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  • Industrial, EBM
  • releases: No Solace in Sleep
  • Atmospheric. South Californian.
  • Label: Factory; Caroline
  • Releases: Smiling Monarchs (1985); Eureka (1986); Resin (1988); AB-CD (most of Eureka and Resin, 1988); The Other Side of the Fence (demo's, remixes, 1991).
Abigail's Mercy
  • Female and male fronted Goth rock band. Live, play classic covers and original material.

    comparisons: Mission; Incubus Succubus; All About Eve; Evanescence

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Abney Park
  • Robert Brown - vocalist.
  • Seattle, Washington state-based goth-tinged. Electronica with wafty female vocals, light guitar, electonic drums.
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  • Electronic, trance goth. Dark with gothic lyrics and vocals. Post darkwave (but not industrial) dance beat, EBM.
  • Label: Middlepillar.
  • Releases: In Your Mind.
  1. Abscess
Absent Minded
  • Industrial, EBM
Absolute Body Control
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Industrial, EBM
Absurd Adventures
  • Dark machine, electronic beats, harsh menacing male vocals, English, German lyrics.
  • Releases: Idealism.
  1. void
  • Jamie Glover - lead vocals; Todd Sumner - drummer; OJ - arrangement; Allen Barnett (Tears of Rage) - bass
  • Goth rock.

  • releases: Adapt and Overcome; First Turbulence (Dec, 1999); Strength in Numbers
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Access Code
  • Electro avant-garde.
  • Active
A Certain Ratio
  • Simon Topping - trumpet.
  • Manchester-based. Atmospheric.
  • Labels: Sextet.
  • Releases: The Graveyard (cassette, 1979); Live In America.
A Chud Convention
  • Experimental industrial
Acid Horse
  • Industrial, EBM
A.C. Marias
  • Angela Conway - vocalist; Bruce Gilbert (Wire) - guitarist
  • Quiet, atmospheric, producer John Fryer (Fad Gadget). Arty guitar, light synth, wispy vocals.
  • Label: Mute
  • Releases: One of Our Girls (1989)
  • Acousma: To Hear Imaginary Sounds
  1. void
A Covenant of Thorns
  • Solo project of Scott-David Allen since 1993.  Samples and real instruments.
    comparisons: Type O Negative; Therapy?; Enya

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  2. audiosurge
  • Inactive, UK-based.

Action Directe
  • Joel
  • Leeds-based industrial art-terrorists. Started as a duo. Have been remixed by Libitina.

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[Active] Media Disease
  • Industrial, EBM, electro, darkwave, crossover. Hard, dark, accessible. Lots of guitars. Electro/death rock, distorted vocals, guitar riff, melancholic.

  • releases: Lost (4-track).
Act of Cruelty
  • Formed 1990, quartet. French lyrics, guitar, bass, keyboard, beat box. 1991, guitarist sings in English. Cold wave. 1992, drummer and 2nd guitarist arrive. General guitar-based goth, touch of heavy metal.
  • Releases: First Act (demo tape, 1991); Tools for Creation.
Acts Magdelena
  • NYC-based?
  • Light, spacey, synthy, orchestrated, dark folk, minimal lyrics.
  • label: Middlepillar
  • releases: Das Unbenennbare; Sacro Sanctum (2000)
  1. void
Acumen Nation
  • Industrial, EBM, previously called Acumen.
  1. void

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Adam and the Ants

  • { Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard) - vocals; Marco Peroni (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - guitars; Dave Barb - drums; Johnny Bivouac - guitar; Winkle and Wankle Watson - bass; Jordan - manager/vocals }

    [ ]
  • Art-school punk.

    Sparse guitar and tribal drums in early years.

    Started off as art-school punk, using fetish imagery, and some sounds similar to the early Goth bands.

    Emerged from the 1970s punk scene, The Ants had 7 singles in the Top 40 at one time in 1981, and have sold approximately 16,000,000 records.  Adam Ant appeared in Derek Jarman's Jubilee in 1977 before forming the Ants.

    Malcolm McLaren managed for a while, taking much of the band with him. Car Trouble (which was produced by Chris Hughes (Under the Gun, Temple of Love 1992)) came out in early 1980 to free the Ants from a record deal.

    Adam became a solo artist in 1981, then went to US to pursue acting career in 1984.  Returned to north London in 1987.

    More recently Adam has been sectioned at the Royal Free Hospital, north London, following an incident in January, 2002.

    releases: Kings of the Wild Frontier; Prince Charming

    Goddard thought his muscular body looked like that of Michaelangello's Adam and added ant because they were natural survivors.

    1978 wearing whiteface makeup and distinctive eyeshadow at Moonlight club and the Marquee.

  • comparisons: Bo Diddley (drums); Burundi (drums).
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Adams Family
  • Active, UK.
  • Paul Fisher (Soul System; Beyond Reach; Pob) - keyboards, song writer; Lee Adams - keyboards, programmer, song writer; PD - vocals.
  • Fairly recent darkbeat, industrial, dance, synthpop band from Cumbria/Carlisle.
  • comparisons: Depeche Mode; Kraftwerk; Erasure; Pet Shop Boys; New Order; Gary Numan; Furniture.
  • labels: Blue Cobalt Communications
  • releases: Live and Learn
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  • Miriam Stockley - vocalist; Karl Jenkins - composer; Mary Carewe - backup singer.
  • Classical (London Philharmonic), percussion, incantations.
  • Releases: Songs of Sanctuary; Cantata Mundi.
Ad Libitum
  • Russian?
  • Atmospheric, dream-pop. Early-eighties influenced.
A Dream Of A Thousand Cats
  • Larime - keyboards, synth; Danielle-Sylvie - painting, vocals?.
  • Ethereal, ambient duo. French and English vocals, brooding rhythms, atmospheric melodies. Played by the mouth, tongue and chin of disabled musician Larime while Danielle-Sylvie paints.
  • releases: Twilight (internet single, upcoming album)
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  • Electro
Adult Fantasies
  • Atmospheric. Belgian.
  • releases: The No-Sleep Feeling.
Adult Net
  • Brix Smith (The Fall) - vocalist.
  • Atmopheric, rock.
  • releases: Honey Tangle.
Advanced Art
  • Midrange soft male vocalist
  • Electro-industrial.
Advent Sleep
  • Michael Bann - vocalist; Elton Nestler; Tim Bowman; Kent Miller.
  • Central Pennsylvanian Goths (close to Three Mile Island). Danceable industrial, dark-gothic, dark, sinister, romantic, powerful, atmospheric, sensuous with throaty vocals. Sound imagery, dark, romantically sinister, intelligent programming, hybrid of sounds. Anti-religious sentiment. Keyboards, guitars.

  • labels: Pink Cathedral.
  • releases: Egos & Eros; One Kiss (2000).
  • contact:
    Advent Sleep
    617 Mountain St.
    PA 17025-1608
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  5. archived
  • Carmen - female vocals
  • Based in Portugal.

    Synth-goth, ethereal rock, darkwave, gothic rock.
    comparisons: This Ascension; Prikosnoverie label; The Gathering; Cocteau Twins; Cure; Mission.

  • labels: Symbiose; Middle Pillar Presents (signed late 2002).
  • releases:
    Never Fragile (2002, ep/maxi);
    Sentient (March / April 2003)
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aesma daeva
  • {John Prassas - guitar; Danielle Lang - vocals};
    N. Copernicus - production
  • Industrial, underground electronic.  Synthesizer, tape, guitars, operatic female vocals.
    comparisons: Skinny Puppy

  • labels: All Evil Records (USA); Irond Rec (Russia)
  • releases: Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written in Water (1999); The Eros of Frigid Beauty (upcoming)
  1. audiosurge
After Darkness
  • Sparse gothic rock.
  • Releases: Murnau.
  • Lancaster-based goth/punk/reggae/other stuff.
  • Releases: i-chingSugar (ep).
  1. void

Age of Heaven

  • { J.U. Age: lyrics, composition, synths;
    Heidi: keyboards;
    Christian: guitars;
    Chroma: bass guitar;
    July: guitars }

  • status: active

    formed: 1991

    location: Leipzig, former East Germany

    genres: Gothic Rock; Gothic metal; Wave; 1980s

    1991-Spring: met in Leipzig.
    1991-Whitsun: opened the first WGT.

  • influences: Mission; Sisters of Mercy; 69 Eyes; Fields of the Nephilim; HIM; The Cure; Depeche Mode
  • Detailed keyboard arrangements. Guitars, synths, 90s technology.
  • comparisons: Sisters (Vision Thing); Project Pitchfork
  • labels: Age One Music; Heaven Release; Dion Fortune Records
  • releases:
    Heaven's Tears (1992)
    True Faces (1993)
    Armageddon (1994)
    The Garden of Love (1996)
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  • Norwegian experimental industrial. Bleak, dark, ambient, unsettling, pagan chanting, icy aesthetics.
  • Label: Middlepillar
  • Releases: Hexeri im Zwielicht der Finsternis.
  1. void
Aghast View
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Three Organic Experiences
Agnes Poetry
  • Formed 1990 in Manti, Utah. Two brothers and a sister. Technosynth-pop group with expressive harmonies.
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  • Apocalyptic, atmospheric, English, German, French, Italian lyrics.
  • Releases: Testament
  1. void
  • Industrial, EBM
Ah Cama-Sotz
  • Experimental industrial
  1. void
A Head
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Crunchy power industrial, harsh EBM, dark trip hop, future pop. Harsh male growly vocals, sensual female vocals.

  • label: Alfa Matrix
  • releases: Sons Palliatifs (third album); Psychosomatically Unique (ep, DJ and fan club release); Kafarnaüm (fourth album)
  • contact: info
    Séba Dolimont (label and artists manager, Alfa-Matrix)
    90 Rue Charles Degroux
    1040 Brussels
    tel/fax 0032.2.732.14.81
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  • Strong symphonic female vocals, goth rock.
  • Label: Middlepillar
  • Releases: Aimless
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Ain Soph
  • Italian experimental industrial since 1985. Dark folk.
  • Label: first Staalplaat, then Elfenblut.
Aircrash Bureau
  • Industrial, EBM
Air Miami
  • Mark Robinson; Bridget Cross (Unrest); Lauren Feldsher; Mike Fellows; Gabriel Stout.
  • Atmospheric. Keyboardy, jangly-pop.
  • Releases: All Virgos Are Mad; Wakefield; Me. Me. Me. (1995); Airplane Rider.
  • Jeremy Wrenn - guitar, vocals; Shawn Delaney - bass, guitar, vocals.
  • From Bloomington, Indiana. Previously known as Black Olive. Noise-pop.
    1. void
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Seattle-based
  • releases: Absolute Purity
  • Alaura - vocals; Justin Beck - music.
  • Eerie, ethereal lyrics, trance.
  • Releases: Sacred Dreams.
  1. void
Albergo Intergallatico Spaziale
  • Legendary Italian haunting space gothic.
  • Label: Ventricle.
  1. void
Albino Tarbugz
  • South African industrial, Sonic Youth-ish band.
  • Industrial rock/metal.
  • Pteran - classically-trained percussion, pan pipes, bells, keyboards, electronic devices; Loreli - classically-trained, ethereal vocals.
  • Canadian/Chicago/American? etherial goth band. Dark, mystical, danceable music.
  • Label: Spider Records; CyberSanctum (New England).
  • Releases: Alchemy; I Know You.
  • Cybersanct
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    2. Alchemy
    3. official*
Algebra Suicide
  • Don Hedecker - guitar, drum machine,synthesizer; Lydia Tomkiw - poet.
  • Atmospheric, monologued detached, angular, splintered poetry.
  • male vocals, female vocals.
  • French duo. Dark ethereal folk music. Produced by Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus).
  • Label: Middlepillar
Alice Strange
  • South African eighties band in the vein of The Sisters.
Alien Faktor
  • Industrial, EBM

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Alien Sex Fiend

  • { Nik Fiend - vocals; Mrs. Fiend - keyboards}
    Ratty (Uncle Fester) - drums, guitar; [ Gonzo; Slice ]
  • UK, Wales, Bridgend (near Cardiff).

    Batcave band. Goth, punk, industrial, experimental, dance, psychobilly, synthpop, glam, techno, but always fun and light-hearted. Trippy dark techno.

    Nik provides ghoulish vocals, Mrs Fiend provides trippy drum machines and electronic stuff. Post-punk guitars, electro synths.

    For ten years Nik Fiend and Mrs. Fiend wrote, recorded, toured, made videos, did artwork and edited the Fiendzine. After taking a break from touring they returned, Nik had learnt sound engineering and they were more computer literate. Eventually this would lead to the two of them setting up their own record company, in preparation for their next album.

    At one point (early on) called the Alien Sex Fiend (emphasis on the the). Commonly referred to as ASF.

    It has been said that David Bowie is a fan. All the ASF record covers have been created by Nik, whose art has been exhibited in Edinburgh, Burnley, London, Brighton, NYC and Boston. The video to Now I'm Feeling Zombified has appeared on Beavis and Butthead. The Fiends have at one point lived in Brixton (possibly still do?) - one of many places where Nik has painted on the walls. Garbage a track called Alien Sex Fiend on the B-side of Stupid Girl, prompting ASF to pen a track called Garbage.

    1982 - formed in London, UK.
    1986-11/12 - ASF replaced Zodiac Mindwarp playing support on Alice Cooper's Nightmare Returns UK tour after Zodiac falls ill. Dr and the Medics support Alice in London.
    1992 - took a break from touring, filled time with a live album, original demos and compilation albums.
    1994 - the 'Inferno' computer game soundtrack (instrumental), which led to them becoming a lot more computer literate.
    1995/6 - 13th Moon Records created.
    1990-01-19 - Ground Zero, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Nik's (first) solo art exhibition.
    1990-07-23 - London, PowerHaus - live art show - painting with an audience. (Diary of a Lunatic?)
    1997-12 - Electric Ballroom gig.
    1998-10/11 - Halloween Blitz (USA tour - last gigs for five years).
    2004-07-17 - live - Zillo Festival (first gig in over five years?)

  • comparisons: Cramps; Suicide; Alice Cooper theatrics
  • labels: UK, Anagram; Cherry Red Records; Pinnacle. USA, Cleopatra Records. France, Tripsichord. Belgium; Holland; Luxembourg, Suburban. Spain; Portugal, Contrasena. Italy, Wide. Germany; Austria; Switzerland, Rough Trade. Greece, Hitch Hike.
table of releases by alien sex fiend
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Ignore the Machinesingle1983Produced by Youth. Debut single.
Who's Been Sleeping in my Brain?album1983Debut album. Released by Relativity.
Acid Bath1984Second studio album. Epitaph. A T-shirt of the cover of this album appears throughout the 1997 Tim Burton film Mars Attacks.
Maximum Securityalbum1985Released by Anagram in the UK. amazon
Liquid Head in Tokyo1985UK Anagram
Liquid Head in Tokyovhs amazon
"It" the Albumalbum1986Plague / Anagram in the UK. amazon
"It" the Album/Maximum Securitytape1986UK Plague/Anagram
I Walk the Lineep1986UK Flicknife
The Impossible Mission Mini lpalbum1987 PVC
The First A.S.F. CDcd1987UK Plague/Anagram
Here Cum Germsalbum1987Was advertised in 2000ad. PVC.
Another Planet1988Caroline
All Our Yesterdays1988compilationUK Plague/Anagram
Too Much Acid?1989UK Plague/Anagram
A.S.F. Box1990UK Plague/Anagram/Windsong
Open Head Surgery1992
Inferno1994Cleopatra. Computer game soundtrack. amazon
The Single 1983-1995Anagram Records, compilation.
Evolution12"1996-0213th Moon
Evolutioncd single1996-1013th Moon
Evolution remixes12"1996-1013th Moon
Nocturnal Emissionscd / double lp1997-03 13th Moon
On a Mission remixes12"1997-0813th Moon
Tarot remixes12"1998-1013th Moon
The Very Best of Alien Sex Fiend2001-03-05Anagram amazon
A Purple Glistenervideo / dvd?
Editvhs amazon
Edit / Overdosedvd (region 1) amazon
Information Overload amazon
Overdosevhs amazon
Blood on the Catsvhs amazon
Revelations: The Video Samplervhs(features ASF) amazon
Re-Animated - The Promo Collectionvhs amazon
Wardance of the...double cdRecall. amazon
The Making Of Inferno - The Odyssey Continuesvhs amazon
Zillo Festival Sampler CD 2004cd2004 features Alien Sex Fiend - Gotta Have It (Sliced and Diced mix)
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Alien Sylvas Womb
  • Industrial, EBM
Alio Die
  • Experimental industrial, ritual dark ambient, semi-tribal. Insectoid drones, demi-tribal percussion.
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Il Tempo Magico di Saturnia Pavonia
  1. void
Alison's Halo
  • Adam Cooper - guitar; Catherine Cooper - vocals, guitar; Alison - drum machine; Lynn Anderson - bass.
  • Tempe, Arizona since 1992. Guitar noise-pop, chimey guitars, etherial vocals, fuzzy guitar solos.
  • Releases: Dozen.

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All About Eve

  • { }

    [ Julianne Regan - vocals; Tim Bricheno (Sisters of Mercy; CNN) - guitarist; Robin Guy (Rachel Stamp) - drummer]
  • Goth in early years. Ethereal.

    Guitar, female vocals. 21st century work is a little more raw, throbbing bass lines, crunchy guitar.


table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Fairy Light Nightslabelcataloguecd release dateLive, acoustic.
Let Me Go HomeJam TartAAEVP10CD1cd 2004-05-24Single. Buy Let Me Go Home by All About Eve at
  1. Julianne Regan
  2. concentric
  3. mikusko
  4. goony
  5. LJ community fansite
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  • Kain Latter - vocalist; Avis - cellist
  • Formed early 1990s, Atlanta. Darkwave, synth, drums.
  1. void
Allegory Chapel Ltd.
  • Experimental industrial
  • Experimental industrial
  1. number
Allied Vision
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
Allison with One
  • Florida-based.
  1. void
  • Eighties style.
  1. void
All Life Ends
  • (1st incarnation) Becky - original vocalist; Wayne Bryant (Rapture) - guitarist; Millie - second vocalist; Liz - bass; Jon - lead guitar; Catelynn - synth; Dave - the drum machine.
    (2nd incarnation) Wayne Bryant - guitarist; Ben - vocals; Chris Hurrell - guitarist; Nick the Pagan - drums; Matt - bass.
  • Goth metal, originally based in Cardiff and called The Purple Turtles, second incarnation heavy melodic in Ipswich. Their most recent demo tape was produced by James Howard (who famously remixed Cradle of Filth).
  • Releases: Sanguine Addiction.
  1. Official*
All Living Fear
  • {Matthew North - keyboards, guitar, vocals.; Steven Howson;}
    Richard / Woulfie - bass; Michael Webb - guitars, synth; Caroline Jago (Seventh Harmonic; Frantic Spiders); John Macklin - drums; Steve Tackle - guitar; Andy Heard - bass; Anthony Whitehouse (The Gypsy Dogs) - guitars, bass; Paul Roe (The Gypsy Dogs) - vocalist, guitar, bass;
    [Matthew North - guitar, bass, keyboards; Andy Racher - vocals; Martin - backing? vocals].
  • Based in Devon, they were the first band to play at the first Whitby Goth Festival. Alternative / Goth band, more recently they have tended towards rock quitar.

    They played their first gig (comprising mostly of Sisters tracks and other covers) at The Parrot in Torquay in September 1992, a few months after forming. Richard joined soon after, though the band broke up not long after.
    Matthew wrote a few new songs before the band returned, with Webb, who left shortly afterwards and was replaced by Jago. Racher joined in early 1994, taking over vocal duties from Matt.
    The band took off in 1995, and Tackle was replaced by Heard, as Tackle didn't have enough time to commit to the band. Heard later left for the same reason, leaving the band as a duo.
    Whitehouse joined in October 1997, in time for a new ep and a small tour, before Racher quit in December 1997, tired of touring. Roe (a bandmate of Whitehouse from the Gypsy Dogs (a local rock band)) joined as a stand-in until a new vocalist could be found, but ended up staying.
    Whitehouse had to leave due to ill health around September, 1998, though he did return to play a gig at the Borderline and remains a friend to the band.
    Following falling audiences and a changing sound the band split up, Matt and Paul forming a new band, Corrosion.
    North and Racher the reformed the band in 2001, following interest from a Polish record label (with Roe's approval), playing a few gigs in December. 2002 saw more gigs and 2003 should see a new album, to be released at the 10th anniversary Whitby Gothic Weekend, and a tour in December.

    The website also gives information on The Crazy World of Arthur Wilton Brown.

    comparisons: Danse Society.

  • label: Fear Productions; Ossia (now defunct); Pagan Media Records
  • releases:
    Live on Tour (1993, demo);
    Close Down (circa 1994, demo);
    Jessica (circa 1994, ep);
    The Widow's Blame (1995-10-31, debut album);
    Fear on the Road (1996, video of Borderline gig 1995-10);
    Minimum Resistance (1996-10-31, second album);
    Regeneration (1997, ep);
    Vintage Fear (1997, CD-R of the two EPs from 1994);
    Bridging the Gap (1998, CD-R, Roe on vocals);
    Into The Light (Spring, 1999, third album, Roe on vocals);
    Live at the Cavern Club
    <-- (fourth album, expected 2003-10-31) -->
  • All Living Fear Information Service (Matt)
    c/o Matt North,
    Pludda House, Station Road,
    Bovey Tracey, Devon
    TQ13 9AS,
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  5. discussion list* All Living Fear and Corrosion
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All the Pretty Horses
  • Venus - lead vocals, guitar; Pandora - bass, harmonies; Jendeen (The Wolverines) - drums; Emily - go-go dancing, harmonies; Grandell - lyrics? Bill Bailey - original drummer; Ed Ford - orininal bass player; Matt Batchelor - early drummer; Jonnycakes - harmony singer on Queens & Angels.
  • Formed 1995, based in Minneapolis, USA. Dark-Glam, melodic, glamourous S&M, goth, metal, glamster-revisionist, punky-rock. Poetry, rock, hard-edged instrumentals. Matt, Ed and Jonnycakes left as they couldn't afford (time, energy, etc.) to tour.
  • Releases: A.T.P.H. (1995); Queens & Angels; Ruin.
  1. void
  2. official
  • Experimental industrial, ethereal. Aztec mythology, subterranean drones, ritual, incantations, acoustic, electronic, shimmering guitar, echo-y pianos. Dark, dangerous, mysterious, graceful, grand.
  • Releases: Coatlique: Goddess of the Earth.
  • Music Onirica,
    BM Alquimia,
    London, WC1N 3XX
  1. void
Altered Images
  • Claire Grogan - vocals; Steve Severin - producer
  • Twenty years ago now.
Altered States
  • Inactive '80s UK goth band, but have become the band Euphoria.
  • releases: Is Anyone Out There? (compilation, Alaska sessions); Designer ('90s).
  1. void
  2. void
  • Azra Medea - female, operatic vocalist; Docian - male vocals.
  • Ethereal duo from Florida. Did the soundtrack for a film called Creep. Organs, synthesizers, dark vocals, trancy drums, atmospheric.

  • albums: The Trickster and the Fool.
  • contact: Graveside Entertainment,
    PO Box 37530,
    FL 32236, USA.
  1. void
  • Aida Ruilova - bass clarinet, keyboards, guitar; Liza Wakeman - violin, guitar; Michelle Anderson - saxophone, whistles, screams.
  • Neo-classical/folk spookiness from Tampa, Florida.
Amateur God
  • releases: Near Life Experience
Amber Asylum
  • Kris Force - (has worked with Swans and Neurosis) soprano, violin, guitar; and two others on cello and e-bowed guitar.
  • Classical, ethereal melancholic, dreamy, experimental, surreal. Neoclassical electronica. Largely instrumental, violin, acoustic guitar, keyboards, accordian sometimes female vocals.

  • label: Relapse.
  • releases: Frozen in Amber; The Natural Philosophy of Love (1997); Songs of Sex and Death (v. early 1999).
  • 2440 16th street #121 San Francisco,
    CA 94103,
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
Amber Route
  • label: Projekt
L'Âme Immortelle
  • Sonja Kraushofer - singer; Thomas; Hannes.
  • Austrian goth-metal, dark-electro. Thomas and Hannes have roots in black metal and synth-pop. Techno sounding songs, classical, distorted male vocals. Based on 'feelings adn momentary sensations'. Symphonic electro, melodies, aggressive electronics.

  • labels: Divension Christina; Matrix Cube; Trisol.
  1. void
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Experimental industrial
Ammer & Einheit
  • Experimental industrial
Amniotic Drowning
  • Nigel James Neilson - writer; Jude Collins - female vocals; Christian Grey - male vocals.
  • Trio industrial, techno, trance, hardcore metal, noise.
  • AmnioDrown
  • Dark pop
Am Tag Unter Nul
  • German goth, mostly German lyrics.
  • Releases: Endstadt.
A Murder of Angels
  • Ambient, semi-experimental.
    comparisons: Cold Meat

  • releases: While You Sleep
  • Logan Bongiovanni - lyrics, vocals; Brian Pampaselle / Ble9k - guitar, arrangement, production, programming; Dr. 770 - drum machine.
  • Formed 1997, Anaheim, CA, USA as American Vampire.  Took a break in 1998-1999, changing name to AmVamp in October, 2001.

  1. official*
Anaal Nathrakh
  • British.  Misanthropic?  Named after Charm from Excalibur?

  1. official
Anal C*nt
  • Experimental industrial
Anal Solvent
  • Experimental industrial
An April March
  • Danella Hocevar - vocals.
  • Three-piece from Toronto. Atmospheric, female vocals, ethereal. Acoustic and jangly guitars, mellow, delicate female vocals.
  • Label: Bedazzled
  • Releases: Lessons in Vengeance (1995); Instruments of Lust & Fury(1995); It Goes Without Saying.
  • Greek, sing in Macedonian. Slow, serious mood.
  • Releases: Before the Rain (Soundtrack).
  • releases: One Last Goodbye; Judgement; A Fine Day to Exit (2001, to be released)
  1. void
  2. Anathema
  • English, gothic spookiness, doom, death metal. Use basic guitar work to effect.
  • releases: Judgement; Silent Enigma
  1. void
The Ancestry
  • Inactive, UK.
  • Kai Uwe Skerra - composer.
  • Atmospheric, ethereal ambient, pop. Orchestral. Dark ambient, darkwave, film score-ish. Violin, cello, double bass, oboe, flute, recorder, human vocals.
  • Label: Hyperium.
  • Releases: Tranquilly the Maelstrom Starts; The Bleak Wooden Tower.
  1. void
Ancient Drive
  • Gothic/black metal from Finland.
  • Releases: Romantic Funeral 98.
    Number void
The Ancients
  1. void
And Also The Trees
  • Active since 1980, UK, last album in 1996. Atmospheric, dark, romantic pop. Male vocals, guitar, keyboards. Lots of reverb, crescendo-style percussion.
    comparisons: Michael Brooke
  • Releases: And Also the Trees (1983); Gone...Like the Swallows (1984); Dialogue (1994); Virus Meadow; The Klaxon; Farewell to the Shade; The Millpond Years; Angelfish; Green is the Sea; Evening of the 24th (live performance, 1986).
  1. void
  2. And Also the Trees
  3. Number
And Christ Wept
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
And Here I Lie
  • Western New York state Gothic doom band.
  1. void*
Andi Sex Gang
  • From Sex Gang Children
  • Releases: Acro Valley; Western Songs for Children; Veil (1999)
  • Magicavern,
    PO Box 26723,
    London SW2 4WL,
  1. void
  2. void
And One
  • Deep male vocals.
  • German.  Industrial, EBM, dance. Pounding electro with a sense of humour. Played Zillo 1998.

    1. void
    2. void
Android Lust
  • Shikee - female soprano vocals.
  • Mainly solo electronic, darkwave. Overwrought dirge, dark drollery, scruffy techno, light soul music, electronica, metal, industrial.

    comparisons: Einsturzende; Tori Amos.

  • releases: The Want; Resolution; The Dividing; Evolution (remixes)
  1. void
  2. void
Andromeda Complex
  • Industrial, EBM
  • (Tesco Organisation)
  • Rock, female vocals. Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) producers.
  • Releases: Angelfish.
  • Mykel Boyd.
  • Ethnic drones, arabic percussion.  Formed as solo studio project of Mykel Boyd in late 1989.

  • void*
Angel'in Heavy Syrup
  • Mineko Itakura - vocals.
  • Japanese female quartet. Ethereal space-psychedlia, semi-distorted, swirly, experimental guitars, flutes. Japanese lyrics, gentle vocals.
  • Releases: Angel'In Heavy Syrup III.
Angel Provocateur
  • Vanessa Harvey; Kelly Thistle.
  • Ambient, world. Electronics, exotic female vocals.
Angels and Agony
  • Electro, future pop.
    comparisons: VNV Nation.

Angels Decay
  • Quatet, inactive.
  1. void*
Angel Self Destruct
  • Alex Berto; Laurence.
  • French duo since 1997. Guitar and rich drumming, synths, atmospheric. Male/female vocals. Indie/darkwave fro goths.
  • Alex Berto,
    22bis rue de l'yvelin, 78790 Septeuil,
The Angels of Light
  • Michael Giras (the Swans)
  • Country-ish elements in How I Loved You

  • releases: New Mother; How I Loved You
Angels of Venice
  • releases: Awake Inside a Dream
  • releases: The Nymphaem
The Angina Pectoris
  • Joelen - deep male vocalist; Shay Astray - vocals, bass.
  • American-German band. Goth rock. Rhythmical sound, drum and bass lines, neo-classical influences. Powerful, atmospheric, deep, gloomy, dark, melancholic, moody.
  • Releases: Anno Domini; Anguish; Insonnia.
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  • European neo-romanticist, goth-metal. Female, male vocals, German lyrics?
  • Label: Middlepillar.
  • Releases: Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter.
  1. void
  • Solo project.
  • Comparisons: Einstruzende Neubaten; U2; The Orb; Bauhaus.
  1. void*
Angry White Mob
  • Industrial, EBM
  • San Francisco goth-type band.
  1. void
  2. void
Anguish In Exile
  • Industrial, death metal.
  • Seductive vocals, shimmerign melodies. Previously known as Velouria.
  1. void
Anima In Fiamme
  • Napoli, Italy-based industrial gothic band. Apocalyptic neoclassical.
  1. void
  2. Anima in Fiamme*
Anima Poetae
  • Italian band.
  1. official*
Annabelle's Garden
  • Atmospheric, around in 1993.
  1. void
Anne Clark
  • UK-based.

  1. void
  • Rebecca - vocalist.
  • Ambient noise (heavily processed) guitar/techno/ethereal from San Francisco.
  1. void
Anonymous Pink
  • Harsh industrial, female vocals, bass-synth, techno drums, elektro, atmosphere (but not all at once).
  • Releases: ATZ (demo).
  • Contact: (616) 361-7040 (presumably somewhere in USA).
  1. void
Anorexic Dread
  • Inactive, UK.
Another Earthly Dimension
  • Goth industrial band.
  • Comparisons: Sisters of Mercy; The Mission.
  1. void*
Another Tale
  • Visions and tales (whatever that's supposed to mean).
  1. void
  • Experimental industrial
  1. official*
  • French goth band

  1. void
The Anti Group
  • Experimental industrial, EBM
  • Russian? electro.
  • Michael McGlynn - director.
  • Irish choral group with songs in English, Latin and Irish Gaelic of traditional or religious origin.
  • Releases: Anuna; Invocation; Omnis; Deep Dead Blue.
  • Atmospheric
A Perfect Circle
  • Maynard Keenan
  • releases: Thirteenth Step (2003)
Apes of God
  • Atmospheric
  • Atlanta gothic industrial band, dark with female vocals (and all female members?).
  1. void
  2. Aphelion
The Apiary
  • Michael Bentley - driving force.
  • Dark ambient 'music which tries to recall the world of nature, the fear and the beauty'.
  • Label: The Foundry (belonging to Michael Bentley).
  • Releases: eM; Electronica; Descent.
  1. void
Apocalypse Theatre
  • Hope; Sangre de Mercy.
  • Formed Washington, DC in 1993, relocated to San Francisco. Goth, dark, hauting, dark electro instrumentals, guitars, keyboards, female and male vocals, industrial influences. Part of The Caravan ("a group of bands and artisans travelling across North America, bringing new awareness to remote parts of the nation.").
  • label: Hollows Hill Sound Recordings
  • releases: Angry Angels; Cain or an Open Vein (1998).
  • contact: Apocalypse Theatre
    P.O. Box 420476
    San Francisco
    CA 94142
  1. void
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Ritual, darkwave
  • label: Tesco
  • releases: Nordland
Apoptygma Berzerk
  • Stephan Groth - midrange vocals; Geir - vocals
  • Norwegian.  Goth, industrial, techno, dance, electro, EBM, future pop.  Scandinavian. Attention grabbing synths. Keyboard instrumentals, '80s synthpop to electro industrial.  Played Infest 99.

  • labels: hard:drive (Feb, 2001); EastWest Records (Warner Music, Europe, Asia); Metropolis (Canada, USA).
  • releases: media disc APBL98 featured more than 45 minutes of film. Mourn (EP) Soli Deo Gloria (1993); 7 (1996); Welcome to Earth; APBL2000 (2001, CD, DVD, VHS).
  1. official*
  2. hard:drive* (merchandise)
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  • Norwegian Gothic band.
  1. void*
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Detroit-based experimental industrial, dance, darkwave, ambient, psychedelic electonica.
  1. void
April 9
  • 'Tricky meets Dead Can Dance'. Ambient guitar, oriental sounds, mediæval instruments (poss. sampled?), original percussions.
A Primary Industry
  • Atmospheric
  • Violinist with Nurse With Wound. Soloist, dark chamber music, violin, gong, bow glass.
  • Label: Middlepillar.
  • Releases: Transfixiation.
  • Shane (Blind Before Dawn)
  • Manchester goth/punk. Inactive.
  • Peter Pettersson - baritone; Ida Bengtsson - operatic female vocals.
  • Swedish mediæval inspired band. Experimental, gothic symphonic, dark ambient, romantic mediæval with fanfares, woodwind, choral, organ, strings, piano, harpsichord; timpani, horns.
  • Label: Cold Meat Industry
  • Releases: Dark Age of Reason; Lizabeth; Cantar de Procella.
  1. void
  2. Arcana*
  3. void
  • This one, I think is from Pittsburg, USA. Symphonic, dark ambient, orchestral with artificial woodwinds, percussion, snare drums, strings, acoustic drums, piano, gregorian chant, saxophone hardly any vocals. About 3 years older than the Swedish Arcana.
  • label: In Perpetual Motion?; Projekt?
  • releases: Premonition; Inner Pale Sun; The Last Embrace.
  1. void
Arcana Obscura
  • Goth, darkwave, EBM, industrial since 1990.
  • Releases: Pain
Arcane Art
  • (Penitant) - keyboard.
  • Piano, strings, minimal percussionn.
  • Label: Middlepillar.
  1. void
Arcane Device
  • Experimental industrial
  • Thomas Ayres - vocals.
  • Atmospheric, world, religious, classical. Mostly non-English rituals and chants (ancient classical?), mystical. Strings, eastern percussion, electronic synths.
  • Label: Projekt
  • Contact: 800-235-2737 (USA)?
  1. void
  2. void
  • Brett Schieber; Shazl
  • Electronic, full, vibrant
  • Releases: The Spoken Scream.
Arc Gotic
  • Ciprian Costache - vocals, guitar; Florin Turta - percussion, harmonica; Florin Ban - violin; Ciprian Bun - bass.
  • Romanian with mostly English and some French lyrics. Romanticism, decadence and the Romanian writer Panait Istrati are main influences. Gothic-rock, post-punk, romantic.
  • label: Htonian
  1. void
The Arch Criminals
  • Mid eighties band.

Archon Satani
  • Experimental industrial
  • Steve Jones (The Arms of Someone New) - guitars; Lynn Canfield (The Moon Several Times) - vocals.
  • Atmospheric with a drum machine
  • Label: Projekt
  • Napoli, Italy-based apocalyptic folk band.

  • releases: Luctamina In Rebus
  1. Argine*
Argyle Park
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
  2. void
Arkham Asylum
  • Now (early/mid 2003) managed by Glenn Psychosis.
    comparisons: Iggy Pop; Marilyn Manson; Orb

  • label: Wasp Factory
  • releases: Learn to Love Your Cancer
  1. wasp factory*
  2. fan club*
  • Rebecca Luker - operatic vocals; Paul Schwarts - percussion; Mario Grigorov - violin.
  • Ethereal, electronic, synth.
  • releases: Aria
  • Rob Morton (Spahn Ranch); Matt Green (Spahn Ranch)
  • Electronics, guitars.
  • contact: Aria
    P.O. Box 46662
    CA 90046
  • Ottawa, Canada goth band.
  • releases: Withdrawn (debut)
  1. Ariel
  2. void*
Ariels Wake
  • Goth, ethereal, female vocals
  • Releases: Decay.
  1. void
Arise From Thorns
  • Gothic metal
  • labels: Dark Symphonies
A.R. Kane
  • male vocals.
  • Atmospheric, disjointed sound fractures, altered tempos, hazy feedback, industrial, ethereal. Raw guitars, chant-like vocals, buried melodies.

  • releases: Americana; Sixty Nine.
Arkham Asylum
  • Italian darkwave. impassioned vocals, keyboards

  • releases: Scarred Pearls.
  1. official*
  • Experimental industrial

Armageddon Dildos
  • Industrial, EBM
  • label: Zoth Ammog.
  1. void
Arms of Someone New
  • Steve Jones (Area) - guitars.
  • Atmospheric, swirling dark pop, neo-psychedelic influences. Based in Champaign, IL, USA.
  • Labels: Office Records; C'est La Mort
  • Releases: Burying the Carnival (ep 1984); Susan Sleepwalking (1985).
Aroma di Amore
  • Atmospheric
  • Industrial rock/metal
Ars Poetica
  • Stephanie Wicker - lead vocals.
  • Ethereal, 'ambient sound collages'
Art Academy
  • Industrial, EBM
Art Barbeque
  • Experimental industrial
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
  • Alberto Caslis - vocalist
  • 5-piece Italian (Roman) gothic band. Vocals from McCoy to quasi-operatic. Violin, strings, exotic piano, fast, dark gothic rock. Mediterranean gothic music.
  • Releases: Ombra e Luce (debut).
  • PO Box 334-00173,
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  • Norwegian Industrial-Electronica-Metal with touch of Ambient-Goth.
Art of Decay
  • Dark electro/dance industrial/harsh power noise.
  • Francesca - female lead vocalist; Vittorio; Giovanni. Maciej - male vocalist?
  • Italian/Polish? trio formed in 1985, heavy metal riffs, first release, 1990. Seven or eight musicians before 1992, some of which disappeared or died. Ballads from the Mediæval period (not clichéd). Baroque, classical, rinascimental, acoustic, bombastic, orchestral, Celtic. Flute, classical guitar, keyboards, electronic drums. Francesca made up the name from Art + Roses. Medeah's friend writes most lyrics on latest album. Chris became a professor's assistant, currently finding drummers, bassists and guitarists to replace him.
  • Label: Hall of Sermon, Cruel Moon Int'l, Cold Meat Industry, Prikosnoverie, Symbiose (latest contract with Morbit Noizze (Lacrimosa) for whichever label).
  • Releases: On Historiæ Hide Dimension (october, 199?).
  1. void
Arts and Decay
  • Gothic rock, esoteric, lively
  • Releases: Trail of Tears.
  1. void
  • Goth-inspired dark pop.
  1. void
A Scanner Darkly
  • Atmospheric
  • Southern Arizona (Denver from 1999) darkwave/gothic band.
  • Releases: Drawing Down the Moon (1997); Sandstorm (1999).
  1. void
  2. void
  • Post-industrial
As I Lay Dying
  1. iMusic Bulletin Board
Ask Embla
  • Ethereal
  • labels: Fluttering Dragon
Aslan Faction
  • British, based in Bicester, though most of their gigs seem to be in Germany.
  • releases: Bring on the Dying
  1. official*
Asmus Tietchens
  • Experimental industrial
A Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox
  • Experimental industrial
A Split Second
  • Male midrange vocalist.
  • Dark Wave, goth, industrial, electro, dance, EBM.
  1. void
  • German dark electro
  • labels: Richterskala; Trisol
Assemblage 23
  • USA future pop / ebm, German lyrics.

    comparisons: VNV Nation; all the popular German ebm bands.

  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Failure; Defiance
  1. official*
  2. void
  • Active
Astral Grey
  • Ethereal, gothic, trancey.
  1. void
  • Ethereal dreampop, female vocalist.
Asylum Choir
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
Asylum Party
  • Atmospheric
  • Vittorio Vandelli - acoustic guitar; Giovanni Pagliari - keyboards; Francesca Nicoli - soprano to melancholic vocals; Lorenzo Busi - mime, dancer; Francesco Banchini (Genocidio di Ordine Religioso) - percussion, oboe.
  • Italian ambient, atmospheric. Mediæval, classical, baroque, folk, neo-folk, ritual, ethereal, romantic, mystical, '80s/'90s gothic influences. Electronic based with classical and spanish guitar, synthesizers, samples and piano. Lyrics in Latin, German and French.

  • labels: Energeia; Apollyon; Cruel Moon Int'l; Cold Meat Industry; Symbiose; Prikosnovenie.
  • Releases: Ad Perpetuum Rei Memorium; Simphonia Sine Nomine; La Malediction d'Ondine (3rd album); The Moon Sang On the April Chair; El Fantasma Dell Opera; Mon Seul Desir.
  • Avantgarde Music, POB 19, I-20010 Vanzago (MI)/ Italy (46:18/SS)
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void*
Atari Teenage Riot
  • Industrial, electronic
  1. void
ATD Convention
  • Industrial, EBM
  • Possibly from the people who did BRV.  Split up after problems with Nightbreed.  Recently (early 2002) been active again.
Atlas Project
  • Norscq (Von Magnet); Phil Von (Von Magnet).
  • Powerful Arabian beats, ambient soundscapes, ethno-ambient remixes.
  • Label: Middlepillar
  1. void
Atomine Elektrine
  • (Raison d'etre).
  • Experimental, elektro, trance, rhythmical industrial
  1. void
Atom Infant Incubator
  • Experimental industrial
Die Atom Kinder
  • Julie (Gropius); James (Gropius) - bass.
  • Named after H.R. Giger's Atom Kinder pictures?
Atrium Carceri
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Cellblock
  • Gothic/darkwave.
  1. void
Atrophy Of Faith
  • Diablo (Katscan)
Attic Base
  • label: Kinetic Response Records
  • releases: Night Vision (second album)
  1. void
Attic Use
  • Saffron - vocalist.
  • South African Siouxsie-ish. Successful but short-lived.

  • Martin Bowes - deep male vocals; Christine - high, operatic vocals; Alex Novak (The Venus Flytrap).
  • Active since 1982, UK, from Coventry industrial scene, founded by Martin Bowes.  Electro-Goth, neo-classical, minimalist electro, gloomy, gothic, dramatic, experimental, melodramatic with violin, viola, percussion.  Electronic atmospherics, acoustics, male, female vocals.  Industrial dance EBM rhythms, avante garde, latest stuff is a lot more dancey, trancey, trippy?  Big following in USA. Alex Novak was with them for one tour.  Studio techno-pop, industrial, Gothic chamber music.  More successful in Europe than the UK, have toured Holland (where Martin lived for a while in 1988/9), Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Northern America, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark.  Founded The Cage in 1992 (their own recording studio, also used for outside productions). Collaborated with Franck Dematteis (of the Paris opera).  Appeared on soundtrack to 'Shower of Blood' (vampire film). Christine once appeared on Blind Date (March 2001).
    comparisons: Snog

  • labels: Third Mind Records; Supporti Fonografici (Italian); Antler-Subway (Belgium, until 1989); 4AD; Projekt (1996-); Contempo (Italy, 1991-); Hyperium Records (Germany, 1995-); Trinity Records; Brudenia Esoteria (Russia); Invisible (USA).
  • Releases: This Death House (1982); The Elephant Table (1983); The Attrition of Reason (1984); Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club (1985); In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts (material from 1983-1986); At The Fiftieth Gate (1988); Recollection (1984-1989); A Tricky Business (1991); 3 Arms And A Dead Cert (1996); The Hidden Agenda (28 Mar 1995); Etude (1997); The Jeopardy Maze (1999); The Hand That Feeds (2000); Keepsakes and Remembrances.
  • Projekt,
    Box 1591, Garden Grove,
    CA 92642-1591,
  1. official*
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. void
  9. void
  10. void
Audio Paradox
  • Industrial, EBM
  1. void
  • Ex-Cubanate.
    Have been remixed by Libitina.

  • Bret Helm - dark, low vocals; Bart Helm - lyrics, keyboards; Robert Stacy - guitarist
  • Active since 1991, Mesa / Phoenix?, Arizona.  Trio, synth-gothic, darkwave with acoustic guitar, sweet sounds, rhythmic, understated. Goth, glam with industrial beats, psychedelic drone.
    comparisons: Bowie; Murphy
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: In a Dark Room (1998); Going to the Theatre (early 2002).
  1. void
  2. Audra
  3. Audra 2
August Committee
  • Massachusetts-based goth rock. Previously known as The End
August Moons
  • Southern California-based, seven-piece band.
Aura Aureate
  • Ethereal, soft, haunting, sometimes driving. Whispered vocals, layered keyboards.

  • label: Mudball Records.

  • releases: a moment's facade (tape).

  • contact:
    Mudball Records,
    P.O. Box 1054,
    Salem, OH 44460.
  1. dhouse
  • Patricia Nigiani (Project Pitchfork; Sun God) - lead vocals; Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) - electronics.
  • Most of the people from German electro-goth Project Pitchfork, but more goth ambient/ethereal rather than industrial. Quirky electronics, atmospheric.

  • releases: The Land of Harm And Appletrees; The Dimension Gate (1994)
  • contact: Aurora c/o Music Research Norsk-Data-Str. #3,
    61352 Bad Homburg,
  1. void
Aurora Sutra
  • Patricia Nigiani
  • Atmospheric, mystical stage presence.

Auschwitz 46
  • Inactive (now Terminal 46). Industrial rock/metal.

  1. void
  • Jerome; Julian
  • Industrial / Alternative.

  1. official*
  • Yugoslavian experimental industrial, epic mythological neo-classical landscapes. Synth strings predominant, male bass vocals, clanging metal.
  • Label: Staalplaat.
  • Releases: Kristllmacht; The Knife (12-inch)
  • Julie Plante - midrange vocals; Niel; Jeff.
  • Active Minneapolis trio since at least 1995. Soft, serene and heavy, menacing. Atmospheric, ethereal goth rock band, swirly guitars, rich bass lines. Produced by William Faith (Faith and the Muse).
  • Label: Tess; Middlepillar.
  • Releases: Autumn (tape); The Hating Tree (LP).
  1. void
  2. void
  3. official*
  4. Autumn
  5. void
  • Another band called Autumn

  • Gothic metal
  • label: Prophecy
Autumn Cathedral
  • Atmospheric
Autumn Fair / Autumnfair
  • Thom Fuhrmann (Savage Republic); Val Haller (ex-Flying Lizard).
  • Atmospheric, ennui-drenched grunge rock-ish. Heavy guitar/ sonic collage.
  • Glaciers and Gods (10" ep)
The Autumns
  • Active since Nov. 1992 in California (probably San Francisco-based), ethereal, dream-pop quartet, melancholy guitars, melodies and countermelodies. Produced by Andy Prickett (Prayer Chain).
  • Releases: Angel Pool (1997).
Autumn Tears
  • Ted - composer, arrangements, piano, keyboards, vocals; Erika - sometimes black metal-esque lead vocals, backing vocals, composition, keyboards; Jennifer LeeAnna (replaced Erika) - lead, backing vocals, vocal arrangements, composition, keyboards; James West - session timpani, snare, percussion.
  • New England-based, formed September 1995. Dark romantic atmospheric neo-classical gothic music. Dark, slow repetitive piano, tympan percussion and organ chords throughout, with a little acoustic guitar. Singing duo (and thus duets). Sung poetry, dark atmosphere. Rich melodies, tragic themes, neoclassical ensemble, dark symphonic, ethereal, mediaeval, operatic, chants, baroque, orchestral atmosphere. Erika left to write a novel, after which she returned. Appearances from members of December Wolves. Have worked with the poet Claudia Lingstädt-Kukulka.
    comparisons: Dead Can Dance; Stoa; Arcana; Third & The Mortal; Arcana; Enya; classical.

  • releases: Absolution; Love Poems For Dying Children - a trilogy of albums beginning with Act I (April, 1996) re-released Reprise MCMXCVIII (1998, remixed, remastered); Act II The Garden of Crystalline Dreams (May, 1997, includes 24 pages story/lyric booklet and slipcase); Act III Winter and the Broken Angel (2000).
  • labels: Dark Symphonies (own label); Projekt.
  1. Autumn Tears official site
  2. Autumn Tears old site
  • German duo (half of Misantrope), Gregorian chants, military drumbeats, new wave neo-classical synth instrumentals.
  • Releases: The Entire Silence (6 track CD)
Ave Maria Avida
  • Atmospheric
  • Active since 1993. Celtic metal, goth.
  • Label: Metal Blade Records.
  • Release: ...of the Fallen.
  • Louiseville, KY, USA-based industrial/experimental group.
Avoid Catoblepone
  • Delphine - female vocalist; + two male vocalists.
  • Post-punk/proto-goth French. Drum machine, keyboards, bass, guitar.
  • Releases: Deporte Sur Terre (demo tape).

View the entry for The Awakening in isolation.

The Awakening

  • {Ashton Nyte}
  • South Africa.

    Gothic-rock, darkwave band.

    2004 - Darker Than Silence released.

  • labels: Intervention Arts; P-Vine
table of releases by the awakening
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
The Fourth Seal of ZeenIntervention Arts / Intervention MusicINT010cd2000-10Album created at NytesounD, Auckland Park, 2000, South Africa.
Darker Than Silencelabelcataloguecd2004notes
MirageP-VinecdReissue. Buy Mirage by The Awakening at
Hear, Sense and FeelP-VinecdPaper sleeve, remastered. Buy Hear, Sense and Feel by The Awakening at
  1. The Awakening*
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A Wedding Anniversary
  • Early eighties style, pop-ish, goth-y.
  1. void
Axiom of Choice
  • Persian-style pop. Use a specially-modified nylon string acoustic guitar to play Persian quarter tones.
  • experimental industrial group
Azmodi Bizarre
  • Batcave band?

The Azoic
  • Kristy Venrick - high, soft female vocals
  • Columbus, Ohio industrial with deep, screaming, distorted deep male vocals and many samples, waves of keyboards. Gothic industrial, electro-gothic, ethereal, atmospheric, darkwave, dark ambient sounds in places.

  • Releases: The Divine Suffering; Where Broken Angels Lie.
  1. official*
  2. void
  3. void*
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