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Gail of God
  • Mechanical music, aggressive. Dark metal, industrial metal, Gothic vocals.

  • releases: Fifth Angel
  1. void
The Galan Pixs
  • Germany. Techno industrial, darkwave vocals.

  • releases: Pink Film Edition (remixes); Crackerjack (le)
  1. void
Galaxy Chamber
  • San Francisco quartet. Ambient, operatic occasionally.
  • contact: Galaxy Chamber
    1462 Apt. A Hayes
    San Francisco
    CA 94117
  • Germany. Goth, electro? metal.

    comparisons: Lacrimosa

  • releases: Dreamscapes; Fateful Passion
  • Ethnic folk, alternative rock.

    comparisons: The Levellers; Waterboys

  • releases: The Housewarming
  • 1980s style synth pop, electro.

  • releases: After the Fall
The Garden
  • USA. Romantic neo-folk band. Violin, acoustic guitar.

    comparisons: Dead Can Dance

  • releases: Sapphire
Garden Of Delight
  • Artaud - deep male vocals.
  • Active? Gothic rock, classical, brooding, darkwave. Covered 'Sumerland' on 'Dion Fortune sampler vol V' Heavy goth songs. Seven albums plus live albums. Played Wave-Gotik 2000 (re-union). Active (2003-late). Faithful & Fallen European tour 2003, including co-headlining the Black Elben Festival in Hamm, Germany. Germany. Goth band. Dark, mystical. Concept band with seven albums of seven tracks each released over course of seven years. Cthulhu and Sumerian references.

    2004-09 (or so) - split up, were to have played Carnival of Souls.

    comparisons: Sisterhood; Joy Division; Sisters; H P Lovecraft; Nephs, in some ways

  • labels: Trisol; EFA-Medien.
  • releases: Enki’s Temple; Epitaph (second album?); Sargonid Seal (third album); Necromanteion IV; Symbol and Vision (fifth album); The Hell EP; Scheoul; Exodus; Symbolism Alive (live); Paradise (seventh album); Nuctemeron ( re-mastered, rarities from 1991 - 1997); Radiant Sons (comeback); Agony
  1. official*
  2. void
Garden Of Dreams
  • Chicago group. Mellow.
  • label: Seraph Records
  • Comparisons: The Cure; My Bloody Valentine.
  1. Seraph Records
  2. void*
Gary Numan
  • UK. Electronic pioneer. Darkwave sound in more recent, 21st century work which appeals to those who like Gothic darkwave as well as Numan's earlier work. Variously atmospheric, dark.

  • releases: Remodulate (usa release, compilation, second disc live performances); The Mix (usa release, tributes including Leather Strip; Spahn Ranch; Anubian Lights; Kill Switch.Klick); Exile; Sacrifice; The Fury (1985 album); Machine And Soul (1992)
  1. void
The Gathering
  • Anneke Van Giensbergen - vocalist; Jelmer Wiersma - old guitarist.
  • Holland. Gothic-metal/trip-rock. Now use computers, samplers. Female vocals. Goth, indie, metal. Rock beat, indie guitars. Started off more metal-y.

    comparisons: An April March; Viola Peacock; Third and the Mortal; Dark Orange

  • releases: How The Measure A Planet?; May Song (single); Liberty Bell; Mandylion (1995); Strange Machines (single); Superheat Live (included CD-ROM); If_Then_Else
  1. void
  • Dark, black metal, thrash, Gothic elements.

  • releases: Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness; Malice

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Gene Loves Jezebel

  • { Jay - vocals }

    [ ]
  • 2003 - Currently two versions. Jay is the only one allowed to use the GLJ name in the UK, Michael uses it elsewhere?

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels:
); VII; Live in the Voodoo City (New Orleans 1998) -->
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releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
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  1. official* (UK version of the band)
  2. official*
  3. official*
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Generaton X-ed
  • Techno industrial, dancefloor.

    comparisons: The Prodigy

  • releases: Rock ‘n’ Roll Terrorist (single); Protest and Survive; Elektrofascism
Genesis P-Orridge
  • (Throbbing Gristle; Psychic TV)
Genital A-Tech
  • Germany. Electronic industrial, dancebeats, samples, distorted male vocals.

  • releases: Hardcore User; Subsonic Hysteria
  • USA. Bondage, fetish metal goth-industrial group.

  • releases: Sin City
  1. official*
Genocidio di Ordine Religioso
  • Francesco Banchini (Ataraxia) - percussion
  • Banchini's project

  1. official*
Ghost Dance
  • Anne-Marie Hurst (Skeletal Family) - vocals; Gary Marx (Sisters of Mercy) - guitars
  • Formed by Marx.

  • label: Chrysalis
  • releases: Gathering Dust
  1. void a homage
  • Germany. Goth, electro. Dancefloor Goth, orchestral at times. Folklore, neo-classical, synth Goth.

    comparisons: March Violets; Sisters; Kurt Weill

  • releases: Romantic Death;Songs from Fairyland; Enter my Crypt; Lips Like Red

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Ghost Parade
  • Portland Oregon, USA based band. Gothic rock.

  • releases: there (ep, due 14.02.2002)
  1. cdbaby
  • USA. Band.

  • USA. Ambient trance.

  • label: Hypnotic.
  • releases: The Ambient Room
Girls Under Glass
  • German. Gothic, German language. Goth. Guitar, synths. harsh guitars, danceable electronics, melodic vocals.

    comparisons: Christus

  • releases: Down in the Park (single); Humus; Live at Soundgarden; Darius; Positive; Flowers; Exitus (early compilation); Die Zeit (single); Crystals & Stones; Equilibrium
  1. void
Gitane Demone
  • Former female vocalist and keyboardist for Christian Death. Her first band was Pompei 99. Spent a long time 'exiled' in Amsterdam, but moved to Los Angeles. Since Sex, Drugs and Jesus Christ has done solo projects in techno, electro-jazz, experimentation, electro-fetish, punk, death-rock styles. Mark Ickx was in her supporting band for her 1994 European shows and has mixed two tracks off of a later album. Has worked with Phallus Dei, Goethes Erben, Rozz Williams, MCD.
  • labels: Cult Music; Cleopatra
  • releases: Love and Dementia (live, Cannes 1994, featuring Rozz Williams); Love For Sale (live Bern, Switzerland June 1993); Life in Death '85 - '89 (dedicated to Rozz Williams, remastered with liner notes); Am I Wrong?; Stars Of Trash; (features Dreadful Shadows); Solitary War (single)
  • contact: Gitane Demone
    P.O. Box 55670 1007 ND Amsterdam,
  1. void
  2. void
Give Up the Ghost
  • Formerly known as American Nightmare.

  • New York, USA. Solo artist? Rock, glam, breakbeats, samples.

    comparisons: Cure; Prince

  • releases: The Heraldic Universe; Pretty Scary (early release); Soft White Ghetto


  • { Mo Bird - vocals }
  • Scotland, UK.

    Electronics, ethereal.


    2004 - supported All About Eve in Glasgow.
    2004-May - supported All About Eve on a tour of Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Norwich.
    2004-October - playing Whitby.

  • comparisons: Siouxsie (vocals); Shirley Manson (Garbage); Manuskript
  1. julianne regan
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  • West Coast glamour-goth quartet.
  1. void
  • US future-pop

  • label: Alfa Matrix
  • Industrial?

Global Noise Attack
  • Industrial metal. Guitars.

  • releases: Restrained Fury

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Gloria Mundi

  • { Eddie Maelor - male vocals; Sunshine - female vocals, keyboards }

    [ ]
  • UK


    Had a Goth sound and imagery. Bauhaus went through an image change after gigging with them.

  • comparisons: early Christian Death
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The Glove
  • Robert Smith - vocals 'n' stuff; Steven Severin - stuff; Landray - guest singer.
  • Name from character in The Beatles' film Yellow Submarine. Blue Sunshine a nickname for a hallucinogenic drug.
  • releases: Blue Sunshine (1983, re-released in 1990)
  • Italian band. Collaborated with horror film director? Dario Argento.
  1. void
  • Cyprus? Black metal, death metal, Goth metal.

  • releases: These Funeral Times
  • UK. Industrial. Slab guitars, drum programming.

  • releases: Godflesh (debut album); Streetcleaner; Songs Of Love And Hate; Love And Hate In Dub (remix album); Pure; Selfless
  • spookykid bands 'goth'

God Machine
  • Metal, emo (before emo existed), moody, sometimes noisy.

  • label: Fiction Records
  • releases: Scenes From the Second Storey; One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying (second album)
  1. void
  2. void
  • Germany? Industrial.

  • releases: Artificial
God Module
  • Jasyn Bangert
  • Florida, USA. Electro, ebm. Dark, danceable. Doing a European tour with Decoded Feedback, early 2004.

  1. official*
God's Bow
  • Poland? Goth, alternative.

    comparisons: Heavenly Voices; Fading Colours

  • releases: Twilight
Gods Die Later
  • Germany? Electronic.

    comparisons: Mentallo and the Fixer

  • releases: Delirium
God's Own Medicine
  • Poland? Darkwave, commercial, hip-hop.

  • releases: Retro
Godspeed You Black Emperor
  • "express complex undertones of approaching doom, interspersed with brief fleeting moments of hope"

Goethes Erben
  • Mindi Com Ballack (Still Silent)
  • German. Gothic, German language. Dark, mystical.

    comparisons: Sopor Aeternus; Sex Gang; Virgin Prunes

  • releases: Schach Ist Nicht Das Leben; Rapitel (live and studio); Sitz Der Gnade (mini-album); Marionetten; Gewaltberechtigt? (compilation of early material and unreleased tracks)
  1. void
Golden Dawn
  • USA?

  • label: World Serpent
  • releases: Golden Dawn L.V.X
Good Courage
  • Commercial electronic industrial.

    comparisons: Depeche Mode; Mesh; Front 242

  • releases: Guilty On All Accounts; Old Broken And Destroyed; Rust 4.(New Fixed and Remixed)
  • Mediaeval, folk. France? Side-project of percussionist from Ataraxia.

  • label: Prikosnovenie
  • releases: Bellum Gnosticorum; Laldaboath; Qumran
Gory Details
  • "Grave garage rock"
  • Comparisons: The Cramps
  1. void
  • Swirling gothic melodies, electronic.

  • Comparisons: Sisters of Mercy
  1. void
  • Sneaky; Crash; Dr.A.
  • Formerly known as Sneaky Bat Machine.

  • label: Wasp Factory
  • Fight the Saucermen (ep); Corrupted Files (due 2004-early, remix album, featuring lounge jazz, c64 hiphip, lo-fi vocoding, space rock)
  1. official*
  2. void* fan site
  3. official* (if is down)
  4. LJ*?
  5. introndepot* Crash's DJ site
  6. spookypop Dr A's art site
  • Ethereal
  • label: Cruel Moon
  • releases: Night Thoughts
Gothica Night
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: Thoughts
Gothic Handjob
  • Cordy: stropping and singing; Suzi: tuneless guitar with a string missing; Cooling: dyslexic bass; Clay - banging things; Cliff - naked dancer
  • releases: lament of the morgero trav (unreleases, unrecorded, etc)
Gothic Requiem
  • Christian; Heather - singer.
  • Music project from Christian of Requiem and the Kensington Market shop.

Gothic Sex
  • Spain. Gothic rock, darkwave, deep vocals.

    comparisons: Nosferatu (in early days); Fields of the Nephilim; Two Witches

  • releases: Moonrise (second album); Laments
  • Holland. Goth. Modern Goth band. Darkwave, early eighties style, guitar-based industrial.

    comparisons: ASF; UK Decay; Play Dead; March Violets

  • releases: A Body and Birthmark; Rearm (single, debut release); Purge
Grace Overthrown
  • Arizona, USA. Death rock, dark rock. Female vocals.

  • releases: Tripping With God; Serial Killer Dragons And Gothic Elves
Gracious Shades
  • USA. Dark industrial, atmospheric, gothic. Tribal drum patterns.

    comparisons: NIN; Cubanate; yelworC

  • releases: Inoculation Of The Media; Aberkash
Grass Harp / Grassharp
  • Germany? Rock, alternative, Gothic.

    comparisons: Wonder Stuff; Balaam and the Angel

  • releases: Mushroom Circus
  • Germany? Death metal, grungy.

  • releases: Hating Life

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  • { }

    [ ]

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels:
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releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
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  1. official
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  • Dark electro
  • labels: NoiTekk
The Grey Season
  • USA? Death rock.

    comparisons: early Christian Death; Chameleons

  • releases: The Sensory Age
The Grey Wolves
  • UK power electronic.

  • releases: Division
  1. void
  • Germany? Electronic, swirling synths. trancy, industrial.

  • releases: The Synthetic Form; Further; 525 Rare,live remixed (le static shield bag and sticker)
  1. void
Griffin's Fall
  • Germany. Side project of members from In My Rosary, Derriere le Mirroir, Printed at Bismarks Death.

    comparisons: Tors of Dartmoor

  • releases: A Medicine For Melancholy
Grimorium Verium
  • Ray - vocals
  • Denver, CO, USA. Gothic metal.

  1. official*

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The Groaning

  • [ Padraic Geddes - violin; Chaon Powers - vocals; Claire Geddes - flute; Arthur Graves (Bastille; MindShaft) - rhythm guitar; Prosecutor - bass; Paul Fraunfelter (Mindshaft; Bastille) - drums; ]
  • USA; Washington DC.

    Punk, Celtic, classical, rock.

    Strings, wind, rhythm. Driving. Haunting melodies.

    Fraunfelter used to be in a U.S. Marine band.

  • comparisons: Eva O; Gitane Demone; Johnette Napolitano.
  1. Local Band Network
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Ground Zero
  • Underground experimental.

Gun Club
  • Jeffrey Lee Pierce - vocals, songwriter; Congo Power (Bad Seeds; Cramps); Patricia Morrison (Sisters of Mercy; Damned)
  • US-based. Pierce died in the late nineties (following a heroin addiction?)

  • releases: Fire of Love
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