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Gothic Cocktails - Beyond Snake and Black

Simply, this page is where I'm putting recipes (or ingredients at any rate) of cocktails that are popular amongst Goths.

Beginning with the three main Goth raw materials - cider, absinthe and blackcurrant. Okay, so other drinks might be more prevalent but they're a lot more archetypal as being Goth drinks than the panoply of other things that we imbibe. To all USAian readers - what you call cider is more like apple juice to us. What we call cider is hard cider or apple jack to you (or so I hear). I have been told that blackcurrant juice (a fruit cordial) is peculiar to Europe. So far this page seems to be mostly different names for a couple of drinks...
Shall start with the basics (cider and snakebite & black, then up/down to Red Witch (my favourite) and on to the rest in alphabetical order. Each variant has a paragraph to itself, hopefully it should all be clear.

Cider and Black

Cider; blackcurrant. That was simple.

Things that Get Called Snakebite

Has been around since the 60s (at least) in the soul scene, and popular among students before Goth came along.

Cider; Lager

Real ale - Theakston's Old Peculiar; Scrumpy Jack

Cider; Lager; Vodka

Frostyjack cider; Millers

Half of lager; half of blue WKD (turns green).

Black Beater

According to one web page, snakebite has it's own name depending upon each of the different brands of cider used to make it.
Blackthorn and Stella

Jack Special

source Scrumpy Jack and Carlsberg Special Brew (served at room temperature)

Old Carl

source Old English and Carling


source Woodpecker and Carlsberg

Super WrongBeater

source Strongbow Super and Stella

Wrong Beater

source Strongbow and Stella

Things that Get Called Snakebite and Black

source | source | source

Cider; Lager; Blackcurrant

Pernod; Vodka (presumably replacing or in addition to cider and lager)

Snakeyblack Variants

Kriekbier and cider (no blackcurrant).

Rose De Gambrinus and real cider (untried, presumably due to cost of experimental materials, or niceness of Cantillion on it's own).


Cider; Lager; Blackcurrant (a northern term for snakebite and black).

Snakey B

Cider; Lager; Blackcurrant (alternate term for snakebite and black).

Pink Panther

Cider; Lager; Blackcurrant (Edinburgh term for snakebite and black).

Posh Snakey B

More variations:

Good quality cider; good quality lager (Carlsberg export / Stella / Kronenbourg); full fat Ribena in a chilled pint glass.
Ribena first, then lager and cider slowly at an angle.

Purple Nasty

Cider; Lager; Blackcurrant (basically a northern name for snakebite and black).

Super Snakey B

source - very strong lager (Skol Super / Carlsberg Special Brew / Tennants Super); strong cider (at least 7.5%); blackcurrant cordial

Red Witch

Cider; Beer or Lager; Blackcurrant; Pernod

Double Pernod; splash of blackcurrant, plenty of ice and fill the rest with cider (an alternative recipe).

Snakebite (lager / cider) plus double rum and black. Apparently it tasted like Vimto (from the West Midlands, mid-eighties). Also see Black Death


Theakston's Old Peculiar (or other real ale); Diamond White / 1080 (or other strong dry cider); Blackcurrant; two straws

Black Death

Snakebite and Black, plus double rum.

Black Velvet

Guinness; Cider

Guinness; Cider / Scrumpy Jack; Blackcurrant


(Aberystwyth, all in a pint glass) Castaway (bottle); Blackthorn Cidermaster (or other strong cider) tops up the glass (jut over half pint).

Diamond White (bottle); Castaway (small bottle); Double Vodka (optional)



Cheeky Vimtos


Cherry Bomb

quarter coke; quarter lager; shot of Amaretto


half lager; half coke

Dog Bite

Newcastle Brown and cider

Green Monster

Snakebite and Blue Curacao


Presumably spelt the same as the blood cell-type thing (and also presumably I've spelt that correctly above). German cocktail?

Vodka; Strawberry liquor; Cherry juice; Crushed ice.


To drink as a slammer. One shot of Hapsburgh absinthe (90%); one shot of Balkan vodka (88.5%).


Absinthe; Champagne

Irish something-or-other?

Red Bull; Blavod Black Vodka


Jack Daniels; Tequila

Jamaican Cider

Cider with cherry brandy?


Snakebite and black.

Super Snakebite

White Lightning cider / K / white cider; Tennents Extra / super-strenth lager / bitter

Super Snakebite, plus Vodka or Whisky.

Witches something-or-other

Cider; Pernod; black


Cider; Pernod; black


Guinness; Blackcurrant


Half Snakebite and black; Half dry Champaigne


Bitter and cider


Barley wine (Gold label); Cider (real cider)


White Lightning and Tennants Super


Scrumpy and Stella

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