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Rachael's Surrender
  • Chicago-based abmient, dark pop, trance.

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Radical Usurper
  • Quebec gothic-pagan group.
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Radio-Active Flowers
  • Bowling Green, Ky. Goth quintet.
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Raison D'Etre
  • releases: Prospectus I; The Empty Hollow Unfolds
  • label: Projekt
  • releases: The Heady Wine of Praise; The Door of Serenity
  • Electropop.

  • label: Visage

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Ran Xerox
  • Greek. Features ex-members of South of No North

  • Robin Storey (Zoviet France)
  • Ethno-ambient.
  • 22 Elsdon Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1HY, UK.
  • Dayton, Ohio Gothic quartet.
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Rational Youth
  • Commercial synthpop.

Raven Gysr
  • "Dark bard" and musician.
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  • Gerrit Thomas
  • German.

  • {Andi Gordon - guitar, violin, music; Layla - vocals, santoor, lyrics;} Tara; Phil - violin; Cenk - guitars; Azadeh; James - bass; Elie -; [ Layla; Andi; Azadeh - vocals; Eleanor / Elie - flute, music, acoustic guitar, live keyboards, programming; Stevyn Grey - drums ]
  • Southampton, UK. Started as a female-fronted electronic Goth band, now a neo-classical Goth metal band, with supporting synths. Violin, flute, harpsichord, santoor (Persian dulcimer), heavy guitars, stompy beats, two female vocalists, theatrical styling. Trad goth, mediaeval, baroque, metal guitar, heavy industrial. Layla and Azadeh are sisters, bringing Persian / Iranian influences. 1999-late - Layla and Andi form the band for an upcoming gig. 2000-02 - first gig at Sonic Underground 5. 2003-early - Phil and Tara have had to leave recently due to time / job pressures. 2003-late - James joins on guitar.

  • contact: andy
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Razor Skyline
  • Seattle goth rockers with goth, industrial and EBM influences.
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Rectal Surgery
  • Industrial.

  • Finland.

Red Flag
  • Mark Reynolds - lead singer
  • USA. EBM, synthpop. Reynolds died, 2003.04.07

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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  1. void
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The Redresser
  • Anthony; David
  • Something to do with Ikon? Australian?

Red Sky Coven
  • comparisons: NMA

  • releases: The Archetype (maxi); War
  1. void
  • releases: Regenerated X
Requiem In White
  • Mors Syphilitica an off-shoot.

Restoration II
  • Steve Weeks (Revolution by Night); Bryon (Revolution by Night); Richard Pyne (Killing Miranda, Prophacy) - guitarist.
  • Split up in 1994. More straight guitar Goth & Metal than the keyboard-based Killing Miranda.

Restricted Area
    • Synth pop
    • label: Life is Painful; Nova Media
    • releases: Realtime

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Resurrection Eve

  • Australia, Melbourne


    Backing tracks, programming, guitars.

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Resurrection Mary
  • Lexington, Ky gothic-punk band.
  1. void*
  • releases: ReuTRauM V
Rev Counter
  • Metal.

Reverb Sleep
  • Alan Dollenger (Of A Mesh) - baritone vocals, programming, writer; Ellen Watkins (Of A Mesh; The Glenn Branca Ensemble) - guitarist; Michael Goglia - drummer.
  • Alan Dollenger died from AIDS, October 22nd, 1995.

  • releases: Fish Dream (1995, last recording of Dollenger)
  • contact: Reverb Sleep
    c/o MMG
    P.O. Box 272
    Center Valley,
    PA 18034
  • Electro.

Revolution By Night
  • Steve Weeks (Restoration II) - vocals; Bryon (Restoration II)
  • London, UK-based synth-wave / goth band

    comparisons: Ultravox; VNV Nation

  • label: Sonic X
  • releases: Faithless (2003-06-02 ep)
  1. void
  2. void*
  • EBM / synthpop.

Rhea's Obsession
  • Swirling gothic soundscapes named after mythological mother goddess.
  1. void (Spider Records)
  • Glasgow-based. Themes of self-destruction. Has collaborated with Gary Numan and Tricky.

    comparisons: NIN

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Robert Rich
  • releases: Humidity (3-cd); Somnium; Bestiary
Robot God
  • Goth band.
    comparisons: P.J. Harvey; Sonic Youth; NIN

  • void
Rock of Travolta
  • comparisons: Add N to X; Shellac; Stravinsky

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Rome Burns
  • Daevid Jael; Simon 'Satori' Hendley; Stoo (Stuart D Goff?); Gregor Samsa - drums (at one point); Nevla - guitarist.
  • Active since 1995, forming in Norwich, but now located in Cambridge. Piano. Stoo left late 2001?

  • labels: Friction Burns (own label?); Spiky Black Cat.
  • releases: Done & Dusted (September 1998)
  • contact: Rome Burns
    155 Kings Hedges Road,
    CB4 2PL
    old?; old?
    Rome Burns Manor
    8 Balmoral Drive
    Ramsey Forty Foot
    PE26 2YR
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Rosa Crux
  • France.

  1. void
Rosegarden Funeral
  • Hull-based, now inactive?  Sombre, folk-inspired, bass chords, harmonic vocals.
    comparisons: Sisters; Dammerung (influenced them)

Rose of Avalanche
  • Philip Morris - vocals
  • Formed 1983, Leeds
  • labels: EMI; Virgin Music; Visionary.

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Rosetta Stone

  • { Porl King - deep, mid-range vocals, guitar;
    Karl North (Dream Disciples) - bass;
    Madame Razor - drum machine }

    Porl Young - guitar;
  • UK, Wirral.

    Goth, Industrial, Goth rock, darkwave

    Industrial rhythms, sampled strings, brooding vocals, synths.

    Formed 1988, inactive since 1998-11-01. Started off with a Goth-sound / SoM soundalike, quickly went towards industrial-goth, further towards computerised-industrial-goth, then mixing all previous up?

    After the band split up Porl King left the scene (moving to Los Angeles?) while Karl North would later join the Dream Disciples.

    1988 - formed in Liverpool.
    1989 - King and North meet Wayne Hussey who offers to produce their debut album.
    1990 - Hussey leaves the production and the duo finish Rosetta Stone without him.
    1991/2? - Porl Young joins as on additional guitar.
    1993-12-29 - only gig of 1993, Nottingham, Young had left by now.
    1998-11-01 - Last gig.
    2000 - un:erotica released, effectively a King solo project?

  • influences:
  • comparisons:
  • labels: Futurity; Expression
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Retributionmc1988/9?One of three self-produced cassettes released before their first 'proper' production.
Chapter and Versemc1988/9?One of three self-produced cassettes released before their first 'proper' production.
Out of the Blue and Into the Blackmc1988/9?One of three self-produced cassettes released before their first 'proper' production.
Darkness & LightFuturity RecordsFT001cd lp1990Recorded at Slaughterhouse Studio in Driffield, Yorkshire
Leave me for DeadExpression Recordscd ep lp1991-03
An eye for the Main Chance2900717412" and cd1991-09Single of title track of album. Buy An eye for the Main Chance by Rosetta Stone at
An eye for the Main ChanceExpression Records; Minority OneEXPCD12; MIN01CDcd and lp1991Released in Germany by Bellaphon Records. Buy An eye for the Main chance by Rosetta Stone at
Buy An eye for the Main Chance by Rosetta Stone at
Foundation StoneCleopatracataloguecd lp1993Released by Cleopatra after signing Rosetta Stone up in 1993.
The Early StuffDepression Recordscatalogueepsemi-official release
Under the RoselabelcataloguemcLeeds 1992-10 concert
AdrenalineCleopatraCLEO12752cd lp1993-05-14first full-length album Buy Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone at
Foundation StonesCleopatraCLEO93232cd lp1993-04 (1995-01-01 in USA) Buy Foundation Stones by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Foundation Stones by Rosetta Stone at
The Witchlabelcataloguecd ep1993Cover of Ruggles song.
EpitomeCleopatraCLEO91192cd ep1993-10-19 Buy Epitome EP by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Epitome EP by Rosetta Stone at
On the Side of AngelsMinority OneMIN02CDcd lp1993-02 Buy On the Side of Angels by Rosetta Stone at
NothingMinority One12MIN101; 12MIN101L le12"1994-10-31Remixes. Buy Nothing by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Nothing (limited edition) by Rosetta Stone at
Friends & Executionerscd lp1995 (1995-05-09 in USA)album
Tyranny of InactionMinority One; CleopatraMIN03LP; MIN03CDcd lp1995-01-26album Buy Tyranny of Inaction by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Tyranny of Inaction by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Tyranny of Inaction by Rosetta Stone on vinyl at
Buy Tyranny of Inaction by Rosetta Stone at
Hiding in WaitingCleopatra35849cd lp1996 (1996-07-23 in USA)album Buy Hiding in Waiting by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Hiding in Waiting by Rosetta Stone at
Chemical EmissionsCleopatraCLP315cd lp1998 (1998-07-07 in USALive studio performance of contemporary set. Buy Chemical Emissions by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Chemical Emissions by Rosetta Stone at
Unerotica: Reformatted Eighties AudioCleopatracd lp2000 (2000-08-15 in USA)Porl King production (Cleopatra supposed to have wanted it to be brought out under the RS name). Buy Unerotica: Reformatted Eighties Audio by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Unerotica: Reformatted Eighties Audio by Rosetta Stone at
Adrenaline (Deluxe Edition)Cleopatracd2005-02-15 (2005-04-18 in UK) Buy Adrenaline (Deluxe Edition) by Rosetta Stone at
Buy Adrenaline (Deluxe Edition) by Rosetta Stone at
  • Rosetta Stone
    P.O. Box 1344,
    Madison Square Station,
    New York,
    NY 10010
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Rozz Williams
  • 1963-1998. Has worked with Gitane Demone. Liked to play Europe. Born in Pomona, southern Ca. in a Southern Baptist family. Formed Christian Death at the age of 16. On European tour 1994 Todd Dixon was drummer, Eva O guitar. Mike bass. Brian guitar. Gitane opened for them. Rozz wanted to wrap up Christian Death and use the name Daucus Karota. Premature Ejaculation?
  • Releases: Only Theatre of Pain.
    1. Rozznet
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    7. Nothing's
  • Rubicon
    • release: What Starts Ends
    Runes Order
    • releases: Waiting Forever (Memories Remain)
    Run Level Zero
    • Swedish.

    Rustflower inc
    • Norway. Underground electronic.

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