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Program Equivalents

This page intends to act as a reference so that I can see what programs can be used for equivalent tasks in various operating systems. Note: I'm not saying that any of these are good for what they're intended, just that they're there.
Unless otherwise stated, these are all free, in some sense. They may be open source, freeware or nagware, though hopefully not time-limited (i.e. they stop working after 30 days / 10 uses / whatever unless you pay for them). Some may only be free for home use, while others may be free for professional use as well. Some companies may offer older versions for free while new versions of the same program have to be paid for. If I have made any mistakes regarding licensing please contact me.

program function *nix mac windows
text editor emacs, vi, gedit, kate notepad, wordpad, metapad, texturizer, SciTE (The Scintilla Text Editor, file highlighting, line numbering, bracket highlighting, compiler output window, tabbed, multiple file, pdf export, word completion, multiple undo, full screen, split screen)
email user agent sylpheed, sylpheed-claws, evolution, mozilla thunderbird, kmail mozilla thunderbird, outlook eudora, mozilla thunderbird, outlook/express
web browser user agent mozilla, galleon safari, ie, firefox, camino, OmniWeb, iCab mozilla, opera, ie, navigator
news reader
image viewer
graphics manipulation gimp OpenOffice Draw, gimp
cd playercdplayer, winamp
mp3 playerxmmsiTuneswinamp
mpeg playerwinamp 3
office suite OpenOffice OpenOffice OpenOffice
word processor OpenOffice Writer, KOffice, AbiWord, EMacs, Vi TextEdit, appleworks, OpenOffice, Nisus Writer, Mariner Writer, Mellel wordpad, ms word, open office, star office, AbiWord
pdf manipulation PDFCreator
disk maintenanceDiskWarrior, Disk UtilityScandisk, Defrag
spreadsheet KSpread appleworks OpenOffice Calc, ms excel
database manipulation appleworks OpenOffice Database User Tools, ms access
audio recording studio GarageBand
html editor bbedit, WebDesign, Adobe GoLive
project management MrProject (GNOME), KFocus (KDE) MSProject
instant messaging Gaim, Konsole Trillian, Miranda IM
ircbitchxbitchx, xchat, mIRC, Trillian
ftp Fugu, Fetch FileZilla, WS_FTP, MSFTP, WinSCP (open source), AceFTP (nagware, and have to provide email address, trial?). FTP Commander 7.3 (appears to be freeware version of FTP Commander Pro), NetAnts (ad-sponsored).
rss readerNetNewsWire
calendariCalMozilla Calendar 'Sunbird', Outlook
remote access TightVNC TightVNC TightVNC
website saving WebHTTrack WebHTTrack WinHTTrack
presentation kpresenter OpenOffice Impress, OperaShow, powerpoint
telnet and/or ssh PuTTY
sound recording, playback, manipulation Audacity Audacity Audacity
CD ripper CDex (to wav, mp3, ogg); AudioGrabber (to mp3, freeware); Easy CD Ripper (to mp3, wav, wma, vqf, ogg, ape)
basic paint TuxPaint
Tetris clones Crack Attack!
Warehouse Sokoban YASC
that game where you tilt the table to get a ball to go where you want it Neverball
Golfing Neverputt (based on Neverball)
Space simulation / aurery (sp?, definition?) Celestia Celestia Celestia
Screensaver systems (not individual screensavers) Really Slick Screensavers
zip 7-Zip (7zip, zip, cab, rar, arj, gzip, bzip2, tar, cpio, rpm, deb), PKZip, WinZip; unzip/nt v5.50 (install into c:\windows\command and type unzip -d c:\bar\ to use it)
Time Synchronisation (from public NTP Network Time Protocol servers) NetTime, Naviscope
Privacy / Security WinPT (Windows Privacy Tools, GnuPG, digital encryption, signing)
webserver Apache Apache, EasyPHP (Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin all-in-one, ?pre-configured?, IIS

random bits

I didn't understand, or bits that weren't so easy to categorise for whatever reasons

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