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    This page has a list of various online and printed fanzines, magazines, webzines, ezines. The current status of many of these zines is unknown. Dates are included where available to show when some definately were active, date ranges should not be taken as first to last issues - just because the most recent issue I know of is a few years old, doesn't mean they aren't still being published. This is especially true of foreign (non-UK) zines. All zines are written in English unless otherwise stated, though I may clarify with some (such as an European zine which is nevertheless written in English).


    The lines between fanzines and magazines can sometimes get a little blurred, so they're all going in together. Some of these are photocopied in black and white while others are professionally printed in glossy colour, they range in size and shape from A5 to tabloid newspaper, no doubt some are credit card sized (though none I've seen yet). Some give away CDs with every issue, others have little furry hearts stuck to the front - there's a full range, basically.
    For the time being I'm going to include descriptions of size with 'normal magazine' (about A4) 'normal fanzine' (about A5) and 'tabloid' (newspaper style). Assuming there are proper terms for all of this I shall have a look some time (but not today) and update as appropraite when I find out. Note to self: put descriptions of proper terms up here when I find them out :)
    p.s. if I've said it's based in a certain city that doesn't mean it deals exclusively with the scene in that city - it's simply where their main office / back bedroom is.
    Delivery charges included are for local delivery (not international) unless otherwise stated. Money sent by post should be well-wrapped (can't trust anyone these days).

    1. Alien World News
    2. Alternative London
      Free magazine covering London's alternative culture.
      date: 2003 - 2005. size: normal magazine.
    3. Alternative Rhythms
      Sam Rosenthal's fanzine from early 1980s. A cassette (Projekt Electronic South Florida), a compilation of electronic and new romantic bands, became the first release of Projekt.
    4. Ank-zine Bilorusian Goth Zine?
    5. Asylum
      Cover CD with at least one issue.
      date: 1996. size: normal fanzine.
    6. Bats and Red Velvet Magazine
      date: 1994 - 1996 (last issue before name change). size: normal magazine, though have reason to believe earlier issues were smaller.
      Changed name to BRV with issue 22.
    7. Bite Me
      date: 2000 - 2004. size: normal magazine.
      Vampire magazine, but covers Goth scene as well.
    8. Black Harvest Magazine
    9. Black Monday
      size: normal fanzine.
    10. Black Planet
      date: 1997 / 1998. size: normal fanzine.
    11. BRV, previously Bats and Red Velvet. Cover CD with every issue. Stopped publishing after someone reported them to the taxman (not that any fanzine editors ever make money to tax anyway). Made brief re-appearance under name of Tomb Raver.
      date: 1997-06 (first issue under this name) - 1998-05 (last issue). size: normal magazine.
    12. Bubblegum Slut (usually has a furry heart fixed to the cover).
      date: 2004 / 2005. size: normal fanzine.
      £1 (cash or PO) plus SAE (at least 43p postage) to: Alison Bateman,
      27 Stores Lane, Tiptree,
      CO5 0LH
      or: £1.80 (including postage) to
    13. Carpe Noctem
      date: 1998. size: normal magazine.
    14. The Chronicles
      Vampire zine, with coverage of Goth scene.
      date: 1996 - 2005. size: normal fanzine.
    15. Chonicles of Chaos (July 1999)
    16. Cyberoptic
      date: 1998. size: normal fanzine.
    17. Da'Core Magazine (autumn 1998)
    18. Darkfire
      date: 2002-spring (first issue (only issue?)). size: normal fanzine.
    19. Darklife
      date: 1999 - 2002-spring. size: normal fanzine.
    20. Dark Realms
      date: 2004. size: normal magazine.
    21. Darkstar Audio (DSO)
    22. Dark Troubador (summer 1997)
    23. decrepit
      date: 1997 - 2000. size: normal fanzine.
    24. Delirium Tremens
      date: 1999? size: normal fanzine.
    25. Distortion Sekt
    26. D.T.K?
    27. Elektromedia
      debut issue 2001-January.
    28. Fiend - Autralia's only dark alternative magazine.
      date: 2004. size: normal magazine.
      Cover CD with most issues?
    29. Fodder
      date: 1998. size: normal magazine.
    30. The Gashlycrumb - London After Midnights's newsletter / catalogue.
      date: 1993 (first issue) - 1995. size: normal magazine.
    31. Glasperlenspiel - Merciful Release
      date: 1997. size: normal magazine.
    32. Gothabilly
      Gothabilly e-zine with fashion and furnishings section.
    33. Gothic
      date: 1988. size: normal magazine.
    34. The Gothic Grimoire
      date: 1996 - 1997. size: normal magazine.
      Cover CD with most issues.
    35. Gothic Times
      Created by Hazel (Sexy Sunday) each Whitby Gothic Weekend.
      date: 1997-04 (first issue) - 1999-11 (last issue I have). size: normal fanzine.
    36. Grave Concerns
    37. Hard Wired / Hard Wired Alternative Music Mayhem
      date: 1997 - 1999. size: normal magazine.
    38. House of the Succubus - Gothic electro darkwave.
      date: 1999? size: normal magazine.
    39. IndustrialnatioN / Industrial Nation
      date: 1993 - 1995 (though I'm pretty sure I've seen much more recent issues). size: normal magazine.
    40. interface
      date: 1995. size: normal magazine.
    41. Interference
      date: 1999. size: normal magazine.
    42. Judas Kiss
      date: 2000. size: normal fanzine.
    43. Kaleidoscope - dark alternative music scene.
      date: 1997-autumn (first issue) - 2005 (still going).
      Cover CD since issue 4. UK-based.
    44. Legends Magazine
      size: normal magazine. date: 2004 (though on very high numbers, so presumably been going for about a decade).
    45. Lowlife
      date: 1996. size: normal fanzine, squarebound.
    46. Meltdown
      Stopped publication when the editor started an internet TV station.
      size: normal mmagazine. date: 2000-04 (first issue) - 2004-spring (last issue).
    47. Morbid Outlook started off as zine, has now switched to webzine.
    48. Naked Truth - alternative music magazine.
      date: 1998 - 1999.
      Had a close association with the Bedlam night in Glasgow.
    49. New Empire
    50. New Grave - Dark and Gothic underground and surface culture.
      date: 2000. size: normal magazine.
    51. Orkus
      European, written in German.
      date: 2004. size: normal magazine. Cover CD (though bound within the pages) with most issues?.
    52. Permission
      USA, San Francisco-based.
      date: 1992 - 1996. size: normal magazine.
    53. Pity for Monsters
      date: 2003-08 (first issue) - 2004. size: normal fanzine.
    54. Propaganda - Counterculture chronicle.
      size: normal magazine. date: 2001.
      USA, New York-based.
    55. Prospective Magazine
      date: 1999 - 2000. size: early issues are tabloid, later are large magazine.
      Cover CDs given away with most / all issues.
    56. Recycle your Ears
    57. Revelations
      Free monthly events guide.
      date: 1998. size: A4 folded twice.
    58. Scathing Lucidity
      date: 1999. size: normal fanzine.
    59. The Sentimentalist - Sentimentalist
      Alternative music, art, film and fashion.
      size: normal magazine (earlier issues were normal fanzine). date: 2002
    60. Side Line
      size: normal magazine. date: 1996/1997. Cover CDs with most / all issues.
      No idea if it still exists as a print magazine, but it definately lives on as an ezine.
    61. Sonic Seducer / Sonic Seducer
      German music mag.
    62. The Sound of Music
      date: 1998. size: normal fanzine.
    63. Sunspot Designs
    64. Tomb Raver (formerly BRV Magazine)
      date: 1999 size: normal magazine.
      Short-lived venture from the creators of BRV (q.v.)
    65. Totem TOTEM c/o Karin Hoog,
      PO Box 44 01 39
      12001 Berlin
    66. Totentanz
    67. The Tower fanzine
      Cover CD on second issue.
      date: 1998 - 1999. size: normal fanzine.
    68. Tracks of Creation
    69. TWF, previously called The Worst Fanzine.
      size: normal magazine. date: 2004.
      Newcastle-based. 3.95 (plus p&p where applicable)
      Kevin Morris for advertising and subscriptions.
    70. Ultima Comparatio zine
    71. Unscene
    72. UTBR: Under the Black Rose
      Italian Goth-industrial magazine. English language.
      date: 1996 size: normal magazine.
    73. Whispered in the Wind
      Swedish. English language.
      date: 1997 - 1999. size: normal fanzine.
    74. Wormgear zine
    75. The Worst Fanzine, renamed to TWF with the 3rd issue.
      date: 2004. size: normal magazine.
      Newcastle-based. 3.95 (plus p&p where applicable)
    76. Zillo Magazine


    Sent out as a regular E-mail, usually monthly. Until I started this page I could swear there were a lot more around, but I can only found one now I'm making a list.

    1. side-line


    These are published on a website, updated regularly. At least a few of these started off as print zines, and continue much the same but with lower distribution costs.

    1. Dark 'Zine
    2. Death in the Garden
    3. Delirium
    4. Gathering Darkness
    5. Gothicland
    6. Gothic Preservation Society
    7. Gothic Topic
    8. Goth Scene monthly (roughly), competitions, freebies, articles, reviews
    9. Grave Concerns (redirects to angelfire)
    10. Hard Wired
    11. Jade
    12. midnight calling
    13. morbidoutlook (e-zine)
      P.O. Box 838,
      128 East Broadway,
      New York,
      NY 10002-9998
    14. New Angst Online
    15. RealmGothica
    16. Sub Kultur Magazine
      online zine
      Karsten Hamre,
      Chief Editor
      P.O.Box 675 4003
    17. the Velvet Rag
      San Diego's online Goth / Industrial zine. Edited by Kym Kostos "Unveiling the dark side of San Diego"


    Basically the ones I haven't checked out yet.

    • Ascension magazine
      Italian language
      Alex Daniele
      Casella Postale 28
      13044 Crescentino
    • Nocturnal Movements digest?
    • Rosa Selvaggia - magazine?
    • Kroniconline reviews (in Italian)
    • Resurrecturis online reviews (in Italian?)
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