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Love Like Blood

table of releases by love like blood
releaseformatrelease datenotesbuy UK buy USA
releaseformatrelease datenotesUK USA
Flags of Revolutiondebut album1989Debutamazon
An Irony of Fatealbum1992amazon
Sinister Dawn/Ecstasyalbum1992compilation of two maxi’samazon
Odysseealbum1994German release, first album after An Irony of Fateamazon
Enslaved+Condemnedalbum2000le tinted plastic caseamazon
Swordlilies 1987-1997 - The Best of Love Like Bloodalbum2000compilation of first 10 yearsamazon
Chronology of a Love Affairalbum2001amazon
Sinister Dawnsingle1989amazon
Kiss & Tellsingle, 12"1992amazon
Demimondessingle1992mixes of Denimondes, two other tracksamazon
Flood of Lovesingle1993cover of Heroes by David Bowieamazon
Stormy Visionsmaxi single1993maxi single from Odyssee, includes dance mix of Stormy Visionsamazon
Taste of Damoclessingle1997amazon
The Love Like Blood E.P.e.p.1998commemorates 10th anniversary of the band, cover of Killing Joke - Love Like Bloodamazon
Love Killssingle2000amazon
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