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Summer Cleaning


Well, it's a bit late for Spring cleaning. I've been tidying up some bits of my website, and making other bits more consistent.
The Gothic Resources section is now a lot easier to look up, and while no new content has been added, what is there are now in more logical places, and will be easier for me to add to and maintain.

I've also sorted out the stylesheets, so that the alternative stylesheets are available on almost all webpages on the site. In addition to this there is now a stylesheet optimising pages for printing, though it is currently very basic, and hasn't been customised for this website yet.



The line-up for the first of this year's Whitby Gothic Weekends.

the Friday

The Damned
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  2. contact: earthlooprecall
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    2. yahoo group*
Zombina and the Skeletones
  1. official*
Scary Lady Sarah
Martin Oldgoth (Coles)

the Saturday

The Mission
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  2. Mark Gemini Thwaite*
  3. New Disease
  4. Simon Hinkler
Dream Disciples
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  1. official*
  2. void
  3. darkcell digital music*


In case you hadn't noticed I've switched domains. While my Gothcentric domain is sort of active, it now forwards to - the domain I used to have a few years ago...

I'm also taking the opportunity to tidy up the site a bit, and I'm starting with one of the areas that I get most hits to. As much for my own reference as anyone else I'm going to list the pages that I've jiggled around a bit (though it probably won't be that visible from the client-side).

Oh, and I've messed around with LiveJournal styles as well - including all the communities that I *ahem* run (of which there are two more this week, though when I'll promote them I don't know).



I normally use Mozilla, and sometimes Opera. I very rarely use Internet Explorer. Having had a poke around CSS level 2, revision 1 and some of the working drafts for level 3 I started experimenting with some of the techniques now available to us all. After checking how the newer features were supported in Mozilla, Opera (Opera has by far the best support of CSS 2, by the way) and even Lynx (for non-graphical elements it has superb support) I opened up IE. How disappointing. I knew, of course, that not much had been happening with it for many years, and that it lacked many of my favourite features of modern web browsers - tabbed browsing and mouse gestures for instance. I also knew that it didn't support alternate style sheets. The problem is it doesn't seem to support much else either. It has basic support of CSS level 1, but nowhere near the support you'd expect for standards which are six years old, and if you want to use CSS 2 with IE then just forget it.

Anyway, upshot is that I'll be making a few changes to this website soon, but if you're using IE then you won't see any of it. I normally hate websites which order you to upgrade your browser, but in this case continued use of IE (and pandering to it's lack of standards support) is harming web development. It's time I started using some of the new aspects of CSS that I've held from doing because most people won't be able to reap the benefits. Obviously the content will be staying here, as the whole point of Cascading Style Sheets is that the content and the style are kept separate. It just won't look so pretty if you're not using a proper browser.

p.s. am also working on a new graphics website, less content, more style (well, I'd like to think it has more style anyway). Just for pictures, mostly the photos I've not got around to putting online for the last two years.

Everyone thinks they're such sweet little things


Sinister Ducks seem to be big this month. For those not in the know, The March of the Sinister Ducks was a single released by Translucia Baboon (also known as Alan Moore) and member(s?) of Bauhaus. I have a page on my website that shows the lyrics to said song and quite a lot of people have been ending up there from various search engines in the last few days...

This would be the Northampton magician behind such seminal works as (roughly in chronological order) V for Vendetta, Marve* sorry, Miracleman, Skizz, Swamp Thing, the Ballad of Halo Jones, Watchmen, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and series two) (I think I got them in order).

Following is a list of Sinister Duck-centric search terms and how many hits I've got in the last week or so from each:

32sinister ducks lyrics
23march of the sinister ducks
6march of the sinister ducks lyrics
5lyrics march sinister ducks
5translucia baboon
4sinister ducks
2'march of the sinister ducks' mp3
2lyrics march of the sinister ducks
2march sinister ducks lyrics
2the march of the sinister ducks
2the march of the sinister ducks lyrics
2the march of the sinister ducks mp3
1\sinister ducks\ lyrics
1alan moore atziluth
1alan moore sinister ducks
1ducks ducks lyrics
1lyrics march of sinister ducks
1lyrics to the march of the sinister ducks
1march of the sinister ducks mp3

I'm sure this has nothing to do with Neil Gaiman mentioning the said song on his blog this week...

p.s. UK version of the above available here.



I've now put up a sitemap, which can be found here, as well as at the top of almost every page on this website. Many of the pages are not much more than 'placeholder' pages which I'll need to put more work into. Of course, I'm bound to have made a few mistakes along the way, so feel free to email me if I've got any links wrong.

Oh, and I've still got to update the artistes entries from the interviews I mentioned below - they'll probably go online about the same time that I put up some articles I wrote for the last issue of the Pity for Monsters fanzine (the next issue of which should be out very soon.



It hasn't taken me quite so long to update this time and today I shall be interviewing a few bands, namely Global Noise Attack and The Sepia. I'm also going to leave Voices of Masada on this page as I haven't updated it from the interview I did with them yet.

For those who haven't been here before - the idea is to focus on a small selection of entries from the artistes index, find out a bit more about them, present it here then update the index.

If you think there are any glaring errors or details which are conspicuous by their absence then feel free to email me, along with suggestions, requests and nominations for future artistes.

Global Noise Attack
  2. organart
  3. darkstarorg review
The Sepia
  1. official*
  2. yahoo group*
Voices of Masada
  1. official*

Plugging bands


Okay, so it's been absolutely ages since I did the first in the occassional series (about five or six months), but I did say it was going to be occassional at the time. So anyway, second in an occassional series, this time concentrating on Devilish Presley, who I saw last night (about six or seven hours ago, to be a bit more precise).

As before, the idea behind this is to concentrate on one entry from the artistes index, search out as much as I can on said artiste, then present it here, before updating the aforementioned index with all that I have learnt.

Feel free to email me with any additional knowledge you think may be relevent, along with suggestions, requests and nominations for future artistes, and

Devilish Presley
  1. official*
  2. towerhamlets news
Siouxsie & The Banshees
Nocturne (1983, video) uk vhs, pal
Once Upon A Time (1986, video) uk vhs, pal
Twice Upon A Time (1992, video) uk vhs, pal usa vhs, ntsc
The Seven Year Itch - Live (2002, video) uk vhs, pal
The Seven Year Itch (2003, dvd) uk region 2 usa region 1
Mark Paytress - Siouxsie and the Banshees: The Authorised Biography (2003-07-25, book) uk
The Scream (1978) uk usa
Join Hands (1979) uk usa
Kaleidoscope (1980) uk usa
Juju (1981) uk usa (1981-08)
Once Upon a Time: The Singles (1981, compilation; 1985, video) uk usa
Kiss in the Dream House (1982) uk usa (1992-08-25)
Nocturne (1983, live album, video) uk usa
The Thorn (1984 ep)
Hyaena (1984) uk usa
Tinderbox (1986) uk usa
Through the Looking Glass (1987) uk usa
Peep Show (1988) uk usa (1988-09-06)
Superstition (1991) uk usa (1991-06-11)
Peel Sessions (1991, ep) usa (1991-07-01)
Kiss Them For Me (cd single) uk usa (1991-05-21)
Fear (Of the Unknown) / Spiral Twist (cd single) usa (1991-11-26)
Twice Upon a Time: The Singles (1992, compilation, video) uk usa (1992-10-13)
Rapture (1995) uk usa (1995-02-14)
Dizzy (le tour CD)
The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees (le) uk (2002-09-30) usa (2002-11-12)
The Best of Siouxsie and the Banshees uk (2002-09-30) usa (2002-11-12)
The Seven Year Itch uk
uk (vinyl, 2003-05-19)
usa (2003-07-22)
Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees usa (1996-10-01)
  1. stella's siouxsie home page
  2. void
  3. void
  4. void
  5. void
  6. void
  7. void
  8. void
  9. void
  10. Loki's pictures
  11. void
  12. void
Voices of Masada
  1. official*



First in an occassional series (perhaps even a regular series) I present to you, the artiste of the undefined time period (I plan it to be a weekly thing, but am not going to commit to that at this stage).

The idea behind this is to concentrate on one entry from the artistes index, search out as much as I can on said artiste, then present it here, before updating the aforementioned index with all that I have learnt.

The more astute of you will notice that there are no less than nine artistes presented below and not one (and that I haven't exactly gone overboard on the research for this first installment, but let's not get pedantic, eh?). This is because it's a Whitby special, and I will attempt to update it further before scooting off to Whitby myself, but no promises...

Feel free to email me with any additional knowledge you think may be relevent, along with suggestions, requests and nominations for future artistes, and

  1. belisha news*
  1. void
  2. void
The Ghost of Lemora
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  1. official*
  2. official*
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  1. void
  2. void
Scary Bitches
  1. official*
The Spares
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  1. synthetic*
  2. Flash* sounds
  1. torsohorse
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Rar! Looking around the Mozilla website today, I discovered the section on stylesheets. Big deal, you might think, haven't you been using stylesheets for years? Well, yes, but not to their full capacity, and I'm only getting an inkling of what they're capable of - and how easy the more advanced features actually are to use - for instance alternative stylesheets - if you've got a browser that's capable of switching to alternative stylesheets then try it out now (only on this index page though, and very basic atm, I only used them for the first time twenty minutes ago...


The page on this site which is being updated most often atm is this one, all about me (though that's no guarantee that anyone ever goes there).


Currently the most popular page on this website is my birthday plan page, closely followed by this index page, then the Emerge lyrics page. Not bad, considering I only put it together in a few minutes last Tuesday!

Why the Wilde Wood?

From Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham:

"I see you don't understand, and I must explain it to you. Well, very long ago, on the spot where the Wild Wood waves now, before ever it had planted itself and grown up to what it now is, there was a city - a city of people, you know. Here, where we are standing, they lived, and walked, and talked, and slept, and carried on their business. Here they stabled their horses and feasted, from here they rode out to fight or drove out to trade. They were a powerful people, and rich, and great builders. They built to last, for they thought their city would last for ever."

Duncombe Park

Or you can see my (older) website

which has much of the same content, but in a more disorganised way (and lots of pictures):

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