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  • Germany. Goth, electro?

  • Germany industrial-electronic.

  1. void
Pale Rider / PaleRider
  • British goth band since the early eighties.
  1. void
  • Ted (Autumn Tears); Erika (Autumn Tears); Peter (Arcana); Ida (Arcana)
  • Collaboration between members of Autumn Tears and Arcana, due to similarities in style and genre.
  • Germany. Goth, electro?

Para Bellum
  • Russian? gothic rock, metal
  • labels: FUZZ.
Paradise Lost
  • releases: Draconian Times; Icon; One Second
  1. official*
  2. void
Paraguay Mackenzie
  • Sheffield?-based electronic duo.
Paralysed Age
  • releases: Nocturne (1995?)
Paris by Night
  • New York-based neogothic pop band.
  1. void*
  • Thomas Knak - programming, synth; Sch. Merz - programming, vocals; Günther Karse - programming, synth
  • 1996
Passion Play
  • Linda Lloyd - vocals, guitar; Mike Watkins - bass; Justin Stevens (who is also a quarrier) - lead vocalist, guitar.
  • From Oxford (Headington). Reminiscent of old English goth, ethereal, melodic. Guitar-driven, catchy, moody, melodic.

    One has a cat called 'Lucy Fur' (according to Cyber Optic).

  • releases: Dreaming Spikes
  • Passion Play
    38 Masons Road,
  1. official*
  2. void
Patricia Morrison
  • (Fur Bible; The Sisterhood; The Sisters of Mercy; Gun Club) - bass, vocals.
  • From the L.A. punk scene. First solo album (Reflect on This) with the help of Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb).

  • releases: Reflect on This
  • contact: Patricia Morrison
    c/o The Scarlet Letter
    P.O. Box 6534
    N8 0AP
  • Electro

Penis Flytrap
  • Dinah Cancer (45 Grave)
  • releases: Dismemberment (2003?)
  1. void
  • Neo-classical
  1. void
  • French Gothic metal band.
  1. void (French and English)
  2. void
  • Toronto-based doom-goth band. Dark, gothic, industrial. Active (2003).
    comparisons: Black Sabbath; Christian Death; Evil Dead 2.
  1. void
  • Sonja Kraushofer
  • active. Solo side-project of Sonja Kraushofer (L'ame Immortelle).

  • releases: Still
Persephone's Veil
  • Dark, brooding and silly.
  1. void*
Peter Murphy
  • solo (Bauhaus; Dali's Car) - vocals
  • Active midrange vocalist (sometimes even in Bauhaus). Proto-gothic, atmospheric, romantic, electro. Solo work features exotic instruments, Middle Eastern elements.

  • labels: Metropolis
  • releases: releases: Should the World Fail to Fall Apart (debut?); The Light Pours Out of Me (1985); Deep (1990); Cascade (1995); Wild Birds 1985-1995 (2000, compilation); Alive just for love; Dust (2002)
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  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. interview
  • Apocalyptic folk, noise
  • label: Tragick
Phallus Dei
  • releases: Pontifex Maximus
  • British goth trio.
  1. void*
The Phantom Crawlers
  • Other band of Dave Vanian (The Damned).

The Phantom Limbs
  • San Francisco-based gothic-punk. Synthesizers.
  • releases: Girl on a Trapeze (song?)
  1. void*
Phantom Vision
  • Portugese goth band. One of many to be told at the last moment they can't play on the same bill as Eldritch.
Phat Man Dee
  • Active (2003-11)

Piano Magic
  • label: Rocket Girl
  • releases: Low Birth Weight; Artist' Rifles
Picture Mommy Dead
  • Gothic hip-hop. But they seem to have an Andy Eldritch attitude towards Goths (but without the popularity).
  1. void*
  • British? Includes members from Pigface?

  1. void
  • Meg Lee Chin - vocals, writer, producer; William Tucker (Ministry, Darling Kandie; KMFDM)

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Pillars of Nein

  • { Chuck Nein - lyrics }

    [ ]
  • Industrial rock, new wave. Techno-metal, heavy rock.

  • influences:
  • comparisons: Nine Inch Nails; Smashing Pumpkins; Garbage; Rammstein
  • labels: Kill Nein Publishing
table of releases by pillars of nein
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
ApathyKill Nein Publishingcataloguecd2005-01-15Buy Apathy by Pillars of Nein at
  1. Pillars of Nein* (flash or broken html). Message board.
  2. mp3 download Need
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  • German band. "Grey romantic music".
  1. void*
Pink & Ruby
  • releases: The vast astonishment

Pink Turns Blue
  • Tom Elbern (Escape with Romeo)
  • German? Goth. Post-punk, alternative, 80s sounding. Lasted a total of around 15 years, from guitar-based wave to synth and back.
  • comparisons: Chameleons; NMA; Cure.
  • releases: If two worlds kiss (1987); Meta (1988); Eremite (1990); Aerdt (1991); Sonic dust (1992); Perfect Sex (1994); Muzak (1994); The best of and rarities (1998)
Piski Disk
  • Features someone from Strawberry Switchblade?
  1. Piski Disk
  • Metal/Hardcore

  1. void
  • Brian Molko - vocals
  • releases: Without You I'm Nothing; Black Market Music; Sleeping With Ghosts
  • Active (2003-late).

  • labels: Accession Records; EFA-Medien
  • releases: Sense of Life; Black Colours (due 2003-10-24)
  1. official*
Plastic Noise Experience
  • label: Alfa Matrix
  • releases: Maschinenraum (le, 1,000); Maschinemenmusik
  1. void
Platform Zero
  • Chicago-based, inactive.
  1. void*

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Play Dead

  • UK

    Emerged around 1980/1, popularity increased around 1982/3. Three albums, many singles? One of the first bands with a 'following' - fans who would follow one band around the country.

    Inactive (1980 - 1985), were based in England.
    releases: The First Flower (originally 1983 ep)

    1980 - formed.

  • labels: Propaganda Music; Jungle.
  • P.O. Box 64
    HP9 2JF
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Play Dixie
  • Late eighties band.

  • Choral orchestra
    comparisons: Cocteau Twins

  1. void
Poesie Noire
  • Swiss band. Dark, industrial. Front man involved in some dance projects.

  • labels: Antler
  • releases:
    Tragedy (1988);
    Toulouse (maxi CD)
Point of View
  • Synthpop.

  • Side project of lead singer from Sentenced. Very melodic.

    comparisons: HIM; Sentenced; Mission.

Pompeii 99
  • Gitane Demone; David Glass; Valor.
  • Valor's first band, punk-deathrock. This band formed the nucleus of a new-style Christian Death circa 1984/5?


  • { Paulo - synth; Robin - guitars; Mikey (DUST) - vocals; Naamah / Nim Star (DUST) - bass; Tim - drums; }

    [ ]
  • UK, London

    Glam, trash.

    2004-summer - debut album recorded.
    2004-07-28 - announcement that Jeff Noon, writer of Vurt has given permission for Pornovurt to use the name.
    2004-08-02 - DUSTHEADS Yahoo group deleted (making break from the old).
    2004-11-10 - Launch party of debut album at Madame Jo Jo's, Soho.
    2004-11-14 - Bristol Bierkeller.

  • comparisons: Placebo; Janes Addiction; David Bowie
  • labels: Pop Cult records; Cargo (distribution)
table of releases by
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Pornovurtcd2004-11-08Debut album
  1. p0rn0vurt* Yahoo group
  2. PornoVurt*
  3. Doorway to Bliss* LJ
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Post Mortum Copulation
  • Denver, Colo. goth-industrial college band.
  1. void*
PragerHandgriff / Prager Handgrif
  • German electro band. Germany. Goth, electro?

  1. void
  • label: Prikosnovenie
  • releases: L'eveil
  • German. Disbanded 2003-11 after nine years.

  • label: Loki Foundation
  1. official*
Premature Ejaculation
  • Rozz Williams?
  • Underground experimental.

  • Sébastian Monney
  • French?
The Prodigal Sons
  • Late eighties band.

Professor Zero
  • Industrial?

Projekt / Pro Jekt
  • Metal/techno crossover. Nottingham. Nu Gothic metal. Industrial. Guitars, synths, beats.

  • comparisons: a heavy Depeche Mode; Rammstein; Korn
  • labels: Nightbreed (since late 2001)
  • releases: Encryption
  1. official*
Project Pitchfork
  • Dirk Sheuber - harsh male vocals?; Peter Spilles (Still Silent); Jurgen Jannsen; Achim Fo/oorber? (new drummer); Patricia Nigiani (Aurora; Sun God)
  • Active since Sheuber and Spilles created it in 1989. Achim? only on stage? Gothic, industrial, darkwave, electro. Sing in English and German. Include breakbeats in some songs.

  • releases: Inferno (2002)
  1. official*
  2. void
  3. void
Project X
  • Swedish electro-EBM

  1. void
The Property Project
  • Active (2003-11)

  1. official*
The Prophetess
  • Mark Hawks - vocals; Tony Tullai - guitars.
  • California-based since 1988.

  • releases: (debut, 1993); Dichotomy
  • contact: The Prophetess, P.O. Box 9893 Fountain Valley, CA 92728-9893 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  1. prophetess*
  • Bart
  • Belgian?

  1. void
  • releases: The Serpentine
  1. void
The Protagonist
  • Swedish. des Esseintes is a side project.
  • label: CMI
  1. void
  • Stephen Huss; Darrin Huss; Remi Szyszka
  • Canadian goth band. Synth Pop. German connection? Huss has worked with Sara Noxx

  • releases: Insomnia Theatre (1985); Private Desires (ep); Tales From the Darkside (1982-1986); 69 Minutes of History (1986-1992); Misguided Angels (1983-2000)
  1. void
  2. void
  3. void
Psychic TV
  • Genesis P. Orridge who, since 1990 has been in States as result of the media witchhunt. Psychedelic lighting and effects. Industrial, acid house, ambient, noise, bubblegum surf rock. Genesis P. Orridge project. Also had it's own religion 'The Temple Ov Psychick Youth'. One 'gig' (event) was hosted? by Quentin Crisp.

  1. void


  • { Lucy Janes (Verity Turnip; Theta) - vocals, lyrics, songwriting, arrangement;
    Mat Hook (April May June; Angelhead; Skin Deep; Tortured By Roses) - guitars, vocals, instrumentalist, arrangements}

    [ Lucy;
    Cliff / Smogo - guitar, backing vocals;
    The Mog]
  • UK, Brighton

    Darkpop, guitary techno goth. Darkwave pop. Gothic, alternative, modern rhythms, gothic sensibilities.

    2002-early - Mat left and was replaced by Cliff.

  • comparisons: Depeche Mode; Dead Can Dance; Ultra Vivid Scene; Projekt Pitchfork; Sisters; Liz Cocteau; Diamanda Galas; PWEI; Zodiac Mindwarp; Tricky
  • labels: pointycat; Wasp Factory
table of releases by psychophile
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Psychophilecd1999Debut album.
Darklightcd2000Debut single
TransitionWasp FactoryWASPFAC014cddue Summer 2002 (what was actual release date? - 2003-06-30?)notes Buy Transition by Psychophile at
Vodka MilkWasp Factorycddue 2005-04Second album
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  3. mperia*
  4. mperia RSS feed*
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  • Japan. Electro, industrial, noise.

Pygmy Children
  • Industrial?

  • Ministry side-project from the late eighties. Name allegedly stands for Programming the Psychodrill.

Pulcher Femina
  • Italian electro-goth band.

  • label: Decadence
  • releases: Fallen Angel
  1. offiical
Pure Drama
  • male and female vocals.
  • Indie band (but get played at Goth clubs).

Purple Fog Side
  • Russian? darkwave
  • Martino Diablo (Nekromantik, Katscan) - vocals?; Nihil La-Kant; Maximum d-Fect (Sneaky Bat Machine).
  • releases: The First Incision.
  1. Surgikill*
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