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table of releases by alien sex fiend
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Ignore the Machinesingle1983Produced by Youth. Debut single.
Who's Been Sleeping in my Brain?album1983Debut album. Released by Relativity.
Acid Bath1984Second studio album. Epitaph. A T-shirt of the cover of this album appears throughout the 1997 Tim Burton film Mars Attacks.
Maximum Securityalbum1985Released by Anagram in the UK. amazon
Liquid Head in Tokyo1985UK Anagram
Liquid Head in Tokyovhs amazon
"It" the Albumalbum1986Plague / Anagram in the UK. amazon
"It" the Album/Maximum Securitytape1986UK Plague/Anagram
I Walk the Lineep1986UK Flicknife
The Impossible Mission Mini lpalbum1987 PVC
The First A.S.F. CDcd1987UK Plague/Anagram
Here Cum Germsalbum1987Was advertised in 2000ad. PVC.
Another Planet1988Caroline
All Our Yesterdays1988compilationUK Plague/Anagram
Too Much Acid?1989UK Plague/Anagram
A.S.F. Box1990UK Plague/Anagram/Windsong
Open Head Surgery1992
Inferno1994Cleopatra. Computer game soundtrack. amazon
The Single 1983-1995Anagram Records, compilation.
Evolution12"1996-0213th Moon
Evolutioncd single1996-1013th Moon
Evolution remixes12"1996-1013th Moon
Nocturnal Emissionscd / double lp1997-03 13th Moon
On a Mission remixes12"1997-0813th Moon
Tarot remixes12"1998-1013th Moon
The Very Best of Alien Sex Fiend2001-03-05Anagram amazon
A Purple Glistenervideo / dvd?
Editvhs amazon
Edit / Overdosedvd (region 1) amazon
Information Overload amazon
Overdosevhs amazon
Blood on the Catsvhs amazon
Revelations: The Video Samplervhs(features ASF) amazon
Re-Animated - The Promo Collectionvhs amazon
Wardance of the...double cdRecall. amazon
The Making Of Inferno - The Odyssey Continuesvhs amazon
Zillo Festival Sampler CD 2004cd2004 features Alien Sex Fiend - Gotta Have It (Sliced and Diced mix)
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