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  • Dark, Gothic rock, metal, darkwave. Wide-ranged female vocalist.

    comparisons: Lacuna Coil

  • releases: A Sleepers Dance (German release)
Jack or Jive
  • Ethereal. Minimalist, neo-classical. Japanese vocals, synths.

  • label: Prikosnovenie
  • releases: Kismet; The Earth; Mujyo; Tidal Current (French release); A Solo Exhibition (German release)
Jack's Family
  • Kelly - vocals
  • Metal, folk, rock, Goth.

Jacquy Bitch
  • France. Goth.

    comparisons: Virgin Prunes; Sex Gang; Specimen

  • releases: Coram (debut album, French release)
Jagd Wild
  • Electro, darkwave.

    comparisons: Project Pitchfork; Leaether Strip; Death in June

  • releases: Come Join the Hunt (USA release)

James Ray

  • (James Ray and the Performance; James Ray's Gangwar; 4080 Peru) - vocalist
  • Post-punk electronic pop.

    Trance-like synths, sliding distorted guitars, softly-spoken vocals.

    James Ray is also the name of the man who shot Martin Luther King.

    During his break from music Ray brought up a family and wrote some books (unpublished?)

    1986 - James Ray appears on Gift by the Sisterhood.
    1986 - releases mini-LP under the name James Ray and the Performance.
    1997 - played 'last ever gig' at Whitby.
    2004-November - cancelled Whitby return gig.

  • comparisons: Suicide; Sisters; Depeche Mode
  • labels: Vital Dist. Ltd.; Surgery Records; Merciful Release; Fifth Column records
Table of releases by james ray
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
3rd Generation / Third Generationlp1991Surgery Records / Vital Dist.Ltd. amazon
James Ray's Gangwar - Dios Esta De Nuestro Ladocd1992-04Vital Dist. Ltd. amazon
Best of Performancecd(includes all of Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado) Fifth Column records amazon import
Psychodalekcd1997-02-11Fifth Column amazon import
  1. The James Ray* - many mp3s and a novella in pdf.
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James Ray & The Performance
  • Now called James Rays Gangwar, groove / dance synth based with Eldritch-like vocals.

  • contact: c/o Fifth Column, P.O. Box 787 Washington D.C. 20044 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
James Rays Gangwar
  • Germany. Goth, electro? German language. Active.

  • Mexican ethereal.

  • label: Middle Pillar
Jared Louche and the Aliens
  • Jared Louche (Chemlab)
  • releases: Covergirl (covers of Frank Sinatra, Iggy Pop, Public Image)
Jay Aston
  • (Gene Loves Jezebel) - vocals
  • Acoustic guitar.

  • releases: Unpopular Songs (features James Stevenson (Gene Loves Jezebel) - guitarist and Craig Adams (Sisters of Mercy; Mission) - bass)
Jeff Greinke
  • releases: Lost Terrain
Jennifer Hope
  • Ethereal

  • label: Mystic Dreams Music
  • releases: Winds of Tomorrow
Jerusalem Syndrome
  • Chris (Ikon); Clifford (Subterfuge)
  • Australian band, at least one member also in Ikon. Modern Goth using technology.

  • releases: The Book Of Days (German release)
Jessica's Crime
  • Gothic rock. Raw.

    comparisons: Sisters

  • releases: Psychosemantic (USA release)
Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Dark psychedelic.Feedback.

  • releases: Psycho Candy (debut album); Darklands (1987)
Jesus and the Gurus
  • Switzerland.

Jesus Fix
  • Goth metal. Alternative/Gothic band.

    comparisons: Children on Stun.

  1. official*
  2. void
  • J.P. Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
  • Blues version of 21st century Gene Loves Jezebel.

  • releases: Jezebel (songs composed by Aston)
Johann Bley
  • (Juno Reactor)
  • Darkwave industrial trance.

  • releases: Signs And Signals (German release)
John Berry
  • (Die Laughing; Passion Play) - guitarist
John McGeoch
  • (Magazine; Armoury Show; Siouxsie and the Banshees; PiL) - guitarist
Johnny Violent
  • Dark humoured hardcore techno.

  • releases: Shocker (UK release)
Jonny Global
  • Industrial, experimental Drum n Bass, synth-pop.

  1. mp3s
Jordan Reyne
  • Industrial feminist musician.

    1. void

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Joy Division

  • { Ian Curtis - male midrange vocals }

    [ ]
  • UK.


    Sparse, haunting. Bleak.

    Not Goth (Curtis was dead by the time the Goth scene proper scene started to appear and not considered Goth by Goths), but influential to the early Goth bands

    Bleak, remote, obsessively introspective music and lyrics 'godfathers of goth'. Pre-Gothic punk. Malaise.
    Inactive (three of the members formed New Order after the death of Ian Curtis). Curtis commited suicide, partly as a result of his worsening epilepsy.

    Proto-gothic, Punk, Rock, bleak personal themes. Started off as Warsaw (Sex Pistol-ish dark punk).

    releases: Unknown Pleasures (debut album); Closer (second album); Still (studio out-takes, live recordings); Subtance (rarities, b-sides); Preston 28 February 1980 (live recording); Permanent: Joy Division 1995; All the Lyrics (book and 4-track CD including Warsaw track, Italian release)

    1979-06 - Unknown Pleasures released, debut album.

  • influences: Velvet Underground; David Bowie
  1. void
  2. void (at Worldinmotion)
  3. void (Bootlegs)
  4. void (The Old Echoes)
  5. void (Shadowplay)
  6. void
  7. void (Atmosphere)
  8. void
  9. void (... in silence...)
  10. void
  11. void
  12. void
  13. void
  14. void
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Judgement of Paris
  • Dream pop
  • label: Projekt.
  • Chris (Requiem in White) - bass

    Went on the Blackout A.D. Tour with Faith and the Muse.

    comparisons: Siouxsie and the Banshees (Scream period) guitars; Play Dead; Sisters vocals; Rozz Williams

  • releases: Fohn (debut? USA release); Sahara Seas (USA release); La RÍveuse (USA release)
  1. void
Ju Ju Babies
  • Misty Woods (Pandora's Box; Office Poison; Molotova(Flashpoint; Pig Fat and the Oi Boys; Ossuary of Solfereno; Warp Asylum; Night Shade; Dmen; Fiasco) - synths; Dave Ju Ju (Faces of Sarah) - drums; Darren - guitar; Darren's Sister - guitar; DJ The Baron - dancer; - dancer; The Reverend Jeremiah Hobb - backing vocalist, theremin player; Silvia - dancer; Daniel; Mr T - guitarist; Harin - guest guitarist.
  • Formed towards end of 2001.  New romantic, power pop, 'psycho electric', post-industrial, goth, bubblegum-punk, eighties electro pop, cyber punk.  DJ Styx started Electric Dreams at Gossips in 1997 with Valeriun, The Baron and Tim.  Stix met David Ju and Misty Woods on the set of Hunting Venus (starring Martin Clunes).
    comparisons: Siouxsie; The Fall; Syd Barrett; Kraftwerk; eX-Girl; Velvet Underground; Blondie; Rezillos; SPOCK; Shampoo; Thompson Twins; X-Ray Specs; Sex Pistols; Sputnik; early B52s.

  1. official*
Julie Baker Crush
  • Violinist and vocalist

  1. void*
Juno Reactor
  • Ethnic trance. Cool electro dance. Sampled Japanese instruments. Mexican, Spanish influences.

    comparisons: Final Fantasy

  • releases: Samurai (USA release); Pistolero (single, UK release); Shango (German release)
Justin Sullivan
  • Lead singer of New Model Army
  • releases: Navigating by the Stars (due January 2003)
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