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Hagalaz' Runedance
  • Mediaeval-influenced romantic Goth. Female vocals. Viking / Germanic, pagan, tribal music, atmospheric. Neo-ethnic pagan folk music. Mediaeval, Norse instruments as well as guitars.

  • releases: Urd - That Which Was; On The Wings Of Rapture (single); Volven (German release); The Winds That Sang Of Midgards Fate
  1. void
  • Germany. Gothic neoclassical, death metal. Mediaeval musical structures.

  • releases: Awakening The Centuries (German release)
  1. void
Hall of Souls
  • Germany. Gothic, dark, melancholic, doom synths, guitars.

    comparisons: Joy Division vocals; Sisters; Tors of Dartmoor; G.O.D.; Psychedelic Furs; Jesus and Mary Chain

  • releases: Love Desert (German release); Hope (German release); Exit (German release, second album); The Sea (remixes, German release, le 555 copies); The Great Repose (German release)
  • Intelligent industrial, atmospheric film samples.

  • releases: Halo_Gen (USA release)
Hanzel und Gretyl
  • Industrial metal, SF samples

  • releases: Transmission From Uranus (includes CD-ROM track)
  • Brazil? Electronic, Gothic / industrial touches.

    comparisons: Einsturzended Neubaten; DAF

  • releases: Chemical Archives (Brazilian release)
Harvest of Shame
  • Razer Payne
  • Solo project. Electronic.
  1. void*
Hate Dept
  • Industrial.

    comparisons: Killing Joke; NIN

  • releases: Meat. Your Maker (USA release)
  • releases: The Spiritual Palsy EP (due 2004)
  1. official*
  • Daniel Myers (H.M.B).
  • Germany Dark electronic.

    comparisons: Portishead (on Less)

  • releases: Homes And Gardens (German release); Eye Over You (remix single); Freeze Frame Reality; Frames (remix mini-album); Solutions for a Small Planet (album); Cleaned Visions (remixes from Solutions); Matrix (double CD, German release, album and disc of samples); From Homes To Planets (Mission summary 93-97); Ninetynine (German release); Ninetynine Remixes (German release); Less (featuring Vanessa Briggs, German release)
  1. void
  2. void
  • Sweden? Romantic electronic.

    comparisons: Portishead

  • releases: Underneath The Floor (Swedish release)
Head On Fire
  • Gothic rock. Guitar-based.

    comparisons: Vendemmian; Dreadful Shadows; Secret Discovery

  • releases: Nostalgia (German release, produced by Axel Ermes (Girls Under Glass)
  • Italian dark-wave band.
  1. void
Heart of Snow
  • Renamed as Swann Danger.

  • releases: Endure or More (2003?)
Heavenly Demise
  • Toronto group, unsigned.
  • comparisons: RATM
  • label: unsigned
  1. void
  • Poland. Male and female vocals, Crowley samples, rock.

    comparisons: Nefilim (male vocals)

  • releases: Psycho Cafe (German release)
  • label: Cold Meat Industry
  • releases: Pilgrim of the Sublunary Worlds (early 2002)
  1. void
  • Formed 1993. Worked with Chorea Minor in early days. Neo-folk, mediaeval. Dark folk, military

    comparisons: Laibach (early)

  • label: Well of Urd
  • releases: Hambach 1848 (vinyl); Sonnentanz (Dutch release); Tempeltanz; Ten Years of Endurance (2003 compilation)
  1. official*
  • Synth-pop

  • label: Himmelpforten; Indigo
  • releases: Virtually Tempted
  • Ann Boleyn - lead singer
  1. void Evil Ed's Rages
  • Guitar-based pop, Goth.

    comparisons: Manuskript

  • releases: Penny Dreadful (USA release, concept album, features K.J. Dunn (Loretta’s Doll))
  • Guitar-based industrial, distorted vocals.

  • releases: Vein (German release); Revain (German release, remixes)
  • Rozz Williams
  • comparisons: Throbbing Gristle; Premature Ejaculation

  • releases: Heltir (German release)
  • comparisons: The Swans

  • releases: Lourd Comme L’Air (French release)


  • Oswald Henke (Goethes Erben) - vocals
  • status: active

    location: Bayern, Deutschland

    Henke set to perform Goethes Erben songs at WGT 2011.

  • labels: dark star
  1. MySpace*
Here We Burn
  • San Francisco gothic quartet, unsigned.
  1. void
  • Vomitus - vox, synth, objects, distortion
  • 2000
  • Jonathan Sharp (C-Tec, New Mind, Offbeat Records), Alexys (Inertia).
  • Active, British, but popular in Germany. Industrial music, female vocals.

    comparisons: Curve; Collide

  • releases: Choking On Lilies (USA release); Choking On Lillies (German release)
  • Belgium. Electronic.

    comparisons: Apoptygma Berzerk

  • releases: Aperi Ventes (Belgian release, single)
  1. void
Hide & Seek
  • releases: European Landscapes
Hieronymus Bosch
    New Zealand. Dark mediaeval, industrial soundscapes.

    comparisons: Cold Meat Industries; Love Lies Bleeding; Endura

  • releases: The Divided Self; The Divided Self (New Zealand release)
  • Finland gothic rock band. Goth / metal crossover. Name stands for His Infernal Majesty (alledgedly). Metal/Hardcore

  1. void
  2. void Prelude to Tragedy
  • Germany.

Hiroshima Mon Amour
  • Italy. Post-futurist pre-Gothic, Italian language.

  • releases: Anno Zero (Italian release)

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History of Guns

  • { Max Rael - 'machines'; The Goose - bass; Del Gun - vocals; The Reverend - drums; }

    [ Ade 'Fester' Schuster - guitar ]
  • United Kingdom.

    Dark deviant experimental music. Goth metal, industrial. Dark, electro goth-rock.

    Dark ambient, noisy beats. Have played high energy industrial punk.

    Fester joined, making the fourth different line-up?

  • comparisons: a goth metal Underworld
  • labels:
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
History of Guns - Whitby October 2004 Promocatalogue cd2004-10
Flashes of LightlabelLENSCDO8 cd / lp2004/5 Buy Flashes of Light by History of Guns at
History of Guns Live Like You Never Imagineslabelcatalogue dvd2004?Recorded 2004-08-14 at the Marquee Club, Hertford. Buy Flashes of Light by History of Guns at
ApopheniaDarkcell Digital Musiccatalogue cd2005?Forthcoming album, release date not set.
  2. mrsvee (direct link to mp3)*
  3. Yahoo group?*
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  • Daniel Myers (Haujobb)
  • Side project of Myers.

The Hiding Place
  • Late eighties band.

  • Mexico. Active, electro, ultra-violent industrial band. EBM / synthpop. Electro darkwave, dark sinister electronics.

    comparisons: YelworC; Morgue; Aghast View; Wumspcut; Funker Vogt

  • releases: Odio Bajo El Alama (German release); Cursed Land; El Dia De La Ira (German release); Sangre Hirviente; Aqui Ahora El Silencio (German release); Aqui Ahora El Silencio (le, German release)
  1. void
  • Neoclassical, atmospheric.

    comparisons: Autopsia (early)

  • releases: Hymnvs (German release)
Hollow Earth
  • Dark ambient, sinister, disturbing.

  • releases: Dog Days Of the Holocaust (concept, Auschwitz)
The Hollywood Morgue
  • Washington DC gothic-glam rock band
  1. void
Holocaust Theory
  • San Francisco, USA. Synths, percussion, samples. Mysterious, disturbing. Industrial.

    comparisons: Suicide Commando; Dive

  • releases: Proclaimed Visions (USA release); Inception Of Eradication
Holy Lore
  • Italy.

    comparisons: Sisters of Mercy (vocals); Tors of Dartmoor; Still Patient

  • releases: Sefiroth (Italian release)
  1. void
The Hommos
  • Sweden.
The Horatii
  • Roo; Sarah.
  • Supposed to have a bit more of a modern indie sound lately. UK. Goth with indie touches.

    comparisons: March Violets; Bauhaus

  • releases: Riposte; Succour Punch (UK release, second album)
Horizon 222
  • Side project of Zoviet France. Related to Ingleton Falls.
  • PO Box 19,
    Whitley Bay,
    NE26 2NB,
Horror Show
  • SF-based deathrock.

  1. void
Horse Penis Pants
  • Industrial.

  • Californian trio, recorded a demo in a Norwegian cave.
  1. void*
The House Of Usher
  • Jörg - vocals
  • Germany. Guitar-based, melancholic vocals, programming, strings. English language. 2003? Guitarist Dominic Daub left after six years. 2003? René Löffler returns on guitar, having played in original lineup from 1991 to 1994. 2003-August? Markus Pick back (another original member).

    comparisons: Joy Division; Sisters of Mercy

  • label: Equinoxe Records
  • releases: Succubus (German release, le 1,000 copies); Zephyre (German release, second album); Earthbound (single, includes CD-ROM video, German release); Black Sunday Chronology (compilation, remixes, rarities); Cosmogenisis; Inferno / l'enfer (CD); Radio Cornwall (forthcoming album)
  1. official*
  2. official*
Human Drama
  • Johnny / Jonny; Michael Ciravolo - guitars
  • Los Angeles-based. Featured member later in Kore

    To be disbanded at end of 2004 (reported 2004-01-02) after planned tour. Goth / alternative. Melodic, intense, acoustic guitar, piano, strings.

    comparisons: Projekt label

  • releases: The World Inside; Cause and Effect; Solemn Sun Setting; Songs of Betrayal Part 1; Human Drama (USA release); Songs of Betrayal; Pin Ups (USA release, covers); The World Inside; 14,384 Days Later (USA release, live from 1996 USA tour); Solemn Sun Setting (USA release)
  1. official*
Human League
  • Started off quite dark, before turning poppy.

  • releases: Travelogue (dark); Dare; Secrets (200?, more like early stuff)
Hum Projimo
  • Experimental music, art house.

  • releases: Ca Se Guerit (German release)
Hungry Lucy
  • Christa Belle - vocals.
  • Dark, mellow trip-hop sound, beautiful melodies. Goth-hop elements?

    comparisons: Switchblade Symphony

  • releases: GlÔ
  1. official*
  2. christabelle*
  3. review?
Hunting Lodge
  • Semi-tribal. Male and female vocals.

    comparisons: Throbbing Gristle

  • releases: Necropolis (German release, concept album); Will (German release, final recordings)
  • Guitar industrial, strings, sequencer. Electropop.

  • label: Visage
  • releases: Advanced Technology (German release)
  • Belgium.

  1. number
  • The Leechwoman boys.  Heavy industrial beats, extreme electronic sounds, aggressive old-school industrial music, metal percussion, punk attitude.

  • comparisons: old Test Dept; SPK
  • Jonathan (New Mind; Biotek); Sevren ni-arb (X Marks the Pedwalk)
  • Industrial.

  • releases: Metachrome (German release)
  1. number
Hypnoskull / Hypno Skull
  • Experimental power noise, industrial. Distortion, bass drums.

  • releases: Ffwd>burnout (German release); Rhythmusmaschine Eins-Zwei
  • British

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