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The October Country
  • Wales. Deathrock.

  1. (includes mp3s)
  • Vomitus - programming, synth, objects, tapeloops, samples, effects, soundprocessing
  • 2000
Of a Mesh
  • Alan Dollenger (Reverb Sleep) - baritone vocals; Ellen Watkins (Reverb Sleep; The Glenn Branca Ensemble) - guitarist
  • Inactive, 1985 - 1987. Alan Dollenger died from AIDS, October 22nd, 1995.

The Offset
  • A collective of artists and performers.

    Includes Minty, Add N to X (three-piece electronic band), Marcus and Judy, Aiden Shaw (pornographic film star), Donald Urquart (poet), Sexton Ming (transvestite recording artist) and Neil Kaczor (musician, composer)

  1. Plastic Bag
Of the Wand and the Moon
  • Dark folk
  • label: Euphonious; Voices of Wonder
  • releases: Nighttime Nightrhymes
One For Jude
  • Dark pop melodic folk music from Paris, France. Atmospheric dark pop folk music.

  • comparisons: Legendary Pink Dots; early Cure
  • releases: Audioglobe (second)
  • contact: oneforjude (33)660131991
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  • {Dero Goi - vocals, studio drums, studio percussion; Andreas Crap - lead guitar, studio keyboards; Robert Flux - rhythm guitar, programming; Hagen - bass guitar; Leo - live drums, live percussion }
  • Wolfsburg, DE

    Goth, electro, NDH; EBM; post-metal

    1989 - Formed.
    1992 - Oomph! released (debut album).
    1994 - Sperm released (second album).

  • comparisons:
  • labels: Machinery; Dynamica; Virgin Schallplatten; Gun Records; Supersonic Records, Sony BMG
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O Yuki Conjugate
  • Ethno-ambient. Has a side project - ALP.
  • releases: Equator; Primitive
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