter Devin;
    Dominik Van Reich (amGod) }

  • status: unknown

    genre: dark-electro; synth; industrial dance; ebm

    location: Germany


    Named after Aleister Crowley.

  • comparisons: Hocico; Wumspscut; Amduscia
  • labels: Metropolis Records
  • labels: Celtic Circle; Minuswelt; Baal Records (own label)
  • releases:
    Brainstrorming (debut);
    Blood in Face;
  1. void (fan)
  • Synth-goth. German industrial, Goth touches. Distorted female vocals.

    comparisons: Chrome (guitars)

  • label: Trisol; Matrix Cube
  • releases: Breakdown of Reality
  1. void
Y Front
  • Guitarist; singer; 2 samplers; live drummer.
  • Mulhouse, France. Guitar-based industrial dance, EBM quartet, formed circa 1998.

  • comparisons: Depeche Mode; NIN.
  • label: Abathrash (subdivision of Boucherie Productions?)
  • releases: Patchwork of a Happier Place
  • contact:
Y Llwybr Llaethog
  • Industrial dance, EBM

Y-Luk-O / Y-LUK-O

  • { Leo }
  • status: unknown

    location: Germany.

  • releases:
    Dead Without You (2002-03-28)
    Shallow Beliefs (2004 mix)
The Young Gods
  • Franz Treichler - vocals; Bernard Trontin - drummer since 1989?7; Alain Monod - sampler.
  • Formed in 1986. Electronic industrial fusion. Powerful dancefloor, (first (Swiss?) band to use sampled guitars). Sing in English and French, deep, harsh, male vocals. Current influences electronic, techno, experimental, ambient. Gothic, industrial rock, darkwave, electro.

  • releases: Lucidogen (single?)
  1. void*
  2. void
You Shriek
  • Raziel Panic - frontman, high male vocals; Jason (for a while); John (who was originally a sound engineer) - multi-instrumentalist; Skot.
  • Active Boston-based trio since 1990. Gothic, industrial dance, EBM, new wave, ethereal, darkwave, rock, electro-pop. Dark mood, moving more towards clean techno sounds rather than the old dark experimental industrial, aggressive synth bass lines, dark ambient trancy feel. Keyboards, electronic drums.

  • comparisons: Pete Murphy; Aphex Twin.
  • releases: Grim (debut CD, after a number of demo tapes); Burn Something Dear (1999).
  • contact: You Shriek
  1. void*
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  • Polish doom metal, ethereal.

    comparisons: Saucerful of Secrets

  • Industrial, experimental

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