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Wailing Wall
  • Jigsaw - vocals, guitar; Droog Stephan - guitar, vocals, keyboards; Frederick F - bass, vocals; Brandon 'v' Campos - drums.
  • Dark postpunk, deathrock, Batcave, no-wave, dark experimental, new wave, trashy glam rock.

    Formed mid-1989, played their first gig in 1991.
    comparisons: Bauhaus

  • releases: '89 to '99 In Retrospect...?; Mascara Madmen (live kuci sessions).
  1. official
Waiting For God
  • USA? Goth, female vocals, hard electronica, sampled guitars.

    comparisons: Curve; Faithful Dawn; Banshees

  • releases: Disipramine
The Wake
  • Formed 1991, Cleveland, USA, active.
  • comparisons: Psychedelic Furs; Sisters
  • labels: Cleopatra
  • releases: Masked (debut, 1993); Christine (mostly remixes from Masked); Nine Ways (second album)
  • contact: The Wake
    P.O. Box 10503
    OH 43201
  • German? Darkwave, techno influences, dancefloor. Electro, pitchshifted vocals.

    comparisons: Calva Y Nada.

  • releases: Rumpelstilzchen (le); Der Schlachter
  • releases: Eines Gottes Spur
Wampyre Shadowolf
  • Goth, vampire imagery, guitar-based rock.

    comparisons: Nosferatu; Sex Gang.

  • releases: Wampyricon
  • releases: Zeitenwende
Warsaw Pact
  • German? Industrial.

  • releases: Six Kicks In Your Heart (1995-2000)
  • Italian. Bouncy.

    comparisons: Vendemmian.

  • releases: The Remnants Of A Dying Age
  • {Steve - synthesisers; Sam - guitar; Aidan - bass}; Eileen - vocals; Lucinda - vocals; Pete - guitar; [Victoria - vocals; Andy - guitars; Rose - keyboards, backing vocals; Andrew - drums, percussion; Aidan - bass guitar]
  • Formed 1991. Dark, classic pop. Started as folk-rock. Influences from rock, country, choral, pop. Guitars, female vocals.

    Sam convinced the others to get a real drummer and recommended Pete as a guitarist when he left in Summer 1995. Steve and Lucinda left in September 1999. Vic joined in early 2000, and Rose joined soon after. Pete decided to leave in October 2001, due to other commitments, to be replaced by Andy in Spring 2002.
    comparisons: Cocteau Twins; Radiohead; Cure; Morcheeba; Dark Orange

  • releases: Chiaroscuro; Heimat (tape); Found (ep); Departure (single, 1999); WisdomLikeSilence (May, 2002)
  • W a t e r g l a s s*
  • Jon Black; Rob Dyer; Matt Sewell
  • Formed in 1990. Electronic (largely) instrumental soundscapes. Early releases featured heavy 'ethnic music' influences. Latest material more beat-driven. Ambient/soundscapes/idm. Have worked with Mark Cousins in 2001/2. Sewell left in 1995. After five-year haitus Black and Dyer began writing and recording new material in Spring 2000.

  • label: No Bones and dsomedia
  • releases: Music (1990); LA23 (1995); Bunk, Junk and Genius (2000); Tokyo Dub Cafe (promo EP, 2001); The Mother and The Whore EP (2002); Tokyo Dub Cafe (2002, forthcoming album)
  • contact:
    wave c/o
    PO box 132,
    DA11 0DS,
  1. wave*
Wave Workers Foundation
  • Trance, cosmic, intelligent techno dance.

  • releases: In The Whirlpool
The Way of All Flesh
  • Simon Clifton - vocals; Steve Jackson - lead guitar; Dave Redford - rhythm guitar, vocals; Jasper Fisher - bass; Kathryn Rennie - keyboards, bass; Kelly Dorset - rhythm guitar; Mojo Jojo - drum machine.
  • Sharrow, South Central Sheffield, UK-based, formed October 1995. Gothic rock, pop, eighties, industrial, goth nineties. Jasper and Dave left circa April, 1996, with Simon leaving to become an actor three months later. Reforms in June 1998 with Dave on vocals and Kelly on rhythm guitar, putting on their 'return' gig in November 1999.

  1. official*
  • Germany? Darkwave, industrial, electronic. Distorted drums, synthetic vocal samples.

  • releases: Frontalaufprall; Alles Ist Moglich; Starfighter F-104G
  1. void
Weltenbrand / Welten Brand
  • Switzerland / USA. Darkwave. Romantic, pre-Raphaelite feel. Male and female vocals.

    comparisons: Dead Can Dance; Death In June; Ataraxia; Deine Lakaien (male vocals)

  • releases: Das Rabenland; Der Untergang Von Trisona
  1. void
  • Features ex-members of Monumentum. Gothic, dramatic, classical music forms, synth, 80s style.

    comparisons: Dead Can Dance (guitars)

  • releases: Symptomes de Ruine
  • San Francisco duo, electronic and art project. High, soft female vocals. Gothic, industrial, darkwave, tribal, electro, atmospheric, death rock band. Multimedia entertainment with industrial textures.

  1. void
  2. official?*
  3. blank
  • Marco Deplano (Foresta di Ferro, Death pact International); John Murphy (Kraang, Death In June, Knifeladder, SPK)
  • Italian death-obsessed industrial cultural terrorist, power electronic soundtrack exploiting religious, racial, sexual, social, gender.

  • Neo-folk. English and German lyrics. Classical touches.

    comparisons: Sopor Aeternus

  • label: Sad Eyes; Trisol
  • releases: Trauer, Tod & Ewigkeit (Grief, death and eternity)
  • Italian? Atmospheric industrial.

    releases: Creatures of the Wind (concept cd)

While Angels Watch
  • Both albums produced by Matt Howden. Mini-tour of Europe planned for 2004-summer.

  • label: Eis & Licht; Agalasta
  • releases: Dark Age (debut album); Still the Star Shines (2004-04, ep) Treasures of Treachery (second album featuring Patrick Leagas (Death in June; Sixth Comm; Mother Destruction), due 2004-06)
  1. void*
Whiskey and the Devil
  • UK, no longer active

Whispering Colours
  • Electronic ambient, Goth. Subtle beats.

    comparisons: Sisters (occasional vocals)

  • releases: The Mystery of Pain
Whispers in the Shadows / Whisper in the Shadow
  • Active, Switzerland? UK?-based. Post-Gothic, progressive, cold wave, darkwave, early eighties, eastern sounds. Dance tunes, romantic ballads.

    comparisons: (early) Cure; Skeletal Family; Bauhaus; Cocteau Twins (Garlands era); Jesus and Mary Chain

  • releases: November; Laudanum; A Taste Of Decay
  • Poland? Experimental, dark, sinister atmospherica.

  • releases: 1999 Earth Termination
  • Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly); Rhyes Fulber (Front Line Assembly)
  • USA-based, active. Darkwave, electro Goth. Choral chants, Gothic strings, industrial programming.

  • releases: Deja- Vu (compilation)
Willow Wisp
  • Shock rock, glam Goth, alternative rock.

  • releases: The Building Up And Breaking Down Of Matter
  1. official*
Winds of Sirus
  • France? Gothic doom metal. Gutteral vocals, strings, crunchy guitars.

  • releases: Beyond All Temples And Myths
Wings of Destiny
  • Atmospheric melancholy with an upbeat number. German. Classic instruments, female vocals. Piano driven ballad. Gothic-wave romantic.

  • Wings of Destiny
  1. blank
  • Germany? Industrial noise, drum and bass.

    comparisons: Noisex

  • releases: Drum And Noise
  • German. Gothic rock.

  • releases: Monochrome
the Witching Hour
  • UK, active

Within Temptation
  • Holland? Goth, metal. Female vocals.

  • releases: Restless (single)
  1. void
  • USA? Techno, dance electronics, cyber.

  • releases: No Peace Without the Beat
The Wolfgang Press
  • UK, active

  • Hamburg, Germany. Post-Goth, dark commercial electronic, pop, romantic, darkwave. German and English lyrics.

    comparisons: De/Vision; Deine Lakaien; Joy Division

  • releases: Once In A lifetime (single); Kunstliche Welten (single); Spectators; Dreaming Apes (1996); Popkiller; 55578. 1987 To 1995; No Happy View (1992); Hamburg Rom (1996, live, free sticker); A New Star System Has Been Explored (mix single); It's Not Too Late (Don't Sorrow) (mix single); Now I Fall (single); The Sparrows And The Nightingales (mix single); Thunderheart (single); Closer Still (mix single); Elias (mix single); Casting Shadows
  1. official*
  2. void
  • releases: Campos de Matança
  • UK. Gothic rock. Post-indie, 90s Goth, industrial.

    comparisons: Leisure Hive; Witching Hour

  • releases: Unclean
  • Active (2003-late). German? Goth, folk. Female vocals.

    comparisons: Breath of Life

  • releases: Save My Soul
  1. official*
  • Solo project involving fetishism, obsession, lust and pain.

  1. Official*
  • Tony Lestat - vocals
  • L.A. USA. Formed 1988? Split 1993? Offshoot of Screams for Tina. Gothic rock, post punk, death rock. Some dancefloor darkwave.

  • comparisons: The Damned; Wreckage; Sex Gang Children; Death Cult
  • releases: Crawling from the Wreckage (1994); The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, And The Dead (compilation from 1988-1993); Bad Vibes
  • contact: Wreckage
    638 West Knoll Drive Apt. 4
    West Hollywood
    CA 90069
  • Dark, electronic, mediaeval, darkwave, experimental.

    comparisons: Strawberry Fields; Frank Zappa

  • releases: The Unblessed World Of When
Written In Ashes
  • USA-based Goth band. Gothic, cowboy sound. Jangly guitars, male vocals.

  • releases: Eternal
  1. official*
  • Germany. Elektro-industrial. Darkwave, industrial, Goth. Dark, nihilistic.
  • releases: The Mesner Tracks (rarities, 1992-1995); Bunkertor 7 (remastered); Embryodead; Music For A Slaughtering Tribe 2 (1993, recorded in LA, double CD); Born Again (remix album); Dried Blood Of Gomorrha (remix album); Totmacher (remix album; Deadmaker (double CD, USA name for Totmacher); Boeses Junges Fleisch; Eevil Young Flesh; Ich Will Dich (remixes); Music For A Slaughtering Tribe; Blutkind (rarities, double CD, included multi-media track)
  1. void
  2. void
  • France. Electronics, minimal, 80s, male and female vocals.

  • releases: Ut
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