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I Burn
  • Italy? Black dark ambient. Minimal, atmospheric.

  • releases: Infraharmonies, Scald Cavities (Italian release, le 1000)
Ice Ages
  • Switzerland? Synthetic neo-classical, dark ambient, darkwave, atmospheric industrial.

    comparisons: Sopor Aeternus; Panic on the Titanic; YelworC

  • releases: Strike the Ground (Swiss release)
Iced Earth
  • releases: Horror Show
  • Dark rock, darkwave.

  • releases: Nonplus (German release)
  • labels: Capitol; Megaforce; Orchard
  • releases: Icon (1984); Night of the Crime (1985); Right Between the Eyes (1989); 1984: Live Bootleg (2000)
Icon Of Coil
  • Andy
  • Norway. Gothic-style vocals, commercial beats. Electro band, future pop.

    comparisons: Apoptygma Berzerk; Covenant; Evils Toy; VNV Nation

  • label: Tatra; Metropolis
  • releases: Serenity is the Devil (debut, Norwegian release); Shallow Nation (Norwegian release); One Nation Under A Beat (Norwegian release); The Soul is in the Software (due 2002.03); Machines Are Us
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  4. LJ* Info and Tour diary for Icon of Coil
Idle Paris (IdleParis?)
  • Formed 2001?, based in Sheffield

Idiot Stare
  • Underground industrial, punk metal.

    comparisons: Cubanate

  • releases: The Hate Cage (USA release)

  • German power electronics.
  • label: State Art
Ignis Fatuus
  • Jarboe (Swans)
  • Dark neo-classical, ambient.

  • releases: The Futility Goddess (German release)
  • Australia. Goth / darkwave, at least one member of which is in Jerusalem Syndrome. Electronic (recently). Dancefloor darkwave, neo-folk. Lost members, became a duo.

    comparisons: Joy Division; Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

  • labels: Nile Records; Apollyon (Europe)
  • releases: In the Shadow of the Angel (German release); A Moment in Time (German release, b-sides, early releases); Life Without End (German release, maxi); Subversion (German release); This Quiet Earth; Subversion (USA release, maxi); Ghost In My Head (German release); Flowers for The Gathering (German release); Reality Is Lost 1999 (German release, old tracks re-recorded with new line-up); The Trial Of Destiny (Australian release, recorded 1999-11-17 Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne, Australia); Secrets Within (German release, collection of cover versions, old tracks, live versions); Lifeless (German release); The Shallow Sea (German release, single); Black Radio (German release, re-release of live album, recorded 1994-11-26, Melbourne, Australia); A Tale From the Darkside (le, 500, Berlin concert)
  1. official*
  2. void
  • Nottingham. Melodic electro-Goth.

  • Germany. Neo-classical, romantic darkwave. German lyrics. Active.

    comparisons: Lacrimosa; Wolfsheim

  • releases: Ein Neuer Tag (German release)
  1. void
The Illusion Fades
  • Greece. Commercial Gothic metal, 1990s darkwave influences.

    comparisons: The Mission

  • releases: Shadowlove (Greek release); In The Arms Of An Angel
Illusion of Safety
  • Experimental industrial soundscapes.

  • releases: Fifteen (German release)
Image Transmission
  • Electronics, hardcore, pitchshifted.

  • releases: HLC (German release)
  • Post-industrial pop.

    comparisons: NIN; Nirvana

  • label: Cop
  • releases: Resurrected (USA release); Filth Parade (German release)

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  • { }

    [ ]
  • Australia, Melbourne


    Backing tracks, programming, guitars.

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Immer Essen
  • New York duo.
  1. void
Imminent (starvation) / Imminent Starvation
  • Experimental industrial noise. Bleak, powerful, intense, extreme.

    comparisons: PAL; Noisex; Cold Meat Industry

  • releases: Human Dislocation; Nord (German release)
  1. void
  • Black metal with a sense of humour. Metal, hardcore.

  • releases: At the Heart of Winter
Imperative Reaction
  • Electronics, distorted vocals.

    comparisons: Zoth Ommog

  • releases: Eulogy For The Sick Child
  • Norwegian band, influences: death metal and church organs. Symphonic black metal?
  • Belgium. Underground industrial. Industrial, sequences, samples, harsh vocals, tekno house, purist electronic. Claustrophobic, percussive, cold.

    comparisons: Vomito Negro; Kliniks; the Graveyard

  • releases: Soft Flesh-Hard Steel (German release); Fun (German release, remixes, le 1000); Brain FX (German release)
Impressions of Winter
  • Ethno-goth, ethereal

  • labels: Sad Eyes; Trisol
  • Spain? Black metal, death metal, deep vocals, heavy guitars.

  • releases: Acts Of Contrition (Spanish release)
In Absentia
  • Denmark. Dark electronics, industrial, euro darkwave. Sexual themes, cool, dark.

  • releases: Darkness (German release); Absence (Danish release); Deviance (Danish release)
  • UK? Indie, melancholic, dance.

    comparisons: Libitina

  • releases: One Million Smiles (UK release)
In Blind Embrace
  • Black ambient. Sinister, threatening.

  • releases: Songs From the Shadows (features Rozz Williams)
Inca Babies
  • Manchester?

    comparisons: The Birthday Party

Incept Date
  • German? Dark industrial, darkwave. Commerical male vocals.

  • releases: Harem (German release)
Incubus Succubus
  • Pagan Gothic rock.

  • releases: Belladonna and Aconite (debut album)
  • Germany? Dark industrial, purist electronic, clear programming, samples, distorted male vocals, sinister.

    comparisons: Mentallo and the Fixer; Wumpscut

  • releases: Sky Laced Silver (German release); Faith In Motion (USA release); Never This Infliction (USA release, maxi); Black Light Twilight (German release); Ultra Hard Shadow (USA release)
Individual Industry
  • Germany? Commerical electronic. Female vocals, romantic backing.

  • releases: Templim Probus (German release)
Individiual Totem
  • Germany. Electro, underground industrial.

  • releases: Mind Sculptures Flesh
  1. void
Inducing Panic
  • Ohio gothic band.

  1. void
Industrial Heads
  • Industrial.

  • releases: The Fear and The Anguish At The End

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  • [ Alexys B (Hexedene) - vocalist, stand-up female drummer on electronic percussion and backing vocals who joined in 1997;
    Reza Udhin (Black Metal Jesus, Mutagenic; Killing Joke; Bang Bang Boogie) - programming;
    Ed Luxmoore - synth;
    Eddie Tempest - synth;
    Mark Barrett;
    Electrobunny. ]
  • status: active (2012)

    formed: 1992

    location: United Kingdom, London

    genres: electro-industrial; techno; darkwave industrial; EBM. Darkwave, industrial, electro, EBM.

    Male vocalist is harsh midrange.

    A potted history of the band.

    Became London's premier Electro-industrial outfit, toured US in 1999. Distorted fast-techno dance. Darkwave industrial with a hard edge. Electronic dance music. Cyberpunk-EBM. Also work (with slightly varying line-ups) under names of Jonbenet, Ethos and Rivet.

  • label: Celtic Circle Productions, Nightbreed.
  • releases: Advanced Revelations (due 2002.02); Infiltrator (German release); Mind Energy (German release, mix CD); Demagnetized/Remagnatized (remixes from Infiltrator and Programmed to Respond, free poster); Negative Prime (1999, UK release); Positive Angel (UK release, remixes from Negative Prime
  1. official*
  2. Cryonica
  3. Demon
In Essence
In Extremo
  1. void
In Faith
Information Society
In Front
  1. peoplesound
In Gowan Ring
Inkubus Sukkubus
  1. official*
  2. old
  3. unofficial
  1. void
In Mitra Medusa Inri
  1. Germany? Holland? Electro goth band.

In My Rosary
Inner Shrine / Innershrine
Innocence Mission
In Paradigm
  1. void
  1. void
  1. void
Inside Treatment
In Slaughter Natives
  1. void
In Strict Confidence
  1. official
  2. void
  1. Court of the Angels">*
  2. twisted


table of releases by
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Turn on the Bright Lights / Turn on Your Bright LightsDebut album.
AnticsSecond album.
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In the Distance

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In the Nursery

table of releases by in the nursery
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Anatomy of a PoetRoadrunner / Third Mindcataloguecdpost-1989, pre-1996.Last release with Roadrunner Records, never release in USA. Track Hallucinations featured in number of films. Author Colin Wilson recites some of his favourite poetry on this album. Buy by at
Buy by at
Twinslabelcataloguecdrelease dateGerman release Buy by at
Buy by at
Prelude The Formative Years 1983-85labelcataloguecdrelease datenotes Buy by at
Buy by at
KodaSweatbox, Wax Traxcataloguecd1988Guitars disappear, replaced by symphonic structures. French release Buy by at
Buy by at
Scatterlabelcataloguecdrelease datecompilation of rarities, remixes, new tracks, 24-page booklet, German release Buy by at
Buy by at
Counterpointlabelcataloguecdrelease dateFrench release Buy by at
Buy by at
L'EspritThird Mind, C'est la Mortcataloguecd1990French release Buy by at
Buy by at
Compositelabelcataloguecdrelease date Buy by at
Buy by at
Decolabelcataloguecdrelease dateGerman release Buy by at
Buy by at
Senselabelcataloguecd1991 (Europe), 1992 (USA)Orchestral sounds with militaristic drumming and symphonic structures. Buy by at
Buy by at
Dualitylabelcataloguecd1992 (Europe) Buy by at
Buy by at
To Cure The Soul By Means Of the Senseslabelcataloguecdrelease date Buy by at
Buy by at
Stormhorselabelcataloguecdrelease dateGerman release Buy by at
Buy by at
The Cabinet Of Doctor CaligariITN Corpcorp 015cdrelease datescore for the film Buy by at
Buy by at
Asphaltlabelcataloguecdrelease datescore for the 1920s film, German release Buy by at
Buy by at
Scatterlabelcataloguecdrelease datecompilation, German release Buy by at
Buy by at
Exhibit. 1986-1998labelcataloguecdrelease dateMexican release Buy by at
Buy by at
Groundlooplabelcataloguecdrelease dateGerman release Buy by at
Buy by at
Man With A Movie Cameralabelcataloguecdrelease datescore for documentary film Buy by at
Buy by at
Desideratalabelcataloguecdrelease dateinstrumental, German release Buy by at
Buy by at
An Ambush of Ghostslabelcataloguecdrelease dateFirst feature film commission. Buy by at
Buy by at
Lingualabelcataloguecdrelease dateGerman release Buy by at
Buy by at
Cause and Effectlabelcataloguecd2002Remix album, featuring Faith & the Muse; And Also the Trees; Chandeen; Assemblage 23; Haujobb; Flesh Field; Seize; Attrition. Buy by at
Buy by at
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Into the Abyss
  1. void
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Intra-Venus / Intravenus
  1. void
Introspect Void
  1. void RuinNation Arts
In Winter Bleeding
Ionic Vision
I Parasite
Iron Justice
  1. void
  2. void
  1. official*
Ivory Frequency
Ivory Library
Ivy's Itch
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