Michael John Moorcock

The following titles are in suggested reading order, as set out on Moorcock's Weekly Miscellany.

John Daker

The Eternal Champion The Eternal Champion 1962
The Sundered Worlds / The Blood Red Game 1970
Phoenix in Obsidian / The Silver Warriors 1970

The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell (graphic novel with Howard V. Chaykin) 1978
The Dragon in the Sword 1986
Earl Aubec / Earl Aubec and Other Stories 1979 / 1999

Von Bek Family

Von Bek The Warhound and the World's Pain 1981
The City in the Autumn Stars 1982
Pleasure Gardens of Felipe Sagittarius (as James Colvin) 1965

The Dragon in the Sword 1986
Lunching with the Antichrist: A Family History 1925-2015 1994
The Brothel in Rosenstrasse 1982


Hawkmoon / The History of the Runestaff 1992 / 2003 The Jewel in the Skull 1967
The Mad God's Amulet / Sorcerer's Amulet 1968
The Sword of the Dawn 1968
The Runestaff / The Secret of the Runestaff 1969

The Chronicles of Castle Brass / Count Brass Count Brass 1973
The Champion of Garathorm 1973
The Quest for Tanelorn 1975

Oswald Bastable

The Nomad of Time / A Nomad of the Time Streams The Warlord of the Air 1961
The Land Leviathan 1974
The Steel Tsar 1981


Elric of Melniboné / Elric: Song of the Black Sword / Elric of Melniboné Elric of Melniboné / The Dreaming City 1972
The Fortress of the Pearl 1989
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate 1976
The Weird of the White Wolf 1977 The Vanishing Tower / The Sleeping Sorceress 1970
The Revenge of the Rose 1991
The Bane of the Black Sword 1977
Stormbringer / Elric: The Stealer of Souls 1977

The Dreamthief's Daughter: A Tale of the Albino 2001
Elric at the End of Time (illustrated by Rodney Matthews) 1984
Elric at the End of Time (collected, no illustrations) 1984
The Singing Citadel 1970
The Stealer of Souls / The Stealer of Souls and Other Stories 1961
The Jade Man's Eyes (revised and collected in Sailor on the Seas of Fate) 1973
Elric: The Return to Melniboné (graphic novel with by Philippe Druillet) 1973
The Skrayling Tree: The Albino in America 2003

Tales of the White Wolf

The order I think the Elric books (and in some cases, solitary stories in collections) should be read:
Elric of Melniboné (Elric leaves Imrryr)
The Fortress of the Pearl (after Elric left Imrryr, before he sailed on the Seas of Fate)
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
Elric at the End of Time (before Weird of the White Wolf)
The White Wolf's Song (from Tales of the White Wolf, before he returned to Imrryr)
The Dream of Earl Aubec (collected in Weird of the White Wolf as a prologue)
The Dreaming City (return to Imrryr, collected in Weird of the White Wolf)
While the Gods Laugh (collected in Weird of the White Wolf)
The Sleeping Sorceress / The Singing Citadel (following Sailor on the Seas of Fate, as collected in Tale of the Eternal Champion)
The Dreaming City
While the Gods Laugh
The Singing Citadel
The Vanishing Tower
The Revenge of the Rose
The Last Enchantment (from Elric at the End of Time (collection), years after the Dead God's Book, recently after Forest of Troos, about to head to Bakshaan)
The Bane of the Black Sword (starts in Bakshaan)
Stormbringer (the last book)

other bits that fit in somewhere or other
The Dreamthief's Daughter
The Skrayling Tree (after Dreamthief's Daughter)

The Roads Between the Worlds

The Wrecks of Time / The Rituals of Infinity 1967
The Winds of Limbo / The Fireclown 1965
The Shores of Death / The Twilight Man 1966


Corum: The Coming of Chaos / The Swords Trilogy / The Swords of Corum / Corum 1987 The Knight of the Swords 1971
The Queen of the Swords 1971
The King of the Swords 1971

The Prince with the Silver Hand / The Chronicles of Corum 1983 / 1993 The Bull and the Spear 1973
The Oak and the Ram 1973
The Sword and the Stallion 1974

Sailing to Utopia 1993 The Ice Schooner 1969
The Black Corridor (with Hilary Bailey) 1969
The Distant Suns (with Philip James, pseudonym for James Cawthorn) 1975

Michael Kane (originally as Edward P. Bradbury) / Kane of Old Mars

Warrior of Mars City of the Beast / The City of the Beast / Warriors of Mars 1965 / 1977
Lord of the Spiders / The Lord of the Spiders / Blades of Mars 1965
Masters of the Pit / The Masters of the Pit / Barbarians of Mars 1965

Dancers at the End of Time

The Dancers at the End of Time 1998 An Alien Heat 1972
The Hollow Lands 1974
The End of All Songs 1976

Legends from the End of Time 1976
A Messiah at the End of Time 1978 / The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming / Constant Fire 1977


The Cornelius Quartet 2004 / The Cornelius Chronicles The Final Programme 1968
A Cure for Cancer 1971
The English Assassin 1972
The Condition of Muzak 1977

A Cornelius Calendar
The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century 1976
The Entropy Tango 1981
The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle / Gold Diggers of 1977 1980 (non-fiction)

The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse 1976
The Nature of the Catastrophe (edited by Michael Moorcock and Langdon Jones) 1970/1971
The New Nature of the Catastrophe (edited by Michael Moorcock and Langdon Jones) 197?
Cornelius in the 20th Century 1976
The Opium General and Other Stories 1984
Firing the Cathedral 2002

Colonel Pyat

Byzantium Endures 1981
The Laughter of Carthage 1984
Jerusalem Commands 1992
The Vengeance of Rome (2004?)

Karl Glogauer

Behold the Man 1969
Breakfast in the Ruins: a Novel of Inhumanity 1962

Nick Allard/Jerry Cornell novels

The LSD Dossier (rewritten, originally as Roger Harris) 1965
The Chinese Agent / Somewhere in the Night (as Bill Barclay) 1966 / 1970
The Russian Intelligence / Printer's Devil (as Bill Barclay) 1966 / 1980

The Second Ether

Blood: A Southern Fantasy 1994
Fabulous Harbours 1995
The War Amongst the Angels 1996


The Birds of the Moon: a Travellers' Tale 19??
The Brothel in Rosenstrasse Caribbean Crisis (as Desmond Reid, with James Cawthorn) 1982
Casablanca 19??
Death is No Obstacle (with Colin Greenland, non-fiction) 19??
The Deep Fix (as James Colvin) 1966
Dying for Tomorrow / Moorcock's Book of Martyrs 1976
Epic Pooh (a single chapter of Wizardry and Wild Romance, non-fiction) 19??
Fantasy: The 100 Best Books (by James Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock, non-fiction) 1987
Gloriana; or, The Unfulfill'd Queen1978
The Golden Barge 1977
Letters from Hollywood (illustrated by Michael Foreman, non-fiction)
Lunching With the Antichrist: A Family History: 1925-2015 1995
Mother London 1988
My Experiences in the Third World War 1980
The Real Life Mr. Newman 1979
The Retreat from Liberty (non-fiction) 19??
Sojan (collection) 1977
Tales from the Texas Woods 1997
The Time Dweller 1969
Wizardry and Wild Romance / Heroic Dreams, Enchanted Worlds (never published under that title, non-fiction) 1987
King of the City 2000
Silverheart (with Storm Constantine) 2000
London Bone 2000
Cities: the Very Best of Fantasy Comes to Town (with Peter Crowther, Paul Di Philippo, China Mieville, Geoff Ryman) 2003
Silverskin 2004?


Before Armageddon 1975
England Invaded: A Collection of Fantasy Fiction 1977
The Inner Landscape (anonymously) 19??
New Worlds Quarterly (6 volumes, including 1 co-edited) 1971-1973
The Best of New Worlds 1965
SF Reprise (6 volumes) 1966
Best S.F. Stories from New Worlds (8 volumes) 1969 - 1974
The Traps of Time 1968


Michael Moorcock's Pawn of Chaos: Tales of the Eternal Champion (introduction and one story by Michael Moorcock)

Hawklords trilogy (with Michael Butterworth)

The Time of the Hawklords (credited to both Butterworth and Moorcock) 1976
Queens of Deliria Ledge of Darkness (graphic novel, scripted by Michael Butterworth, but by Bob Walker) 1977

Adaptations (by James Cawthorn)

The Jewell in the Skull
The Crystal and the Amulet
The Sword and the Runestaff (not yet published)

other stuff

The Age of Chaos: the Multiverse of Michael Moorcock
Elric of Melnibone (The Tale of the Eternal Champion) Elric of Melnibone, The Fortress of the Pearl, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Dreaming City, Whle the Gods Laugh, The Singing Citadel
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