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Gothic Festivals - Current

This section contains details of all major festivals of 'Goth interest'. In its first draft, I'm intending it to focus on international festivals, i.e. (with all due respect) you won't find a one-day festival with ten mostly local bands on this page. Included on this page are details of location (current if the location has moved in the past), the year it first took place, the time of year that the festival normally takes place, rough attendance of the most recent festival, maybe a little bit of history and finally a link to the official website(s) of each festival.

There are a few other pages on this website which contain the following information. Details of the exact date of the next festival, and announced lineups are to be found on the upcoming festivals page (which is likely to be updated far more frequently than this page) while details of lineups of festivals gone by are on the festivals history page.

Festival NameInitiatedUsual DateLocationAttendanceNotesuri
Age of DecayTexas?Gothic; DeathrockAge of Decay
Amphi Festival - Orkus Open AirJuly Tanzbrunnen, Köln/Cologne, Germany13,000 in 2009?Amphi Festival
Blackfield Festival2008?June/JulyAmphitheater Gelsenkirchen, GermanyNothing yet!official
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Castle Party1994JulyBolków, Lower Silesia, PolandCastle Party
Dark ReverberationsOctoberYorkMelodic, dark, GothicDark Reverberations
Dark Storm FestivalDecember 25Chemnitz
DV8 FestJulyYork, UKDV8 Fest
Emergency Exit FestivalDornbirn, Schlachthaus, AustriaEasterStatic Magazin GermanyEmergency Exit Festival
E-tropolis Festival2011?SeptemberBerlin, GermanyE-tropolis
Gothic Cruise1989SeptemberBermuda Triangle250Goth, on a cruise shipGothic Cruise
GothstockHartford, Connecticut, USAindustrial, black metal, gothicGothstock
Lumous Gothic FestivalJulyTampere, FinlandGothic rock, dark dance, EBM, death rock, dark ambient, industrial, neofolk.Lumous
M'era LunaSeptember, AugustHildesheim25,000Open AirFKP Scorpio
NCN Nocturnal Culture NightSeptemberLeipzigNocturnal Culture Night
Resistanz International Industrial Music Festival2011AprilSheffield, UKIndustrialResistanz
Summer DarknessAugustUtrecht, NL13,000Summer Darkness
Wacken / W:O:AMetal
WaragemJulyWaragem, BelgiumGothic Festival
Wave Gotik Treffen / WGTMay/JuneLeipzig, DE40/50,000Wave Gotik Treffen
Whitby Gothic Weekend / WGW1994April and October / NovemberWhitby, North Yorkshire, UK1,000/2,000
Zita Rock Festival2008?Zitadele, Berlin, GermanyOrkusZita Rock & Folk
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