The London Underground

If you're wondering why this is called the London Underground, it's because if I want to see any good bands I generally have to go to London to see them, though not all of those below were seen in London (not by me anyway).

Scarlet Dawn at Hollywoods (local student night)
18th, October, 1997
Death By Misadventure with Midnight Configuration
Friday, 31st, October, 1997
WGW 4.5 with Inkubus Sukkubus, Psycho TV, Manuskript, The Horatii, Sunshine Blind
Saturday, 1st, November, 1997
WGW 4.5 with Rosetta Stone
December?, 1997
Death By Misadventure with Complicity
13th?, February, 1998
Scoda Blush and The Sisters of Mercy at the Kentish Town Forum
April, 1998
WGW 5.0 Faith and the Muse, Die Laughing, Nekromantik, All Living Fear, These Crimsons Dreams, Isobels Shrine
Friday, 14, August, 1998
Infest - Dust to Dust, Leechwoman, Ultraviolence, The Horatii
Saturday, 15, August, 1998
More Infest with Sneaky Bat Machine man(i)kin, Passion Play, Libitina and Nekromantik supporting Alien Sex Fiend, who played a stunning set (longer than they should have) and threw the audience plastic skulls and a bone (I got the bone)
November, 1998
WGW 5.5 Rosetta Stone, Funhouse, Nervosa, Faithful Dawn, Emma Conquest
November?, 1998
Bauhaus at the Brixton Academy
December, 1998
Marilyn Manson at the Brixton Academy
Friday, 29, January, 1999
Arriving at Full Tilt at the Electric Ballroom in Camden for someone's birthday celebrations, I unexpectedly saw Inertia play...
Friday, 19, February, 1999
This time I saw Passion Play and Emma Conquest supporting This Burning Effigy at the Oliver Twist in Colchester (yes, that's right, outside of London)...
Saturday, 10, April, 1999
Killing Miranda, Swallow and Global Noise Attack at the Camden Underworld all supported Christian Death who were stunning as always...
Friday, 16th, April, 1999
Sneaky Bat Machine and Inertia supported Switchblade Symphony at the Whiby Warm-Up...
Friday, 23rd, April, 1999
The Whitby Gothic Weekend, where I saw The Last Dance, Denise & Ed Alleyne Johnson and This Burning Effigy...
Saturday, 24th, April, 1999
The second day of the Whitby Gothic Weekend, with Star 80, Manuskript and Switchblade Symphony...
Sunday, 4th, July, 1999
Ipswich Music In The Park, the only band I can remember playing being Zone Fluffy, which had been instigated by two of my old school chums...
November, 1999
WGW 6.5 - Sunshine Blind, Sneaky Bat Machine, Narcissus Pool
November, 1999
WGW 6.5 - Passion Play supported Dream Disciples
April, 2000
Whitby Gothic Weekend 7.0 Mesh, Saints of Eden, Chaos Engine, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, VNV Nation, Putra-Chic
Bury'd Alive
2000 (variously, Christian Death, Complicity, Sin Die Kult, Thirteen Candles, Shadowsphere, Rome Burns
Bury'd Alive
Bury'd Alive
19th, October, 2000
Chains on Velvet Libitina and others. (me birthday) [g]
27th October, 2000
Bury'd Alive featuring Squid.
Bury'd Alive All About Eve
Whitby Gothic Weekend 7.5 - Screaming Dead, Clan of Xymox, Mist of Avalon, Inkubus Sukkubus and Emma Conquest.
December, 2000
Christian Death/Cradle at the London Astoria [g]
Friday, 27th, April, 2001
WGW 8.0 - The Faces of Sarah, Jesus Loves Amerika, The Last Days, Rome Burns and Seize.
March?, 2001
man(i)kin at the Slimelight
Saturday, 28th, April, 2001
WGW 8.0 - with Attrition and Adfinem supporting the Dream Disciples
Sunday, 27th, May, 2001
Gotham 2001 - Descendants of Cain (playing as I arrived), Squid, Two Witches, House of Usher, Killing Miranda (fantastic set - many people turned up for them, and they were good enough to have been the headliners), This Burning Effigy, Star Industry, Inkubus Sukkubus.
Sunday, 24th, June, 2001
Uncle Nemesis' final gig - Psychophile and Emma Conquest supported the Dream Disciples
Saturday, 11th, August, 2001
Slimes - Mechanical Cabaret supporting the Crüxshadows (bloody good, got to see 'em if they come back to the UK)
Saturday, 18th, August, 2001
Slimes - Neurophoria supported Attrition.
Friday, 7th, September, 2001
The Last Rites, supported by Mist of Avalon at the Garage
Friday, 2nd, November, 2001
WGW 8.5 - Sorrow, Dawn of Oblivion, Cauda Pavonis, D.U.S.T., Finger Puppets, Swarf
Friday, 9th, November, 2001
interlock and others supported Needleye Upstairs at the Garage
Saturday, 16th, February, 2002
Malediction, Reading - Psychophile (playing when I got there, but I caught most of the set, which was good), Seize (who were very Ibiza), Swarf (who were rather good), Libitina, Chaos Engine (who were also good) and Dream Disciples (who were up to their usual standard)
Friday, 29th, March, 2002
Club Noir, Upstairs at the Garage - Zwartenblauw (playing when I arrived, good), Tarentella Serpentine, D.U.S.T. all supporting Chaos Engine
Saturday, 30th, March, 2002
Slimelight - And One played a warm-up gig before headlining Elektofest (on the Sunday)
Friday, 12, April, 2002
The Clink - The Crest (who were incredibly good) supported Mortiis (who also rocked)
26?, April, 2002
WGW 9.0 - Synthetic, Little Match Girl, Arkham Asyslum, Action Directe
27?, April, 2002
WGW 9.0 - Je$us Loves Amerika, Passion Play, Manuskript, Paradise Lost
Saturday, 1st, June, 2002
Waterglass album launnch - Firefly (who I missed most of) and Seventh Harmonic supported Waterglass at the Camden Underworld
Sunday, 2nd, June, 2002
Dark Jubilee
Monday, 3rd, June, 2002
Dark Jubilee
Tuesday, 2nd July, 2002
Skellig's London debut at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury Corner
Sunday, 7th July, 2002
Misnomer (who I barely saw at all) and Psychophile (who I haven't seen in far too long) supported Seventh Harmonic at the Dublin Castle, Camden
Tuesday, 9th July, 2002
eX-Girl supported Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Shepherds Bush Empire, playing there first London gig in seven years.
Friday, 19th July, 2002
Various bands I can't remember the names of (and some I didn't catch the names of in the first place - first band was good, but they didn't say what they were called), all supported eX-Girl at Spitz
Friday, 26th July, 2002
Ariel and the Flames (sans Flames), DeathBoy (debut gig), Psychophile and Swarf all supported Freudstein (who I missed coz it was too hot, so we all went to Tenebrae) Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury Corner.
Saturday, 27th July, 2002
Ghost of Lemora supported Sex Gang Children at Slimelight
Saturday, 8th August, 2002
Resurrection Records 10th Anniversary Party - The Faces of Sarah and Manuskript supporting Inkubus Sukkubus.
Saturday, 8th August, 2002
Galan Pixs at Slimelight
Tuesday, 20th August, 2002
Waterglass at M:Alice
Friday, 30th August, 2002
The Faces of Sarah, Corrosion and Ghost of Lemora supporting Seventh Harmonic upstairs at the Garage
Friday, 1st November, 2002
WGW 9.5 - Beautiful Deadly Children, Ordinary Psycho, Season's End, Sperm Whale
Saturday, 2nd November, 2002
WGW 9.5 - Swarf, Narcissus Pool
Sunday, 8th December, 2002
Order of Azrael, an acoustic set from Waterglass and Descendants of Cain at the Verge, Kentish Town.
Friday, 13th December, 2002
Automata, Xxtortion and Killing Miranda at Elektrowerkz.
Saturday, 14th December, 2002
Xpher, Interlock and Waterglass at Elektrowerkz.
Saturday, 29th March, 2003
Deathboy supported Psychophile at their album launch gig.
Friday, 9th May, 2003
Rocky Horror Show at Wimbledon Theatre (not actually a gig, but I didn't want to leave it out).
Sunday, 18th May, 2003
Excession, Descendants of Cain, Psychophile, The Ghost of Lemora, Mechanical Cabaret, Killing Miranda and In Strict Confidence supported The Damned for Gotham IV at the Camden Palace.
Saturday, 31st May, 2003
Voices of Masada at an undisclosed location ;)
Sunday, 1st June, 2003
Beautiful Deadly Children and Revolution By Night supported L'aime Immortelle at the Camden Underworld.
Tuesday, 3rd June, 2003
KinHo and Rapid.LA supported Sheep on Drugs at Sound in Wardour Street.
Friday, 20th June, 2003
Type O Negative, who were supported by some band I can't remember the name of.
Saturday, 26th July, 2003
Skeletal Family at Slimelight.
Saturday, 6th September, 2003
Cauda Pavonis at Insanitorium.
Wednesday, 17th September, 2003
Greenhaus and Swarf supported John Foxx at The Scala, Kings Cross.
Wednesday, 24th September, 2003
Devilish Presley, Baraba and The Elliot Wave Theory at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel.
Saturday, September, 2003
Voices of Masada, Rome Burns, Corrision and Faces of Sarah Upstairs at the Garage
Sunday, 5th October, 2003
Earth Loop Recall, Bent USA and Devilish Presley supported Global Noise Attack at the Dublin Castle, from the organisers of Pity for Monsters.
Tuesday, 14th October, 2003
Pity for Monsters - Libitina supported the Voices of Masada at the Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon (Automata cancelled at the last minute).
Thursday, 16th October, 2003
Saints of Eden and Altered States supported NFD at Dingwalls, Camden.
Thursday, 30th October, 2003
WGW X - Deathboy and Faith and the Muse supported Inkubus Sukkubus.
Friday, 31st October, 2003
WGW X - All Living Fear, the Chaos Engine and the Failed Deathboy Experience supported Wayne Hussey.
Saturday, 1st November, 2003
WGW X - Goteki and Sheep on Drugs supported Icon of Coil.
Sunday, 2nd November, 2003
WGW X - Sorrow and Manuskript supported All About Eve.
Tuseday, 25th of November, 2003
The Sepia and Global Noise Attack at the Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel.
Tuesday, 9th December, 2003
Pity for Monsters - Psychophile and 9xDead supported Devilish Presley at the launch of their new album, Disgraceland at the Betsey Trotwood.
Saturday, 20th December, 2003
Pity for Monsters - Earth Loop Recall and Global Noise Attack supported Faces of Sarah at the Betsey Trotwood.
Tuesday, 13th? January, 2004
Pity for Monsters - various bands at the Betsey Trotwood
Friday, 23rd January, 2004
Pity for Monsters - Global Noise Attack, Devilish Presley, Maxdmyz and Interlock at The Water Rats.
Friday, 6th February, 2004
Devilish Presley at Dead and Buried (first anniversary).
Saturday, 21st February, 2004
The Screaming Banshee Aircrew supported The Ghost of Lemora at Insanitorium at the Soundhaus in Colchester.
Friday, 27th of February, 2004
Pity for Monsters - Deathboy, Devilish Presley, Earth Loop Recall and Faetal at the Water Rats, Kings Cross.
Thursday, 15th of March, 2004
Vicious? - Devilish Presley and Zombina and the Skeletones support Bella Morte at the Verge, Kentish Town.
Friday, 2nd of April, 2004
Buried by Monsters - The Vincent Razorbacks and Devilish Presley support The Last Days of Jesus at the Lord Nelson, Holloway.
2004-04-23 (Friday)
WGW - Zombina and the Skeletones and Earth Loop Recall support the Damned. DJing by SLS and Martin
2004-04-24 (Friday)
WGW - Libitina and the Dream Disciples (last ever gig) support the Mission. DJing by lucy*fur and vasi
2004-05-30 (Sunday)
Gotham 5 - Voices of Masada, Scary Bitches, Devilish Presley, Faces of Sarah, Theatre des Vampires, Diary of Dreams and Inkubus Sukkubus play at the Mean Fiddler (the LA2).
2004-06-06, Sunday
at New Dark Age at On the Rocks
2004-07-04 Sunday
Devilish Presley, Deathboy at New Dark Age at On the Rocks
2004-10-28 Thursday
WGW - Corrosion and Claytown Troupe support at the Spa.
2004-10-29 Friday
WGW - TorsoHorse and Beautiful Deadly Children support Zodiac Mindwarp at the Spa
2004-10-30 Saturday
WGW - Ovni and Glass supporting Alien Sex Fiend at the Spa
2004-12-16 Thursday
Eating the Elephant - Screaming Banshee Aircrew at the New Adelphi Club
Bunday, MCD, BSD and the Infested played The Ringside
Eating the Elephant - Screaming Banshee Aircrew at the White Room
Eating the Elephant - Action Directe at the White Room
Eating the Elephant - Deviant UK and Karn8 at the White Room
Eating the Elephant - Rhombus at the White Room
2006-08-03 Thursday
Eating the Elephant - Clone Romeo at the White Room
2006-08-04 Friday
Eating the Elephant - Devilish Presley, Mary Jane and Whalter at the White Room
2006-09-07 Thursday
Eating the Elephant - Zeitgeist Zero at the White Room
Eating the Elephant - Caffeine Kill at the White Room
Eating the Elephant - Voices of Masada
Eating the Elephant - Screaming Banshee Aircrew
Silk Route at the Bedford Arms
Comedy Virgins at The Cavendish Arms
Pity for Monsters - Global Noise Attack, Ghostfire and Devilish Presley at the Boston Music Rooms
Fire in the Belly at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
Moco at the Park Plaze Victoria
Salome En Noir at The Horatia
WGT - Diamanda Galas at Oper Leipzig
Rockburst at The Graveney School
Schattenspiel - A Sleeping Body, Section (3) and The Last Cry
Young, Twisted and Black - Terminal Gods and Black Light Ascension at The Finsbury Pub
John Callaghan, Angel Bomb, Luxury Stranger and Manuskript at the Boston Dome
Les Kelly's Britain at the BBC Radio Theatre
alt. - Terminal Gods at the Fallen Angel
Scantinati at the Partnership Café
Smackjoint, Anti Vigilante and Tyrannosaur Alan at the Royal Oak

...on a different note, bands which I would like to see include Nine Inch Nails, The Creatures, Soper Aeternus and probably lots more that I can't think of right now...

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