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  • Michel; Eric; Michael; Arjan; Jorrit; Sebastiaan.
  • labels: Tanglade Ltd; Candlelight Records.
  • releases: Morphic Lands; Craven.
Dali's Car
  • Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) - vocals; Mick Karn.

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The Damned

  • { Dave Vanian }

    [ Dave Vanian - vocals; Captain Sensible - drums; Rat Scabies (The Germans) - ex drummer, manager; Ray Burns (Captain Sensible) bassist; Paul Gray - ex?; Monty; Pinch (Janus Stark) - drums; Brian James; Bryn Merrick; Roman Jugg; Patricia Morrison (The Gun Club; Sisters of Mercy) - guitars. ]
  • UK

    Punk, post-punk, pop Goth.

    Dark, melodic, psychedelic.

    Active (again) UK. Formed May 1976, supporting Sex Pistols two months later at the 100 Club. Split in 1978, year later reformed as the Doomed, before changing back to the Damned.  Used horror kitsch, sixties psychedelia. Had trouble getting a manager, so Rat did it until Andy McQueen took over.

    Releases: Damned Damned Damned (1977, credited as being first released punk album); The Black Album (1980); Phantasmagoria (the Goth album); Anything (also considered 'gothic'); I'm Alright Jack...; Summer; Grave Disorder (2001?).

    1979 Machine Gun Etiquette, third album, released. Darker and more melodic than previous albums, influenced by psychedelic music.
    1980 The Black Album released, dark melodies and themes, classical influences.
    1982 - Strawberries, more pop
    1985 - Phantasmagoria, pop Goth hybrid (with Gothic imagery and artwork). Anything, follow-up to Phantasmagoria continuing same themes.

    1. The Damned
    2. void
    3. void
    4. void
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Dance on Glass
  • Ania / Anya Blomberg (Batalion d'Amour) - atmospheric female vocals, keyboard, programming, bass; Dave Blomberg (New Model Army, Nozzle, Asylum) - guitars, programming, bass; Chris Smith - bass; Gerard - guitars, programming; Saint'n - guest programming, guitars; Pete - guest synth, guitars, programming; Simon Rippin (NFD; Nefilim; Fields of the Nephilim); Steve Cooper (Blyth Power).
  • Founded 2000, dark, mostly electronic, heavy guitar, mysterious, experimental.

  • releases: Not Yet (EP); Daydreaming (debut - 2002-11-09)
Danielle Dax
  • Danielle Dax (The Lemon Kittens) - vocals, guitars, tenor and soprano saxophone, tr808, keyboards, bass, flute, synths, sequencer, percussion, drone quitar, squeeze box, stick synth, penny whistle; Karl Blake (The Lemon Kittens) - vocals, drums, guitars, bass, tapes, keyboards, clarinet, sequencer, TR808, recorder, stick synth, lyrics for hammer
  • Active UK.  Appeared as the wolf-girl in 'Company of Wolves'

    Albums re-issued on Biter of Thorpe via World Serpent Distribution

  • releases: Pop-Eyes; Jesus Egg That Wept; Inky Bloaters.
  1. Loki's pics
  2. void
  3. images
  4. void
  5. void
Las Danzas
  • Italian? Gothic rock and roll.

  1. Darkadya
Dark Humor
  • Dark electronic band.
  1. void
Darkling Thrush
  • Southern California band. Name presumably taken from Thomas Hardy.
  1. void*
Dark Martyr
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  1. official*
Dark Side Cowboys
  • Khat - female vocals; Reine Vanero; Giephe Phaire.
  • From Hammerdal, far north of Sweden. Pretty strange.
  • label: M & A Music Art; Synthetic Symphony; SPV GmbH.
  • releases: Pure Heart E.P.; The Apocryphal; Disclosure.
Dark Violence of Beauty
  • Australian band.
    comparisons: Nick Cave; Sisters of Mercy; Johnny Cash.
  • label: Tormented Kitten Records
  1. void
  • Gothic metal
  • label: Napalm
  • releases: Suspiria
  • Industrial, experimental
  • label: Henryk Vogel; TESCO (!)
Das Reactor
  • Industrial / powernoise / noise.

  • EBM
  • label: Black Rain

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David Bowie

  • { vocals }

    [ ]
  • UK

    One of the more important non-punk influences on early Goth. Also a major influence on New Romantic as well as being responsible for much of the glam look.

    Named himself after the Bowie knife.

    Borie described Diamond Dogs as gothic in 1974.

  1. official*
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David J / David Jay / David J. Haskins
  • Bassist from The Craze; Bauhaus 1919; Bauhaus; Jazz Butcher; Love and Rockets
  • Recorded single with Rene Halkett (from original Bauhaus art school).

  • releases: Nothing / Armour (collaboration with Rene Halkett); The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels (1996, collaboration with Alan Moore)
Dawn & Dusk Entwined
  • Dark neo-classical, ambient
  • label: World Serpent Distribution
  • releases: Forever War
Dawn of Oblivion
  • Swedish group.
  1. official*
The Days of the Trumpet Call
  • Neo classical
  • label: Black Rain
Dead Boy Craved
  • Martin; Roi.
  • Became Nekromantik.
Dead Can Dance
  • MediÜval, ethnic, gothic band, nearly neofolk, ethereal, experimental Goth. Australian.

  1. official*
  2. void*
  3. void
  4. unofficial
  • Gary DFS - vocals; Lucy - drum machine; the Pig - drum machine; Esther 'J-ane' - keyboards; Jon - guitars; Alan 'Patsy' - drums
  • Previously known as KNO. Industro-black metal. Coventry / West Midlands-based. Themes of failed celebrities, disgraced starlets, decadence.
    comparisons: Suicide; Korn (vocals); Manson

  • releases: Wonderful Life
  • contact:
  1. void
  2. void
Dead Girl-Good Girl
  • Chicago goth-dance band.
  1. void*
Deadly Nightshades
  • Australian band.
    comparisons: "Peter, Paul and Mary on speed"
  1. void*
Dead Souls Rising
  • Alastrelle - vocals; Sebastien - guitars, synths, programming; Laurent - violin; Normal - samples, production.
  • releases: Scented Garden (1997)
  • contact: Sébastien Ficagna
    Résidence la croix blanche,
    Chemin Montchatel
    01120 Dagneux
  1. official*
Dead Turns Alive
  • Christian band.

  • comparisons: Crüxshadows

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  • { Scott Lamb;}

    [ Scott Lamb;
    Jason Knight;
    Ben Urbina;
    Phil Palmer;
    Adam Gelman;
  • UK, London.

    Industrial; industrial dance; alternative; techno; metal; punk; Goth; Tek-punk; Industrial breakbeat; dark techno; rave.

    Breakbeats; distorted guitars. Guitar, bass, drums.

    Deathboy continues to make available a large range of mp3s of pre- and non-record label tracks.

  • influences: NIN; Prodigy; Gary Numan.
  • comparisons: breakbeat-era NIN.
  • labels: Wasp Factory; Darkcell Digital Music
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Music to Crash Cars ToWasp FactoryWASPFAC021cd 2003-04-07 Produced at Parental Advisory Studios. Buy Music to Crash Cars To by Deathboy at
  1. official*
  2. deathboy minions* (yahoo group)
  4. pre-album mp3s*
  5. flyers*
  6. mperia*
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Death Cult
Death In June
  • Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud) - samples, percussion; John Murphy (Der Blutharsch) - drums; Douglas Pearce - vocals, guitars; Boyd Rice.
  • Active since 1981, UK, though Douglas lives in Adelaide, Murphy in Melbourne and Rice in California.  One of the first to call themselves 'industrial' in 1983.  Gothic, apocalyptic, folk.  Patrick Leagas left in 1986.
  • Label: NER.
  • BM June, London SC1N 3XX, UK.
  1. void
  2. official*
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. Loki's pics
Deathride 69
  • BeatMistress Linda LeSabre
  • Formed in 1986, Los Angeles-based. Agressive, gutter tech oriented sound.

  • releases: Elvis Christ (ep)
  • contact: Death Ride 69
    P.O. Box 9443
    Marina Del Rey,
    CA 90295
Death's Little Sister
  • Atlanta-based band, inactive since 1997.
  1. official
December Wolves
  • Erika (Autumn Tears) - vocals.
  • Appeared on an Autumn Tears album.
  • releases: Til Ten Years
  1. December Wolves official
Decoded Feedback
  • Industrial dark electronic music.
  • label: Bloodline
  • releases: Mechanical Horizon
DED Life
  • New Jersey goth band.
  1. void*
The Deep Eynde
  • Fly; Fate; Notsoverynice.
  • West Coast band.

    2004-04-10 - due to make European debut at Pagan Love Songs festival, Germany.

  1. official*
  2. void
  3. Grave Site
Deep Red
  • Florida synth-goth, darkwave, electronics trio.

  • labels: Osiris Soundworks
  • contact: FORGE1@SHADOW.NET
    Deep Red c/o Forge Ahead Promotions 301 N.W. 43rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33126 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  1. official*
Deine Lakaien / Deine Lakeien
  • Alexander Veljanov - vocals; Ernst Horn - piano (acoustic sets only)
  • Active, synth-pop, duo. Electro-industrial. Sometimes play acoustically, formed early eighties.
    comparisons: Einsterzende Neubaten; Wolfsheim.

  • releases: Kasmodiah; White Lies
  1. void
  2. void*
  • Dark Electro
  • labels: Carpe Mortem
  • Swedish gothic rock band
  1. void*
Depeche Mode
  • British

  1. official*
  2. unofficial (regularly updated)
Derrière Le Mirior
  • Goth, new wave. Two female vocalists, one male.
    comparisons: Cure.

Descendants of Cain
  • Darryl; Philippa; Iain
  • Gothic rock based in North London. John (DJ Gothwin) Goodwin currently managing / promoting. Played as resident band at Club Tenebrae for much of 2001.

    Iain left, announced 2003-09-16

  • releases: ATzILUTH (debut, 2002.06.20); Briah - of Man and Magician (2002.12.08)
  1. official*
des Esseintes
  • Swedish experimental side project of The Protagonist.
  • Swedish band
    comparisons: Sisters of Mercy; Mission
  1. void
Deutsch Nepal
  • Cold Meat Industry; Staalplaat; Projekt.
  • releases: Comprenido...Time Stop
  1. void

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Devilish Presley

  • { Jacqui Vixen - backing vocals, bass (Golgotha; Theda) ; Johnny Navarro - lead vocals, guitar (Touch of Evil; Theda) ; Elvis - drum machine}
  • UK, East London-based.

    Goth, rock 'n' roll, glam rock.

    Johnny is a distant relative of Eddie Cochran and his family were Teddy Boys in the 1950s.
    Jacqui and Johnny also ran the monthly Pity for Monsters at The Betsy Trotwood in Farringdon, which is now an occasional night at On the Rocks in Shoreditch (2004-06).

    2002 - formed.
    2003-08 - Disgraceland recorded, followed by a promotional tour.
    2005-05-07 - Last date on Hammer Horror Glamour leg of Memphisto tour at On the Rocks, Shoreditch.
    2005-05-07 - Hammer Horror Glamour video due to be put together.
    2005-05 - Recording of Memphisto due to take place.
    2005-10-01 - Memphisto due for release.
    2005-late - Australian tour due.

  • comparisons: The Cramps; The Cult; Southern Death Cult.
  • labels: Craze Promotions; November Tenth Records; Strobelight (Germany and Austria)
table of releases by devilish presley
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
Black Leather Jesus / Levi's Dogcd2002November Tenth. promo single?
rust gardencd2003November Tenth.
She's Not America / Memento MoricdNovember Tenth. promo single
Disgracelandcd2003-11-10November Tenth. produced by Terry Chimes (The Clash). Recording supervised by Kevin Poree at Berry St Studio.
PandemoniumcdNovember Tenth. promo single? 4-trackEP
Hammer Horror Glamourcd single2005-02-05Released at Dead and Buried, North London.
Memphistocddue 2004-late/2005-10-01November Tenth.Recording due to be supervised by Kevin Poree at Berry St studio.
  • contact: mailto:
    Devilish Presley,
    1 Sandys Row,
    E1 7HW
  1. official*
  2. yahoo group*
  3. towerhamlets news
  4. giag interview
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Diabolos Rising
  • Now known as Raism.
  • Releases: Blood, Vampirism and Sadism.
  1. void (Raism)
Diamanda Galas
  • Active, from US, Greek? Piano, vocal, avant-garde, intense opera.
  1. Diamanda Galás
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. void
  9. void
  10. void
  11. Loki's pics
Diana Obscura
  • Apocalyptic folk
  • releases: Diana Obscura
Diary Of Dreams
  • (Diorama) - backing vocals
  • releases: One of 18 Angels; Freak Perfume
  1. void
  • Italian?

  1. void
Die Form
  • French electronic-gothics.  Darkwave since 1978.  Performance art, film imagery with death, S&M.  Sampling, treated vocals, rhythms.  Influenced ethereal and electro groups.  Dance plays a larch part in live shows, as does fetish imaqery.

  • labels: Matrix Cube; Trisol.
  • contact: Die Form c/o Hyperium
    P.O. Box 910
    127-90 259 Nürnberg,
  1. official*
Die Laughing
  • John Berry - guitarist; Ruth Tyson - keyboards; Dave Shiner - bass; Ian Holman - guitarist; Rachel Speight - vocals.
  • Inactive (since 2000?). Five piece UK goth band, formed 1992 by Berry.  Orchestral sounds.

  • releases: Glamour & Suicide (1995)
  • contact: Die Laughing
    c/o Grave News Limited
    49 Cranfield Road,
    SE4 1TN
  1. official?
Die My Darling
  • Gothic rock, alternative

  • comparisons: London After Midnight meets Marilyn Manson
  • releases: Sleep (single); Virulent
Dies Domini
  • Tulsa band, R&B and gothic rock.
  • Label: Catacombs Records
  1. void
Dimmu Borgir
  • Black metal.

  1. void
  • (Diary of Dreams) - vocals
  • Industrial, pop, alternative band.
  1. void*
Diva Destruction
  • Darkwave, electro.

    2004-05-29 - due to play Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany.

  • releases: Passion's Price; Exposing the Sickness
Divine Misery
  • Inactive band. Previously known as Esoteric.
  1. void
  • Russian.
The Doomed
  • Short-lived name for The Damned when they reformed in late 1970s.

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The Doors

  • { }

    [ ]
  • USA, California, Los Angeles.

    One of the more important non-punk influences on early Goth.

    From Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception.

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Dr and the Medics
  • Vom - drummer
  • Dark, moody band, gothic folk.
  • labels: La Fee Verte.
  1. official
Dream Disciples
  • Rock / Goth metal.

  • releases: Veil of Tears (ep)
  1. official*
  2. void
Dreams of Sanity
  • Gothic metal
  • label: Hall of Sermon
  • releases: The Game
The Drowning Pool
  • Dave Williams - vocals; C.J. Pierce - guitar; Stevie Benton - bass; Mike Luce - drums.
  • Dallas-based quartet.  Williams found dead, 14 August, 2002 on tour bus during Ozzfest tour.

  1. official*
  • Kevin Pinnt (Caterwaul) - percussion; Jack Atlantis (Caterwaul) - sounds manipulations.
  • Harsh ambient sounds, based in Los Angeles

  • labels: Fluxus Records
  • contact: Drumatic
    P.O. Box 97
    Culver City,
    CA 90232
  • Future pop.

  1. void
  • Chicago goth band.
  • Label: IvyStone Recordings.
  1. void
Dulce Liquido
  • electro

  • label: Alfa Matrix
Durutti Column
  • Vini Reilly - guitar; Bruce Mitchel - Drums; Peter Hook (Joy Division; New Order)
  • Manchester-based, formed circa 1978. Ambient, experimental mood music. Vini was a friend of Ian Curtis. Named after Spanish civil war revolutionary anarchist Buenaventura Durruti group. Delicate, instrumental (mostly). Peter Hook used to play with them live, sometimes

  • label: Factory
  • releases - Lips That Would Kiss; LC; Amigos Em Portugal; Circuses and Bread; The Guitar and Other Machines; Vini Reilly; The Sporadic Recordings; Sex and Death; Obey the Times (1991)
  1. official?
  2. unofficial?
  • Mikey - vocals; Naamah - bass; X-tian - guitarist; Jo Icicle.
  • Formed Winter, 1998 by Mikey and Naamah. Dark, industrial dance, heavy rock, ethereal melodies. X-tian replaced two guitarists from original line-up and a synth and drum machine replaced the original drummer. Icicle no longer in D.U.S.T. Renamed DUST:RETOX

  • labels: Wasp Factory
  • releases: Die hand Die Verletzt (ep); From the Sublime to the Obscene.
  1. official*
  2. DUSTHEADS* online club
  • New name for D.U.S.T.. TechoRock, SpookyGlam.

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The Dust of Basement

  • { }
    Sven - male vocals; Birgitta - female vocals
    [ ]
  • Almost operatic female vocals at times.

  • influences:
  • comparisons: Cranes
  • labels: Smd Trisol
table of releases by
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
releaselabelcatalogueformatrelease datenotesavailability to buy
Awakening the OceansSmd Trisolcd Buy Awakening of Oceans by The Dust of Basement at
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