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Gothic Festivals - History

This section contains historical details of Goth festivals past. For current festivals, refer to the festivals for general details or the upcoming festivals page for dates and lineups.

Wave Gotik Treffen, Potsdamall dayer. Corrosion
1987-WalpurgisnachtIllegal at the time (under the laws of the DDR), the next would be in 1992 in Leipzig. 150 attendees.
1992Wave Gotik TreffenFirst legal WGT, Leipzig, reunified Germany. Held at the Eiskellar. 1,500 attendees.
1993Wave Gotik TreffenLeipzig, 2,000 attendees.
1994Castle Party, Grodziec
1995-06-23/24convergence 1, chicagostarted by gothpat and heather spear. Arcanta, The Machine in the Garden, Seraphim Gothique, Sunshine Blind, The Wake, Garden of Dreams, Trance to the Sun, Lestat, Mephisto Walz, Lycia
1995Necromantic Encounters, London
1995Whitby festival, Whitby
1995Carnival of Souls, DerbyAll Living Fear
1996-08-09/11convergence II, bostonJohnny Indovina of Human Drama, Switchblade Symphony, Sunshine Blind, Valor's Christian Death, You Shriek, One of Us
1997Regeneration 97, LeedsAll Living Fear
1997-08-1/3Convergence III, San FranciscoBattery, This Ascension, Sub Version, Kill Sister Kill, Darkling Thrush, Seraphim Gothique, The Razor Skyline, Wench
1998-08-21/23Convergence IV, Toronto
1999-04-02/04Convergence V, New OrleansNew Dawn Fades, Falling Janus, Cut.Rate.Box, Ex Voto, The Cruxshadows, Mentallo and the Fixer, Clan of Xymox
2000WGTLeipzig. 27,000 attendees and 300 booked bands led to the organisers having to cancel due to lack of budget.
2000M'era LunaFirst M'era Luna, Hildesheim
2000-05-26/29Convergence VI, SeattleAttrition, Trance to the Sun, Unto Ashes, Faith & Disease, Voltaire, Peter Murphy
2001WGTLeipzig. 21,000 attendees.
2001-07-20/21 Extreme Gothic Weekend (first Lumous Gothic Festival) Tempere, Finland The Candles Burning Blue; Nik (Darkside Cowboys); Two Witches; Viola
2001-08-17/19Convergence VII, New York CityCoil, Clair Voyant, Snog, Deep Red, Neurepublik
2002-05-30/06-01Convergence VIII, MontrealThe Chaos Engine, Bella Morte, Cinema Strange, Swarf, This Ascension, Bordello, Mara's Torment, CMAFA(wTwatsadatw)iI
2002 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland A.Z.O.I.C.; No Festival of Neither Light; Nor Equilibrium; Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; Roses; Suruaika; Tabloid; The Candles Burning Blue; Two Witches
2002Heresy, Coventry
2002Eurorock, BeligumCorrosion
2003-04-25/27Convergence IX, Las VegasReverb TV, Babylonian Tiles, Boole, Frankenstein, Android Lust, The Last Dance
2003 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland The Cyan Velvet Project; The Imaginary Walls; Martin Kasprzak; Nyx; Sepulcrum Mentis; UltraNoir; Varjo
2003-08-30/31Catalyst, Toronto, CANADADeathboy
2003-10Black Celebration, LondonDeathboy
2003-10Whitby Gothic Weekend X, WhitbyDeathboy
2004-04-10/11Beyond the Veil II, Leeds ASP; Bella Morte; Escape with Romeo; The Last Days of Jesus; The Last Dance; The Drowning Season; Deathcamp Project
2004-04-23/24 Whitby Gothic Weekend The Mission; The Damned (tbc); The Dream Disciples (last gig); Libitina; Zombina and the Skeletones; Earth Loop Recall
2004-07-02/04 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland Coph Nia; Haujobb; Killing Miranda (UK); Machine Park; Scarecrow; Suruaika
2004-08-27/9 Infest 2004 Assemblage; Lights of Eupohria; Converter
2005-07-01/03 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland Angels & Agony; Midnight Configuration; The Mimic; Neon Zoo; Pro-jekt; The Protagonist; Two Witches
2005-08-05/07 Blacksun Festival Bella Morte; Carfax Abbey; Cesium 137; Decoded Feedback; Ego Likeness; Iris; mindFIELD; Nightcrawler 1947; Platform One; Razed in Black; Voltaire
2006-06-28/07-01 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland Doppelgänger; Inertia; Libitina; Nevernettles; Raison D'être; Silene; Suruaika; Ultranoir; Zombina & the Skeletones
2006-07-28/30 Blacksun Festival 51 Peg; Android Lust; Bloodwire; The Brides; Caustic; Chemlab; Claire Voyant; Combichrist; CTRL; Das Ich; Filament 38; Informatik; Interrogation; Jenn Vix; The Last Dance; Null Device; PTI
2007-06-28/07-01 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland
2007-08-10/12 Blacksun Festival Anders Manga; Bella Morte; The Birthday Massacre; Black Tape for a Blue Girl; Decoded Feedback; Gothsicles; Gothminister; Interface; Imperative Reaction; Life Cried; Nicki Jaine; No Response; Scrap.edx; Stochastic Theory; Stromkern; Tearwave; Terrorfakt; Unto Ashes; Voltaire
2007 Gothic Cruise VNV Nation
2008 Gothic Cruise Combichrist; Deepest Symphony; Red Flag
2009-07-02/05 Lumous Gothic Festival, Tempere, Finland Deviant UK; Golden Apes; Grunt; Inkubus Sukkubus; The Mimic; Murnau's Playhouse; Patenbrigade:Wolff; Project Pitchfork; Sihil; Silene; Silent Scream; Trümmerfrau; Vendemmian
2009-07-24/26 Castle Party, Bolków, Poland Aesthetic Meat Front (de); Artrosis (pl); Covenant (se); Crematory (de); Deathcamp Project (pl); Diary of Dreams (de); Dreadful Shadows (de); Fading Colours (pl); Front 242 (be); Head-Less (de); Indukti (pl); Irfan (bg); Jacquy Bitch (fr); Joy Disaster (fr); KMFDM (de/usa); Madre del Vizio (it/de); Moon Far Away (ru); NOT (pl); Nuclear Storm (cz); Psyche (ca); Sane (pl); Skinny Patrini (pl); Solar Fake (de); Spectra*Paris (it); Variete (pl); Vein Cat (pl); Vic Anselmo (lv)
2009 Gothic Cruise Cruciform Injection; State of the Union; Modulate; Phase Theory; Asmodeus X (Deepest Symphony cancelled)
2010-05-21/24Wave-Gotik-TreffenAlight; Ambassador21; Ashes You Leave; Assemblage 23; Attrition; Auto-Auto; Beloved Enemy; Bettina Köster; Biomekkanik; The Brains; Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows; BuryMeDeep; Céleste Noir; Christ Vs. Warhol; Cephalgy; ChameleonsVox; Chrysalide; Colony 5; Conjure One; Crematory; Death Of A Demon; The Deep Eynde; Demented Are Go; Dexy Corp; Eisheilig; Elegant Machinery; Elephant Leaf; Endanger; The Essence; Ext!ze; Faith and the Muse; Feeding Fingers; Fejd; Flint Glass; Der Fluch; the fright; Future Trail; Geneviéve Pasquier; Ghoultown; Golden Apes; In Strict Confidence; Joe Black; JOY/DISASTER; Joy of Life; Kirlian Camera; Kitty In A Casket; Lacrimosa; Lola Angst; Long Distance Calling; The LoveCrave; Madre Del Vizio; Modulate; Mono No Aware; Moon Far Away; Moonspell; Morlocks; My Insanity; Nachtwindheim; Noyce™; Nude; Oberer Totpunkt; Omega Lithium; Orange Sector; Phallus Dei; Punish Yourself; The Pussybats; The Raven; ReActivate; Revolution by Night; Rotersand; Rotting Christ; Samsas Traum; Schallfaktor; Seelenzorn; [:SITD:]; Slave Republic; This Morn' Omina; Tibetréa; Trial; Twisted Nerve; Valravn; Velvet Acid Christ; Violet; THE VIOLET TRIBE; The Vision Bleak; Voices of Masada; X Marks the Pedwalk; Zeromancer; Zwielicht
2010-06-05/06Zita Rock & Folk FestivalASP; Eisbrecher; Lacrimas Profundere; Staubkind; Tanzwut; Coppelius; Faun
2010-06-12/13Blackfield FestivalOomph!; Zeromancer; Diorama; Sono; Aesthetic Perfection; Jesus on Extasy
2010-07-23/25Dark Entries Open Air Fest
2010-07-24/25AmphiAnd One; ASP; Eisbrecher; Anne Clark; Project Pitchfork; Welle:Erdball; Funker Vogt; Blitzkid; End of Green; Frank the Baptist; Destroid; Mesh; Letzte Instanz; Nachtmahr; Ashbury Heights; Faderhead; Miss Construction
2010-07-29/2010-08-01Castle PartyAlec Empire; Alvaréz Peréz; And One; Anne Clark; Bacio di Tosca; Beauty of Gemina; Behemoth; Cassandra Complex; Clan of Xymox; Christ Vs. Warhol; Daimonion; Deviant UK; Doppelgänger; The Eden House; Faith and the Muse; The Job Karma; Kirlian Camera; Noisuf-X; Otto Dix; The Proof; Qntal; Theatres des Vampires; THE VIOLET TRIBE; Wieloryb; Wieże Fabryk; Żywiołak
2010-08-05/07Wacken Open AirImmortal; Corvus Corax
2010-08-07/08M'era LunaAgonoize; Ambassador 21; Amduscia; Angelspit; Brendan Perry; Celine and Nite Wreckage; Colony 5; Combichrist; Crematory; Das Ich; Editors; Eluveitie; Expatriate; Faith and the Muse; Feindlug; Hanzel und Gretyl; Illuminate; In Extremo; Lacrimas Profundere; Laibach; Leandra; Nitzer Ebb; The Other; Placebo; Punish Yourself; Qntal; Rabenschrey; Rotersand; Saltatio Mortis; Samsas Traum; The Sisters of Mercy; 69 Eyes; Skinny Puppy; Sons of Seasons; Stolen Babies; Unheilig; Zeraphine
2010-11-20Pretty Goth Theatre FestivalCalatrilloz; Ever Orchid; Global Citizen; Imprint; Ravenscry; Section(3)
2010-11-20/21Spider's Web FestivalAL.B Damned; Calatrilloz; Cauda Pavonis; The Cemetary Girlz; Esoterica; Imprint; In Land of the Blind; The Knutz; The Last Cry; My Beloved Death; Ravenscry; Rhombus
2010 Gothic Cruise Covenant; Funker Vogt; Panzer AG; DuPont; Prognosis
2011-03-25/26Whitby Gothic WeekendThe Beauty of Gemina; Dr Arthur Krause; Dutch Order; Fuzzbox; Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
2011-06-10/13Wave-Gotik-Treffen79Animals; Analog Angel; Arian 1; The Beauty of Gemina; Blacklist; Bloodsucking Zombies from OUter Space; Die Braut; The Danse Society; DJ Angelnoir; drMolle; Empyrium; EyesShutTight; Frequen-C; The Fright; Gernotshagen; Les Discrets; Love Like Blood; Menschdefekt; Midnight Caine; Militia; Murderdolls; The Other; Resist; Rezurex; Sarah Jezebel Deva; Schultz; Soul in Isolation; Spectra*Paris; The Twins; Tying Tiffany; Umbra et Imago; Vlad in Tears; Die Vorboten
2011-06-18/19Zita Rock 2011Apocalyptica; Bisher bestätigt; Eisbrecher; End of Green; Mono Inc.; Project Pitchfork; Qntal; Samsas Traum; Schandmaul; Teufel; ZIN
2011-06-25/26Blackfield FestivalApoptygma Berzerk; Dreadful Shadows; Sono
2011-07-08/11Lumous Gothic FestivalLe&#aelig;ther Strip; Nosferatu; Waves Under Water
2011-07-16/17The Orkus Open Air Amphi Festival 2011Diorama; Grendel; Die Krupps; Das Ich; In Strict Confidence; Klangstabil; Persephone; Staubkind; Suicide Commando
2011-07-21/24DV8 Fest13 Candles Deathboy; Deviant UK; Dyonisis; In Isolation; Last July; Nosferatu; Resist; Rhombus; Uninvited Guest
2011-07-21/24Castle PartyAtari Teenage Riot; Closterkeller; Diary of Dreams; Project Pitchfork; Suicide Commando; Umbra et Imago
2011-07-29/31Summer Darkness
2011-08-12/13Dark Entries Open Air Festival
2011-08-13/14M'era LunaASP; The Beauty of Gemina; End of Green; Mono Inc; Within Temptation
2011-08-26/28Pray SilenceAbney Park; Attrition; Clan of Xymox; Der Klinke; Deviant UK; Diary of Dreams; E-Men; Gary Numan; Grooving in Green; Hanin Elias; Heimataerde; In the Nursery; Inertia; Jacquy Bitch; Kommunity FK; La Chanson Noire; Leaether Strip; Lupine; Luxury Stranger; Mechanical Cabaret; Merciful Nuns; Method Cell; Nachtmahr; Nightporter; Noctivagus; Nosferatu; Obscenity Trial; Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; Phantom Vision; Pretentious, Moi?; Psyche; Rhombus; Sapphire Solace; Seraphim Shock; Sex Gang Children; Sinmasters; Steven Severin; The Arch; The Last Cry; The Last Dance; The Realm; Two Witches; Tyske Ludder; Uberbyte; Vendemmian; Zeromancer
2011-09-03E-tropolis FestivalFaderhead; Haujobb; Rotersand; Santa Hates You; Solitary Experiments; VNV Nation
2011-10-22Dark ReverberationsArcana; The Eternal Fall; The Infinite Three; The Moon and the Nightspirit DJs: De'Ath; Andy C
2011-10-30RenaissanceBB Blackdog; Bleak; CalatrilloZ; GhostFire; Global Citizen; Die Kur; Maxdmyz; Reskizio; Savile Row
2011-11-04/05WGWAbney Park; Berlin Black; Chameleons Vox; Cryogenica; The Dark Shadows; The Death Notes; Devilish Presley; The Mist of Avalon; Rhombus; Voltaire
2011-12-04Gotham XII Alice Moving Under Skies; Diary of Dreams; Joe Black; Lilygun; Midnight Configuration; Specimen; Suicide Party; Ulterior; XII
2011 Gothic Cruise God Module; Imperative Reaction; System
2012-04-07/08Emergency Exit FestivalChristine Plays Viola; Distorted Pictures; The Last Cry; Lotus Feed; Pretentious, Moi?; Rhombus; Vendemmian. DJs: Aleks Figurehead; Exciter; Illi; Martin Oldgoth; Tigerlilly
2012-04-07/08Resistanz FestivalBe My Enemy; Detroit Diesel; E.S.A; Frozen Plasma; Grendel; Icon of Coil; Memmaker; Nachtmahr; Rotersand; Soman; Straftanz; Studio-X; Surgyn; Ultraviolence; W.A.S.T.E
2012-04-21Age of Decay Gothic & Deathrock FestivalAsylum XIII; The Drowning Season; Entertainment; EVC - Ending the Vicious Cycle; Ex-VoTo; Lestat; Sapphire Rebellion; Strap on Halo
2012-04-27/28Whitby Gothic Weekend In the Nursery; Ugly Buggs; The Spiritual Bat; Last July; Dead Eyes Opened; Gene Loves Jezebel; Die Laughing; The Bellwether Syndicate; Partly Faithful; Stills
2012-05-25/2821. Wave-Gotik-Treffen

confirmed: Ain Soph; Aura Noctis; Autodafeh; Christopher Anton; Controlled Collapse; Cylix; Dreadful Shadows; The Eden House; Eisbrecher; Escalator; Evi Vine; Freakangel; The Fright; Klutae; Love is Colder Than Death; Luftwaffe; Mignon; Musk Ox The Names; Oniric; Opera Multi Steel; Press Gang Metropol; Spiral 69; Steven Severin; Synapscape; Thorofon; Traumtänzer; Unto Ashes; Wardruna; Les Yeux Sans Visage
not confirmed: Ahráyeph; Coronatus; Dr. Geek and the Freakshow; The Hellfreaks; Henke; Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead

2012-06-16/17Spider's Web Festival Cryogenica; Danse Society; Deviant UK; Elvira & the Bats; Global Citizen; The Last Cry; Luxury Stranger; My Black Light; Nosferatu; Psideralica; zerosignal
2012-06-29/07-01DV8fest Anne Marie Hurst; Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey; The Chapman Family; Dreams Divide; EMF; Honeytone Cody; Joe Black; Jordan Reyne; The Last Cry; March Violets; Panda Cubs; Psychedelic Furs; Red Lorry Yellow Lorry; Salvation; Siiiii; Steven Severin; Tea Party; Terrorvision; Utah Saints
2012-07-13/15Shadowplay Festival Apoptygma Berzerk; Aroma di Amore; Asche; A Thousand Societies; Carlos Peron; The Cemetary GirlZ; The Cheshire Cat; Chrysalide; Coma Divine; Combichrist; Deine Lakaien; De/Vision; Diorama; Dreadful Shadows; Embers; Esplendor Geometrico; Estampie; Faderhead; Flesh & Fell; Gary Numan; Greyhound; In Extremo; Inkubus Sukkubus; In Slaughter Natives; Jacquy Bitch; The Juggernauts; The Kids; Der Klinke; Laibach; last days of s.e.x.; Merciful Nuns; Mildreda; nÄo; Noisuf-X; Nosferatu; Oomph!; Parade Ground; Qntal; Red Lorry Yellow Lorry; roger rotor; Shorai; Sonar; synapscape; Tyske Ludder; VNV Nation; Whispers In The Shadow; Wieloryb
2012-07-13/15Regensburger Gothic Treffen Atomic Neon; Centhron; Deviant UK; Diary of Dreams; Diodati; Eigensinn; Enter and Fall; Etwas Dein; Eycromon; FAQ; Mundtot; Noktis; Paranoid Android; Raven fly; Stuka 696; Tiefenstadt; Whispers in the Shadow; Xiphea
2012-07-21/22VIII. Amphi Festival 2012 18 Summers; And One; Assemblage 23; Black Inc; Camouflage; Combichrist; Coppelius; Corvus Corax; Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft; Eisbrecher; Eisenfunk; Front Line Assembly; Haujobb; Lord Of The Lost; Mono Inc.; Nachtmahr; Project Pitchfork; Schöngeist; Seabound; Sisters of Mercy; [:SITD:]; Solar Fake; Tyske Ludder; Whispers In The Shadow; [x]-Rx
2012-07-27/29Castle Party 2012 Ambassador21; Bloody Dead and Sexy; Blutengel; Cold In May; Combichrist; The Cuts; Deathcamp Project; depressive disorder; Hocico; Imperial Vengeance; Leæther Strip; Merciful Nuns; Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; Pink Turns Blue; Spiritual Front; Śmiałek
2012-08-11/12M'era Luna Festival 2012Amduscia; De/Vision; Diary of Dreams; Eisbrecher; Faderhead; Faun; Fields of the Nephilim; Heimataerde; Hocico; In Extremo; Jäger 90; Les Jupes; KMFDM; Lacrimas Profundere; Lahannya; Leæther Strip; Letzte Instanz; Noisuf-X; Placebo; Rabia Sorda; Roterfeld; Rotersand; Schandmaul; Subway to Sally; Suicide Commando; Welle:Erdball
2012-09-07/09NCN7 Nocturnal Culture Night Angelspit; The Beauty Of Gemina; Clan Of Xymox; Eisenfunk; Nosferatu; Peter Hook & The Light; Rummelsnuff
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