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Gothic Festivals - Upcoming

This section shall be one of the few pages I'll need to regularly keep up to date, as it will contain details on upcoming 'Goth-interest' festivals, including dates and announced line-ups. It will not include any other details (such as location, size, links, etc) - these are contained on the current festivals page. This is wholly dedicated to the details that, in my experience, most people want to regularly have access to (and which some official websites don't readily accomodate) - i.e. when it is and who's on the bill.

Disclaimer: any disclaimer about announced lineups that you'd expect official festival organisers and promoters to put out go double for this page - I can only put on here what has been announced (and I have no connection with afore-mentioned organisers and promoters). Most of my information comes from the official channels of the promoters and artistes. Illness, work visas, disbandments and more can affect billing.

DateFestivalCurrently Announced Line-up
2013-03-23Dark Spring Festival IV The Beauty of Gemina; Fliehende Stürme; Golden Apes; The Last Days of Jesus; Silent Scream; Soror Dolorosa
2013-04-26/27Whitby Goth Weekend AprilClan of Xymox; Danse Society; Deviant UK; Doctor & the Medics; Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons; Skeletal Family; Voltaire; Zombina and the Skeletones
2013-05-17/20Wave-Gotik-Treffen 22 Abney Park Bloody, Dead & Sexy Digitalis Purpurea Formalin hautville Hecate Enthroned Incite/ In Strict Confidence Karin Park KMFDM Leaether Strip Lux Interna Nachtgeschrei Noisuf-X Predominance ReAdjust She Past Away Sleeping Dogs Wake The Spiritual Bat Suicide Commando Sutcliffe Jügend Welle:Erdball X-Improviso Alexander Paul Blake's Aethernaeum
Entremuralhas 20132013-08-23/25 Der Blaue Reiter; Deine Lakaien; Kap Bambino; Lebanon Hanover; Merciful Nuns; Nachtmahr; Naevus; Qntal; Roma Amor; Die Selektion; Soror Dolorosa; Spiritual Front; TriORE
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