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UK Decay

    Abbo/Steven Abbot (The Resistors; Furyo) - guitar, vocals; Steve Harle (The Resistors) - drums; Martin Smith (The Resistors) - bass; }
    Steve Spon (Pneumania; In Excelsis; Furyo) - guitar; Segovia - bass; Lorraine 'Lol' Turvey (The Statics) - bass; Creetin K-Os (Social Unrest) - bass; Eddie 'Dutch' Branch / Twiggy (Furyo) - bass;
  • UK.

    Punk, then proto-Goth.

    Early UK punk/Goth band. Developed Gothic sound around time that Bauhaus emerged.
    Created from remains of The Resistors after Paul Wilson left.
    Abbo initially played guitar, but concentrated on vocals when Steve Spon joined.

    Abbo credited with terming movement Gothic though Bauhaus considered the first Goth band (UK Decay were more punk at the time).
    Had own label, Plastic Records.
    Some band members produced a monthly fanzine called The Suss and Matrix, a punk record and clothes shop.
    Corpus Cristi Records was Crass's record label - UK Decay had been introduced to Penny Rimbaud from Crass by John Loder of Southern Studios.

    1979-Spring - formed from The Resistors when Paul Wilson left.
    1979 - released Split Single 7" which recieved a poor review in the NME (which appears to have helped sales).
    1980-early - first non-Luton gig, supporting Bauhaus.
    1981-early - Lorraine 'Lol' Turvey plays bass for some UK dates and a European tour.
    1981-Spring - Creetin K-Os plays bass for US and UK tours.
    1981 - Eddie 'Dutch' Branch joins on bass.
    1982 - Fresh Records collapses, though are bought out by what becomes Jungle Records. UK Decay manage to buy their back catalogue and set up their own record company.
    1982-December - split up.

  • influences: Velvet Underground; David Bowie
    1. (I think this is unofficial - shall have a more extensive poke around at some point.
    2. Deathrock (retrospective)
    3. Kill Your Pet Puppy
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Ultracherry Violet
  • USA? Gentle female vocals. Shimmering backbeat.

    comparisons: Strange Boutique; This Ascension

  • releases: I Fall to Pieces
  • Organic drums, electronic beats, guitar, bass and samples.

  1. number 1*
Ultra Milkmaids
  • German? Minimal ambient industrial.

  • releases: Peps
  • Jonny / Johnny Violent
  • Gabba, cyber-goth, industrial, techno-metal. Dark, nihilistic, disturbing.

  • releases: Life of Destructor (debut); Killing God; Psycho Drama (concept album); Paranoid (single); I Destructor (single); Heaven is Oblivion (single)
  • John Foxx; Midge Ure (Ultravox)
  • Ultravox formed in 1974 by John Foxx, who left in 1978. Temporarily disbanded.  Keyboardist in Visage (where he met Midge Ure).  Shortly after keyboardist reformed Ultravox with Midge Ure in it.

  1. number 1
  • Industrial-ambient, avant-metal.

  • releases: The Marriage of Heav'n and Hell (William Blake soundtrack)
Umbra et Imago
  • German darkwave, dark electronic Goth, fetish, metal. Vampire, sexual and barbarian imagery. Guitars started to come to the fore around Mystic Sexualis. German language.

    comparisons: Spinal Tap (!)

  • releases: Traume Sex und Tod; Infantile Spiele (second album); Remember Dito (dedicated to a dead friend); Kein Gott Und Keine Liebe (single); The Hard Years (live); Machina Mundi; Mea Culpa (Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim) and Tanzwut guest ); Mea Culpa (ltd ed, boxed, extra track, syringe-pen, signed postcards, poster); Gedanken Eines Vampirs; Mystic Sexualis
  1. official*
  • Cajun depressives.

    comparisons: Mephisto Waltz; Cocteau Twins

  • releases: Underflowers
  • active

Under the Noise
  • USA or German? Guitar industrial with gospel elements.

  • releases: Of Generation and Corruption; Future Automatic; Regeneration (remixes from Of Generation...)
  • France. Old school death metal.

  1. interview
  • Electro, darkwave. German.

    comparisons: Rammstein (but lighter)

  • labels: Bloodline
  • releases: Phosphor (debut); Frohes Fest (2002); Sage Ja! (remix single)
  1. official*
The Unholy Guests
  • Gothic / death rock band from Moscow, Russia.
    Comparisons: Eldritch vocals.

  1. official*
Unit 187
  • Guitar industrial.

  • label: Off Beat
  • releases: Loaded (features Rhys Fulber (FLA); Jed Simon (FLA), produced by Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad)); Dead Dog (remix CD)
Universal Black
  • USA / Polish? Gothic electronic, female vocals.

    comparisons: Die Laughing; Inkubus Sukkubus

  • releases: Left... Right
Universal Love
  • Toronto. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).

The Unquiet Void
  • USA? Gothic, cosmic. Ambient

  • label: Middle Pillar Distribution
  • releases: Between the Twilights; Scorpio
Unto Ashes
  • Ericah Hagle - vocals; Michael Laird - composition; Natalia Lincoln - vocals; Mariko - vocals; Katherine Burker
  • Atmospheric, arabesque vocals, persian melodies.

  • label: Projekt Records (USA); Middle Pillar; Kalinkaland Records (Germany)
  • releases: I Cover You With Blood (maxi-cd, 2003-12-31); Empty Into White (due 2004-02-16)
  • Dark, Gothic, romantic darkwave, experimental. Fetish imagery. Female vocals. Darkwave, electro.

    comparisons: Heavenly Voices; early Christian Death; Ghosting; Paralysed Age

  • label: Sonic Malade
  • releases: Nekropolis; Schwarze Messe; Vampire Book
    number 1
  • Dark ambient

  • label: World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: Silver
  • German / USA? Distorted / female vocals, bouncy drums, trancy electro industrial, samples.

  • releases: Initiation; Aquarius
Uranium 235
  • Industrial metal. Commercial

    comparisons: NIN / Manson

  • releases: Cultural Minority
  1. official*
  • Originally Atlanta, relocated to Chicago, disappeared. Industrial, early eighties influences. Powerful, commercial.

    comparisons: Ministry; Killing Joke; Xmal, Play Dead.

  • label: Cleopatra.
  • releases: Flux; Melting (debut)
  • Sevren Ni-Arb
  • Germany. Goth, electro? Industrial dancefloor.

    comparisons: X Marks the Pedwalk; Zoth Ommog (label); Off Beat (label)

  • releases: Goldene Zeit 1989-1993
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