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  • Gothic folk
  • label: Prophecy
  • Lloyd
  • UK neo-folk. Wales. Neo-folk, experimental guitar, post-Gothic.

  • comparisons: Nick Cave; The Swans; Current 93; Death in June
  • releases: Truffles of Love
  1. official*
  • Finland. Electro, industrial.

Namnambulu / NamNamBulu
  • Vasi (Frozen Plasma)
  • Swizerland. Also referred to as NNB. Side project - Frozen Plasma

  • releases: Expansion
  1. official
Nang Faa
  • France? Experimental?

  • releases: Les Steppes De Kydonia
Narcissus Pool
  • Phil White (editor of Crimson, runs the Vampire Guild) - vocals; Shane Williams - instigator and navigator; Ross 'Sneakybat' Treganza - keyboards.
  • Formed 1998. Electro goth, drum machine and keyboards stuff. Commercial, Industrial dance based Gothic Rock. Industrial, overlaid guitar, vocals, hooklines. Lighter end of industrial.

  • label: Dark Beat Records.
  • releases: Life's Bitch Tapestry.
  • TVG
    Spooky, Narcissus Pool/TVG
  1. razor blade beat*
Narcissus Wept
  • Female-fronted gothic band.
  1. void
National Razor
  • East Coast, USA. Goth.

  • label: Silent Scream records.
  1. void
Nautilus Pompilus
  • Russian goth, industrial. Have fallen to playing russian rock now.

  • releases: knyaz'tishiny
  • Deftly-D (Zero Times Infinity; Voidstar Productions) - solo project
  • Experimental industrial, breakcore, ebm, big beat, power electronics, late 80s hiphop, breakcore, rhythmic noise.

    In live performances they use scrap metal, turntables.

  • labels: Important Records
  • releases: Catalyst I: - Live performance tool (le, 2004-03-29)
  1. official*
  • New York techno-goth trio.
  1. void*
  • Carl McCoy - vocals; Simon Rippin (Sensorium) - drums; Cian Houchin (Saints of Eden) - bass.
  • McCoy from Fields of the Nephilim and others, some of whom went on to form Sensorium. Next album should be a bit more industrial and hardbeat (allegedly).
  • Release: Zoon.
  1. void
Negative Format
  • labels: out of line-sector 9 studios
  1. official*
Neither/Neither World
  • Dark folk
  • label: Zos Kia, World Serpent Distribution
  • Roi - synthesizers, music, tapes, electronic percussion; Martin J (Putra-Chic, Katscan) - vocals, lyrics, record player.
  • Inactive since 1999. Formed in Christmas 1995, split up 1999? Martin has had a name change to Honey Christ, alledgedly, was in Putra-Chic, now in Katscan. Dark techno, electronic goth, darkbeat. Industrial/electronic/etc.
  • Darkbeat Nekromantik
    c/o Roi, 32 Kings Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PB, ENGLAND
  1. void
  • Ukraine.

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  • { Craig? - guitar; Mike - drums; }
    Sarah Emslie - vocals; Jamie Nova (Sins of the Flesh; Star 80);
    [ Craig - guitar; Mike - drums; Ruaraidh Wishart - keyboards; Marie Eckford - vocals; Tamz / Tamsin Stubbing (Manuskript) - vocals; Dave Peasland (Sandstone) - bass; ]
  • Scotland, Edinburgh.

    Electro rock, Goth. Pop, rock, glam, electronic.

    Two female vocalists.

    Formed from The Tortured by Craig and Mike.

    1995 - Sarah and Marie join on vocals.
    1996 - Ruaraidh joins on keyboards.
    1999 - relocated to London.
    2000 - following a series of gigs and the record company collapsing the band take some time out.
    2000/2 - Ruaraidh gets married, Jamie Nova steps in, before going to Japan.
    2003 - Sarah leaves, Tamz Stubbing and Dave join.
    2003-winter/2004-spring - demos recorded.
    2004 - started writing again.
    2005-01-13 - Due to play the Water Rats, London.
    2005-spring - first album due.
    2005 - Mike due to go off around the world for six months, returning in December.

  • labels: Implant Records
table of releases by
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Glamour in Pinkdemo1997
Two Facesdemo1998
I'm Alivesingle1999/2000debut single
Possibly, Could Be1999?single?
Sorry we're Latecd2005-spring (due)Produced by Jon Klein (Siouxsie and the Banshees; Sinead O'Conoor; Harry; Snail), engineered by Harvey Burrel (Therapy?)
  1. official*
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  • Synth-based band.
  1. void
  • Future pop.

  • Commercial synthpop.

  • Synth pop, future pop, ebm.

    comparisons: VNV Nation; Mesh

  • label: Bloodline
  • releases: No Instruments
  • Russian?
  1. official*
  • Finland.

The New Creatures
  • NYC-based. Dumped from Sisters of Mercy show for being "too goth"
  • labels: Üser
  • releases: Cunning, Baffling, Powerful!
  • contact: The New Creatures
    P.O. Box 22-0249
    NY 11222-0005
  1. void*
New Days Delay
  • Germany.

  • comparisons: NIN; Depeche Mode

  1. official*

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Nicki Jaine
  • Active (2003-11).

  • releases: Janitor of Lunacy (live, Library Theatre, Manchester, 1983); Heroine (live Library Theatre, Manchester, 1981)
The Night Eternal
  • Neo classical
  • releases: Textures of Twilight
  • Finnish, female lead vocals.

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Nine Inch Nails

  • { Trent Reznor - midrange vocals, lots of other stuff. }
    Richard Patrick (Filter) - guitar Dave Grohl (Nirvana; Foo Fighters) - drums (tentative) Alessandro Cortini - Keyboard (2005) Jerome Dillon - Drums (2005) Aaron North - Guitar (2005) Jeordie White - Bass, Guitar (2005) Charlie Clouser - Keyboard, Theremin (1999/2001) Jerome Dillon - Drums (1999/2001) Robin Finck - Guitar, Keyboard (1999/2001) Danny Lohner - Bass, Guitar, Keyboard (1999/2001) Robin Finck - Guitar, Keyboard (1994/6) Danny Lohner - Bass, Guitar, Keyboard (1994/6) Chris Vrenna - Drums (1994/6) James Woolley? - Keyboard (1994/5) Charlie Clouser - Keyboard (1995/6) Richard Patrick - Guitar (1990 Jeff Ward - Drums (1990, beginning of tour) Chris Vrenna - Drums (1990, rest of tour) James Woolley - Keyboard (1990)
    [ ]
  • USA.

    Industrial, rock, electronic. Originally influenced by numerous early Industrial bands, Reznor has more recently interpreted 'ambient' styles. Industrial rock.

    Lohner and Clouser no longer working with Reznor.
    Michael Trent Reznor
    Covered Queen and Adam and the Ants on their earliest singles.
    Downward Spiral is the most commercially successful album
    Essentially a one-man project, Reznor forms a band for touring purposes. Patrick was in the first band thus formed.
    Destroy instruments at the end of many gigs.
    Reznor has suffered from depression, possibly from bipolar disorder, particularly between 1994 and 1999.
    Reznor provided backing vocals on Past the Mission on Tori Amos's Under the Pink.
    Has worked with David Bowie, Pigface, Marilyn Manson, The Neptunes, 1000 Homo DJs and Peter Gabriel.
    Had collaborated on Tapeworm.
    Marilyn Manson appears in the video for Starfuckers, Inc.
    releases: Pretty Hate Machine; The Downward Spiral; The Perfect Drug; The Fragile (Dec. 1999); And All That Could Have Been (live album, Jan. 2002).

    The Phantasy has been used as practice space.
    Reznor owns John Lennon's mellotron, used on Broken, the Fragile.
    The Fragile almost meant in many directions during its long time. Reznor had been interested in IDM at one point.

    1988/9 - formed in USA, Ohio, Cleveland
    1989 - Reznor worked as a night-time toilet cleaner at a recording studio to fund recording session. Surprised by serious offers from companies he sent demos to he joined TVT Records with agent John A. Malm.
    1989 - Down in it - single
    1989-10-20 / 11 - Pretty Hate Machine Played all keyboards, drum machine, guitars, samplers. Produced by Adrian Sherwood, Flood and others.
    1990 - Head Like a Hole - maxi-single
    1990 - Sin single
    1992 - Broken ep six tracks (plus two hidden tracks)
    1992 - Happiness in Slavery video (directed by Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson (Coil) banned.
    1992 - Fixed
    1994 - March of the Pigs - single
    1994 - The Downward Spiral album
    1994 - Closer to God remixes
    1995 - Further Down the Spiral album
    1997 - The Perfect Drug
    1997 - Closure vhs double
    1999 - The Day the World Went Away - single
    1999-09-21 - The Fragile produced by Reznor and Alan Moulder vinyl version has too extra tracks. Double disc.
    1999 - We're in this Together - single, three disc.
    2000 Things Falling Apart
    circa 2001 Fragility tour
    2002 - And All That Could Have Been DVD, live or vhs, double cd
    2002 - Still, ep.
    2003 - Hurt covered by Johnny Cash
    2005-05-03 - With Teeth (due) was tentatively titled Bleedthrough, allegedly features Dave Grohl (Nirvana)
    2005 - re-release (including addition material) of Closure and The Downward Spiral (due).

  • influences:
  • labels: Nothing
  2. official*
  3. Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
  4. unofficial
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  21. Nine Inch Nails
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  36. wiki
  37. official site
  38. The NIN Hotline the latest NIN news
  39. archive of official releases
  40. Seething Animosity archive of bootleg & other releases
  41. Nine Inch Nails Collectors Forum buy, sell & trade NIN collectibles
  42. nine inch nails lyrics complete lyrics to official releases
  43. Article referring to Reznor as suffering from bipolar disorder
  44. The statement on the Tapeworm project
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  • Poland.

  • Bradford, UK. Formed 1980-December.

  • releases: Machine (1984); The Complete Collection
  • Welsh goth/punk band.

  1. official*
Nitzer Ebb
  • Old school EBM. Played the Rezz in Romford, mid-eighties.
  • releases: Showtime; Ebbhead
  1. void
  • Germany

Nocturne (Portland, USA)
  • releases: Welcome to Paradise
  • Lacey - lead vocals
  • Member also in Sonic Noise Terrorists.

  • label: Invisible Records.
No Decay
  • Synthpop.

No Festival of Light
  • Satanic ritual drumming. Members have worked on live drumming for Mortiis.

Noise Production
  • Finland. Electro, industrial.

  • Germany. Industrial, electrowave? Split up / last ever Belgian gig was Eurorock 2002?

  1. void
No Man's Land
  • Russian.
  • Boyd Rice

  1. void
  • Dark ambient

  • labels: Fluttering Dragon
  • Damian Deville - guitarist; Rat Scabies (The Damned) has drummed for them; Matthew North (All Living Fear has played guitar with them.
  • Active since 1979, from the United Kingdom. Gothic rock, industrial, sometimes techno (on remix album), sometimes drum-led, atmospheric.

  • label: Cleopatra
  • releases: Lord of the Flies (which is remixed as...); ReVamped (1999); Best of (2002-02-04).
  • contact: Nosferatu, c/o Hades Records, P.O. Box 4741 London, SE24 0XA UNITED KINGDOM
Nothing Left
  • Umea, Sweden sombre gothic act.
  1. void*
  • Ethereal, neo-folk
  • releases: An Invite; Utopica Musa
No Words
  • Piano-driven? Atmospheric?

  • Finland. Electro, industrial.

  • Eric (London After Midnight)
  • French?
Nyah Fearties
  • Supported Ausgang in London during the 80s.

  • Finland. Electro, industrial.

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