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From the 20th century (just) to the mid-2010s my main online presence was the Wilde Wood, spending some time on different servers. From the latter half of the 2010s to the present my main presence has been the Back Prog Hack - a blog which accompanies my read-through of everything that has been published relating to British comic 2000AD (and so far has included companion titles Starlord and Tornado, as well as specials, annuals, a book, a game and a few records).
As of 2020 I've resurrected the old wildewood website on a new server and domain and shall be splitting my time between the Back Prog Hack and this website.
There's a lot of material on this site (about two and a half thousand pages, though some of those are behind-the-scene files) much of which is now a decade or more out of date, so my first task will be to go through every directory and file to update, delete or adjust as necessary. So if you see any dead links don't worry about it - they'll be updated or removed at some point, hopefully not too far down the line.

New Domain


It's been absolutely ages since I updated this website, and in the meantime I've gone through a change of host and domain name. The biggest change is the blog I've been updating daily for the past year or so. Back Prog Hack covers every 2000AD publication that has been released since 1977, one publication per day (plus a few related things).

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