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  • Solo vocals with gothic edge.

  1. void*
Taedium Vitae
  • French Darkwave, experimental, electronic, Gothic, female and male vocals.  French, German and English lyrics.
    comparisons: Das Ich; Batcave; Lucie Cries; Corpus; Drama of the Spheres; Bauhaus; Sex Gang Children

  • releases: Fleisch Und Blut; The Garden of Stones; Tanz Und Schrei...

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  • Australia, Melbourne


    Backing tracks, programming, guitars.

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  • Russian

Tanzwut / Tanswut
  • Active. Germany. Mediaeval, but with guitars.
  1. void
Tarantella Serpentine
  • label: Wasp Factory
  • releases: Class One Laser Product (September, 2001); Exploring Corporate Strategy (ep, due Summer, 2002)
  1. official*
Taras Bulba
  • German synth, ethnic vocals, darkwave
    comparisons: Love is Colder Than Death; Ofra Haza; Dead Can Dance; Ataraxia

  • releases: Sketches of Babel; Basta Cosi
Tara Vanflower
  • Female singer from Lycia

  • releases: This Womb Like Liquid Honey
Tat's Lau
  • Underground experimental.

T-Bone Fulvio
  • Fulvio (Madre Del Vizio) - vocals
  • Italian?  Semi-Gothic metal, experimental electronic Darkwave.  Backing band changes over the years.

  • releases: R'n'R Machine 2000
Tears of Mystigma
  • German.

  • label: Equinoxe Records
  1. official*
Techno God
  • Mexican?  Techno
    comparisons: PWEI; Fun Loving Criminals

  • releases: Hemo Glow Ball
  • Sinisa Ocurscak
  • Croatian experimental ambient, barren, stark.  Made by former Croatian freedom fighter.

  • releases: Theriomorphic Spirits (died shortly after completing, sleeve notes by Douglas P)
  • Electronic industrial, distorted vocals, guitars.

  • releases: Media Sickness
Temple Of Twilight
  • Dortmund, Germany

  • label: Equinoxe Records
  • releases: Moon Attraction (mini-CD)
  1. official*
  2. void*
Temple X
  • Austrian

  • German?  Dark, cold romantic, semi-acoustic, (whispered) male vocals.

  • releases: Kauan
Ten Masked Men
  • Metal/Hardcore

Tepid Lust
  • Toronto. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).

Terminal Bliss
  • Electro-ambient
    comparisons: Sisters of Mercy

  1. void*
Terminal Choice
  • German dark Gothic, electronic, industrial, romantic darkwave, occassional guitars.
    comparisons: Leaether Strip

  • releases: Totes Fleisch; In the Shadow of Death; Khaosgott; Navigator; Totes Fleisch (ep, remixes, LE to 666); Black Past; Venus (remixes, mostly); No Chance; Ominous Future (single, album, LE to 1,000 album); Animal
  1. void
Terminal Sect
  • Underground industrial, Gothic aesthetics, sequencers, guitars, distorted vocals, samples

  • releases: Bread and Wine for the Dirt
Terminal State
  • Industrial electronic, distortion, samples.

  • releases: Unline Codes
  • Active (2003-late). Played USA tour with E-Craft.

Test Department
  • Amongst the original industrial pioneers.  Post industrial, proto trance.

  • releases: Legacy (1990 1993) The Singles (compilation)
  • USA-based intelligent industrial
    comparisons: Haujobb

  • releases: Biolaza; Reconstructive Surgery (remixes)
  • Italian goth, early 80s gothic/punk sound, neo-apocalyptic folk, ethereal.  Italian lyrics.
    comparisons: X-Mal Deutschland; Killing Joke; Chatshow; Play Dead; 1919; Southern Death Cult; Death in June; Black Tape for a Blue Girl

  • USA?  Industrial, techno, electronic, samples, atmostpheric.

  • releases: Watz Your Program?; Welcome to the Electronic Ghetto; Mechanical Advantage; Under A Statik Sky
Theatre of Hate
  • Kirk Brandon (Spear of Destiny)
  • Post-punk.  Reformed in 1996, before Brandon returned to Spear of Destiny in 1998.

  • releases: He Who Dares Wins (live complilation, 1981); Westworld
Theatre of Loneliness
  • German?  Commerical goth.

  • label: Dion Fortune
  • releases: Trishna
Theatre of Tragedy
  • Raymond I. Rohonyi - deep male vocals; Liv Krisine Espenaes - vocals; Frank Claussen - guitars; Tommy Olsson - guitars, programming; Eirik T. Saltroe - bass; Hein Frode Hansen - drums; Lorentz Aspen - synthesiser.
  • Goth metal. Norwegian symphonic black metal, electro-industrial.  Operatic tendencies (characters, dialogues), strings.

  • labels: Nuclear Blast; EastWest; Century Media
  • releases: Theatre of Tragedy (1995); Velvet Darkness They Fear (1996); Aegis (1998); Musique (2000); Assembly (2002)
  1. official*
Theos Daimon Kakos
  • Gothic rock
  • releases: Umbersun; Yesterday the Others?
  1. void
These Crimson Dreams
  • Post-indie Goth, techno goth
    comparisons: All About Eve; Banshees; Strange Boutique; Dark Orange; Chandeen.

  • releases: Heads on Fire (produced by James Ray); Transitory Surface
  1. official*
  • Metal-industrial, guitars, electronic

  • releases: Hellraver
Thinking Man
  • Distorted vocals, quitars, industrial.

  • releases: I'm Alive
The Third and the Mortal
  • Swedish?  Female vocalist, swirling keyboards, atmospheric rock, some guitars, sub-gothic rock, melodic.
    comparisons: All About Eve; Dark Orange

  • releases: Tears Laid in Earth; Nightswan (single); Painting on Glass; In This Room; Stream/Horizons (single); The Sorrow EP
  • Austrian black Gothic metal.

  • releases: Bloodforsaken
13 Candles
  • Goth, vampire, hard guitars

    comparisons: RLYL, Siouxsie, Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters; Dreadful Shadows; Love Like Blood

  • label: Cacophonous
  • releases: Come Out of the Dark; Angles of Mourning Silence
This Ascension
  • label: TESS
  • releases: Walk Softly a Dream Lies Here; Sever
  1. void*
This Burning Effigy
  • Gothic rock, originally from Dublin, now in London.  Lately a duo.
    comparisons: Nephilim

  • label: Grave News.
  • releases: To Bestial Gods; Descent (with Julianne Regan); Resolution (remix, versions)
This Empty Flow
  • Italian?  Romantic, atmospheric Gothic
    comparisons: ethereal Cure

  • releases: Magenta Skycode
This Gentle Flow
  • Australian?  Post Gothic, darkwave.

  • releases: This Cage
This Morn' omina
  1. official*
This Mortal Coil
  1. void
This Play
  • Swiss?  Electro synth pop, eighties style.

  • releases: Popcorn
This Scarlet Train
This Slow Motion
  • Greek?  Indie, occassional choir, German, English lyrics.

  • releases: This Slow Motion
This Tangled Web
This Vale Of Tears
  • Belgian Gothic rock, guitar-based.
    comparisons: The Mission; Still Patient?; Play Dead; Girls Under Glass; The Cure

  • releases: PReCeSSioN By SuNSet (includes The Sun Now Stands from 1996 demo tape); Exceed (released late 2001, early 2002); Adam Nude
  1.* includes downloads, news, biography.
  2. void
This Veil of Tears
  • trad goth (CampGoth?)

Thorn of Life
Thorns of the Carrion
  • Gothic doom metal, slow, strings

  • releases: The Gardens of Dead Winter
  • Dark ambient.

The Thought Criminals
  • London, UK.

  1. official*
Thoughts of Grief
  • Matthias; Rene; Liane
  • Hamburg, Germany quintet. Gloom-rock. Formed 1996, split in 1997, new line up. Melodic goth, doom.

    comparisons: Skid Row; Pantera; Ozzy

  1. official* (in English, French and German)
  2. void
ThouShaltNot / Thou Shalt Not
  • Formed 2001? Active (2003-11). Dark, melodic pop. Gritty industrial, synthpop-styled vocals.

  1. official*
  3. livejournal*
Thrasher Qawwal
  • Asian group with Indian folk, punk and ska influences.

  1. void*
Threat Level 5
  • German?  Industrial.

  • releases: Maschinen
3 Days Hence
  • Matthew Whitehead
  • Washington state solo project with acoustic, indigenous and gothic undertones.

  1. void
  • Canadian darkwave, female vocals, guitar.
    comparisons: Play Dead; Curve

  • releases: Thrive (debut CD); Sophistry
Throbbing Gristle
  • Genesis P. Orridge
  • Electro, extreme industrial, experimental from the late 70's onwards.  The first industrial band.

  • releases: Dimensia in Excelsis (live, 1981.05.22, Culver City, CA, USA); Kreeme Horn (1975); Assume Power Focus (tracks fro 1975 - 1979); Grief (interviews, conversation, etc)
  1. void
Throwing Muses
  • releases: Limbo
Thy Veils
  • Romanian Goth band, ritual, darkwave, orchestral ambient, neo-classical.

  • releases: Prologue; Against an Oblivion of the Forgotten Abyss; Immemorable; The Diaphanous Depressions
  1. official*
  • active, Death metal, dark metal, goth metal, punk, strings, gothic aesthetics, rocky, doom, romantic, Gothic rock, Gothic metal.
    comparisons: Black Sabbath; Vision Thing-era Sisters

  • releases: The Astral Sleep (1991); Clouds (1992); Wildhoney (1994); The Musical History of (1994?); Cold Seed (single, 1997); A Deeper Kind of Slumber; Gaia; For Her Pleasure; The Sleeping Beauty (live in Israel); Brighter Than the Sun; Skeleton, Skeletron; Wild Honey
  1. void
  • German?  Electronic, indie vocals.

  • releases: A Tribute to the Pogues (single); Aliens and Orgasms; I Put A Smell On You (Trivial Songs For Trivial Moments)
Timothy Moldrey
  • Male vocals
  • Morbid, semi-orchestral, 90s Goth
    comparisons: Wagner

  • releases: Into A Solitary Place
Tiny Tim
  • Ukulele, falsetto? vocals
  • Love songs

  • label: World Serpent
  • releases: Songs Of An Impotent Troubadour
...Today, I'm Dead
  • Italian death-obsessed industrial.  Cold oppressive electronic barrage of Swedish and Italian death industrial sounds.
    comparisons: Brighter Death Now; Lille Roger

  • label: Slaughter Productions
  • Dark electronics. Dancebeat.

  • {Original};
  • Swedish?  Electronics, guitars
    comparisons: Steril

  • releases: In The Name Of Tolchock
  • German?  Atmospheric, melancholic, ambient.
    comparisons: Cold Meat

  • releases: Gothic Land
Tommi Stumpff
  • German electronic, computer-based.

  • releases: Mich Kriegt Ihr Nicht (1982 - 1985)
Tones on Tail
  • Daneil Ash (Bauhaus) - midrange male vocals; Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus) - percussion; Campling - bass.
  • Inactive UK. In existence March 1982, pre-Love and Rockets. Punk, rock goth.

  • label: Beggars Banquet
  • releases: Night Music (compilatin); Everything! (1998/04/07, compilation)
  1. official*
  2. void
Tony Wakeford
  • label: Middle Pillar
  • Danny.
  • Ritual magic

  • releases: Lateralus; Undertow.
Torn Curtain
  • Dark ambient/neoclassical side project of mz.412 using WW2 samples.

  1. Toroidh*
Torontians Parade
  1. void
Tors Of Dartmoor
  1. void

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table of releases by torsohorse
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Freak Showcd2003-08-04Debut mini-album. Native.Com Ltd NTV256 amazon
In My Headcd single2004-06-30Native.Com Ltd NTV266 amazon
The Invisible EnemySecond album (due)
  1. torsohorse*
  2. official*
  3. TorsoHorseFans the first fan website
  4. DRIPFED/CO/UK zine article
  5. BBC Humber interview
  6. BBC Humber interview (in Ferens Art Gallery)
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The Tortured
Torture Tek
Total Transformation
Touch of Evil
Toxic Shock Syndrome
  1. official*
Toys Went Berzerk
Tragic Black
  1. void
  2. void
Trance to the Sun
Trees Dance

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Trent Reznor

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T Rex

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Trial of Bow / Trial of the Bow
Tribe F
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Tricycle Crush
  1. void
Trio Nocturna
  1. void*
Triple XXX
Trisomie 21
  1. official*
Tri-State Killing Spree
  1. official*
True Life Story
Trust Obey
  1. void
  1. void
Turbund Sturnwerk
12 a.m.
12,000 Days
Twilight Ophera
Two Witches
  1. official
Type O Negative
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
Tyske Ludder
  1. void
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